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Infection If this is the end of the world what do you do Do you have the will to survive And in surviving what or who are you willing to sacrifice With their city overrun by a plague of Biblical proportions

  • Title: Infection
  • Author: Sean Schubert
  • ISBN: 9781609119355
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • If this is the end of the world, what do you do Do you have the will to survive And in surviving, what or who are you willing to sacrifice With their city overrun by a plague of Biblical proportions, a group of survivors is forced into answering those questions for themselves.About the Author Sean Schubert lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and writes part time He is the proIf this is the end of the world, what do you do Do you have the will to survive And in surviving, what or who are you willing to sacrifice With their city overrun by a plague of Biblical proportions, a group of survivors is forced into answering those questions for themselves.About the Author Sean Schubert lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and writes part time He is the proud father of two wonderful children and is married to the coolest wife he knows The author earned a degree in English from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana He and his wife moved to Anchorage in 1993 for the summer and have been living there ever since.

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        Sean Schubert has lived in Anchorage, Alaska since 1993 After earning his degree in English from Wabash college that year, Schubert immediately relocated to Alaska.It s clear that he enjoys and appreciates his new home Schubert makes Alaska itself an integral part of his unfolding series The people of Alaska respond to hardship with equanimity.Sean Schubert says Alaska poses its own set of challenges separate from the unfolding zombie plague The cold, the wildlife, the environment, and the distance all challenge its residents the addition of zombies to the mix just ups the ante I try to introduce the elements without being too heavy handed about it Alaskans typically take things as they come with regard to those environmental challenges, so the growing cold, the gathering darkness, and even zombies are, after certain adjustments, taken in stride It s just part of the survival mentality of the Last Frontier.


    1. I started to read this book, but really couldn't finish it. I wanted to like it. I like zombie fic and the premise of having a pre-historic zombie melt out of a glacier was original. I also thought the cover was good.At first I thought the cheesy writing was because it was aimed at a MG audience, but the swearing quickly showed that this was supposed to be an adult novel.My main issues were that the story was rushed and the character development was irregular. I didn't need to know a lot about c [...]

    2. I picked this up because I adore zombie lit and I adore Alaska, where I live. I had been warned by, oh just about everyone, that this was a pretty sub-par book and that it was full of typos. Was it? Yeah, it was. But in spite of all it's flaws I ended up enjoying it far more than I thought I would. I think this primarily came from the fact I was so easily able to visually where the events of the book take place, being I have physically stood in pretty much all the specific locations mentioned in [...]

    3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Another editing project is now a published book! More zombie goodnessssssssssssssssss. And don't forget to watch for the sequel, Containment, out later this year.

    4. Small children vacationing in Alaska find caveman coming out of a glacial ice-block. One gets bitten and that's pretty much it for Alaska. Kid rapidly infects the hospital staff and patients and you soon have a fast-running zombie horde. A store clerk, businessman, two kids, cop, doctor and a couple of others are on the run in two separate groups that eventually converge. No real ending to this one. Eh. The writing was a little stiff, self-conscious. Characters were not especially engaging and w [...]

    5. I actually liked this book. It was very fast paced and the author kept it ( imo) realistic. Even though the zombie "infection" in the book happened current day ( as described in several parts of the book) some of the characters have seen zombie movies so they are not completely blind or dumb.Other part in book that I like was that the characters in the book didnt automatcially "know" to shoot zombie in the head. Mistakes were made (deadly) mistakes that cost lives because of it but gradually thr [...]

    6. No word has been conceived yet to aptly describe how damn amazing this book was. It literally blew me away. Incredibly, deep characterization, with realistic reactions and fears. No gun toting heroes here.Just terror, brutality, and utter dread.It is a ZA book which begins with the outbreak, which i enjoy more, and quickly descends into hell on earth. Sean puts you in his world and you feel the fear, and the hopelessness.By far one of the best books i've ever read.

    7. Escludendo l'ambientazione non c'è niente di nuovo sul fronte apocalittico zombiforme.Tanti personaggi introdotti, molti eliminati dopo poche pagine o dimenticati del tutto. Pochi quelli che seguiamo fino alla fine, un insieme di cliché che colpiscono poco e riescono pure ad infastidire.Da quel che ho letto in giro, la descrizione dell'ambientazione è perfetta ma, se non si conosce Anchorage, si perde metà del divertimento. Non un punto a sfavore ma, per i non locali, neppure positivo.L'epid [...]

    8. This is one of the few books in the genre that place the outbreak in Alaska. For most people, when they hear Alaska they unconsciously think that it’s always snow and cold. True, there are places in Alaska where snow stays year round but for the most part the state has sun, rain and even times when snow doesn’t cover the ground. Keeping that in mind, Infection- Alaskan Undead Apocalypse follows the story of an eclectic group of survivors. We have children, doctors, officer workers and retail [...]

    9. Infection: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse takes place mainly in Anchorage, and begins with a family of tourists from Minnesota who are traveling to Alaska on vacation. The younger boy, Martin, has brought along a friend, Danny, and the family plans on spending time out in the woods at a cabin near a glacier. Almost immediately upon arrival at the cabin, Martin, his sister Jules, and Danny discover what appears to be a dead body stuck in the melting glacier. Thinking it is a caveman, they pose next to [...]

    10. Anyone who has ever looked at my reading list will know that I have a love hate relationship with the genre of Zombie fiction. When it is good, it can be a well written and entertaining. But so often in these days of self and e-published novels that should have never seen the light of day, picking up a “Zombie novel” should come with Vegas odds as to how bad it will be. Fortunately for every double zero that comes up on the wheel, I will also find a novel like Infection: Alaskan Undead Apoca [...]

    11. Previously self-published and now reissued by Permuted Press, Infection: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse is the first book in a projected series by author Sean Schubert. The book starts when three children on vacation in Alaska discover a mostly-frozen man in the woods. They believe it's a preserved caveman corpseuntil it takes a bite out of one of them. The victim is rushed to a local hospital, where you can guess what happens next. One bite leads to another and soon the whole town is in full-on zomb [...]

    12. I read a lot of independent apocalyptic fiction and I have come to expect certain things. Things like editing and writing experience come into play but I don't expect 5 star fiction in this genre. I look for two things: originality and good characters.Originality - The only thing about this book that was original was the setting, you don't see a lot in this genre written about Alaska. I was disappointed to discover though that this could have been set in any city. The fact that it was Alaska see [...]

    13. At most times, it felt more like I was reading a synopsis for a novel than a novel itself. There were characters added, presumably to give the reader a feeling for how terrible this apocalypse was and how it took them unaware; however, for me, it detracted from the story and the main characters and felt unnecessary. I'm left wondering what happened to the older brother, Alec; what happened to him? I can't bring myself to read the second in this series because, quite honestly, I just don't care a [...]

    14. This was recommended to me by a student of mine. I do like the Walking Dead TV series and thought it would kind of be fun to read something about Anchorage and Zombies, a light read. This it was. Don't be looking for superior writing and a dynamite plot. This doesn't have it, however, it'll pique your interest enough to keep you entertained. Sometimes we all desire an easy quick read and this would be perfect for that. I read the second book, Containment quickly after this one. It gets better. I [...]

    15. I get books on kindle now and really only buy those that are at least 300 pages. But i bought this because he donated a signed copy for a auction for Zack MohsIt was kind of cool reading a book where you know all the places, the roads, streets, stores and hospital. Would have gave it a higher rating but it seems all books today are shorter and left open with no ending so they can make book 2,3,4 on and oni like more books in a series but not if there is really no kind of ending and if the book i [...]

    16. Because I live in Anchorage, Alaska and because I enjoy apocalyptic-type stories, I think these were the main reasons why I enjoyed reading this book. Sure there were times when I thought the writing was a little weak, the characters cliché and the scenarios with how the zombies quickly overwhelmed the authorities (despite their training and firepower) and spread were unrealistic, but then I realized that I was still enjoying the book despite these things. I liked how the author references actu [...]

    17. Infection is your run of the mill Zombie book. It has a lot of flesh tearing action, but doesn’t add anything to the genre or some great character to separate itself from other zombie books. Most of the characters are pretty quick to realize what is happening which is the only way they survive, but there is nothing that draws you to these people and many of them aren’t likable. Finally the book doesn’t really resolve anything. It needs to be read as a series so you have to commit to more t [...]

    18. I gave up on this book after 3 chapters because even though it's a rather brutal zombie story, it felt like it was written for a 10 year old. I'm usually an easy-going guy, but some things aren't meant to be geared towards kids.At first I thought the writing style was based on the character's focus (the first chapter is from a kid's POV) and would change as other characters were the focus of future chapters, but that didn't turn out to be the case. Even when the focus shifted to an adult in the [...]

    19. Spoiler:Nice take on the apocolypse genre. As would be in real life and not fiction, real established characters can and will be killed off before your eyes. I kind of find it hard to believe that up in Alaska, there would be so many of the undead as in the books but hey. whatever. Definitely not the best zombie books but still a good read. These books had me anywhere from 2-4 stars at different times. overall, 3.5

    20. Re-reading bc I can't remember this book to be able to follow the sequel :X #bookaddiction I like the characters I also like that the kids are part of this. A huge thing I enjoy about this zombie book is that some actually prepare for Zombies! Like in this day in age we wouldn't know what zombies were? I think not! Yes there can be complaints about character development but it's bc this is meant to be a series. So read the next rinse and repeat :D

    21. This book started off great and then it just stayed dormat. Other than the people trying to evade the zombie-mash, there wasn't much going on between the characters that was dramatic or made for a high climax. Overall though I did enjoy the book and liked the descriptions when the zombies would tear the flesh off their victims.

    22. I was a little more than halfway into reading this book (on Oyster), when my 5 day free trial was through. I about cried. I don't like not being able to finish a book, but can't afford to pay a monthly subscription, either. Tried to see if I could read it on here (frustrating that I can't) I'll have to just order this series myself *sigh*

    23. I'm not a huge fan of Zombie stories, but just couldn't resist this one simply because it's set in my home town. It was kind of neat to "follow" the main characters as they made their way thru the story.

    24. loved it, if your a walking dead fan this is a great book. I love that I can relate to were they are and their surroundings because I live in anchorage. can't wait to get the next book.

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