Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington

Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington

RickPerry Newt Gingrich / Sep 22, 2019

Fed Up Our Fight to Save America from Washington Now do not misunderstand me America is great But we are fed up with being over taxed and over regulated We are tired of being told how much salt to put on our food what kind of cars we can drive w

  • Title: Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington
  • Author: RickPerry Newt Gingrich
  • ISBN: 9780316132954
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Now, do not misunderstand me, America is great.But we are fed up with being over taxed and over regulated We are tired of being told how much salt to put on our food, what kind of cars we can drive, what kinds of guns we can own, what kind of prayers we are allowed to say and where we can say them, what we are allowed to do to elect political candidates, what kind of enerNow, do not misunderstand me, America is great.But we are fed up with being over taxed and over regulated We are tired of being told how much salt to put on our food, what kind of cars we can drive, what kinds of guns we can own, what kind of prayers we are allowed to say and where we can say them, what we are allowed to do to elect political candidates, what kind of energy we can use, what doctor we can see What kind of nation are we becoming I fear it s the very kind the Colonists fought against.But perhaps most of all, we are fed up because deep down we know how great America has always been, how many great things the people do in spite of their government, and how great the nation can be in the future if government will just get out of the way.Our fight is clear We must step up and retake the reins of our government from a Washington establishment that has abused our trust We must empower states to fight for our beliefs, elect only leaders who are on our team, set out to remind our fellow Americans why liberty is guaranteed in the Constitution, and take concrete steps to take back our country The American people have never sat idle when liberty s trumpet sounds the call to battle and today that battle is for the soul of America.

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    1. 1) Sometimes it's embarrassing being a USofAian citizen. Guys like in this book here.2) Adorno once flirted with empirical sociological research, the results published as The Authoritarian Personality. A part II is needed -- the Libertarian Personality, except it would be redundant.3) Saying "nanny state" is sexism at its purist.3.1) Protecting corporations from government regulations is a form of fascism ; which is what the largest portion of the special=interest lobbyists is about. [nurses do [...]

    2. Put your politics aside. I don't care if you are Democrat or Republican, Independent or Tea Party, if you care about our country, then you need to read and STUDY this book. Check the facts. Investigate the issues. Then decide where you stand and DO something about it. If we don't take back control then America as we know it will soon cease to exist. Get involved!!!

    3. When reading books on politics, most people enter a book to praise or condemn the writer. I choose to read this books to learn. As this was written by Texas' long time governor, and I had the privilege of meeting him and having this books signed by him.Perry, even in the space of this short book repeated himself a few times, however, he did make good points. Politically, I have mostly agreed with Perry, and agreed with much of what he outlined in this book A few years ago, I probably would have [...]

    4. I really wanted to get through this as I think there is a good chance he will be the next POTUS. But I get quickly bored listening to privileged people complain. His tactic in the first few pages seemed to be, "This is great country, but " Now listen to me complain about everything that is wrong with it. Boring. Obviously he has too much time on his hands as Governor of Texas.

    5. I have read thousands of book---but this has to be the absolute worst effort to be disguised as a book that I have ever seen. May God have mercy should this idiot be elected President.

    6. In 2012, Rick Perry went on The Daily Show to promote his book Fed Up! Perry's exchange with Jon Stewart intrigued me enough to make me add Fed Up! to my to-read list. Two years later, I've finally gotten around to reading the book. (Hey, there were a lot of other books ahead of this one on my list.) Two years later and my opinion of the former contestant for the Republican presidential nomination has changed drastically. But still, I decided to read Perry's book because I wanted to see exactly [...]

    7. All hat, no cattle. Mr. Perry may be a great Texas politician, but he's going to have a hard time getting elected nationally. This is a very conservative view of how government should work: federalism, pure and simple, with the Tenth Amendment as the answer to just about every question. I understand this philosophy,but as we go through yet another long, hot summer of joblessness and suffering, I've begun to seriously question Mr. Perry's--and the larger Tea Party's--world view. (And, to be clear [...]

    8. Rick Perry believes our nation needs to change its political course. He believes in a nation whose people have faith, take responsibility for their own actions, and are self-reliant. He believes the Federal government, which in one year spends $3.7 trillion or $11,600 per person, Is too large and with 4,500 criminal laws and 103,000 pages of regulations, too complex."Fed Up!" shows his belief that Americans are overtaxes, overregulated, too restricted in what guns they can buy and how much salt [...]

    9. I read this book wanting a straight from himself on what Rick Perry believed, given he's supposed to announce his presidential run in the next few days. Governor Perry wrote this book with the belief that Americans are fed up with the direction that the Federal Government is going and that it needs to be taken back by the people who believe in American exceptionalism and freedom. A kind of right-wing populism. He decries statism and, in his view, that most of today's overweening government goes [...]

    10. I read Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington by Rick Perry while a resident of Texas in 2010. Perry was governor during part of my residency. While the book has lots of sensible limited government material, what I most distinctly remember was reading the below passage and thinking to myself, "bull shit!!!"Excerpt from book: "Now, cynics will say that I decided to write this book because I seek higher office. They are wrong: I already have the best job in America."Sure enough, si [...]

    11. I'd like to start by saying I did not pay for this book. One of my co-workers picked it up at the governor's victory party on Election Night. I was curious about this book because I am convinced this man is not going to serve his full next term.Reading this book, I don't believe he wants to be president. Really. You can't criticize Washington when you live in the big white house. I think Rick Perry wants a job speaking or on Fox News.This book, while a mere 240 pages, offered nothing I had not h [...]

    12. Free because of first principals of Faith, Freedom and Free Enterprise. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness-gained thru accomplishment. O said open to ideas however no look at success of Texas, DC is broken and not America, America is great because of reliance on individuals and not government, dependence on government is not the happiness gained thru achievement/accomplishment, Supreme Court has little to do with Constitution evidenced by rulings on both sides of various issues, more abo [...]

    13. A fairly straightforward primer of Rick Perry's vision for America. There's nothing especially new about this, per se, but seeing as he's quickly become a top tier candidate for President, it was worth the read.The book is only surprising in that social issues take a much larger backseat in Perry's vision than you'd expect. They're there, to be certain, and he makes no bones about his positions on social and religious issues, but they take a back seat to the rights of states to embrace - or not [...]

    14. I am an avid Rick Perry fan. I love him for his service to our Country, for being an Aggie, and for what he's accomplished for our great State of Texas, his traditional values and principles. He really breaks down how and why Washington D.C. is broken and how it is bankrupting America. He speaks adamantly about state's rights (10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution), the Commerce Clause, the Supreme Court and it's over-reaching power, how The Federal government is ignoring National Security, Im [...]

    15. I bought this book to learn the views and beliefs of Rick Perry. He is very much in favor of states rights. He believes in a small federal government. He says the government that governs best is the one closet to the people which he means the local (city and county). I agree with much of what he states. However, in the debates I have watch he does not seem to be as passionate as he is in the book. It makes me wonder if someone else wrote the book for him. Newt Gingrich wrote the foreword and did [...]

    16. I must be totally honest and say this book is not what I expected. This book is well thought out, filled with relevant information and not alot of fluff. I expected this book to be political fluff, filled with Republican talking points and it wasn't. I was shocked to see that Rick Perry had started off his political life as a Democrat, like myself. As a Libertarian, I must say though, I think his plans/recommendations are lofty, at the least, with the two party system we currently have in this c [...]

    17. A good little book about limited government and the need to reform the Republican party to actually fight for a small federal government. It didn't give a guy like me (who knows a lot about politics) too much new as far as insight or ammunition to debate leftists that I don't already have. Here's one good quote that I liked though. "The government of these United States is a definite government, confined to specific objects. It is not like the state governments, whose powers are more general. Ch [...]

    18. Reading this together with Perry's other book, On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting For, left me confused. The ideas in the two books seemed inconsistent. I explained some of it in this article on individualism and collectivism.

    19. As I write this, pundits say that Rick Perry is poised to declare for the GOP nomination. I try to find out who the candidates are and what they think. This is good summation of where Perry stands. I can see why Tea Party folk and other conservatives and libertarians like him. He argues persuasively for a return to the limited role of the Federal government envisioned by the Founding Fathers and written into the Constitution. Simple, clear, effective, and to the point.

    20. In this book, Rick Perry becomes a voice for many hard working Americans who are tired and frustrated with a broken down federal government. He clearly states his case for a return to federalism and the Constitution. He cites many examples and quotes to back up his opinions and gives hope that maybe some politicians still get it. If you have not been impressed with the debate performance of Perry, most have not, maybe you should read this book.

    21. I heard this book mentioned during the Republican debate in September 2011, and decided to check it out. At the end of it, I have a little bit deeper understanding of Perry's take on Federalism and state's rights. I also know more about his challenges in the state of Texas regarding the border with Mexico, environmental issues, and responding to emergencies like Katrina.

    22. Not sure why this book has caused such a fuss. It seemed like a rational call for a return to the common-sense limited government principles our country was founded on. If only more people would actually read the book, rather than just letting the media tell them what's in it, I don't think they would find Perry's views as "extreme" as they are being portrayed.

    23. Reading books on our current political situation and climate make me long for a shift back to the rights of the states. It seems like we might have a chance of impacting our state and local government. It seems we will not reach any type of consensus on the national level.

    24. Regardless of how you feel about Rick Perry, he made some excellent points. At least, they are excellent from a Conservative's standpoint. I'm sure the liberal left will call every name they can think of while they're stomping it into powder.

    25. I find very little to agree with in this book - but I have to say that he is at least consistent in his outlook.

    26. Read it! Decide for yourself what you believe. It will make you think and have you talking with people on what you see going on in this country.

    27. I don't agree with anywhere near everything Rick Perry has to say. However, I do agree with the premise of this book. This book was a very easy read.

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