Oleander House

Oleander House

Ally Blue / Jun 27, 2019

Oleander House This edition is no longer available Putting his life and sanity on the line for a man beyond his reach Bay City Paranormal Investigations Book Sam Raintree s experience with things he can t explain

  • Title: Oleander House
  • Author: Ally Blue
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This edition is no longer available Putting his life and sanity on the line for a man beyond his reach Bay City Paranormal Investigations, Book 1 Sam Raintree s experience with things he can t explain isn t the only reason his new job as a paranormal investigator is a perfect fit His coworkers, preoccupied with things outside the norm, will never notice he s gay This edition is no longer available Putting his life and sanity on the line for a man beyond his reach Bay City Paranormal Investigations, Book 1 Sam Raintree s experience with things he can t explain isn t the only reason his new job as a paranormal investigator is a perfect fit His coworkers, preoccupied with things outside the norm, will never notice he s gay Once he settles into his first investigation at Oleander House, his gay by stealth theory goes out the window Not only is his unexpected attraction to group leader Dr Bo Broussard painfully obvious, he can t hide his increasingly erotic and frightening dreams stimulated by the house s violent history Though Bo conceals his sexuality behind a wedding ring, mutual attraction shrinks the wary distance between them until the sparks ignite an electrifying encounter Next morning, Bo s back in the closet and blaming his lapse on the house s unusual effect on Sam s latent psychokinetic ability In other words, a poltergeist made him do it Sam s outrage feeds a determination to prove Bo wrong until the heat of conflict opens a door to the house s murderous past, unleashing a torrent of bloodshed and life changing revelation This book has been previously published Warning This title contains explicit male male dream sex, cross dimensional electromagnetic theories mmm, that s hot , intense violence, and language graphic enough to wake the dead.

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        Ally Blue penned her first tale at age eight, relating the breathless terror of her little sister s not quite fatal encounter with a bee in the backyard That was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with storytelling She now writes gay romance of all flavors, and has recently branched into writing her first love horror She continues her neverending quest to scare herself She is not a hippie or a brain surgeon, no matter what her kids friends say.


    1. It is very much a story of two guys in the closet because although Sam accepts that he is gay, he doesn't really shout it loud and proud. Bo on the other hand is so far back in the closet, I think he might have a second job at Monsters Inc.I really enjoyed the paranormal aspect of the storyline. It relied more on the creep factor, like old school horror than outright gore. I also liked how Ally showed the monotony and repetitiveness of the job. It's not all running along darkened corridors with [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Oleander House. It is the first in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, and it did not disappoint. I was expecting a little bit more romance in this book, and instead I got suspense, action, horror, mystery and intrigue! I enjoyed all of those things and I cant wait to read the next in the series. The romance element of this book focuses more on Sam and Bo admitting to their feelings for each other, as well as where they might go from here. Intense, romantic and scary, [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading Oleander House, it was fresh and easy to read; however now that it’s finished I’m not sure how to think about some parts in it. It starts quite eye-catching and potential, but gradually I found some scenes getting repeated. My serious problem with it was that the characters didn’t seem to take the investigation and the perils of the house and the dreams very seriously and were more concerned about coupling and relationship issues. Also Bo’s character seemed so distant a [...]

    4. I enjoyed this first book in the Bay City Paranormal Investigators series, and I intend to go hunt up the sequels. I liked the main characters and I have to give the author credit for not having Bo get too far out of the closet in a book that covers such a short time span. I also like that she killed off a main character, and didn't rescue her at the last moment (although it did break up the happy hetero couple that I was enjoying seeing in a m/m book). My one problem with this book was with the [...]

    5. 2.5★'s - God! This is one of those books I wanted to love. Every page I kept thinking "any second now, just one more page" but it didn't happen. Sucks because I love ghost stories and this is a series with a lot of books out already. So much was wrong with this story. The investigators seemed to not know so much, the "relationship" wasn't one (view spoiler)[HE IS FUCKING MARRIED WITH KIDS DUDE and keeps telling you NO NO NO!! That part just felt WRONG! (hide spoiler)] and the end? Well, that w [...]

    6. I like to read stories about shapeshifters, demons but this one is my first real ghost-story.I wanted to try it because i liked some of Ally Blue's stories and i've read lots of good reviews about this serie.I'll say that i was really pleased but surprised to find myself liking the plot a lot: i liked it more than the romance itself!For the romance i would give only 2 stars because i had hard time finding Bo loveable! I really like Sam's character through.But i did not felt much chemistry bettwe [...]

    7. I had high hopes for Oleander House. I liked it, just not as much as I thought I would. It's the first book in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series. We meet Sam, who is hired to do technical work with BCPI. The group is investigating a haunting at Oleander House and things get really creepy. Some of the members experience a malevolent type spirit and they are trying to figure out what it is. Sam is gay, but is not out. He's attracted to his boss, but Bo is married with kids. However, Bo [...]

    8. My Review: This first book in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series is a fast and tense read, not just because of the mystery unfolding during the investigation, but more because of the tension between the main characters. Ms. Blue has managed to create a realistic and painful bond between two very likable men that the reader wants to see resolved in a positive way. And she doesn't hand out pat answers, either. The reader is as aware that Bo has other people in his life to consider as Bo [...]

    9. This is not what I would usually like to read. I am not good with the paranormal element.However, this was an interesting book. The paranormal investigation was aimed at just the right level. Not to techy and didn't have the ugh factor that some other books had.The MCs were living in an old home with a bloody past. There had been killings and then the survivors had been catatonic and unable to help.There wasn't much romance between the MCs in this book. Sam was gay but not out. Bo is in the clos [...]

    10. Sam & Bo.There is a slow start, which I likez one has ties he needs to cut~Slow burn ~What I Love!The MysteryThe MCThe ChemistryThe Ghost storylineThe Realness of the RomanceThe fact that One is Straight and the other is not.The idea of a series, because I want to see how this relationship unfolds❤️I'm so glad I found this series, it is so well written, intriguing and has wonderful MC's that I find myself wanting to know more aboutokay, off to book 2❤️

    11. 3.5 stars I guess but I couldn't round up. I did not like Bo and only like the M/C at times. I liked Amy but she died. Extremely weak ending, just not impressed

    12. 3.5 stars I'm a little torn on this. The introduction to both Sam and Bay City Paranormal Investigations was really intriguing. I liked Sam as a character and I enjoyed the 'ghost-hunt' feel of what they were doing. I think a lot of my reservations have to do with Bo. I just didn't like him very much, and didn't feel much of a connection between he and Sam besides just that they kept saying there was one.I've read books where one character thinks/is under the delusion that he's straight. The tur [...]

    13. WellOne star is still too good for that trash of literature. I was trying to figure out what author was trying to say or rather what the characters were meant for. Sam Raintree was supposed to be main character of the show with "hey I am gay but I do not tell anybody well but I am ogling every ass around me" attitude. Sam joined the Bay City Paranormal Investigation agency as technician. The book is trying to pretend to describe paranormal investigation of the house where something from time to [...]

    14. I really loved the paranormal portion of the story as well as the investigation portion. It wasn't just walk in the house & bam there is the ghost and away you go. This was a very dark entity and I hope that we get to find out what it actually is in the upcoming books as there wasn't any real closure. I was saddened with (view spoiler)[the death of Amy and do blame both Bo & Sam for it. There were previous issues that Sam had experienced in the past and should have seen the signs. (hide [...]

    15. I have no idea how to rate this :)5 stars for the plot. 5 stars for the setting. 2 stars for the romance/main characters.As a mystery this was outstanding. Loved the whole setting and spookiness and plot and WTF IS GOING ON-ness. However, the two main characters needed to get their heads out of their asses. And the book just . . . ended before they did.However, I am reading the next book soon because a)Love the plots and setting and I'm a plot whore and b) I have a feeling that the head-extracti [...]

    16. This is the first book in Ally Blue's PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS series. Sam Raintree joins Bay City Investigations which is a small business that specializes in ghost purging until they are asked to check out the old Oleander House. Being the first book in a series thr beginning is kind of slow as you meet the characters. The story is written with Ally Blue's terrific style. The romance between the closeted owner, Bo, and Sam is fleshed out slowly to keep you wondering. I found the series a grea [...]

    17. I found this story to be an exceptionally well-written paranormal adventure. The author got me from the beginning and the story just kept getting more intense, more complex and more interesting. It wasn't much of a romance, however, but it did introduce the MC's and left the promise of romance at the end of the story. I'm so intrigued that I'm now going to have to shuffle some books around so that I can continue with this series soon.

    18. I'm leaving the rating blank on this one because I'm going to have to read it again I just could not engage with this story at all I can't put my finger on the issue and in fact, it may be more about my frame of mind than the book hence, because any rating would be poor and possibly undeservedly so, I'll put this on my re-read shelf and give it another go before giving my final verdict.

    19. I think had I read this book when it first appeared I would have been more pissed at the ending than I am. I know there are 7 books in the series and I'm in this for the long haul.I already know Sam and Bo from the companion mojo series (yes I inadvertently read them out of order) and it was an interesting look at how things started for them. I felt things ended abruptly with this current mystery but I'm hoping things are gone back to in future stories.

    20. Bo is married with kids and away from home. I just figured, I have plenty on my TBR pile without reading about a cheater.

    21. This review was originally published at my blogGenre & Keywords: M/M, paranormal, Gay For You, ghost hunting, supernatural dimensions, violenceWhy I read it: Chris @ Stumbling on Chaos recommended this series to meStoryline: Sam joins the team of Bay City Paranormal Investigations, which is led by Bo. There’s an attraction between the two men but Bo is married with children. The team investigates a haunted house. While they discover dangerous supernatural dimensions Sam and Bo struggle wit [...]

    22. Okay, this is the third time this week that GR has insisted on treating different editions of the same book as though they were entirely different books, and only shown my review on one of the editions. I'm getting sick of this!Here's my review once again. Please ignore if you've seen it already --Overall I liked this one quite a bit. For the most part this was done with good logic -- and the characters actually sat there and *thought* about the implications of what they were doing and finding - [...]

    23. 3.5I'm torn about his book. On the one hand, it really wanted to be The Haunting of Hill House and was more like a poor man's version of the Stephen King miniseries, Rose Red. On the other hand, it was kind of like one of those paranormal ghost hunter shows where it is totally obvious that no one knows what the fuck they're doing and you watch just hoping something real will happen and someone will pee themselves.Then there was the back and forth between Sam and Bo that made me want to kill myse [...]

    24. Overall I liked this one quite a bit. For the most part this was done with good logic -- and the characters actually sat there and *thought* about the implications of what they were doing and finding -- although that logic definitely did fail a bit when it came to the issues of leaving the house and protecting the ghosthunters. GR user Kaje has some good commentary on these problems, here. I liked the twist that (view spoiler)[this "creature" is not really a ghost (hide spoiler)], and I also lik [...]

    25. Oleander House is all about the smut. I admire the author for attempting to create a mystery and an interesting paranormal setting. However, as is the case with too many smutty books, more attention was paid to the angst and the lurvin' than was to the character development or side plots. Unfortunately, protagonist Sam was so poorly written that he came off as a bit of a psychopath. That is, we know all about his dirty urges and wants and needs, but little else. This book wasn't bad, however it [...]

    26. I enjoyed elements of this book. The paranormal entity was interesting and I liked that the pursuit of it was handled in a manner concurrent with paranormal research as it exists today. (I actually have a friend who does this stuff.). Nothing they were trying was outside of modern realism as long as you accept and believe in the possibility of the paranormal/ghosts among us. I appreciated that this particular book took the realistic slant. I liked the characters in the story as well. And I was c [...]

    27. 3.5 starsSam Raintree has just started with Bay City Paranormal Investigations. His first job takes him to the Oleander House, where paranormal activity has been recorded and the history of the house's inhabitants is both mysterious and frightening. As the team investigates and records the unusual activity in the house, Sam tries to hide his attraction to his boss, Dr. Bo Broussard. This is easy enough to do, since Sam has had a lifetime of hiding his feelings from others, but when he begins to [...]

    28. I enjoyed this book, although Beau pissed me off with his hot/cold act. I could sort of understand, but I'm a hopeless romantic *shrug* I was expecting him to act differently. There were parts of this book that had me glued to my Kindle screen and parts where I covered my face and read through the slit in my fingers (silly I know but I get into books the way other people get into movies). And I must say this is the first m/m suspense book I've ever read that actually made me tear up a little.I a [...]

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