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Knots R D Laing s new book marks a fascinating departure in form and content from his previous works Knots is unlike any other book consisting of a series of powerful witty unexpected dialogue scenarios

  • Title: Knots
  • Author: R.D. Laing
  • ISBN: 9780394717760
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • R.D Laing s new book marks a fascinating departure in form and content from his previous works Knots is unlike any other book, consisting of a series of powerful, witty, unexpected dialogue scenarios that can be read as poems or brief plays, each complete in itself Each chapter describes a different kind of relationship the knots of the title bonds of love, dependencyR.D Laing s new book marks a fascinating departure in form and content from his previous works Knots is unlike any other book, consisting of a series of powerful, witty, unexpected dialogue scenarios that can be read as poems or brief plays, each complete in itself Each chapter describes a different kind of relationship the knots of the title bonds of love, dependency, uncertainty, jealousy The dialogues could be those between lovers, between parents and children, between analysts and patients or all of these merged together Each brilliantly demonstrates Laing s marvelous insights into the intricacies of human relationships, displaying his talents not only as an analyst but as a poet and playwright.

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        Ronald David Laing was a Scottish psychiatrist who wrote extensively on mental illness in particular, the subjective experience of psychosis Laing s views on the causes and treatment of serious mental dysfunction, greatly influenced by existential philosophy, ran counter to the psychiatric orthodoxy of the day by taking the expressed feelings of the individual patient or client as valid descriptions of lived experience rather than simply as symptoms of some separate or underlying disorder Laing was associated with the anti psychiatry movement although he rejected the label.


    1. An unusual work by the Scottish psychoanalyst R.D.Laing, Knots is a book of poems, or dialogues, dating from 1971. Each poem describes a different kind of relationship, indicating the knots people will tie themselves into through preconception or misunderstanding. Laing calls them "tangles, disjunctions, impasses or binds". The relationship might be that of parent and child, lovers or analysts. The bonds can be of love, dependency, uncertainty or jealousy. Sometimes the relationship is obvious, [...]

    2. Opening chunk:“They are playing a game. They are playing at notplaying a game. If I show them I see they are, Ishall break the rules and they will punish me.I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game.”It's pretty much all like that.

    3. "Narciso s'innamorò della sua immagine credendolaun'altra.Giovanni s'innamora dell'immagine che Maria s'è fatta di Giovannicredendola sé.Lei non deve morire, perché lui allora perderebbe se stesso.Lui è geloso nel caso che l'immagine di un qualche altrosi rifletta nello specchio di lei.Maria è a se stessa specchio deformante.Maria deve deformare se stessa per apparirenon deformata ai propri occhi.Per ritrovare la sua immagine non deformata, Maria trova in Giovannichi le deforma l'immagine [...]

    4. An odd book and one that took me several years of self-exploration to really "get". "Knots" is a guidebook to the patterns that play out in relationships between people. It doesn't offer solutions, or even advice on how not to play the game(s). What it does offer is a decent map of how the cycles can play out, what parts we sometimes play. Sometimes just being able to look from the outside and see what the pattern is can allow us to pick it apart or even to opt out. It's certainly not a comforta [...]

    5. Probably there is no helpful way of talking about this book. Why and how it gripped me and moved me and challenged me and taught me and thrilled me and tickled me and even (productively) infuriated me--trying to pin any of it down seems futile. I say, read it, and know that either you will hate it and find it a complete waste of time OR you will be very glad to have it in your life.

    6. Heartbreaking ironies.What an interesting fingerlet me suck it.It's not an interesting fingertake it away.— Page 89.The statement is pointless.The finger is speechless.— Page 90.

    7. Pure madness. Philip Glass of poetry.This was my introduction to R.D. Laing, who has written several amazing books.

    8. The patterns delineated here have not yet been classified by a Linnaeus of human bondage.They are all, perhaps, strangely, familiar.In these pages I have confined myself to laying outonly some of those I actually have seen. Words thatcome to mind to name them are: knots, tangles,fankles, impasses, disjunctions, whirligogs, binds.I could have remained closer to the ‘raw’data in which these patterns appear. I couldhave distilled them further towards an abstractlogico-mathematical calculus. I h [...]

    9. I love this book. I read it off the shelf when I was young. I was enthralled. It is more of a nostalgic thing now. But it is still fun. Massagingly therapeutic to work through the puzzles. I mark it here in an almost humorous way. But at a certain stage, it is interesting. Foodly for the early separator. To the already-separated, it will be banal. Don't ask me what I mean by separated - I made it up! Actually to the already superseded and already cured, it could be embarrassing to witness those [...]

    10. Logic homework for cognitive therapists?"Knots" is a collection of "poems"(?) which resemble circuitous dialogues or logical progressionsYou begin with a thought, which reflexively leads to another, and so on- ultimately producing a tangled mess of paradoxical neurotic beliefs, a knot (added to this are your thoughts about what another person is thinking, and what they think you are thinking, so on).These knots lead to constricted action and dilemmas in interpersonal situations.The final knots r [...]

    11. If you can read this book and understand it through to the end, you will be able to understand anything, most of all yourself. Simple phrases become almost indecipherable knots, woven back and forth and inside out. Pick it up and read a few pages. You'll want to throw it across the room, but keep at it. I've been trying to understand since '73. It gets a little easier to comprehend each time and, as I grow older, a little easier to retrieve. I can't throw as hard or as far as I used to.

    12. This was a seminal book for me. After finishing it The Jack and Jill Story came gushing out on a stream of consciousness. An hour later I had practically finished what was to be one of my more successful plays.

    13. Your opinion of this book will depend on your mood when you pick it up. There were times when I was drawn deeply into the sequence of thought in the dialogue. Other times, I developed a headache and resorted to throwing it aside for perusal at a better time. I wonder what he must have taken to write something like this. The dialogues are extremely paranoid with obsessive use of language. At some point it would appear that the characters are desperate. So many layers are used to arrive at a singl [...]

    14. All in allEach man in all menAll me in each manAll being in each beingEach being in all beingAll in eachEach in allAll distinctions are mind, by mind, in mind, of mindNo distinctions no mind to distinguishIn "Knots," author R.D. Laing portrays the innumerable webs we weave in our mind that tangle and fray and continue on and on and on and on until what was at the root likely a simple misunderstanding or words unspoken becomes something so deep seeded that we are unable to untie them and begin ag [...]

    15. InsanityPoetry of insanity.This book is a demonstration of relationships between people, R.D. Laing calls those relationships knots, tangles, fankles, impasses,disjunctions, whirligogs, binds. and indeed they are 'knots' I said it only demonstrates the knots, doesn't offer a solution or a way of untying the knots, It just shows them as they are.but the complexity of the book and its way of presenting the knots has reached the highest levels.Sometimes you are certain that you understand what he m [...]

    16. Knots is half poetry, half psychology. In a series of poems varying in length, Laing lays out the excruciatingly illogical thought patterns that we all go through in as simple a manner as possible, almost like paradoxical equations. Of course, some of these thought patterns are still thoroughly complicated and confusing, and so this book requires a lot of concentration in order to understand it. It will frustrate you, but it's worth the effort.

    17. Incredibly insightful, if somewhat mind boggling at times.Pick it up and flick through it and it may appear deceptively simple, or even misleadingly crazy (which in some ways you could say it is).Take with a pinch of salt I would say. Accept or reject the ideas presented (or a bit of both), and either way you'll come out of it with something important.

    18. Found this among my old books. I first read it in the 70s, after Gentle Giant put some of it to music on one of their albums. My English teacher thought is was "doggerel". After having been through some 'knots' in relationships myself, it now seems a bit like John Cleese's Families and how to survive them. And it rhymes now and then.

    19. This was amazing the first time I read it, and sometimes I read it just to confuse myself. It kind of makes sense in a strange way and otherwise it just enchants me. I'm not even entirely sure why. It's the ultimate book for people trapped in their own heads.

    20. Ridiculously good. Made my brain hurt with a lot of the recursive writing. The rambling, the loss of meaning, the recursion, and the social critique was amazing. There's nothing like not being able to move past a page with 6 lines for like 5 minutes. The first poem is still my favorite.

    21. Stumbled across my copy of this today. I had forgotten just how much brilliance was contained within so few words Couplets to live by.

    22. This is structurally very interesting. I thought it dragged at moments, but then, that's what existence does, I guess.

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    24. "They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game."This is a circular, emotional, monotonous, frenzied, and lyrical exploration of the complex knots we weave in life. This is what depression feels like.

    25. R.D. Laing is primarily known as a psychiatrist specializing in the study of schizophrenia which he maintained, and attempted to prove, was more a result of environmental than of genetic factors. The ethical consequence of this claim, if true, would be that so-called schizophrenics could change their own conditions.Having read his seminal works on the psychoses, I was happy to find another, more popular, book by him remaindered at a local bookstore. It proved to be, for me, a disappointment.The [...]

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