The Burning Soul

The Burning Soul

John Connolly / Aug 21, 2019

The Burning Soul There are some truths so terrible that they should not be spoken aloud Here is one of those truths after three hours the abduction of a child is routinely treated as a homicide When a girl disappears

  • Title: The Burning Soul
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780340993538
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There are some truths so terrible that they should not be spoken aloud Here is one of those truths after three hours, the abduction of a child is routinely treated as a homicide.When a girl disappears from a small Maine town, her neighbor a recluse named Randall Haight starts receiving anonymous letters that contain tormenting references to a different teenage girl, murdThere are some truths so terrible that they should not be spoken aloud Here is one of those truths after three hours, the abduction of a child is routinely treated as a homicide.When a girl disappears from a small Maine town, her neighbor a recluse named Randall Haight starts receiving anonymous letters that contain tormenting references to a different teenage girl, murdered long ago For many years, Randall has kept a secret when he was fourteen, he was convicted of killing that girl Now, his former life has returned to haunt him, and he hires private detective Charlie Parker to make it go away But in a town built on blood and shadowed by old ghosts, where too many of the living are hiding secrets, the past cannot be dismissed so easily As Parker unravels a twisted, violent history involving a doomed mobster and his enemies, the police, and the FBI, his search returns again and again to Randall Haight Because Randall is still telling lies

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    1. I enjoyed this book, the tenth in the Charlie Parker series but maybe not quite as much as I have the others. Charlie is a little lost in this one and I much prefer him when he is at the top of his game. I also like to see Louis and Angel playing a major role rather than the cameo appearance they make in this one. Nevertheless no one can deny John Connolly knows how to write a thriller with a good serve of supernatural on the side. I am certainly looking forward to reading number 11:)

    2. It has been a long time since I have read a book from the Charlie Parker PI series. I used to really love Connolly's books with Parker as the main protagonist I have read the first four on successive release dates then i drifted away while waiting the next title to be released. Over time like, many books that are part of a series by authors, that dark excellence lost it's edge a bit. In this novel you have Charlie revisiting the memories of his Child's death and all that comes with those feeling [...]

    3. I was lamenting to a friend on Friday how annoyed I was coming into the long weekend knowing that the new John Connolly book wouldn’t be out until Tuesday. It annoyed me that it was given two separate release dates, one for Australia, England and Ireland (September 1st) and another for North America (September 6th). I wanted it now! I definitely wanted to take advantage of all this free time I expected to have this weekend. So you can imagine my surprise and glee when I walked into the local b [...]

    4. The Burning Soul is the tenth in the Charlie Parker series that just continues on in leaps and bounds, converging plot lines maintain the tension and in no way does this series appear tired as some that broach double figures often do.Parker takes on a new case, Randall Haight is a man with disturbing secrets, secrets that he would prefer remain that way as he lives under a new identity, unfortunately someone knows and his existence is being threatened. Parker has to look deeply at his morality, [...]

    5. ’Cuervos’ (The Burning Soul), es el úndecimo título de la serie del detective Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker, del escritor irlandés John Connolly. Esta serie es una de las mejores del género negro que se escriben actualmente, tanto por su calidad literaria como por sus argumentos y protagonistas. Connolly rompe las reglas del género negro clásico, introduciendo en sus novelas lo sobrenatural, la presencia del mal. Al detective Charlie Parker le rondan los muertos en su afán de venganza; un [...]

    6. John Connolly did it again! Everything you could expect in a Charlie Parker story is in "The Burning Soul": Angel and Louis, the Fulci brothers, some wandering spirits, the landscape and so on. Above all "The Burning Soul" has a sound plot, with all his twist and turns you always want to know what is really happening

    7. John Connolly? Charlie Parker? No need to say more, except clear my calendar, I'm reading nonstop to the end. Another outstanding thriller. Can't wait to hoist a beer with John on tour.

    8. John Connolly is a man who knows how to craft a sentence. His vivid prose makes the outside world disappear within seconds of passing one's eyes over the first words, and the world passes by unnoticed and unobserved until the reading stops - either with a shudder and the terror contained within the pages, or with great reluctance as the final pages are turned and the book closed.This may be the second-best of all of the Charlie Parker novels. The characters and the story are so vivid, and ring s [...]

    9. Yikes, another good one from John Connolly.In this one Charlie Parker is hired to help prove a convicted child-killer (who killed when he himself was a child, served jail time and was given a new identity on release) has nothing to do with the disappearance of a fourteen-year old girl. It's tasty. It's full of creepy characters and great dialogue and description; this story has it all. We've got Charlie, haunted by the terrible things in his past; Louis and Angel as his two sometimes-sidekicks; [...]

    10. I don't think earlier Charlie Parker books were better because I was a less discerning reader back when I read them. I think that the newer books are just not as good. Everything about Parker's life feels so obligatory these days. There's the requisite visit from his ex-wife and daughter, never to be repeated, complete with Rachel's admonition that he spend more time with his daughter, which he never does. Angel & Louis show up; I was actually kind of hoping that they would sit this one out [...]

    11. Me declaro seguidor incondicional de esta saga por sus personajes. Cualquier serie de libros de "género" corre siempre el peligro de caer en la repetición, que no es el caso, o de lindar historias ya vistas en otros territorios. Aún así los libros de Connolly ofrecen algo más que una novela negra al uso. Su estilo cuidado, sus personajes bien dibujados a los que uno se queda enganchado y su habilidad para describir paisajes, lugares y espacios; hacen que estas novelas adictivas dejen algo m [...]

    12. Now THIS is my type of book and after two only okay outings from Connolly this is a return to form for me.Connolly has created a rich dark work that I love to inhabit while finding it uncomfortable to do so.Connolly clearly knows what he's doing with the series and each book seems to build on the ones that came before it. Rather than following a single formula that soon gets old.Angel and Louis not being major players is always upsetting, hopefully they will make larger appearances in subsequent [...]

    13. I hate to give this only two stars, but to me, this was a worst story in the Charlie Parker series to date, and I LOVE this series to bits. Somehow, Connolly missed the mark on this one. WAAAYYY too much going on as usual, and I found myself skimming all the extra background characters, three pages describing the current weather, or wretched state of a bad neighborhood, as opposed to gritting my teeth and getting through it as in previous novels, because at least in those novels, much of that in [...]

    14. «Uno tiene que ser cauto con las mentiras que dice. Tiene que ser cauto por si alguien las oye, y los dioses del inframundo se burlan de uno convirtiéndolas en verdades»Muy buena historia de la serie Charlie Parker, con repuntes fantasmagóricos como sólo Connolly puede lograr, no obstante con cierta sensación de ser un libro de tránsito hacia el verdadero clímax de la o las siguientes entregas en la saga.Historia sin resquicios, falta un poco de la acción tremebunda y asfixiante a la qu [...]

    15. procitajto/2016/05/11/dusNe tako davno, jedan je sporedan književni lik, govoreći o svom rodnom, malom mjestu u američkoj saveznoj državi na krajnjem jugu rekao kako u tako malom mjestu svi znaju sve jedni o drugima. „Zato i živimo tu, jeftinije je od kabelske“, završio je svoje lokalpatriotsko izlaganje i saveznog agenta novopridošlog iz glavnog grada spomenute države ostavio u čudu razjapljene vilice. I svatko s iskustvom života u malom mjestu u tu se izjavu osvjedočio; svi znaj [...]

    16. Έχει πέσει ο Πάρκερ αρκετά. Ελπίζω να ανεβαίνει στα επόμενα, αν και δεν έχω ακούσει τα καλύτερα

    17. You may also read my review here: mybookishways/2011/09/Winter is coming,and a 14 year old girl is missing in the small town of Pastor’s Bay. Problem is,this is no ordinary missing child case. Randall Haight has retreated to tiny Pastor’s Bay after serving 18 years in prison for the killing of a 14 year old girl when he himself was only a child. He’s now an accountant and is trying to create a quiet and private life for himself,or so it seems. When he begins receiving possible blackmail ma [...]

    18. Charlie Parker takes on a missing child case, eventually, in 'The Burning Soul', book ten in the paranormal detective series. Officially, he is working a possible blackmail case for a Pastor's Bay, Maine, lawyer, Aimee Price, who needs a private detective to trace the source behind the harassment of a Pastor's Bay accountant. Randall Haight (randy hate, haha), a very unlikeable man, has been receiving photos in the mail of a barn door and child porn. This is very bad, because Haight is a partici [...]

    19. This is the tenth novel in the Charlie Parker series and once again i was reminded why this is one of my favourite series. If you have read the whole of this series you will know that there are strong supernatural elements, with The Whisperers & The Black Angel being the most heavy uses of the supernatural theme in the series (in my opinion). In the burning soul we do get a bit of the said supernatural element, but it is expertly done and does not take away anything from the thrilling storyl [...]

    20. One of my favorite things in my reading life is picking up a new (to me) mystery writer and thoroughly enjoying the book. It is especially great when they are an established writer and I can go back and enjoy an extensive backlist. I keep up with about 50 authors right now and I always on the lookout for more. I just got up to date on John Sandford’s work and I am currently working my way through C.J. Box’s and Michael Connelly’s backlists. I can say now that John Connolly has been added t [...]

    21. The Burning Soul is the tenth full-length novel from John Connolly to feature Charlie Parker as the central character. The books could best be characterised as thrillers with supernatural overtones. Towards the beginning of the series (which started with Every Dead Thing), the novels were characterised by extreme and graphic violence, but, as the series has evolved, Connolly has more and more relied on fine descriptive prose to build tension and a sense of menace which only occasionally explodes [...]

    22. So, I really had to think about this readand I liked it to a certain extent, but yet I was disappointed.Charlie is pulled into a case that involves the disappearance of a little girl and is, not quite guilt-ed, but coerced to look into it courtesy of his past (dead daughter) and the lawyer whose client may or may not have been involved in or at the very least, looks like a possible suspect in this case.From there so many characters and plotlines are fused into the story that, for once, I wished [...]

    23. I downloaded this to my Kindle as soon as it was released, I couldn't wait! I was so looking forward to it. Charlie Parker is still a complex, likeable person and Louis and Angel are still funny and dangerous. If you are a John Connolly/Charlie Parker fan you wont be disappointed at all. A great story with the haunting/supernatural going on. I have to say that I am a huge fan of Every Dead Thing and no book I have ever read has been as good as it. But, The Burning Soul is great and I am so looki [...]

    24. I've read other books by Conn0lly, but this is the first Charlie Parker one I've tried. Connolly writes a literary novel as well as a great mystery story, and although I hate mystical references they are appropriate in this book. Parker is a unique individual as are the other characters in this book. Although the premise that drives the novel is a bit weird, it makes sense under Connolly's skillful direction.

    25. A good read- kept me up at night trying to finish it. A typical thriller with a slight twist at the end that seemingly comes out of nowhere.A little bit of the supernatural element in this book but not enough to really detract from the thriller aspects.

    26. Dug it a lot. Lots of mystery, pretty fast paced (though it is heavily padded in some sections), and a nice wicked ending. Looking forward to the next book coming out in October!

    27. A creepy thriller, by the wonderful John Connolly. The writing and characters reminded me a little of Stephen King- never a bad thing!!

    28. Wow, good book!!! That was the most complicated plot I ever remember reading. I enjoyed it very much, but I wish there had been more of Charlie Parker's two sidekicks, Louis and Angel. They're fun to read about, but I sure wouldn't want to run into them alone on a dark night. Ha, ha!

    29. I absolutely loved this book,,I found it funny at times with the banter between characters,,the author is very witty and I found it very enjoyable to read even if it was dark at some places

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