A Espada de Fortriu

A Espada de Fortriu

Juliet Marillier / Feb 28, 2020

A Espada de Fortriu Five Winters have passed since young king Bridei ascended the throne of Fortriu Five years in which the people have felt a contentment unknown for generations But the security of a people can vanish

  • Title: A Espada de Fortriu
  • Author: Juliet Marillier
  • ISBN: 9789722521925
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Five Winters have passed since young king Bridei ascended the throne of Fortriu Five years, in which the people have felt a contentment unknown for generations But the security of a people can vanish in a heartbeat, for wolves are often drawn to fields filled with fattened sheep Bridei is determined to drive the Gaelic invaders from his lands once and for all And so, wFive Winters have passed since young king Bridei ascended the throne of Fortriu Five years, in which the people have felt a contentment unknown for generations But the security of a people can vanish in a heartbeat, for wolves are often drawn to fields filled with fattened sheep Bridei is determined to drive the Gaelic invaders from his lands once and for all And so, with his land secure and his house in order, he prepares for war And one of Bridei s plans to win the war to come involves the beautiful young Ana A princess of the Light Isles, she has dwelt as a hostage at the court of Fortriu for most of her young life Despite being a pawn of fortune, she has bewitched all at court and is dearly loved by Bridei and his queen But Ana understands her duty And so she will travel north, to make a strategic marriage with a chieftain she has never seen, in the hopes of gaining an ally on whom Bridei s victory relies For secrecy s sake, Ana must travel at a soldier s pace, with a small band led by the enigmatic spymaster Faolan Bridei implores Ana to trust see the good in Faolanbut Ana cannot see beyond his cold competence and killer s eyes Then, when she arrives at the chieftain Alpin s stronghold in the mysterious Briar Woods, her discomfort and unease increase tenfold, for this is a place of full of secrets and her betrothed is an enigma himself The Ana tries to uncover the truth of her new life, the she discovers a maze of polite diversions that mask deadly lies She fears Faolan, but he may prove to be the truest thing in her world.Or her doom.

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        Juliet Marillier was born July 27, 1948 in Dunedin, New Zealand and grew up surrounded by Celtic music and stories Her own Celtic Gaelic roots inspired her to write her first series, the Sevenwaters Trilogy Juliet was educated at the University of Otago, where she majored in music and languages, graduating BA and a B Mus Hons Her lifelong interest in history, folklore and mythology has had a major influence on her writing.Juliet is the author of twenty historical fantasy novels for adults and young adults, as well as a book of short fiction Juliet s novels and short stories have won many awards Juliet lives in a 110 year old cottage in a riverside suburb of Perth, Western Australia When not writing, she is active in animal rescue and has her own small pack of needy dogs She also has four adult children and seven grandchildren Juliet is a member of the druid order OBOD the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.


    1. -SPOILER ALERT- I was so miffed at this book. I adore Juliet Marillier, and she has a way of writing something that stirs your soul and makes you ache. I was so furious with the female character that I could have slapped her. I suppose that is an accomplishment of the author's writing skills.I fell in love with Faolan from pretty much the beginning of the book. I dug him in The Dark Mirror, but of course Blade of Fortriu reveals far more about his character and personality. I loved how he grew f [...]

    2. After finding The Dark Mirror somewhat lacking, it took me awhile to get around to reading its sequel, Blade of Fortriu, but I wasn't disappointed; surprisingly, this middle book is actually the best of the trilogy. It begins five years after Bridei's rise to kingship, just as he's about to go to war with the Gaelic kingdom of Dalriada because well, because they're Gaels and therefore should go back to Ireland. He sends off the hostage princess Ana as a bribe for the mysterious chieftain Alpin o [...]

    3. Easily the best in the trilogy. I am happy that it was the first book in the trilogy that I read. I read the others simply because I wanted to fill in some gaps and cravings to know more. But it wasn't crucial.I give the book a high rating because I love Faolan and his character developement. He was shown in his strengths and chiseled away to show his weaknesses. I could relate to his desire to run away from his pain as well and put it all behind him.*SPOILER ALERT*The one thing I massively hate [...]

    4. This one is not my favorite Juliet Marillier novel. I loved everything but the female protagonist and the "love story." She had such potential, starting out, but then, in an unexpected twist, she falls in love with a pretty face, at first sight it feels a bit contrived. The writing, the scene descriptions, the plot, the other characters - all excellent, and I did really enjoy it. I do really look forward to the next in the series, which continues the story of the main male protagonist, who is re [...]

    5. I like this book as it focused on two relatively minor characters in the first book. None of the previously developed characters were forgotten and neglected. The fleshing out of Ana and Faolan were well-done.

    6. (review in english below)Este segundo livro d' As Crónicas de Bridei agradou-me bastante mais do que o primeiro. Faolan é um personagem e pêras e merecia o destaque que lhe é dado. Também gostei de ser enganada quanto à história de amor que estava a congeminar na minha cabeça.Quanto à tradução (o tradutor deste 2º livro não é o mesmo do 1º), não me parece que "mestre" seja a tradução mais apropriada para "master" Mas ao menos aqui o Guardião das Chamas não sofreu uma mudança [...]

    7. I don't know if it's me or Juliet Marillier who had changed. Either way, I was really disappointed in this book, the sequel to The Dark Mirror, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The narrative was completely weighed down by melodrama and clunky exposition.

    8. Na Escócia antiga, havia um jovem rei, um espião destroçado com um amor impossível e uma derradeira batalha para ser vencida. Agora, as portas desse mundo voltam a abrir-se.Cinco anos volvidos desde os acontecimentos d´ “O espelho negro”, Bridei está no trono e juntamente com Tuala, a rainha e sua amada de longa data, têm um pequeno bebé chamado Derelei.Contudo, nem tudo é um mar de rosas… Em 555 d.c. a guerra contra a invasão celta está iminente e os preparativos militares vão [...]

    9. Volvidos 5 anos desde os acontecimentos decorridos em "O Espelho Negro", a história centra-se agora em 2 personagens secundárias do livro anterior: Ana e Faolan. Ana, a princesa refém de Fortriu e Faolan, o guarda e espião de Bridei.Uma guerra há muito esperada é preparada para banir do Ocidente os invasores Celtas e Ana é enviada para Norte para se casar com um homem importante que não conhece para ganhar um aliado para Bridei. Durante a viagem, Ana é escoltada por Faolan, um homem que [...]

    10. Depois de um primeiro volume que não me conseguiu agarrar eis que o segundo volume das "Crónicas de Bridei" me agarrou de tal forma que tenho pena de já ter terminado. Neste segundo volume a história centra-se em Ana e na sua viagem, na qual é acompanhado por Faolan, duas personagens já introduzidas no livro anterior que mereceram um maior destaque. É fabuloso vermos a forma como a personagem Ana evolui ao longo do livro assim, como termos uma maior consciência da humanidade de Faolan. U [...]

    11. Melhor que o primeiro volume mas um pouco diferente daquilo que esperava.Opinião completa em breve.Nota sobre esta edição: a revisão do livro não está grande coisa. Tudo bem que é uma edição de bolso mais barata (que apenas comprei porque a normal está esgotada) mas podiam ter mais atenção! Pontuação fora do sítio, palavras trocadas (lembro-me por exemplo de um "ele" em vez de um "ela", entre outros que não memorizei), etc Nota-se a falta de cuidado.

    12. Amazing continuation, way better than te first one. Faolan, a character impossible not to love. “Death, of course, should not be feared, but awaited with certain wonder. To die was to step across a threshold into a new world, unknown, unimaginable.”

    13. It's been five years since Bridei became king and he's anxious to banish the Christian Gaels from Fortriu's western shores. Success depends upon many carefully planned and executed offenses such as false intelligence, surprise, and an alliance or at least a vow of neutrality from the wild Caitt. The only way to do so seems through a strategic marriage between the princess of the Light Isles and the Caitt chieftain Alpin. Although Ana's been a royal hostage most of her life, she is loyal to Bride [...]

    14. The previous book in the series was a fantastic beginning that led me to pick up the second book immediately. Unfortunately, as much as Marillier is one of my favorite authors, this book felt much more lacking as far as characters went.Most of my issues come from the character Drustan. He felt extremely underdeveloped to me. It seemed like the thing everyone thinks about him is, "Wow he's so beautiful like wow I can't even this guy is hot". It's over the top such that this is the first thing eve [...]

    15. WOW what an adventure! King Bridei embarks on a campaign to rid Fortriu of the Christian Gael's. This is a major undertaking involving all the chieftains of Fortriu. One of his ploys for success is to get the chieftain of Briar Wood (Alpin) and his huge fighting force to stand against the Gael's. To do this he offers marraige to his ward (hostage), Ana. The journey to Briar Wood is a major focus of the book. Ana and Faolan (King's assassin) set off with a guard in hopes of a treaty which would b [...]

    16. It was hard to pick a rating for this book. It had so much potential. I really enjoyed the first part of the book and could hardly put it down. Everything was going swimmingly until Drustan and Ana met. Oh the cheese! From then on I had a hard time liking Ana. Why is she so drawn to Drustan? To me he seemed infantile. Despite Marillier describing the "intelligence" in his eyes, his words and behaviors only showed a childlike ignorance. Also, I have a very hard time with love-at-first-sight nonse [...]

    17. *Spoilers (sort of)* To echo the sentiments of others, Blade of Fortriu receives three stars because of Marillier's incredible talent. HOWEVER, I am incredibly annoyed and displeased by the ending. While I appreciate how Ana's love life took a different turn than I was expecting (the love connection is usually pretty obvious), the ensuing relationship made me gag. It was so superficial and obnoxious: this guy is SUPER MEGA HOT, also amazingly intelligent, also has literally no faults, and he end [...]

    18. I am very into romance. I tend to judge a book by it's romantic dialogue, which isn't very intelligent or fair, but that's me. This is the reason this book got 3 stars for me. I wasn't at all pleased with the romance in this book. I felt like Ana chose the wrong man and I just couldn't enjoy it for that reason alone.

    19. Que história tão linda, tão Marillieresca! Estou absolutamente entusiasmada para ler o terceiro livro que acho que vai ser o meu favorito, tenho cá um feeling

    20. It's rare that the second book in a series is better than the first, but this book is leaps and bounds better than Dark Mirrord I loved Dark Mirror.

    21. Depois dos acontecimentos decorridos em O Espelho Negro, este livro apresenta-nos uma história diferente. Cinco anos passados desde os acontecimentos anteriores, A Espada de Fortriu não só nos dá a conhecer a nova vida de Bridei e Tuala como se centra em duas das anteriores personagens secundárias que me suscitaram mais curiosidade: Ana e Faolan. Num espaço diferente e com uma narrativa ainda mais forte e introspectiva, Marillier volta a surpreender e a mostrar que não é só Sevenwaters [...]

    22. Neste segundo volume a leitura tornou-se mais agradável e fluida.Como personagens principais neste volume temos: Faolon, espião e amigo do rei Bridei, e Ana, uma jovem que é refém desde os seus 10 anos.Apesar de refém, Ana é também amiga de Bridei e Tuala, no entanto, de modo a tentar formar uma aliança, que lhe será estratégica, Bridei decide envia-la como noiva real, pedido ao seu amigo Faolan para liderar o grupo de escolta.Esta viagem não corre da melhor forma, com muitos percalç [...]

    23. Let me start off by saying that Juliet Marillier can sometimes be a little formulaic. That's not to say her books are not enjoyable for all their predictability; they are extremely enjoyable. I thought this book was going to follow that same pattern: A journey, a man with a dark, haunted, secret past and the woman who brings him back to light, seen in Son of Shadows, Heir to Sevenwaters and to an extent, Seer of Sevenwaters. However, this book is not so simple. In every other Marillier book, the [...]

    24. SPOILER ALERT!!!!Faolan is one of my fav characters ever. It's been years since a character has meant this much to me. I love Juliet's writing, and this trilogy is amazing. I'm only sorry about the ending. I don't understand why authors create imaginary universes where magic can happen, and love happens, but monogamy is always the possible ending. Ana loves two men, but she can only have one. Why? Why is this the only happy ending? Clearly we see that she is loosing one of them, no matter what s [...]

    25. I thought this book started out wonderfully. The story line moved forward at a good pace and wasn't drowning in details like the first book. Also I LOVED Faolan, one of favorite of Marillier's leading men. But it all kind of fizzled out toward the end. The whole story went in a direction that I wasn't expecting and didn't like. Once I could see it was going there I had a hard time being interested in the rest of the book. Lots of skimming through the last 1/4 of it. There were other things I did [...]

    26. I liked this one much better than the first in the series. The characters were much more exciting and likable, even Broichan who I couldnt stand in the first book. Foalan, I totally loved in this one, but I also felt really bad for him too. At first I didn't like where Mariller was going with this story, and then I reconciled myself to the inevitable no matter how strange, and even somewhat disappointing it was.

    27. I think I would have enjoyed this one more than the first one if it hadn't been for an instalove moment that messed up what seemed like real love that was still developing. I'm not sure I can forgive her for that after doing such a good job pulling Tuala and Bridei together in the first book. Full review to come.

    28. É já a minha 2ª releitura e pelo prazer que me deu duvido que seja a últimos. Tudo se mantém, a força impossível de Deord, o sofrimento de Faolon, a coragem de Ana. Em conjunto com a sequela (que infelizmente neste momento está emprestada, senão li-a já de seguida) facilmente será o meu livro favorito.

    29. I waited nearly a year between reading The Dark Mirror and this book. I regret waiting! I enjoyed Blade of Fortriu so much more and found myself completely engulfed in the story and world!

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