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Thirst Ava Delaney calls herself a hybrid a living breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins The only thing greater than her thirst for human blood is her capacity for gui

  • Title: Thirst
  • Author: Claire Farrell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ava Delaney calls herself a hybrid a living, breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins The only thing greater than her thirst for human blood is her capacity for guilt She does her best to avoid the human world, for everyone s sake.When Ava accidentally enslaves a human while saving him from a vampire, she realises she has to look forAva Delaney calls herself a hybrid a living, breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins The only thing greater than her thirst for human blood is her capacity for guilt She does her best to avoid the human world, for everyone s sake.When Ava accidentally enslaves a human while saving him from a vampire, she realises she has to look for help setting him free Despite her misgivings, she expands her world but finds herself dragged into a possible vampire civil war With the help of some new friends with ambiguous loyalties, she tries to find a way to keep her human, and herself, alive.

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    1. Vampire Novel Writing 101:< /b>(1) Include two boys in a possible love triangle with the heroine. Even if your novel lacks in substance, you can give your reader the illusion of deep emotion by giving empty lust and sexual tension in the story from time to time. Make girls feel that they too can have their cake and eat it too by leading along two boys. Never mind that it's rare in real life for any girl, no matter how great or TOTALLY AWESOME, to have two boys compete for her affections be [...]

    2. This book is like that great guy your dating, BUT he's not really doing it for you. There's no shivers of pleasure when your eyes meet. He's just that nice guy. Your friends ask, "How are you and ----?"You yawn, explaing, "He's a nice guy. He's just not. THE GUY for me."This is Thirst.Thirst and I went out on a few dates. And I'll admit it I slept with Thirst on the second date (I'm such a floosie!), but I can't even describe the sex to you or even the conversations we had on the date.And don't [...]

    3. I'm guilty again of reading a book solely because of the redheaded cover! Which is very nice, by the way.My advise, read it if you have absolutely nothing else to read. This is like an emergency supply when you are in the queue or on the train and want to pass the time but have no other book at hand. It's readable, and it's easy, but quite empty. There is no depth, there is no original plot, more like non-violent, non-blood drinking variation of female Blade, a slightly OCD daywalker and Ebay se [...]

    4. Ava Delaney is different, she's not quite a vampire but not quite human either. When Ava's mother was pregnant she was attacked and killed by a vampire, Ava was born right before her mother died and some of the vampire's poison stayed in her making her somewhat of a hybrid. Ava does everything she can to fight her cravings for blood and to live like a normal human shutting herself off from others to not harm them. When she comes across a man in danger from a vampire and steps in to help she acci [...]

    5. first off, I found this a more realistic take on vampirism, with the portion explaining that vampires couldn't copulate because they're dead. finally! a vampire novel that isn't filled with ridiculous vampire romance and sex. even the mild attraction of the heroine to Peter wasn't nausiating, though interestingly enough I'd like to see an elaboration of the whole "dating the head vampire bitch's assistant" thing. as for the supposed "love triangle" between Peter, Ava and Carl, I didn't see it at [...]

    6. One of the better vampire novella's I've read. Surprisingly, I wanted her to fall head over heels for Carl. Don't ask me why Peter had everything going for him. Cover is lush.

    7. I didn't expect to enjoy this book. The first couple of pages were odd, written in numerous tenses I considered just deleting it. However I am very pleased I stuck with it, because Thirst is an excellent story and the lead character, Ava, is really likeable.I'm holding out for a Peter/Ava love in and am skipping off right now to download the second book. Oh, did I mention it's currently a free read?

    8. First let me say, "Thirst" has such a beautiful cover and although you should never judge a book by it's cover, it truly did entice me to read the book. "Thirst" is a modified version of one of my all time favorite movie series, Blade. Ava Delaney was born a daywalker. Her mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant and died during Ava's birth. Ava's upbringing was shrouded in secret and left to a religious zealot grandmother who never failed to inflict her personal brand of exorcising the bad [...]

    9. Thirst was enjoyable. It was al right. It just didn't stand out for me.Ava is a half-vampire, and the only one at that. When she by accident binds a human to her, she doesn't know what to do. And know two rivalling vampire clans are fighting to capture her and use her powers. Only Ava is completely unaware of what she can do.This is pretty much a basic vampire story. The main character is a pretty girl that everyone either wants, or is jealous of. But she's not perfect! She hasn't talked to a hu [...]

    10. Another dnf on my record. 20% this time.Some examples of what I was dealing with guys:"I glanced out into the hall to see my slutty next-door neighbour smirking at me from her doorway, her dressing gown opened just an inch too far." Dude, she's in a dressing gown, mine falls open all the damn time. Even if she did sleep around all the time this bitchy sentence just makes you sound jealous."A woman bumped into me, and my fangs shot out straight away.There's nothing really wrong with this sentence [...]

    11. I'm not quite sure what to think of this book. My waffling has nothing to do with the writing or the story and everything to do with Ava's grandmother. I'm not going to lie, when a parental figure hands over her ward to have the devil beaten out of her she becomes unredeemable in my eyes. I had a tough time with her. I don't care how much she's "changed" or how she's spent 7 years hunting for the granddaughter she drove away I found her vile and repulsive. This may be the mom in me rearing her m [...]

    12. Wonderful writing. The story is easy to follow along with. Right from the beginning the reader is thrown into the story; which is great. When the story moves along we learn enough about the history of the story just to know what’s going on. We aren’t given much to know why though.I really love this series. The setting is in Ireland, which is awesome! In this first book, Thirst, we just get used to the characters. This world, really, and then we’re somehow at the end of the book? Crazy! Cra [...]

    13. I just wasn't grabbed by this book, It was a bit of an effort to read to be honest which is why it gets one star I didn't hate it but I want to actually enjoy a book and feel like I haven't just wasted a few hours. I found it all a bit predictable and the main character irritated me. (view spoiler)[Ava spends the whole book, literally all of it trying to free Carl (a random guy she's enthralled) as soon as possible and doesn't seem to be aware that she's causing some major problems, actually tha [...]

    14. I got this book for free at , found it by chance and had no idea what the author was like or if she had any experience but since it was about vampires, I just had to give it a chance. Probably wouldn't have if I had had to buy it though, but it was entertaining and it made me want to read the second one. It's not really a 2 or a 3, more like a 2.5 since I liked it but it had some serious issues that rubbed me the wrong way as I was reading it.It is not an overly descriptive book, you get very li [...]

    15. This novella doesn't really have enough of a plotline to rehash in a review. There's a vampire/human hybrid named Ava who accidentally imprints or whatever on a guy named Carl and spends the whole book trying to unmake the bond. She has OCD. She has an abusive grandmother. She meets a vampire hunter named Peter. I have this personal vendetta against books with reviews where people slam the books because they feel like the main female character is weak. To me, there is a big difference between be [...]

    16. This was a fun vampire read. Honestly, I can't believe how many paranormal books I've read recently. After Twilight I gave up on them for a long time because I was too disgusted. I still do not think there is anything romantic about vampires, (big EW! factor and if you've ever read Dracula, you will agree.) but these books are cheap, and provide a break from thinking. Also, a lot of the heroines are not as annoying as Bella, so it's not that bad. I appreciated this book because some of the typic [...]

    17. The action starts out right away with Ava trying to save a human and ending up making him her slave by accident and not knowing how to get rid of him. Her troubles only maximize as she reaches out for help and everybody is trying to kill her for one reason or another!This was a funny vampiric comedy of errors and my heart went out to poor Ava even as I was laughing my butt off at her predicaments. Here she is trying to help innocents and she seems to be the one who gets into trouble for it.It do [...]

    18. Truly enjoyed this one!! Would have received a 5 star rating except for the few spelling errors I found. Great plot, yes, almost a complete Blade rip off, but a female Blade. Brilliant heroine, smart and not completely man crazy. Definitely more of a UF than PR and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series!I love the quirk of having OCD be an issue for Ava(the main character.) suffering from OCD myself, I love the way it helps her to control her thirst. Waiting to read the second installment [...]

    19. It was the cover that grabbed my attention and fortunately the book wasn't disappointing as it often happens when I choose book because the cover is sooo-prettty-i-needz-it-now!! I did like Ava thought she sometimes was annoyingly insecure but it's not really surprising after all abuse she suffered in her girlhood. I hope in the next series she is more self reliant. But Ava is definitely a likeable character.

    20. A refreshing change from some of my vampire reads since it was free on Kindle I didn't expect much, which I think was a good idea to do as it was a short novel. A fast read with a good cover when reading keep thinking of the cover very related indeed. I would read another of Claire Farrell's writes

    21. such a cliche! i used to love vampire books but it all went down hill after twilight. i wanted to read a good vampire book with a bit of diversity. this just bored the crap outta me, i put it down at 44% as it was wasting my time.

    22. I promise to be brutally honest with my opinion, but it should not be taken as fact. Any reader should read it for themselves, before they decide if this book has any merit or not.Do not judge this book biased solely on my opinion.If you do, you might miss out on a great read. You never know. It could happen. My review may contain spoilers, but I really strive to be spoiler-free. I downloaded this book for free on . This book was not suggested nor “gifted” to me by the author. I have no affi [...]

    23. Love itI have never heard of this author before, it came up on my kindle as something I might enjoy so gave it a go, glad I did, it started of a little slow but soon became engrossing, I really liked the characters they were well thoughtout, each having their own issues, I really enjoyed the plotline, I was hoping for a bit of romance but maybe that will come up in the next in the series, which I have got, its free so a great bonus.

    24. This was an interesting book about a daywalker. Ava is alive as evidenced by her beating heart, but not human. Ava has fangs and is plagued with "Thirst", but is not a vampire. These are woes of being a half breed. Every direction Ava turns someone wants something from her or wants to use her for their own purposes. I liked this book. It was easy to follow. I liked the characters and this story. Claire Farrell definitely wrote a stellar read.

    25. I thought this novella was a bit different from other vampire books. I liked Ava and thought she was pretty well developed. She really struggled with who she is, especially with her vampire side. I struggled a bit with the beginning of the book but pretty quickly got sucked in. It's not the best I've read but it interested me enough to see what book 2 has to offer. Hopefully it will answer some questions that I still have.

    26. Beginning of a New Change I gave this book a rating of 5 because I loved it . I loved how the characters were described. I also loved that the vampires didn't have the normal sexy look. I loved the strength and courage that Ava has . It shows that no matter how different you are from everyone else. You matter. I recommend this book to anyone that loves vampires.

    27. Was hard to put downThe story was unique although there were some parts that were never fully explained. I found it difficult to stop reading.

    28. Enjoyed I enjoyed the characters and how they formed but I was disappointed not to learn more about Carl. Hope to enjoy the entire series.

    29. Yet anotherVampire tale. Interesting mix of characters, lots of anger. Plenty of conflict. Odd ending. . . . . . .

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