Akira, Vol. 2

Akira, Vol. 2

Katsuhiro Otomo Yoko Umezawa Linda M. York Mary Jo Duffy / Sep 16, 2019

Akira Vol The science fiction tale set in in Tokyo after the city was destroyed by World War III follows the lives of two teenage friends Tetsuo and Kaneda who have a consuming fear of a monstrous power

  • Title: Akira, Vol. 2
  • Author: Katsuhiro Otomo Yoko Umezawa Linda M. York Mary Jo Duffy
  • ISBN: 9781569714997
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • The science fiction tale set in 2019 in Tokyo after the city was destroyed by World War III, follows the lives of two teenage friends, Tetsuo and Kaneda, who have a consuming fear of a monstrous power known as Akira.

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      456 Katsuhiro Otomo Yoko Umezawa Linda M. York Mary Jo Duffy
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      • Katsuhiro Otomo Yoko Umezawa Linda M. York Mary Jo Duffy

        Katsuhiro Otomo , Otomo Katsuhiro is a Japanese manga artist, film director, and screenwriter He is perhaps best known for being the creator of the manga Akira and its anime adaptation, which are extremely famous and influential Otomo has also directed several live action films, such as the recent 2006 feature film adaptation of the Mushishi manga.Katsuhiro Otomo was born in the former town of Hasama, in Miyagi Prefecture.As a teenager growing up in the turbulent 1960s, he was surrounded by the demonstrations of both students and workers against the Japanese government The riots, demonstrations, and overall chaotic conditions of this time would serve as the inspiration for his best known work, Akira Some would argue that this seminal work is an allegory of 1960s Japan, and that one could easily substitute the year 2019 for 1969 and leave little difference in the basic story.The animation from this period especially the works coming out of Tokyo animation studios Mushi Production and Toei Doga, now known as TOEI Animation were influencing young Otomo Works like Tetsujin 28 go, Astro Boy, and Hols Prince of the Sun would help push Otomo toward a career in animation However, it was the films coming out of America that were driving his rebellious nature Five Easy Pieces and Easy Rider would serve as inspiration for Shotaro Kaneda and his biker gang in Akira rebellious youth who took too many drugs and didn t care about authority or the pressures put on them by their parents generation.Otomo has recently worked extensively with noted studio Sunrise with the studio animating and producing his most recent projects, the 2004 feature film Steamboy, 2006 s Freedom Project and his latest project, SOS Tokyo Metro Explorers The Next, released in 2007.Otomo grew up a fanatic of American blockbusters, which has influenced his cinematic style throughout his huge career He grew fond of the work of artists like Moebius, and is often regarded as the person who brought a Westernized style into manga From the late seventies onwards, Otomo created numerous volumes of anthologies and short stories, which usually ran at 23 pages each Serialization for Fireball was cancelled, though the premise and themes were later to appear in the Sci Fi Grand Prix award winning Domu and Akira Otomo later moved onto directing and creating notable anime like the film adaption of Akira, Memories, and Steamboy His most recent manga have been the scripting of Mother Sarah and the short story Park released in an issue of Pafu last year He has also directed several live action films, such as World Apartment Horror, Give Us A Gun Give Us Freedom, and the 2006 feature film adaptation of the Mushishi manga.


    1. You just cannot put this book down. Akira's second volume is pure, non-stop action from start to end. I love how Katsuhiro Otomo brings in all the characters and play their part without making the reading experience overcrowded. Even without the film as a reference, this book is oozing with cinematic appeal.Now I can really say that there's a huge difference between the manga and the movie. Again, both still follow the main plot points but the smaller details are very different. I can even go as [...]

    2. (I read Akira in one huge go over a weekend, so I will be cutting and pasting this review for all 6 volumes)Akira is an epic work of science fiction sequential art. The storyline is complex and consistent. There is social commentary, ethical musing, and morality woven through an action packed storyline of science gone wrong. The "romance" portion of the story is believable as well. The two characters are drawn to one another over time, and the world doesn't stop for them to wallow in their newfo [...]

    3. I wouldn't dare to give this series lower than 4 stars considering how much time and effort Otomo put into planning out all the architectural and landscape details. The story are still quite basic post apocalyptic sci-fi, but I guess this must be pretty new for the manga industry back in the 90s. I can see how many manga artists (including my beloved naoki urasawa) would be influenced by him.

    4. Acción desenfrenada en este segundo tomo de Akira en el que kaneda y Kay intentarán escapar del encierro al que les somete el coronel, mientras tanto Tetsuo averiguará el paradero del número 28, Akira, e intentará liberarle, empieza así una carrera contra el reloj para detenerle.

    5. 3.5 stars this wasn't as good as the first one, still way better than the movie, and the story takes A LOT of turns

    6. One of the Best Manga Science Fiction Ever Published. If there is one thing when it comes to anime, people will always remember Akira. When it comes to manga, this is a one read people should invested on. I love Akira personally because of its sheer epic story of man versus Godhood and any thing that writes about power, this is the book people of all reader types should read. 30 years ago in 1992, an explosion in Japan cause the beginning of World War III. In 2028, Tokyo has become Neo-Tokyo, a [...]

    7. This was just as good as the first one. Lots of action and mystery. The ending had a bit of a cliffhanger and I'm interested to see where it goes. I love the villains of this story because I actually dislike them immensely and feel that they make good villains. The other characters are great too. Kaneda might be my favorite.

    8. Otomo's twinned finesse for meticulous architecture and kinetic, gestural character drawings, are, of course, totally amazing. And the story continues to be involving, especially as it really starts to look ahead past the film version which the action here has already nearly caught up to. But, action-packed as this is, it's almost too action packed. Couldn't we pull back a bit and focus on the characters and ideas and side developments a little longer? Plus, the enjoyment of Kaneda as improbable [...]

    9. Oh boy oh boy things are moving really fast now! Sadly, I read the whole thing in an hour and a half. I guess a later, more calm re-reading will do me good. Also, it was interesting to see that some very memorable scenes from the film weren't based on the source material.

    10. It's been a while since I've read a book in the Akira series, but it's still as much of a fantastic adventure as ever. Eerie, intense and deep, this book is a great addition to the series.

    11. This volume's More focused, more splodey (HOW?!), and has more changes from the anime. So pretty much why I started going through these.

    12. The Big Reveal, Akira Vol. 2----------------------Two of our main protagonists at their lowest points, locked up in jail in a government facility, kaneda losing all of his gang Ko Tetsuo, losing his best friend, and him and Kei are separated. The threat of Akira and Tetsuo looming constantly while our two protagonists with their lives dwindling on a stick. What could possibly get worse? Akira Volume 2 is a great sequel to Volume 1 managing to expand a lot of the great aspects from the first, des [...]

    13. Akira Vol. 2 Amplifies the Action*Major Event Spoilers in the First Two Paragraphs* In the brightly-colored nursery, everything stands still… until a sharp beam of light pierces the ceiling and strikes the ground. After the glass roof shatters, a boy follows the lazer’s path and lands in the nursery. With vengeance in his eyes, the boy points a heavy firearm at the person he used to call his friend. A very abrupt conversation results: KANEDA. Tetsuo!! TETSUO. K… Kane… da? KANEDA. Die!! [...]

    14. In my opinion, Akira Vol. 2 was an epic work of science fiction and has excellent art. The story line is complex and for the most part, consistent. There are many different things woven through this action packed story line. For example, the interesting commentary between fighting and a little romance portion of the story. The art is beautiful, especially the detailed city and technical drawings. The characters are lively, the action is energetic and thrilling, and we finally get into more of th [...]

    15. 4.4/5This is like a far more detailed and fleshed-out version of about thirty minutes in the film's final half. It's really fascinating to see how the original scenes were reworked between the two mediums, and how different the manga is despite its striking similarities with the film (yes, I'm aware the manga was a little more than halfway completed before the film came out).Like the first volume, Otomo's artwork is phenomenal. He spared no expense on the details. His characters are lively, the [...]

    16. These are some of the most incredible graphic novels I've ever read in my life. If you are looking for something that contains depth of character, well developed storyline, incredible imagination, and spectacular art, you've found it. Akira pulls no punches and is not interested in playing it safe - it'll grip you from start to finish and have you itching for more. I highly recommend pacing yourself with these. I was so excited to read the next one that I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Bec [...]

    17. Otomo’s Freudian critique of the excesses and human expendability of military proliferation. The sins of the father, those from the past buried deep within the cold heart of failure and those of the present in churlish teenage boyhood, meeting face to face in a countdown to the future. All paths facing his protagonists are beset with destruction, and the technical marvels on display represent the thin facade covering the toxic masculinity of a war economy write large. The themes are still epic [...]

    18. The three kids with super human powers try to stop Tetsuo, to no avail. While Kaneda and Kei fight simply to survive Tetsuo is trying to awaken Akira, and control him. The Colonel's attempts to kill him, and Akira when he has been awoken, fail. Yet Tetsuo loses Akira in all the ruckus and Kaneda and Kei find the young boy instead. The flee with him, not knowing who he truly is and barely escape. The world is in a lot of trouble now. Well written, pulls you in directly and the art is unique and a [...]

    19. The first one is always about world building, so it's expected to be a little slow. A second one, it seems like Tetsuo is on a constant rampage, and Kaneda and Kei are always on his tail, barely avoiding death. This one is all action with little down time; there's constant stress on everyone around: Kaneda and Kei, Ryu and his group, the military, Tetsuo, the other subjects No one is safe.

    20. A great and exciting follow up to the first volume. The action is still amped up to the max in this one and shit is really starting to hit the fan. The artwork is top notch once again and the story is starting to gain some serious momentum. Like its predecessor, this volume is damn good.

    21. I enjoyed this one even more than the first one and am pretty gripped by the story. Unfortunately these books are pretty pricey so it might have to wait until next month now.

    22. this series is perfectly passed, with brilliant mystery, badass characters that are enjoyably self serving. everything about this keeps getting better. I want the third volume soon. so excited.

    23. the colonel throughout the whole book: WHAT?!-4.5 stars. sooo good i love this series. i wasn’t expecting akira to come out in just the second volume. gotta pick up the next one asap

    24. it's incredible how so much action can be depicted on a page, there's so much tension in this volume. incredible work

    25. Tetsuooooo is with the military but his new playmates don't like him, Kanedaaaaa is in hiding and out for revenge, Kei is walking through walls, the Colonel is gruff and ruthless, scientists are way too willing to do horrible things in the name of of science, the resistance resists, the military militarises, A-KI-RA is an enigma that is going to kill us all. Tesuooooo wants to meet A-KI-RA and not all the military might in Neo-Tokyo will stop him. Stuff E*X*P*L*O*D*E*S. Amazingly.

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