Rise of the Magician

Rise of the Magician

Collin Earl Chris Snelgrove / Jan 17, 2020

Rise of the Magician Samantha Montgomery of Academy City always dreamed of life outside of school Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for A rogue weapons manufacturer a ruthless killer and a schoolgirl co

  • Title: Rise of the Magician
  • Author: Collin Earl Chris Snelgrove
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Samantha Montgomery of Academy City 676 always dreamed of life outside of school Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for A rogue weapons manufacturer, a ruthless killer, and a schoolgirl converge as a weapon so advanced it defies the laws of physics is a mere breath away from being unleashed on the world Now it s up to Sam and some unexpected allies to keep iSamantha Montgomery of Academy City 676 always dreamed of life outside of school Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for A rogue weapons manufacturer, a ruthless killer, and a schoolgirl converge as a weapon so advanced it defies the laws of physics is a mere breath away from being unleashed on the world Now it s up to Sam and some unexpected allies to keep it out of the wrong hands or risk loosing everything, and everyone, they hold dear A defense contractor on the rampage, an assassin out for blood, and Sam caught in the middle When the reality you know ceases to be, can you live with the reality yet to come

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    1. Not very often to you find a self-published work that can rival those of the big publishing houses. This book by Collin Earl grabbed my attention from the beginning and the adventure kept going straight through the end. Obviously the first in a series, the book ends with many questions unanswered, but even still, it was a great read. I will not lie though; it was sometimes difficult to keep track of the multiple story lines. The story of Samantha was the most developed, but the lack of answers w [...]

    2. Originally posted on avidreader15.wordpress:This is the first work I have ever read by Collin Earl, and I must say, he has left me wanting more! This story seems to me as more of a "Prequel" to the storyline he is working. Most of the book doesn't seem to make any sense for the first two or three chapters, until the "camera" per-say settles on the main storyline, that of Samantha Montgomery of Academy City 676's life. It was her last year of high school, and her life gets flipped upside down. He [...]

    3. Geek girls, I’m going to warn you right now about Chris Snelgrove and Collin Earl’s Harmonics: Rise of the Magician — if, from the title of this book, you were expecting magic, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. There is no wand waving or spell casting anywhere in this book. The titular Magician is actually the name of an infamous assassin, and instead of spells and potions, you’ll find a lot of physics, technobabble, and weapons of mass destruction.The other thing I should warn y [...]

    4. I finished the book in a few days; I honestly found it difficult to put the book down and stop reading. Science fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres and they really nailed a great mid point. There's enough science for it to be "science fiction" without being the "hard science fiction" that would appeal to a narrower audience and just prompt a lot of nerds to call out the authors on physics issues or something similar. Overall, I enjoyed the characters and found them fairly fleshed out. I w [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book. I liked how it is based in the future, but I could still connect with that world. This text is well thought-out, character driven and has a good balance of comic relief and fun action. I liked the interactions with the characters, and the story kept me on the edge of my seat. Additionally, it has a YA feel to it. The story is set in high school, and the author did a great job of connecting the reader with that type of environment. I look forward to seeing what happens [...]

    6. great book completely original, your eyes will be glued, its an emotional rollercoaster with great characters and thrilling story and the cliff hanger will make you scream where is the second book i must read it now. it was a good thing i didnt start reading this series till after the second book was out

    7. I rarely put a book down without finishing it, but this one was a loser. Just could not find anything of interest in the first 18% of the book. Even now I cannot tell you what it's about, and I have read this far twice. Don't waste your money.

    8. Two projects, weapons of a sort but not titled as such, stolen from an impenetrable base and a magic bomb is left to remove any remains. Five years later, Dr. Shu's guard is blindly attacked and someone takes the computer/human interface doctor. Scott, the man on video security never thought he'd make this call that's out of proto-call as requested for a favor. A voice tells him what to do. Two days later Dirk, a relic hunter in a Sacred temple in the burning plains doesn't realize he's being fo [...]

    9. This is a very action packed book and all out fun!!! There are several story lines going on in this book and it sometimes does get a little confusing. The one I really like is Samantha, her friends and the box. Samantha, aka Sam is a very likable character and is just to be normal after her move the Academy 676. Her best friend Cammie is really funny, considering the fact that she is only concerned about the latest fashions and Coda :-) And then there is Richard (Sam's best friend and protector [...]

    10. I really loved this book! The characters have depth and are so relatable. There's intrigue, and mystery surrounding them which makes it a real page turner. I love their humor during high stress situations and the way that they interact with each other. From the adults in the book to the teenagers you will find characters that you love, hate, adore and despise. The perfect book for a fan of the fantasty genre. I just couldn't put it down. The authors, Colin Earl and Chris Snelgrove give this expl [...]

    11. There's an extensive introduction in the beginning chapters of the book, building mystery to a scientific project involving harmonicum, a rare metal with "a peculiar tendency to harmonize with other elements" in its proximity. These information are somehow related to the book's urban legend, the "magician". The Magician is so called because he supposedly only kills using magic. To some, the Magician is "the world's greatest freedom fighter" , and to others he is "the most notorious assassin". Al [...]

    12. This is a very complex book. There are so many scenes going that I wasn't sure what was the main scene or protagonist in the book. It was about halfway through the book till you are introduced to the main characters. Each chapter leading up to the revelation is background and white noise to the main story. Then it ended abruptly with a cliff hanger making you want to know what happens and why. The total environment to the main story is set in such vivid color that everything going on around the [...]

    13. This was an intriguing book. It starts off withmethingeaking out of a top secret lab and destroying everyone (and everything) in it. Fast forward 5 years and another lab is created to work on the same experiment. Then the book shifts to follow Sam, a student at the Academy City 676 (used to be Yellowstone National Park). On her way to school one morning, she finds a silver box, that she is oddly attracted to. Then weird things start to happen. Like her and her best friend, Cammie, almost getting [...]

    14. I first became aware of this author when he podcasted his book The House of Grey, which I enjoyed quite alot. Though it was rather long and shows why even self-published authors need an editor.This book is the start of a series and I think a rather promising series. Again like his first novel involves high school kids meeting circumstances quite sup rising to them. Told throughout the eyes of a girl who finds something one day and following events raise to a crescendo. Plot elements are built up [...]

    15. On my first note This book was something I have never read about before, such an amazing imagination.The only downside of this book was the first quarter, I found it to be quite confusing as there were so many different settings and characters to learn about. Other than that the rest of the book then gripped me and I really enjoyed being in that world, especially the point when a surprising hot guy appears in it ;)I have to be honest and say I do not normally read these kinds of books but this o [...]

    16. I received this through Firstreads program.I am not one to lightly drop books, in fact, I very rarely do. But after about twelve different viewpoints of a story without any real direction that I could find in the first thirty-five pages, I found myself completely unable to care. Perhaps this was merely an elaborate set-up, and perhaps one day I'll pick it up and fall in love with it. But for the time being, I find myself unable to become involved with character or story. Maybe this is the Japan [...]

    17. i was not a big fan of this book. the writing style was very confusing and i didn't like the jumping back and forth between everyones perspective. the samantha story line was interesting but the book left off with a whole lot more questions than answers and honestly i dont even really know what to tell ppl i read about because i have no idea. i would consider reading the second book if i dont have anything to read but its not high on my priority list. also not a big fan of the current day things [...]

    18. I REALLY enjoyed this book. This was set up in a way that had multiple story lines going at the same time, which I could see how some people might not like, but didn't bother me at all. The multiple story lines were flowing and the author even pulled me in with all the scientific jargon (I will admit a lot of it went over my head, but it didn't detract from the story line for me). I hated how the book ended before I was ready but I can't wait to read the rest of the series now. I wanna know what [...]

    19. Surprisingly good for a self-published, free e-book. I could've done without the OMGWB but as long as I ignored that the book flowed. I wanted to slap Sam upside the head during the last scene. My copy ended about 30 pages before the last page of the book because it had a preview of the second book. I was into the story enough that I immediately purchased the second in the series. In this case, the writers' "free book, buy the second" worked as a marketing idea. I'll finish off the trilogy, whic [...]

    20. Started knowing this was book 1 of a trilogy. The opening was attention grabbing. Much of the rest was spent establishing characters and factions for the remainder of the trilogy. The buildup to the climax did leave some surprises, and curious enough to expect I will look for the next book in the future. Will file it in my brain candy category.

    21. Great read, really enjoyed the story. Didn't get 5 stars due to the good amount of weird errors with wrong or missing words, but didn't get 3 because despite that the story is still very worth reading and you would be missing out if you let that get in the way.Felt like a mix of a mystery/spy story with some Full Metal Alchemist thrown in for good measure.

    22. Good writing, but the cliffhanger ending comes at a point where the reader knows a little less than they should about the central characters. Curiosity might get one to read the sequel but I'd opt for a different device in future efforts.

    23. This book grabbed my curiosity and then my attention. I haven't felt surges of adrenaline while reading in a long time! Incredible book. I'll be purchasing the follow on books when I have the funds.

    24. The authors storytelling abilities are so-so. The story is a little interesting, though very hard to follow. Then it truncates without any resolution, leaving you so disgusted for having spent the time to read it. I hope to never read anything by these authors again.

    25. First heard this as a free audio book from podiobooks loved it then and had to read it. It grabbed me from page 1 and didn't let go. Very good read. Straight on to book 2 now.

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