Learning to Love You More

Learning to Love You More

Harrell Fletcher Miranda July / Sep 17, 2019

Learning to Love You More A collaboration between writer filmmaker and artist Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher this book brings together the best of the popular website learningtoloveyou which asks ordinary people to contr

  • Title: Learning to Love You More
  • Author: Harrell Fletcher Miranda July
  • ISBN: 9783791337333
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collaboration between writer, filmmaker and artist Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher, this book brings together the best of the popular website learningtoloveyou, which asks ordinary people to contribute to assignments posted on the site and features responses that are surprising, touching, imaginative, and often hilarious.

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      • Harrell Fletcher Miranda July

        Harrell Fletcher 1967 is an American artist in Portland, Oregon who creates socially engaged interdisciplinary projects


    1. I openly wept on the subway three times while reading this book. It is alternately inspiring, heartbreaking, hilarious, cute, and consistently rivetting.I can't say enough about it. As cheesey as it sounds, I actually do think I learned to love more. Or at least appreciate more.And then at the end, Miranda thanked my good friend Shauna. Which was just icing on the cake.

    2. I don't know why I bought this when it was free online anyways I liked it, and I still have some assignments to complete

    3. It is winter in Olympia! Even our "January Project" of new vegan recipes on the daily can't entirely distract me from the foggy, gloomy Janu-Februaries that haunt me. I keep coming back to these LTLYM exercises, stories, images and moments that push my brain a little bit, just enough to stretch my heart. I am trying to consciously be more engaged in the process of "loving more." I feel disappointed in my own apathetic, half-assed attempts at relating to people during recent years. It's hard work [...]

    4. From Publishers WeeklyIn this selection of art and personal stories from their website, learningtoloveyoumore, artists Fletcher and July (author of the short story collection No One Belongs Here More than You) present a jumble of the poignant and slapstick. Founded in 2002, the website provides its visitors with arty "assignments" and asks that participants post their responses online. Assignments range from the straightforward (#9: "Draw a constellation from someone's freckles") to the absurd ( [...]

    5. Once upon a time, when the Internet was young, a pair of artists made a site called learningtoloveyoumore/. They created "assignments" which people carried out, posting the results. It was sweet. It was wonky and personal and empowering. The site is still up. My favorite assignment is "Make an encouraging banner." This book documents some of the submissions for the project, which ran from 2002-2009. One of the artists was the now-famous Miranda July. Since then, collaborative Internet projects n [...]

    6. I found this book surprisingly touching and intimate. People taking pictures of their parents kissing, shots of what goes on under the bed while animals and dust bunnies think you aren't looking, strangers hugging. It helped me think about connection and ways we are and are not connected and ways to make those connections happen.

    7. i do love the online project and the book is also cool but i really missed the audio and video assignments everything is quite different when you read it on paper :-)

    8. it is an entertaining book about the outcome of an art project. it was interesting to see/read what ordinary people created.

    9. This is my favorite book about a project. It's a collection of authentic, inspired art from everyday people. Some people call this method of collective creation "crowdsourcing," but that term seems too technical to me. I call it "community art." Projects like this create a space and a reason for people to express themselves, practice creativity and garner a shared experience. Experience is primary and the product, though often sublime, is secondary. Learning to Love You More is the result of peo [...]

    10. LtLYM the book is based on the website, which is now an archive of the last seven years of the project. Fletcher and July would post assignments of tasks ranging from "take a picture of the sun" to "make a protest sign and protest something" and then ask people to share it and their experiences.Why I Picked it Up:I must have flagged this book with Miranda July was in the news back when "Me You and Everyone We Know" came out in the movie theatres. The concept intrigued me, but alas, the book fell [...]

    11. I actually think I used to check out this website occasionally, like four or five years ago. But now they've compiled some of the best of the best into a book, and I've gotta say, this is damn lovely shit. If you don't know the premise, the authors put up assignments on their website (such as "Write a conversation you wish you could have with someone" or "Take a flash photograph of the underneath of your bed") and readers accept the assignments and send in their results. Learning to Love You Mor [...]

    12. this is one of my favorite kinds of art. i have begun to frame certain thoughts in terms of what kind of encouraging banner they could possibly become. "eat more kale" for gypsy. "fuck yeah" for the fuck yeah club. a personal favorite--"it's ok to be a freak." at work i had to turn a banner that said "celebrate" into one that said "create." (the colors were stardream antique gold and pool, for those of you who were curious, and the font was some horrible script affair chosen especially for a spe [...]

    13. I walked into Borders at Bridgeport and there on the first rounder was Harrel's book! There were only two left and I picked up MY COPY immediately for purchase. Delightful as Harrell and Miranda's site ise book is better, which highlights the best of their website, learning to love you more.Check it out! Harrell teaches at Portland State and is an internationally acclaimed artist who focusses on art as social practice. We put on event together exploring the similarities between the Vietnam and I [...]

    14. Imagine my surprise when I went to the bookstore and found a book with the words Learning to Love You More on the cover and the name Miranda July below them.I found the site when it was on assignment #5, and I’ve made some [very personal] submissions for several assignments. I hadn’t been back to the site in quite a while but I followed it closely for many years. And obviously I had no clue that the site belonged to Miranda July until today.The site/book isn’t any cooler because it’s got [...]

    15. learningtoloveyoumoreThe website has different assignments that people can do and post proof that they completed the assignment. Projects range from writing down a recent argument, photographing significant outfits, and talking about a scar you have to taking a flash photo of what's under your bed (those are often disgusting, though).The submissions are interesting because they largely lack any artistic pretense. People tend to do some tacky stuff, but everything seems meaningful to them, which [...]

    16. The two authors are artists - and they originally created a website (learningtoloveyoumore) where they posted various assignments for visitors to accept and complete - when the people were done with the assignments, their work would be posted for others to see. The book is an oversized paperback copy full of completed assignments by people all over the world. The assignments (63 explained in the book) vary and just a few include "Take a picture of the sun," "Make a protest sign and protest," "Sp [...]

    17. I did not expect this book to be what it is. I've read the other Miranda July book and thought it would consist of short-stories, but it turned out to be assignments people had done and submitted. I was disappointed at first, but as soon as I flipped the pages observing and reading each submission, it was extraordinary. It's inspired me to do the assignments and I plan to. It did make me laugh, cry, and sigh at some of the stories. It made me think over my own life and relate to some of these th [...]

    18. I guess I shouldn't say I "read" this book but browsed it and placed it on my shelf for a rainy day. Its loaded with activities and responses. Miranda July is oh so cool. I saw her at Bumbershoot 07 and she did a lecture/activity regarding this book and it was very (can't think of the words). She's got such a unique view on life and love and people. Quite different from my typical everyday thoughts but not far fetched. Warm and hopeful and comforting and fuzzy. Not cold and cynical and uninvitin [...]

    19. This quote says it all: "Sometimes it is a relief to be told what to do. We are two artists who are trying to come up with new ideas every day. But our most joyful and even profound experiences often come when we are following other people's instructions. When we are making crepes from a recipe, attempting to do a handstand in yoga class, or singing someone else's song. Sometimes it seems like the moment we let go of trying to be original, we actually feel something new -- which was the whole po [...]

    20. The language and structure of the text of this book is almost lyrical, metaphorical, and all-around deeply moving. The content of the story itself is a little offbeat, with the whole cousin-getting-with-cousin thing, but do not let it disguise or ruin the intense beauty of Rosoff's unique style of writing for you. I really enjoyed what she does with punctuation in the novel; keep in mind that these unique punctuation decisions are not all for random aesthetics, but instead, everything from the l [...]

    21. "I really liked those Keane-kid posters that were popular back then, the ones where the kids look really waifish and have huge, sad eyes. My mother sent me to the grocery store once, and I was standing on the corner, looking very sad and, in my mind, just like one of those beautiful Keane kids, and I had my eyes opened very wide, and a car pulled up and a teenaged boy said, 'What the hell is your problem, kid?'And so I realized that I wasn't pulling the look off correctly."-Laura LarkAssignment [...]

    22. A sweet coffee table/waiting room type book. I really like the concept - Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher provide the assignments and then people send their submissions to the website. The book is a collection of some of the best submissions. Some of my favorite assignments were: 53. Give advice to yourself in the past55. Photograph a significant outfit62. Make an educational public plaque45. Reread your favorite book from 5th grade63. Make an encouraging banner52. Write the phone call you wish [...]

    23. First let me say, this isn't a what I expected the book to be. I expected to read a book full of short stories or essays. What I received was a picture book for the most part. While I think the concept of the book is quite charming, I was expecting more projects. Many were regurgitated. Some the the projects highlighted I couldn't really read for religious reasons. The best part of the collection was "spend time with a dying person." I swear, I almost teared up.

    24. Quite the lovely project, Learning to Love You More is an artistic crowdsourcing project in the vein of PostSecret. Definitely makes me want to do some of the assignments (although I was disappointed that many cannot be completed by everyone; e.g. "take a photo of your bald spot" or "take a photo of your parents kissing"). Overall, very creative and inspiring - makes me want to visit the website more often.

    25. I received this book for christmas from my boyfriend and I adore it.I picked it up every chance I had all day long, even locking myself in the bathroom for a bit to sneak time with it.Learning to Love You More is sweet and candid. It makes you love people, all people just that much more. This book reminds me that everyone has a history a story, some sadness and some silly joys.I am soo super proud to own this book, and someday when I can have a coffee table it will be there upon it!

    26. although this book wasn't very satisfying visually (it was mostly a picture book) or interesting in other respects eitherI did, however, like the story about the farmer. As someone who lives five minutes from downtown it is interesting to see, in a somewhat breif excursion, what life is like for farmers and how impossible it was for her to get off of the farm and on with "her own little life."

    27. I read this book after searching for more by Miranda July. I had no idea what to expect when I ordered it from the library, and was really surprised when I opened it up to find it was assignments to further explore and beautify the world, and yourself. I guess that's my interpretation of itThe book also has a website of the same name that is pretty consistently updated. I think this could change the world.

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