The Museum of Abandoned Secrets

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets

Oksana Zabuzhko Nina Shevchuk-Murray / Jul 15, 2019

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets Spanning sixty tumultuous years of Ukrainian history this multigenerational saga weaves a dramatic and intricate web of love sex friendship and death At its center three women linked by the abando

  • Title: The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
  • Author: Oksana Zabuzhko Nina Shevchuk-Murray
  • ISBN: 9781611090116
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spanning sixty tumultuous years of Ukrainian history, this multigenerational saga weaves a dramatic and intricate web of love, sex, friendship, and death At its center three women linked by the abandoned secrets of the past secrets that refuse to remain hidden.While researching a story, journalist Daryna unearths a worn photograph of Olena Dovgan, a member of the UkrainiSpanning sixty tumultuous years of Ukrainian history, this multigenerational saga weaves a dramatic and intricate web of love, sex, friendship, and death At its center three women linked by the abandoned secrets of the past secrets that refuse to remain hidden.While researching a story, journalist Daryna unearths a worn photograph of Olena Dovgan, a member of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army killed in 1947 by Stalin s secret police Intrigued, Daryna sets out to make a documentary about the extraordinary woman and unwittingly opens a door to the past that will change the course of the future For even as she delves into the secrets of Olena s life, Daryna grapples with the suspicious death of a painter who just may be the latest victim of a corrupt political power play.From the dim days of World War II to the eve of Orange Revolution, The Museum of Abandoned Secrets is an epic of enlightening force that explores the enduring power of the dead over the living.

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      • Oksana Zabuzhko Nina Shevchuk-Murray

        Oksana Zabuzhko is a contemporary Ukrainian writer, poet and essayist.Born in Lutsk, Ukraine, Zabuzhko studied philosophy at the Kiev University, where she also obtained her doctorate in aesthetics in 1987 In 1992 she taught at Penn State University as a visiting writer Zabuzhko won a Fulbright scholarship in 1994 and taught Ukrainian literature at Harvard and University of Pittsburgh Currently Zabuzhko works at the Hryhori Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.Zabuzhko is known both for her literary works and criticism Her controversial bestselling novel Field Work in Ukrainian Sex was translated in eight languages In her writing Zabuzhko draws a lot of attention to the questions of Ukrainian self identification, post colonial issues and feminism Her book Let My People Go won the Korrespondent magazine Best Ukrainian documentary book award in June 2006, The Museum of Abandoned Secrets Best Ukrainian Book 2010 19 1960 1968 1972 82 1977 , 1982 1986 1987 1986 1988 1988 1992 1994 , , 1996 A Kingdom of Fallen Statues , , , , , Source


    1. People often forget the evil they've done unto others, but retain forever the antipathy toward those they've wronged - reasons for this are found and fit into the puzzle later, retroactively.Don't ask me to write a fair review of this. I can't. Yes, that's a standard cop-out and all, but in this case it also happens to be true; partly because I'm just bowled over by it, but also because it's the kind of novel (I could say Joyce, Morrison, Cartarescu, etc) that's so steeped in language, history a [...]

    2. With all that's going on in Ukraine right now I wanted to read something that would help me understand the conflict. This novel was on alist created for that purpose. It was really long (760 p.), really wonderful, and one I can’t get out of my head. The plot revolves around 3 women: a contemporary tv journalist, Daryna, who becomes obsessed with finding out the story of a striking woman in a photo of 5 partisans taken during WWII; Vlada, Daryna’s artist friend who dies suspiciously in a car [...]

    3. «Музей покинутих секретів» − це персональний Забужчин жанр, який неможливо звести до діалогу з попередниками й сучасниками, вочевидь тому, що він є іншим (а отже новим?) словом в європейській літературі. Книга мене так захопила, що огляд на неї я готував більше ніж 2 місяці, [...]

    4. Wow! Shades of James Joyce's "Ulysses." My paternal grandmother was from the Ukraine so I already felt a connection with the space part of the continuum (and did it continue!). Devastatingly sad, hysterically funny, almost always lyrically written, the reader will need to devote lots of time and attention while reading. Definitely an immersive experience

    5. Very complex, long and slow novel. But definitely a rewarding experience if you would dive into it. It is written in my favourite narrative way - the the stream of consciousness, mainly by the main heroin and her boyfriend. But besides it has got a plot as well. The narrative takes place in two time periods: WW II and its aftermath in Western Ukraine, and before the Orange revolution in Kiev. Two lines are constantly intervene which creates the third dimension of the novel.It feels that the nove [...]

    6. Read this book when you are exhausted of the banal selections recommended enthusiastically by . Read this book when you can't stand another melodramatic plot, its one-dimensional characters twisting in the wind, served up with a giant side of insincerity and condescension. Read this book when you just want to cut through the noise and immerse yourself in the refreshing world of Slavic eloquence and understanding of art and life. The Museum of Abandoned Secrets is sophisticated, complex, and movi [...]

    7. Я вже й забула, наскільки художня проза Оксани Забужко стрімка. Вона, як потік, ловить тебе і несе, і неважливо, на скільки сторінок книга - на 80 чи на 800 - читається вона запоєм і не втомлює. Ну, принаймні, говорю за себе)Це дуже потужний, симфонічний такий роман. І багато в чому - [...]

    8. This sprawling novel takes place in modern-day Ukraine (2003) and in the Ukraine of 60 years ago. The plot hinges on the friendship between two women in modern Ukraine: a journalist who hosts a popular TV interview program, and a respected artist who is killed in a freak car accident. Their story develops with a parallel story about a woman freedom fighter during WWII, about whom the journalist is trying to make a documentary. The novel is a bit challenging to read – the plot swirls around in [...]

    9. The Museum of Abandoned Secrets by Oksana Zabuzhko is an expertly written book which I cannot praise highly enough. Zabuzhko has created quite a lengthy tome, yet I cannot fathom what could be removed without losing the many threads that weaves together this exquisite Ukrainian book. Having spent time in the former Soviet controlled Ukraine, I was captivated from the very beginning to the last page and found myself longing to return. I highly recommend The Museum of Abandoned Secrets and hope th [...]

    10. The publisher's blurb makes this sound like a past/present romantic family saga of the kind written by Kate Morton, Rachel Hore et al. which is unfortunate as this is a committed and ambitious literary work which seems to take its influences more from writers like James Joyce and Proust. Zabuzhko has a PhD in philosophy and has taught at Penn State and Harvard - and she draws on both feminist and postcolonial theory in this book which is an intelligent engagement with Ukrainian history and ident [...]

    11. This book is quite interesting, especially for people (like me) who already have an interest in Eastern Europe. You learn a lot about Ukrainian history, especially of the World War II, postwar, Communist, and post-Communist eras. It also has a certain puzzle aspect that is quite appealing. I found myself, for example, waking up one morning remembering something I'd read earlier in the book and realizing "Oh yes, that's who the father of Boozerov (one of the characters) must be!" On the other han [...]

    12. Багато людей, котрі не читали цей роман, стверджують, що нова книга Забужко про УПА. Насправді, це не зовсім так, адже нова книга – це забуті й покинуті секрети історії України 1947-2004 років, що передаються з покоління у покоління підсвідомими шляхами. Авторка чудово входить у [...]

    13. Якщо вірити теорії, що який хто в роботі, такий і в любові, то Оксана Стефанівна мусить бути жінкою пристрасною - я, мабуть, довше збиралася з духом, аби прочитати книжку, ніж Забужко її писала. Жінкою, на котрій її чоловік має бути дуже зосередженим - зі всіх 800 сторінок роману [...]

    14. This is one of the most beautiful, lyrical and thought provoking books I have ever read. For me it was an "epic" novel. The setting is Ukraine from the 30's to the 90's, including all the war, political repression, upheaval and change that occurred during those times. Of course there are a couple of wonderful love stories and families that prove to be move connected than originally one might think. There are past topics such as archives retained or removed by the KGB. There are current topics su [...]

    15. Одна із тих книг, котрі змушують розказувати про них не думками й словами, а емоціями й знаками оклику - сильна, жива, глибока, така, що змінює читача зсередини, дає можливість зрозуміти глибше не лише розказану історію, а, насамперед, себе і робить його (читача) кращим. Принай [...]

    16. w sumie to smutek, że nie jestem w stanie tego zmęczyć, ale no właśnie: nie jestem w stanie tego zmęczyć. z każdą stroną robi się coraz bardziej pretensjonalnie i niepotrzebnie. w ogóle "niepotrzebność" to jest genre "Muzeum" - gdyby odcedzić esencję, z siedmiuset stron zostałyby dwieście trzydzieści dwie. W ramach dowodu powiem tyle: główna bohaterka jest dziennikarką, która prowadzi *cieszący się popularnością program kulturalny* (sic!), o nazwie "Latarnia Diogenesa" [...]

    17. Patrząc na ilość wątków, rozmiar książki i rolę, jaką odgrywa w niej historia, można pokusić się o nazwanie "Muzeum porzuconych sekretów" współczesną, postmodernistyczną epopeją. Chociaż autorka chętnie odnosi się do przeszłości, to jednak styl i konstrukcja powieści zdecydowanie nawiązują do czasów nam współczesnych. Sceny z teraźniejszości przeplatają się z historią wojenną, która została zamknięta w nieco dziwnej formie realistycznego snu. To urozmaicenie [...]

    18. I tried reading this. I generally like foreign literature translated to English, I've read a lot of it. I had high hopes for this book, the subject or blurb had me looking forward to it with interest. I couldn't finish it, I even put it aside and tried to come back to it.It's not that it's badly written, I think it's well written, it just appears to be stream of consciousness in another language/culture that is different from mine and I got lost and confused. It seemed the person would ponder de [...]

    19. Gave up halfway through this book. It promised a lot - drawing together different periods of Ukrainian history to explore the state of contemporary Ukraine - but was little more than a series of interior monologues by two static characters. The translation at times is good but is often weird, with outmoded American colloquialisms such as "Aw, shucks," which I'm not sure anyone ever really said in 1950s US let alone in twenty-first century Ukraine.

    20. My goodness - this was pretty tough going but absolutely worth the six weeks it took me to battle through it. So many subtleties and intricacies woven together in a beautiful way. I can see myself coming back to this in years to come as I'm sure there's an awful lot that I missed!

    21. Honestly, this is incredible. It's passionate. It's unique. It's chock full of information. It's prescient. It's savvy and shrewd. It's stylized, but not affected. This is a book that knows its weight and isn't pretentious about it. This is truly a work that exceeds every possible expectation. It is a masterclass. I think this book can best be described as a lament - one that is almost akin to a funerary wail. Zabuzhko sees what has happened to her country, and what is continuing to happen - a s [...]

    22. Outstanding novel of a hidden historyDeep and thoughtful insight in the dark past and difficult future of a new independent nation. The view point of ordinary little people caught up in the maelstrom of history.

    23. Ohurujúce putovanie rôznymi dobami, príbehmi a spôsobmi rozprávania, ktoré sa postupne zbiehajú a hrajú ako orchester. Autorka musí byť nejaký úplne zvláštny živočíšny druh, že s absolútnou múdrosťou, citlivosťou a pritom vtipným autentickým jazykom dala dokopy drobné rodinné (najmä ženské) príbehy a otrasné momenty ukrajinských veľkých dejín aj ešte teplého ranokapitalizmu. Najprv sa to zdalo byť celé príliš hutné a komplikované a po 150 stranách ako [...]

    24. Книга гарна, із сильним історичним контекстом, але важка, через неї треба продиратися: через сплетіння часів і сюжетних ліній, багатоповерхові речення. Часто доведеться марно шукати закінчення тих речень і думки, повертатися до вже прочитаного, перечитувати і йти далі. Не [...]

    25. I read reviews of Oksana Zabuzhko's modern stab at a Ukrainian national epic when it was published in German in 2010 and thought it would be interesting to read but I'd rather wait til it came out in English in 2012. I think it might be eBook only in the US, but that was fine. I'm also happy I got around to reading it when I did, with Ukraine's struggle to break free of Russian domination again in the news. Zabuzhko uses three narrators. The main character, Daryna, is a successful and admired TV [...]

    26. The Museum of Abandoned Secrets - Oksana ZabuzhkoThis is a book that readers will either 'love' or will give up on 'hating' it. It is rather niche both in content and style, and many will not like it. Others, like me, will be so pleased to have found a fictional (kind of) book by a living author that is so compelling and 'worthy' for want of a better word. It is impossible to give a plot resume that justifies this epic, and any I read prior to buying are misleading. This is not a 'family saga' o [...]

    27. This novel, written in the style of Joyce or Proust, is essentially based on Faulkner’s theme: “The past is never dead. It is not even past.” While the opening is set in turbulent contemporary (2003) Ukraine, the twin-frame plot covers nearly 60 years of Ukraine’s recent chaotic history, from the Stalin era through WWII, the guerilla warfare leading to independence, and the 2004 Orange Revolution.The story revolves around the mysterious lives of three women: Daryna, a present-day TV jour [...]

    28. Моя оцінка коливалась між 3 і 5, тому що книга захоплива, цікава, дуже багато закинуто вудочок, багато є абзаців, які можна винести у вечори-роздумів-переварювань з друзями, зрештою, це дійсно Роман і 800 сторінок не лякають і не мучають тебе і ти їх не мучаєш; з іншого боку, мені [...]

    29. An interested read even if overlong at 750 pages and in need of a good editor and a better translator. Its meandering storyline shifts from the setting in 2003 to various points in Ukrainian history from the 1940s onwards. It is written in a stream of consciousness style, which without becoming obtuse (although that might be the translator who wants to turn everything into Gee Whizz American English). Anyone following this challenge in order to understand other parts of the world could gain a lo [...]

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