Duecentosei ossa

Duecentosei ossa

Kathy Reichs Irene Annoni / Feb 24, 2020

Duecentosei ossa Il ritorno della regina del thriller suspense e colpi di scena nella nuova tesissima inchiesta di Tempe Brennan Tempe sta seguendo il caso di un ereditiera assassinata quando si risveglia prigionier

  • Title: Duecentosei ossa
  • Author: Kathy Reichs Irene Annoni
  • ISBN: 9788817032315
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Il ritorno della regina del thriller suspense e colpi di scena nella nuova, tesissima inchiesta di Tempe Brennan Tempe sta seguendo il caso di un ereditiera assassinata, quando si risveglia prigioniera in una cella buia Chi ce l ha rinchiusa, e perch Tempe Brennan si risveglia in uno spazio molto angusto, molto freddo, molto buio Ha le mani legate ai piedi, e sente uIl ritorno della regina del thriller suspense e colpi di scena nella nuova, tesissima inchiesta di Tempe Brennan Tempe sta seguendo il caso di un ereditiera assassinata, quando si risveglia prigioniera in una cella buia Chi ce l ha rinchiusa, e perch Tempe Brennan si risveglia in uno spazio molto angusto, molto freddo, molto buio Ha le mani legate ai piedi, e sente un forte dolore a una caviglia Lentamente comincia a ricordare Insieme al tenente Ryan aveva scortato da Montreal a Chicago i resti di un ereditiera scomparsa da oltre un anno Ma giunta a destinazione si era vista rivolgere l accusa di aver mal condotto l autopsia, e di aver cos stravolto l intero caso A scatenare la bufera erano state le rivelazioni telefoniche di un testimone Ma l unica persona che conosceva l identit del chiamante morta, e ora Tempe si ritrova prigioniera nel buio Chi la vuole morta, o comunque fuori gioco Nel suo dodicesimo thriller, Kathy Reichs ci regala una continua serie di brividi, e una tensione quasi insostenibile dalla prima all ultima pagina.

    Kathy Reichs tutti i libri in ordine cronologico Kathy Reichs l antropologa forense regina del thriller Torna in libreria Temperance Brennan la sua ultima indagine si intitola La verit delle ossa Kathy Reichs Nel ritenta questo percorso, dedicandosi per circa due anni alla produzione della sua prima opera letteraria Attraverso un suo conoscente, il manoscritto finisce nelle mani di un giovane redattore di Scribner, che le offre un contratto iniziale di due libri. Corpi freddi Dj dead , il suo primo romanzo, viene pubblicato nel e segna l inizio della serie che ha per protagonista

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        Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de M decine L gale for the province of Quebec She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences A professor of anthropology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D at Northwestern She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials.Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1998 Deja Dead


    1. I am a huge fan of the TV show Bones. I have never read a book by Kathy Reichs. I don't think I'll read more. This book has a very grumpy Temperance Brennan. There's something quite dislikable about her throughout. She's angry, she complains, she hardly has anything nice to say. There were various mysteries but the "real time" one was easy to figure out but anyone, except Temperance and Ryan. The murder mysteries were convoluted and, frankly, boring. The writing was poor. Winds skulked down stre [...]

    2. Kathy Reichs used to be my favorite author, and I don't know if she's gotten into a rut, or if I'm just no longer enamored with her style, but either way, this book didn't do it for me. It was too self-aware, too precious, too bogged down in details. I used to enjoy the technical/medical details that Reichs includes, but this time I found myself skimming entire paragraphs. I was also annoyed w/ the excessively complicated plot line - as in past books, many seemingly unrelated deaths turn out to [...]

    3. I am the type of reader who hooks into a series that is already established and reads each book in order, one after the other - I started the Temperance Brennan novels a few months back, and have read each book in succession. Maybe I have read too many in too short a period of time, but the formula is wearing thin, and Tempe is becoming annoyingly arrogant. This book especially focuses on board certification, and while I'm sure Ms. Reichs can attest to its importance, I found the repeated messag [...]

    4. With her 12th Bones book, Kathy Reichs decided to mix it up a little bit. Instead of saving Tempe's inevitable abduction for the very end, she opens the book with it and then takes us back to the beginning of the case so we could see how Tempe ended up in peril.Nice try, Reichs, but the real way to mix it up would be to stop having your heroine get kidnapped at all. Its ridiculousness is right up there with how many times Chloe and Lois have each been knocked out on Smallville. I'd make a drinki [...]

    5. At 20 pages in, I was already annoyed by the author's habit of taking paragraphs of description, slapping quotation marks around it, and calling it dialogue. And yet, I carried on to the bitter end. Which I saw coming a mile away.This isn't one of Tempe's greatest hits. The crimes are unremarkable (for the genre, anyway) and the twists are less than twisty. Plus the Brennan-Ryan romance is back in its tedious "will they (again) or won't they (again)" mode.My biggest beef is that Reichs is clearl [...]

    6. Blech! I think Reichs may be losing it. I have been a past fan of hers for many years and have read everything she wrote but I think she may be resting on her laurels. Temperence Brennan has turned into a misanthropic curmudgeon who is pretty unlikeable. This story was disjointed with subplots plopped in willy nilly. Unrealistically Tempe stays with Pete's extended family -- her ex in laws with whom she has a wonderful relationship. How realistic is that? Could be, but unlikely. She goes on and [...]

    7. Was up all night read because of the rain storm we had so I was able to finish it.just like the rest of the ones of this series its a must read.if you haven't read the series yet then you need to.

    8. I am the biggest fan of the television show Bones. I'm not even kidding when I say that. It's practically a fact. Ever since I was twelve I have devoured the show. I have every season on DVD and have literally watched every single episode a minimum of ten times. I can quote it off by heart. I can look at a single still and probably tell you the season and episode it was taken from. I love it beyond anything I have ever loved before - well, accept maybe Harry Potter. How have I not read the books [...]

    9. 206 Bones is book 12 of 18 in the long running series by Kathy Reichs starring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. 206 Bones continues to follow the "procedurals" formula and, I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to say that like many of the other books in the series, our protagonist ends up abducted, escaped/rescued, and in the hospital before the end of the story. But she, with the assist from side-kick cop (and ex-lover) Andrew Ryan do eventually put the clues together and catch t [...]

    10. I love me some David Boreanaz. Way before there was Team Edward, there was Angel, the tortured vampire with a soul from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What does David Boreanaz have to do with a Kathy Reichs novel, you ask? Nothing-except that he now plays a characters on Bones, a television show VERY loosely based on Kathy Reichs character Temperance Brennan. I give you this background on DB as an explanation for my love of said show, despite the fact that the only things that the show and Kathy Reic [...]

    11. Reason for Reading: I read every new Kathy Reichs book. Comments: Tempe wakes up to realize that she is tied up and trapped within a small brick structure within complete darkness. Chapters alternate between her present situation and some relative distant past and a case she's been working where the skeletal remains of an elderly woman are recovered and linked to 2 other violent deaths of elderly women and 1 current missing persons case that fits the same descriptors. Tempe is also experiencing [...]

    12. My first book for 2017! How exciting! The book itself - not so much! This one felt as if Reichs was struggling to meet her deadline and her word count. Way too much padding! She pulls a James Patterson and throws in several cases for the price of one. I do not like this! If I did, I'd watch a TV show. My biggest peeve - description! I swear, did we really need that three-page description on the history of her ex-husband's family? Three pages! ABOUT HER EX-HUSBAND'S FAMILY! Good grief. After that [...]

    13. Why read: Love the seriesWhat impressed me: Three dead women, seemingly unconnected, plus Tempe trapped means a whole lot of mystery going on. The details were easy to follow, the solutions always a surprise. And while I've always been a fan of Ryan, all of his scenes with Tempe's former in-laws were hilarious and made me love him even more.What disappointed me: The back and forth between the past investigations and Tempe being trapped annoyed me. I think it was supposed to heighten the tension, [...]

    14. Probably my favorite Tempe Brennan book thus farIt just flowed incredibly smooth and I thought the storyline was the best out of all of them. She is still just a really, really comfortable read for me.

    15. In 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs, Temperance Brennan, is handcuffed and buried in some place underground. She does not remember how she got there, she is injured, and terrified, but attempts to save herself. Then Ms. Reichs shows us the series of events that led up to the abduction. This is a first for me author and so I was not 100% sure of what to expect, because I like the TV series Bones, which I frankly love, but I know that some things don't translate well from book to screen. I think what sur [...]

    16. 206 Bones is the latest book in the Tempe Brennan mystery series by Kathy Reichs. In the novel, Tempe revisits her old stomping grounds of Chicago, with Canadian detective Andrew Ryan in tow. Ostensibly in town to deliver a local body found in Montreal and to discuss the case with the Chicago coroner's office, the two also end up making a holiday visit to Tempe's ex-husband's family. Tempe is actually invited, as she is every year, but Ryan somehow makes his way into the fold and into the family [...]

    17. The first time I read a Kathy Reichs novel, I was about sixteen, and really into my forensic-pathologist-does-crime-fighting-lit. I read it in about two days, decided it was brilliant, swore off Patricia Cornwell and all other substitutes ever again and promptly forgot about it. Every so often now, I see one, and think yeah, that was great, I must do that again.So anyway, I've done it again. This time around, I was a bit worried that, now I'm a bit older, they'd have lost their brilliance, but y [...]

    18. I've been reading Kathy R. since the very first Temperence Brennan book and either her plots and writing have gotten shittier over the years or I've gotten more critical. Probably a combination of both. This is absolutely the last Kathy Reichs book I will ever read. She's just horrible. I'm immediately irritated because Tempe is being held in an underground tomb and she is described as being hogtied. Now, I know what that means, but I googled it just in case because Tempe is then described as mo [...]

    19. And yet another Tempe Brennan novel. Wait, what was this one about again?Oh, right. Tempe is framed for not having done her job properly. Of course, the set-up involves a bit more than just professional jealousy - murder, mayhem, graves and bones the usual.Oh, Mrs. Reichs - you know I've read all your Tempe-novels, and I'll continue to do so. But, remember the times when you actually created interesting new characters, and when the relationship between Tempe and Ryan wasn't the only thing that m [...]

    20. I love Kathy Reichs, but despite the dramatic beginning (forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan finds herself trapped, bound hand and foot, in what seems to be a crypt), this book was lacking in warmth and emotion.Reichs hits all the points -- setting up a potentially career-ending threat of mishandling an autopsy -- and there are enemies galore. Ryan and her new beau make appearances, as does daughter Katy and ex Peter (and his extended Latvian clan). But while she might get a "6" from the judge [...]

    21. It's been a while since I've read one of Dr. Reich's Tempe Brennan thrillers, and while her books are better by far than the TV version 'Bones', and Patricia Cornwell's increasingly grim Scarpetta novels, I quickly remembered why I stopped reading them. I had identified the key villain one third of the way in (3 pages after their introduction), was tired of the 'romantic' backstory way before that, and finished up frustrated with her moralising about board-certified forensics in the final chapte [...]

    22. I think that I may be finished with this series. In this 12th Temperance Brennan book, Reichs offers up much the same in terms of plot--old bones are found, Tempe draws conclusions from bones, gets herself into trouble, ends up being kidnapped, etc etc etc. I listened to this as an audio book which allowed me to interact in a vocal way. While, again, I was fascinated by Reichs' presentation of forensic anthropology, Tempe seemed not as quick as usual in drawing conclusions about the people and e [...]

    23. 206 Bones is another book in Kathy Reichs' mystery series set in the realm of forensic anthropology. My feelings about this one are split - on the one hand, it was interesting and gripping, and well written; the characters have depth and complexity, as usual for her. On the other hand, I found part of the solution too simple to see - I was already quite convinced to have a guilty party recognized about halfway through, which is presumably not intended (which made me rate it down from 4 to 3 star [...]

    24. I used to love reading these novels of Reichs but not so much anymore. I find myself skipping whole paragraphs that are put in to fill up space. Example: 2 1/2 pages about a Monastery that has nothing to do with the story. She seems to write more now with a "I am so smart so I must tell you everything I know in a talk down to you" attitude. And there seems to me to have more detail then the average person needs/wants Finally done with this book. The problem with Reich's books are they are all so [...]

    25. It's been awhile since I read Reich's last book so maybe I don't remember the tone of the previous books being as utterly snippy and sarcastic as this one was.Tempe was positively bitchy the entire book and not in a funny way. The one-liner's and constant sarcasm came across like nails on a chalkboard. All the wishy washy crap between her and Ryan that had been so well cleared up in the last book was back again. I just thought, "It's been 12 books. Can you make up your mind?"The plot itself was [...]

    26. ok. usually like her books but this one seemed a lot of preaching about the need to credential forensic pathologists. Some of the description was like reading a textbook -yawn. In 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs, Temperance Brennan, is handcuffed and buried in some place underground. She does not remember how she got there, she is injured, and terrified, but attempts to save herself. Then Ms. Reichs shows us the series of events that led up to the abduction.

    27. It was hard to retain all the character names thrown in at the onset, but it all falls into place about midway through the book. Reichs' description of bones for forensic purposes makes an otherwise technical read easy to understand. Fast-paced.

    28. I believe I've reached the point in the series where someone is very busy with their successful tv show and doesn't really have time to write a book, but decides to publish one anyway.

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