Ava: My Story

Ava: My Story

Ava Gardner / Feb 21, 2020

Ava My Story Hardcover Edition of Ava Gardner s own story with no hold barred Like a novel but Ava really lived it In this chatty autobiography Gardner tells of her upbringing in a poor but proud Southern family

  • Title: Ava: My Story
  • Author: Ava Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780553071344
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hardcover Edition of Ava Gardner s own story with no hold barred Like a novel but Ava really lived it.In this chatty autobiography, Gardner tells of her upbringing in a poor but proud Southern family, her sudden success in early 40s Hollywood mainly because of her beauty and rails against MGM, which played up her cheesecake potential She neatly sums up the problems inHardcover Edition of Ava Gardner s own story with no hold barred Like a novel but Ava really lived it.In this chatty autobiography, Gardner tells of her upbringing in a poor but proud Southern family, her sudden success in early 40s Hollywood mainly because of her beauty and rails against MGM, which played up her cheesecake potential She neatly sums up the problems in each of her three short marriages Mickey Rooney was a blatant womanizer Artie Shaw was cool and overbearing Frank Sinatra the two were the loves of each other s lives was as jealous as she, leading to drunken marathon fights Gardner also sketches a creepy portrait of Howard Hughes, who for years stopped at no machination in an unsuccessful attempt to bed and marry her A shy woman who used drink to feel comfortable socially, Gardner seems very likable, down home, spontaneous and sadly derogatory toward her intelligence, acting abilities and even her beauty Of the seven included eulogies from friends and colleagues, Stephen Birmingham s best captures the joy and tragedy of Gardner s life.

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        Ava Lavinia Gardner was an American actress.She was signed to a contract by MGM Studios in 1941 and appeared mainly in small roles until she drew attention with her performance in The Killers 1946 She became one of Hollywood s leading actresses, considered one of the most beautiful women of her day She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in Mogambo 1953.She appeared in several high profile films from the 1950s to 1970s, including The Hucksters 1947 , Show Boat 1951 , The Snows of Kilimanjaro 1952 , The Barefoot Contessa 1954 , Bhowani Junction 1956 , On the Beach 1959 , Seven Days in May 1964 , The Night of the Iguana 1964 , The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972 , Earthquake 1974 , and The Cassandra Crossing 1976 Gardner continued to act regularly until 1986, four years before her death from pneumonia, at age 67, in 1990.She is listed 25th among the American Film Institute s Greatest female stars.


    1. I loved this book! I actually picked it up because I knew nothing about Ava Gardner, except that she was a film star/sex symbol, and I wanted to find out who she really was. I'm so glad I did! Ava was so funny, endearing, and genuine in her thoughts and actions. This book has it all! I laughed out loud at her stories from childhood on up-it's amazing how cinematic her real life actually was! There were sad and touching moments too and I found her to be relatable in a lot of ways. When she first [...]

    2. Ava wrote her autobiography by dictating it to her secretary on a tape-recorder. As a result, the book has a very conversational style; it feels as if she was right there talking to you. Her very forthright, earthy language is there too. Some of the facts may have been sanitized to make her look better, but it is still nice to hear her side of the story. The book also includes chapters written by some of her close friends, such as Arlene Dahl, Gregory Peck, and Roddy McDowall. Ava tells the stor [...]

    3. the book is wonderfully written it feels like you're having a conversation with Ava. I only wish there were more photos!

    4. I know we have our "divas" now, but back the hollywood days they were called "leading ladies," and they were spectacular. I enjoyed reading every word of Ava Gardner's life story, and there's dozens more to read. What lives and lifestyles!

    5. From the first line, I was hooked! Ava was born about 40 miles NE of my birthplace, Ft Bragg, NC. Haven't read as entertaining an autobiography as Ava's. She illuminated her world. I felt I was there right beside her. Funny, tragic, imperfect, blessed with "good looks and health" most of her life.

    6. The only thing that kept me reading is that I wanted to see how Miss Gardner discussed her three husbands (with affection - she even found nice things to say about Artie Shaw) and how she felt in her older years (frustrated with her health). Now I know, but it was quite a slog to get to that information. "Ava: My Story" was published posthumously, and clearly her writing style was retained (or, at least, I can only hope a professional writer wasn't responsible for this). It is clunky and full of [...]

    7. Very enjoyable. She was a live wire. And the funny thing is, she apparently never believed that she was a star or really evem that she was beautiful. Although I think someone was telling her how beautiful she was (they were always telling her that) and I think she was in her sixties (she died at 67) and she said "I used to be."And her husbands and boyfriends whoa! Mickey Rooney - the liar. Artie Shaw - wanted to make her into something brilliant. Frank Sinatra - they were the love of each other [...]

    8. "Hollywood stars are just not the same anymore, oh the glamour! I liked her writing style, it felt like she was talking directly to me as a confidant. Nice dirt on Howard Hughes. She never really was confident in herself, she never had a chance to be, she was too busy being told, ""just stand there and look beautiful."" Alcohol was a major part of her life, which was sad to read. She and Frank never had a chance, both were too insecure to stay in a relationship. I came away sad from this book be [...]

    9. Ms. North Carolina is represented by Ava Gardner (1922-1990). She was born on Christmas Eve 1922, in Grabtown North Carolina. She was born under Capricorn; a sign for people that are grounded by truth. She desired no bull outside of Durham. She moved to California from Norfolk Virginia, married Mickey Rooney, and was asked to lose her Carolina accent. She might have lost the accent but she never lost the Carolina way. She was wooed by the reclusive Howard Hughes and proved that Southern Girls Ki [...]

    10. After Elizabeth Taylor's passing I wanted to read about one of the classic screen stars that I was interested in.I really enjoyed the parts of the book that were about the different loves in her life. Very interesting to learn that such a beauty was a tomboy and never truly believed that she had any actual talent.Some might not have liked the way that the book was written but I found it came accross as though you were sitting down and having a drink with the star as she told you her side of the [...]

    11. This is by far the best autobiography I have read so far :) I love it how Ava says things like: 'And honey, believe me ' Or words to that effect. When you read this book, it is like you are having a good old chat to Ava, herself.She was an amazing, funny, beautiful woman who swore a lot. I was a big fan or her before I read her fantastic memoir, and now, after reading it, I am an even bigger fan of hers. She is one of my favourite actresses of all time! :D (along with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren B [...]

    12. Ava is such a beautiful person inside and out. Never let Hollywood fame get to her head. Finding fame with just one of her photos hanging up in New York. Through the ups and downs, she kept a level head. With all the failed marriages and the late night boozings, she always stayed true to herself. Never letting anyone change her mind.Throughout she wasn't afraid to tell it how it is and not letting anything hold her back from the truth. Going into this I didn't know much about her and afterwards [...]

    13. I read this book by mistake. I picked it up thinking she was a different actress but then kept reading. She was a singular sort of person and very honest about her feelings and actions. She took a lot of abuse and dished it out. She died very suddenly before the book was published so they had other people contribute to it -- everyone from Greggory Peck to her maid. I was glad I'd read it.

    14. It is kind of sad that these people who seem so glamorous and rich and famous are just not as happy as we expect.I did note that she really never badmouthed anyone (well, maybe one exception--but I forgive her that.) She did seem, for the most part, to just simply accept and enjoy the people around her.

    15. I think this is a very good book. This autobiography is very definitive about the life of Ava Gardner. Ava Gardner describes her life and how she became a famous actress. I don't recommend this book to any one under 15 or 16 though.

    16. What a wasted life. This books starts off well enough as Ava describes her childhood and family, but as soon as she gets her start in Hollywood, the book made a steady decline for me. I don't think Ava had a firm grasp on how she presented herself or who she truly was. She repetitively states that she was shy and did NOT have a drinking problem, and yet every story she shares portrays her as an abrasive loudmouth drunk. I find it funny that she was so paranoid about the men in her life cheating [...]

    17. Ava was no writer, but she could sure turn a phrase and tell a story. And I'm so glad she told her own.Ava was a real dame, and one of the last of the dazzling Hollywood movie stars. She lived and worked in a time when it was difficult to be a woman and stand up for yourself, so there are painful stories of victimization here. Because of her kindness and generosity of spirit, she remained lifelong friends or on good terms with most of her exes -- a handful of men who frankly didn't deserve it. I [...]

    18. When I first started the book, I found it very enjoyable, but about halfway into it, I became bored. It starts out making the reader feel as if they have just sat down with Ava, and she begins to tell all about her life, the kind where you only get a little at a time and can't wait until the next visit. Ava was raised in a poor southern family. I believe she had the makings of a good woman, but Hollywood seems to have a way of changing people. Even so, I believe she never lost her kind heart. Sh [...]

    19. This autobiography was recorded on tape by Ava Gardner in more than two years before her death on January 25, 1990. There are also short chapters by the following: Ava'a sister Myra Gardner Pearce; the actors Arlene Dahl, Lena Horne, Gregory Peck and Roddy McDowell: writer Stephen Birmingham: designer Franka; and Ava's employee Mearene Jordan.It could be said that Ava was unlucky in love. Of her three marriages only that to Frank Sinatra lasted as much as two years. And she ended up living alone [...]

    20. I dressed up as Ava Gardner in the third grade for my "Famous North Carolinian" project. We had to read an autobiography of a famous person from North Carolina, and I read this. There is a lot of sex and lamp-throwing, but that did not deter me. I was hooked on Gardner, just like Frank Sinatra. This may have something to do with why, as an adult, my concept of romance involves pretending to shoot yourself over the phone so that someone will come to your house and be relieved that you're not dead [...]

    21. One of Hollywood's most charismatic beauties, Ava Gardner tells her life in her own words. The most interesting parts, for me, were her humble beginnings as the youngest of 7 children born to a South Carolina farmer - who, like many, lost his way during the Great Depression - also her passionate romance with Frank Sinatra, and her bizarre friendship with Howard Hughes (how could it be otherwise?) I have no doubt that Ms Gardner and her co-writers toned down some aspects of her private life, but [...]

    22. Jaw dropping and honest. As in your face as Keith Richards LIFE, but years before it. Ava was bisexual and loved to go to bordellos - even taking Grace Kelly with her during the filming of MOGAMBO with Clark Gable. Married to Sinatra, every time he cheated on her- she did the same to him! He actually tried to commit suicide more than once over her.She even beat up Howard Hughes sending him to the hospital! Sexy and beautiful beyond belief- she was also honest as hell.

    23. Ava Gardner was a beautiful woman with a fun-loving spirit. This book was written in her own words as if she were speaking the words herself. Makes you feel like you are actually speaking to her directly all the "honey" and "oh baby" in the book, gives an idea of how she spoke. Also, the country twang she had in her voice comes out in her writings. Interesting to read about how MGM studios controlled her life. I was very intrigued with Ms. Gardner's life after reading this book.

    24. I actually liked this book. I was a little hesitant about reading it because I had read "Ava Gardner: The secret conversations" and figured this one would be watered down although I did enjoy the other book better I rather enjoyed this one as well.

    25. Wonderful book by a woman who would be the first to admit she wasn't perfect.It's like you're sitting there having a drink with her. In fact, some parts are like you've had several drinks with her.I've read it several times.

    26. The book is written in a conversational style. Sip a glass of wine or cup of coffee while reading and it feels like your reminiscing with an old friend. She is funny, blunt, and a bit brash, but the stories flow easily and are entertaining.

    27. Ava always was a small town girl. The book is spoken by a lady who "told it like it is." I met Ava as child when she came back to our hometown. She was truly beautiful and the books is full of stories that show a woman of courage.

    28. I enjoy autobiographies more than biographies and Ava Gardner's is no exception. She has a great deal to impart, much of it very interesting. She never really puts anyone down, even when they do horrible things to her. It was an informative read.

    29. What is there is interesting - but lots missing. Written after her death based on her notes/tapes. Resented "studio system" trading her out to other studios for much more than she was paid - yet once she was a free agent, she only had one part she liked in "On the Beach" with Gregory Peck.

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