Death Toll

Death Toll

Jim Kelly / Jan 17, 2020

Death Toll Bodies are being exhumed at King s Lynn s cemetery the bones moved to higher ground to avoid flooding But when the coffin of murdered pub landlady Nora Tilden is hauled up into the light there s a gr

  • Title: Death Toll
  • Author: Jim Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780141035994
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bodies are being exhumed at King s Lynn s cemetery, the bones moved to higher ground to avoid flooding But when the coffin of murdered pub landlady Nora Tilden is hauled up into the light there s a grim discovery the twisted corpse of a young black man, killed by a billhook blow to the head, and dumped in the grave on the night Nora was buried twenty eight years earlier.Bodies are being exhumed at King s Lynn s cemetery, the bones moved to higher ground to avoid flooding But when the coffin of murdered pub landlady Nora Tilden is hauled up into the light there s a grim discovery the twisted corpse of a young black man, killed by a billhook blow to the head, and dumped in the grave on the night Nora was buried twenty eight years earlier The police are baffled by a bewildering and brutal murder.Who was this young man Was he the victim of a racist crime When DI Peter Shaw, DS George Valentine and their team are put on the case their investigation first leads them to The Flask, Nora s pub just along the riverbank, where her family hides than one dark secret and it s soon clear no one can be trusted Will Shaw and Valentine be able to get to the shocking truth behind the murder before it s too late and the ghosts from the past claim another victim

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    1. Gone straight to number three in the series as I liked number two so much and wanted to know what happens to the characters!So, so glad all the ends are tied up.Wonderfully evocative of Norfolk, will definitely read other books of his.

    2. Glad to read a new author. Good story and atmospheric novel set in north Norfolk. Now off to read #1 in the series.

    3. This is a series I am really enjoying. The characters are so well written and the descriptions of the places make you feel like you are right there. This was another interesting murder for DI Shaw and DS Valentine. We see them continue to grow as partners. Most pleasing for me was that the underlying storyline between the 2 gets wrapped up in this book. THANK YOU, Jim Kelly, for not dragging this on and on throughout all the books! Looking forward to seeing the characters develop and expand.

    4. Great story. Brilliant characters and we see the final outcome on the Tessier murder. By far the best of the first three books.

    5. The words that most clearly convey the theme of DEATH TOLL are spoken by Mark Antony is Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” – “the evil that men do live after them….”The story opens on December 12, 2010. The bodies buried at a cemetery are being moved to higher ground to avoid flooding. When the grave of Nora Tilden, buried in 1982, is opened, grave diggers are shocked to find another body, a skeleton, on top of the casket. The body had to have been thrown into Nora’s grave on the day [...]

    6. Great book. Can't wait to read more with Shaw & Valentine. Very well written, stark & cold British landscape, jagged, real people. Loved the twin murder investigations & all the twists & turns.

    7. West Norfolk DI Peter Shaw and DS George Valentine have two cold cases to work on. The first is the murder of a young mixed race man whose body is found lying on top of the casket of a woman killed by her husband in 1982. The graves in the area are being dug up to move the caskets away from annual flooding - when the second body is found. The second is the case of a murdered boy which resulted in Shaw's father resigning and Valentine being demoted for allegedly mishandling evidence. Shaw is as a [...]

    8. Graves are being moved in a Kings Lynn churchyard to avoid flooding. When the body of murdered pub landlady, Nora Tilden is exhumed there is another body in the grave - that of a young black man who was brutally murdered on the night Nora was buried. DI Peter Shaw and DS George Valentine must try and solve the murder which happened twenty eight years ago before it leads to other deaths. In the background they are also trying to solve the case which destroyed Valentine's career and led to Shaw's [...]

    9. The third book in the Valentine/Shaw series is a bit overwhelming. The book begins with a body found on top of a coffin in a grave, and the body count increases alarmingly from that point on. However, this book is worth perservering and finishing just (if for no other reason) to finally find a resolution to the Bobby Mosse storyline. For me, this was the least enjoyable of the Valentine/Shaw books, and I liked Jim Kelly's other series better than this series anyway. It seemed like EVERYONE was d [...]

    10. SummaryI'm a bit behind in my reading, hectic couple of weeks. But I was steadily reading this one throughout. I enjoy a good mystery and this one does not disappoint. If you are looking for intense suspense and random love scenes, this is not for you. Think of this as 'Law and Order' in book form. Just the facts, very little personal detail of the investigators, and alot of twists. In fact, the twists were very well done. Every time you think you understand and know whodunit, you are proven wro [...]

    11. This is part of the series featuring DI Peter Shaw and DS George Valentine. Here, when bodies are being moved out of King's Lynn's cemetery due to rising water levels, workers discover remains of a body buried above another coffin. Shaw is able to draw the victim from the bones, and he is quickly identified as a young man that went missing 28 years earlier, at the same time Nora Tilden, the body in the coffin was buried. Nora was the owner of a local pub, the Flask, that lies near the cemetery. [...]

    12. The best Jim Kelly yet. In this mystery, Detective Inspector Peter Shaw and his Sergeant George Valentine must deal with a couple of old crimes. In the first, a body is discovered on top of a coffin that is being moved. In the second, Shaw and Valentine are trying to solve an old case to restore the good names of Shaw's father (a detective, deceased) and Valentine. The cases aren't connected, but Kelly does a nice job of going back and forth between them. There are lots of twists and turns, lots [...]

    13. Though a bit long, the story encompasses 2 different mysteries and the twists and turns will definitely keep you guessing."In the Flensing Meadow Cemetery of King`s Lynn, graves are being relocated as part of a flood-prevention project. During the excavation of the grave belonging to Nora Tilden (a woman murdered by her husband Alby), the skeleton of a young man of mixed race is found lying twisted near the top of the casket lid. While investigating this grisly murder that occurred nearly thirty [...]

    14. Death Toll is a solid police procedural. Kelly skillfully weaves the two cases around and through each other as Shaw and Valentine struggle to keep on top of both cases. The plotting is carefully constructed and paced. The characterization is nicely realized, and although I didn’t really take to either Shaw or Valentine that didn’t seem to matter. There is a very strong sense of place, Kelly dropping the reader into the landscape of Kings Lynn and the Norfolk coast. The prose is quite workma [...]

    15. I've read and enjoyed several of Kelly's earlier books although this is the first of his I have read with Peter Shaw and George Valentine as the main protagonists (this is the third in the series). In this one because of the local flooding, bodies from the King's Lynn cemetery are being moved to higher ground. When the coffin of Nora Tilden is exhumed, aurhorities are expecting to find Nora's remains and those of her infant daughter Mary. This they do but the remains of a third person are also f [...]

    16. An interesting British mystery. It has two story lines going at once, both intriguing. I figured out the one that was supposed to be more complicated, but I frequently do, and it didn't take anything away from the story to have solved it. The cover blurb equates it to an Agatha Christie mystery and I wouldn't go that far. Ms. Christie was masterful in her plotting and characterization, and I rarely figured it out. Even when I did, she would throw in enough red herrings to throw one off the trail [...]

    17. In the beginning: As bodies are being exhumed in the King’s Lynn cemetery to be moved to higher ground, the body of a young black is discovered on top of a coffin of Nora Tilden, who died twenty-eight years earlier Death Toll, the third novel in a new series by Jim Kelly, doesn’t disappoint. The seaside atmosphere is as strongly rendered as the fen country in the Phillip Dryden novels. Peter Shaw is a thoughtful and interesting detective inspector who doesn’t always go out of his way to be [...]

    18. This is a British author who's dad had been a detective at Scotland yard. This was one of the reasons I picked up this book in the first place. The second was the story. When graves in a cemetery have to be moved because of flooding They find the corpse of a man on top of a grave. Quite quickly they realize that he had been down there since the original burial of a woman 28 years earlier. There is an another murder mystery of a child but that is just about 1/3 of the book and I didn't find it as [...]

    19. Engaging plot , and a fair amount local color as is typical of this writer's work. A bit more knowledge of the principals would have been welcome but they were by no means unidimensional. The plot wrestles with the overlap of what can be both endearing and mean about isolated communities where diversity can be highly unwelcome.

    20. Did not finish. Didn't make it very deep into the book either. If a writer doesn't care enough to make anything happen in the first 50 pages to hook me, then I don't care enough to finish their book. This one got a lot of great reviews, so maybe I'm missing out, but I'm tired of these books with beginnings that put me to sleep.

    21. Great book. Two cases juggled throughout the book and DI Shaw, our main character, seems oddly familiar. If you love British crime drama, this is the book for you! It was a compelling read but so well paced that you could read it in satisfying chunks, both eager to continue but sated for the moment. Highly recommended.

    22. Ok read, but I dint find it much exciting. Too long and pretty old technique of presenting murder suspects with every reason, motive and opportunity only to find that they are not the ones but the one you most likely would have imagined.

    23. Solid British mystery that always pulls a few surprise punches. The writing is detailed but evocative--there are times I could practically see, hear and feel the seaside locations! Already looking forward to the next one!

    24. very competant murder mystery which includes an older mystery with modern implications. I do like a British crime novel, but this is not top tier--very enjoyable none-the less

    25. A who-done-it. An extra body is found in a grave and detective have to track down who it is and who killed him.

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