Duck and Goose, How Are You Feeling?

Duck and Goose, How Are You Feeling?

Tad Hills / Jul 21, 2019

Duck and Goose How Are You Feeling Duck and Goose learn about different feelings

  • Title: Duck and Goose, How Are You Feeling?
  • Author: Tad Hills
  • ISBN: 9781616842147
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Board Book
  • Duck and Goose learn about different feelings.

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      374 Tad Hills
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        Whenever I picture myself as a child , says Tad Hills, I am doing art I spent a lot of time on my own making things, drawing, and painting Hills was not consciously trying to become an artist, rather his motives were innocent and pure I liked making things, he says.As a graduate of Skid College in New York with a degree in art, Hills describes himself as the ultimate freelancer He s done some acting, made jewelry, makes fake teeth for stage productions, dabbled in interior renovation, and illustrated book jackets for adult trade books But Hills break into children s publishing coincided with his wife Lee s new position as the art director for Simon and Schuster s children s book division Lee used to ask me to try illustrating some books she couldn t find an illustrator for, Hills says When Lee moved to Random House to start her own imprint with long time friend and associate, Ann Schwartz, she encouraged Hills to write his own picture books I started with four stories, says Hills His break out book, Duck and Goose Schwartz and Wade, 2006 was one of them.The idea for Duck and Goose started with only a title The Silly Goose, the Odd Duck and the Good Egg As Hills developed the story, he realized his egg would have to be rather large to support Duck and Goose so they could hatch it Hills also had to consider what would hatch out of such a large egg A dinosaur An ostrich Additionally, Hills floated the title by his son s kindergarten class and was rewarded with blank stares Hills took the hint and changed his egg to a ball, and changed the title For me, the writing is really difficult I stare at a blank page for hours, he says When Lee comes home and asks me about my day, I say it was okay I wrote one sentence.But when I m in the zone, I literally hear the dialogue between Duck and Goose They were telling me what they wanted to say That is the best feeling That is when it s not work It s fun Hills paints with water soluble oil paint on paper, using colored pencils for the last details Although Hills Duck and Goose characters look simple enough, he drew hundreds of ducks and geese before finding a style with which he was comfortable The first ones I drew were older looking, he says They looked like cigar smoking tough guys Over a matter of months, Hills finally pared down Duck and Goose to their essential elements circular heads, long rectangular legs, triangular feet, and door shaped beaks When I apply the eyebrow, he says, I can express what Duck is feeling As Hills two children grow, he finds himself drawn to how kids treat each other I didn t tolerate meanness or injustice as a kid, he says In Duck, Duck, Goose Schwartz and Wade, 2007 , Hills creates a friendship triangle by introducing a new duck named Thistle Together Duck, Goose, and Thistle give Hills observations a voice and provide several conversation starters for parents and children.Hills writes from his home in Brooklyn, New York Some days he doesn t write at all, but tries to stay receptive to what he s experiencing Most of my ideas come to me when I m not looking, he says It s hard to get yourself to a point where ideas are out there and you can grab them from patriciamnewman hills.


    1. I haven't read all the books in the Duck & Goose series by Tad Hills. But the few I have read, I have enjoyed immensely. I love this pairing of friends. In this board book adventure, we see ten emotions illustrated: hopeful, selfish, proud, frustrated, scared, patient, sad, happy, angry, loving. This identify-your-emotions concept book is fun. Fun because we've all been there. My favorite illustration? Frustration.

    2. Duck and Goose are back to show us how they're feeling. While this is not one of my favorite books in the series, Tad Hills' addition to the emotions books for kids includes some more involved interpretation of emotion than just the standard happy and sad. At our house, we especially like the pages for scared and selfish.

    3. This simple, yet whirlwind of a book tells, yet mostly shows, how the duck and goose are feeling when something happens to them. First the duck shows that he is "hopeful" when waiting for a plant to grow, then "selfish" when the plant grows and produces flowers that another bird takes. Each page of this book shows a different emotion according to the coinciding illustrations. It is a cute book that teachers could use to show students what each emotion is and how they make not only people feel, b [...]

    4. Each page is a word for a feeling with a corresponding illustration. There's not really a story progression in the feelings, but it does end on a happy note with "loving."

    5. Have you ever tried to explain the concept of hope? Or frustration? This book combines pictures with single abstract words and requires the reader to fill in the details. In other words, it's not a book to read when you're tired or not on your "A" Game. You also might want to do some brainstorming before reading it out loud the first time. Otherwise you might find yourself nervous and stumbling over how to explain "anger" and what the proper response for a two-year old who's angry is. I will say [...]

    6. Another great entry in the Duck & Goose series. This one is better suited for older toddlers or preschoolers as it identifies different feelings. There is no story for littler ones to follow along with and it would be difficult for them to identify with abstract concepts.The illustrations are adorably perfect; as Duck, Goose, and friends demonstrate their emotions, so too do the clouds, butterflies, flowers, etc. Hills even includes some non-typical but all too preschooler-ish emotions: frus [...]

    7. I liked Duck and Goose books and this one falls in with all the rest. Darling illustrations, emotive characters. I am usually drawn to feelings books due to my work as a play therapist, this one has soon fun elements. I love the depth that is brought out through these simple illustrations.

    8. Duck and Goose express a wider range of emotions in Duck & Goose, How Are You Feeling? than the typical picture book about feelings. They feel angry, happy, sad, and scared but duck and goose also feel hopeful, selfish, proud, frustrated, patient, and loving.

    9. Another cute Duck & Goose book! This one captures the essence of emotions like frustration, anger, happiness, and patience with its bright, adorable, and humorous illustrations.A good choice to practice dialogic reading.

    10. I am biased I just love Tad Hills I wish this was not just in board book it would be fun for storytime if bigger. Hills can really capture emotions and this is a great book that shows this to young children. Ages 2+

    11. This is an excellent book about feelings. It opens with "hopeful" as Duck & Goose observe a seedling just beginning to sprout and ends with "loving" as the two embrace. Wonderful in its choice of emotions!

    12. Duck and goose demonstrate everyday situations and the emotion that might go along with it (eg the block tower fell down and goose is grimacing; he is "frustrated"). Good tool to help children understand their emotions.

    13. My son calls this "the yighting [lightening] book" because on one of the pages it shows a dark sky with lightening and he just loves lightening for some reason. I love the Duck & Goose books. They're adorable, simple, and kids love em.

    14. I like that this board book illustrates a number of feelings. I also like that each spread has only one word so that the reader and listener have to explore the images to find out why Duck or Goose are sad or happy etc.

    15. Adorable book, the characters act so similar to the early education kids I've seen lately. Their arguments lead to friendship in a positive way, they find that working together is the best solution.

    16. I love Duck and Goose and the illustrations are beautiful, bright, and perfect for attracting baby's attention.

    17. E-book version of a baby board book. One word per page with adorable illustrationsemes: ducks, emotions, friends, geese

    18. Read this for our 2YO, had fun making all the expressions. He seemed to be more in a hurry to shut the book and say "THE END".

    19. Spencer loves these books. The illustrations are colorful, engaging, and darling. Definite winners in our house.

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