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Blindsight It s been two months since a myriad of alien objects clenched about the Earth screaming as they burned The heavens have been silent since until a derelict space probe hears whispers from a distant co

  • Title: Blindsight
  • Author: Peter Watts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s been two months since a myriad of alien objects clenched about the Earth, screaming as they burned The heavens have been silent since until a derelict space probe hears whispers from a distant comet Something talks out there but not to us Who to send to meet the alien, when the alien doesn t want to meet Send a linguist with multiple personality disorder, and aIt s been two months since a myriad of alien objects clenched about the Earth, screaming as they burned The heavens have been silent since until a derelict space probe hears whispers from a distant comet Something talks out there but not to us Who to send to meet the alien, when the alien doesn t want to meet Send a linguist with multiple personality disorder, and a biologist so spliced to machinery he can t feel his own flesh Send a pacifist warrior, and a vampire recalled from the grave by the voodoo of paleogenetics Send a man with half his mind gone since childhood Send them to the edge of the solar system, praying you can trust such freaks and monsters with the fate of a world You fear they may be alien than the thing they ve been sent to find but you d give anything for that to be true, if you knew what was waiting for them.

    Blindsight Blindsight is the ability of people who are cortically blind due to lesions in their striate cortex, also known as primary visual cortex or V, to respond to visual stimuli that they do not consciously see The majority of studies on blindsight are conducted on patients who have the conscious blindness on only one side of their visual field.Following the destruction of the striate cortex Blindsight Watts novel Blindsight is a hard science fiction novel by Canadian writer Peter Watts, published by Tor Books in It garnered nominations for a Hugo Award for Best Novel, a John W Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, and a Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel,, and won the Seiun Award for best translated novel The novel follows a crew of astronauts sent out as the third BlindSight High Tech Products For Blind Dogs and Horses The BlindSight B, BlindSight S and both versions of the BlindSight Charlie units are specialized SONAR emitters that produce a sound that may be used Blindsight by Peter Watts Echopraxia Prologue Try to touch the past Try to deal with the past It s not real It s just a dream Ted Bundy It didn t start out here Not with the scramblers or Rorschach, not with Big Ben or Theseus or the vampires Most people would say it started with the Fireflies, but they d be wrong. Blindsight Superpower Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The power to interact with one s environment without the aid of vision The user can act, fight and navigate while blind, in darkness or otherwise sightless The user s eyes may or may not have an influence of this power. SRD Blindsight and Blindsense DD Wiki dandwiki Blindsight and Blindsense Blindsight Using nonvisual senses, such as sensitivity to vibrations, keen smell, acute hearing, or echolocation, a creature with blindsight maneuvers and fights as What Blindsight Can See LYCEUM PDF What Blindsight Can See Jared Butler The pathological phenomenon known as blindsight, indicated by visual processing without awareness, has provided fodder for recent debate in the philosophy of mind. Special Abilities dPFSRD Blindsight Some creatures possess blindsight, the extraordinary ability to use a non visual sense or a combination senses to operate effectively without vision. Special Abilities dsrd Special Abilities A special ability is either extraordinary, spell like, or supernatural in nature Extraordinary Abilities Ex Extraordinary abilities are nonmagical, Universal Monster Rules dPFSRD A creature with this special quality ignores damage from most weapons and natural attacks Wounds heal immediately, or the weapon bounces off harmlessly in either case, the

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    1. what is Consciousness? how did the silly human race evolve beyond the herd instinct, beyond our reptile brain? how, and why? what is the purpose of our individuality, what is the need for our sense of self, what use is Human Connection, why are we even equipped with Empathy? for some naive, kinda-sorta spiritual folks (like myself), these things may explain the existence of God. but that's rather besides the point of the question. does empathy help us in the long run, does the ability of humans [...]

    2. Wow. This was a tough one. It was a very good hard sf book that I don't think I'll be coming back to anytime soon. As others have said: "abandon all hope ye who enter here." A well written, excruciating exploration of the human "problem" where it turns out that it really is a problem. How do you take a book whose central premise seems to be that the development of self-awareness in human evolution was a wrong turn that wasn't meant to happen at all? That it was in fact contrary to the entire dev [...]

    3. 👽3.5/5👽**So this review will be extremely short**“He wasn't just grasping at the limb, I realized as I joined them. He was tugging at it. He was trying to pull it off.Something laughed hysterically, right inside my helmet.” Okay so I have decided hardcore sci-fi isn't my thing, I get confused with all the descriptions and literally had to google half the words in this book. The writing was a little tedious, 100 pages in and I still didn't have a clue what was going on and nearly put do [...]

    4. You know you're in for trouble when the dedication of the book says:"If we're not in pain, we're not alive."One of the quotes before the novel starts is:"you will die like a dog for no good reason"And the quote that starts the first chapter is one by Ted Bundy!But still, it's a sci-fi book about consciousness could I not love it?-----------------------------------------I've always loved Science Fiction, and not just because books about the future are inherently cool. The reason I've always loved [...]

    5. Yeeeaahhh I'm kinda not sure what I just read or how I should feel about this book. So, I'm going to revert to my usual fallback position of "random typing to see what words show up" and call it a review. Look ma, no consciousness! O_oSo, one the one hand, I can see how certain types of readers would think this book is brilliant and love it. This is smart, hard sci-fi, dealing with matters of humanity (as most SF does) and asking some really interesting questions about what sentience is and what [...]

    6. Okay, I gave this book TWO second chances because I had heard great things about it, but I eventually gave up.It's certainly a gutsy choice to have a person with no empathy as your main character, but it's pretty hard to get readers to care about someone who has only a vaguely intellectual interest in other people. Especially if the story is told in the first person by this character. So as a result, we know that one guy is a vampire, and another guy has some kind of prosthetic senses, and there [...]

    7. BR with Pizza, spaghetti, mandolino, Luciano Pavarotti and you can't even sing who happens to be a way quicker reader than ole Twerk.I learned an awful lot of new words while going through this book, mostly because I found myself being forced to in order to even follow its most basic level of dialogue. Hands up, you bastids, who knows what "malapropism" means? Ha! Gotcha. I do now, but that's because I googled that shit along with heaps of funny words that I have now forgotten. In the really tec [...]

    8. I'm still having a hard time figuring out what I think about this book. I don't believe that it is well written, but I also don't believe that it is a bad book. Let's start with the first one. I've had a brief note up here for a while about this book that pretty much defines why I don't think it's well written. Take a look at this quote:"There have always been those tasked with the rotation of informational topologies, but throughout most of history they had little to do with increasing its clar [...]

    9. Crank up some Xenakis and Penderecki and abandon hope all ye who enter here. A book as monolithic and labyrinthine as the alien artifact at the heart of it. A grim yet psychedelic book which probably earns Watts place as the new James W. Campbell. A dystopia and a first contact story bent into odd shapes like a bristling metal sculpture. Disturbingly, as hallucinatory as most sections of this book are, Watts seemed to have scientific rational for most of it. A stunning look at consciousness, ide [...]

    10. Póngase una buena cantidad de H.P. Lovecraft. A continuación, añádase un buen chorro de Alastair Reynolds, y una pizca de Greg Egan. Y como ingrediente secreto, un chorrito de H.R. Giger. Agítese bien y ya tenemos el resultado: 'Visión ciega', de Peter Watts. Sírvase con precaución, ya que este cocktail no es para cualquier paladar.Esta es una novela de primer contacto, pero maneja ideas tan complejas y poco comunes, que la alejan de cualquier otra novela que haya tratado este tema anter [...]

    11. This is one of those novels that make me feel like it's a wonder to be alive. Of course, that's a subjective statement implying consciousness, and therefore I am an evolutionary throwback who is spinning his wheels. And because I read this book and feel that the logic is unassailable, I still happen to think this novel makes me feel like it's a wonder to be alive. Notice, of course, that this is the inverse of a depressive reasoning, and this is intentional, because this novel makes me feel like [...]

    12. This is not an easy-reading book. It is complex, uses realistic technical jargon, and some rather esoteric psychological concepts. I enjoyed this book because of the wide range of interesting concepts that Peter Watts introduces in the story. The aspect of blindsight--the ability to sense one's environment without conscious awareness--is central to the story. Sometimes the human characters are subject to blindsight, but more importantly, the aliens they investigate act completely in blindsight. [...]

    13. Blindsight: Mind-blowing hard SF about first contact, consciousnessOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureThis is ‘hard SF’ in the truest sense of the term - hard science concepts, hard to understand writing at times, and hard-edged philosophy of mind and consciousness. It aggressively tackles weighty subjects like artificial intelligence, evolutionary biology, genetic modification, sentience vs intelligence, first contact with aliens utterly different from humanity, and a dystopian future w [...]

    14. In order to expand my reading, I've been making an effort to put more hard scifi into my rotation, to get out of the "fluff rut" I've been in, riding books that are easy to consume but ultimately unsatisfactory. So, after many rave reviews (and a Hugo nomination), I chose Blindsight. A shower of sparks streak from the sky, flashing the entire planet in what is obviously an outside intrusion, an alien snapshot. A crew of genetically modified people are sent to find first contact before it finds t [...]

    15. I absolutely tore through this book. An utterly fascinating read; well-done in both its science and its style. Watts makes some clever choices in structuring his narrator (and consequently, the narrative) without it coming across as a gimmick or some other bit of contrivance. So we have this faithful guide working in our favor and a good entry point for the story.And then he slowly unfurls idea after idea that link together into a shillelagh to bash your brain in. At one moment near the end, I g [...]

    16. A real clever and thought provoking read. Deals with a tonne od subjects, consciousness, identity, philosophy, gender, death way too many topics to list. I loved the heavy science element and the characters. Its a first contact novel with a twist. I think the only negative for me, is that it occasionally got lost in its own cleverness which made some of the plot a little scattered or uneven to follow. Not one yo usually be obsessed with heavy scifi novels, but this is one the better ones i read [...]

    17. "How it is that anything so remarkable as a state of conciousness comes about as a result of irritating nervous tissue, is just as unaccountable as the appearance of the Djin, when Aladdin rubbed his lamp." -Thomas HuxleyBlindsight is a very imperfect creation. It sputters and starts, it rears it's head, looks around, drops a poop on your lawn and asks you to just figure it out in your spare time please. I'm going to piggy back a little bit on some of the great reviews I just read (especially Ma [...]

    18. I bumped this up a star after the second read. It's not the author's fault that I'm too dumb to appreciate this in its full five star entirety. Some (a lot) of this was far over my head but I can honestly say I've never read anything like it.Hard sci-fi and horror haven't crossed paths like this since Who Goes There?. Some of that was also far over my head until John Carpenter turned it into THE THING and then my dumb ass was like 'oh yeah, that's terrifying.' If you are a fan of this genre comb [...]

    19. Why do putatively brilliant scientists insist on explaining simple shit to one another? Their sole purpose appears to be strolling out at key intervals of the story and expounding on pop science. "Oh hi, did you know that according to Game Theory the most efficient cooperative strategy is reciprocal altruism?" Game theory may not be common knowledge, but it's hardly arcane either. The UK actually has a TV show built around it. Similar bleeding edge opinions on consciousness, neurology, and lingu [...]

    20. I’ve had this book on my to-read list for several years now, and I feel like the me who added this book would have liked it more than the me who ended up reading it. One of the nice things about having to help me track my reading, what I’ve read and what I want to read, is that sometimes I can remember why I’ve put something on my list. In this case I can’t, specifically, except maybe that I heard about Peter Watts or Blindsight somewhere, maybe io9, and it seemed like something I could [...]

    21. Really interesting, chock full of ideologies, debates, and fascinating new technologies. It's great scifi. The only problem is that I completely disagree with the main premise of the book, which turns out to be that sentience is in fact a *problem* rather than Our Specialness. It's a cool twist to the usual first contact with alien life scenario, but unfortunately it makes no sense to me. I just don't get it. Yeah, a consciousness means that you second guess decisions and are slower to make them [...]

    22. The benchmark by which all first contact stories should be judgedI first read this book a while ago and recent conversations with a friend triggered me into reading it again. It blew me away the first time and it blew me away again on a second read. Honestly, I could read this book several times and get more from it on every go.Peter Watts’ knowledge of biology is excellent – he has a doctorate in Marine Biology – but it doesn’t stop there. His knowledge and exploration of biology, anato [...]

    23. I posted a review on this one months ago but it seems to have fallen into a blackhole and I have no backup. This was a very difficult book for me due to the prose style. I just found it a little rambling, unclear and unfocussed. I kept losing track of where the current scene is taking place and which characters are present, not to mention what exactly was happening. In all fairness this probably my own failure and not the author's, his prose style just does not resonate with me.That said this bo [...]

    24. This is a great science fiction book. Smart and entertaining with a great cast of characters. In my mind, this book ranks up there with the classics like Rendezvous with Rama, The Mote in God's Eye, and Gateway. Watts is incredible and is on his way to being one of the new great science fiction authors.

    25. I really really tried with this book, but it was always a book that required that I slog through, trying to find snippets of enjoyment. Unfortunately, they were few and far between. I wanted to like this book a great deal more than I did, but I ended up stubbing my toe on the distance between the author and his readers, the lack of exploration on the themes I did find interesting, and something that happened near the end that both baffled and upset me.Note: The rest of this review has been withh [...]

    26. So I read a lot of science and speculative fiction. and a lot of it is crap, more or less. Peter Watts is obviously very smart (and has a Ph.D. to back it up - oooh, scary) but is only a marginally gifted storyteller. Blindsight raises a lot of interesting questions about our self-perception (as individuals and as a species), about xenophobia and about our penchant for projecting ourselves into every situation, but the characters all felt contrived and the story doesn't really unfold so much as [...]

    27. Yes, it is not quite as good as I’d been told, but orders of magnitude more brilliant than anyone had conveyed. Which statement will be very puzzling to anyone who hasn’t read the book, but just take my word for it: it makes perfect sense. And yes, this book will deservedly win this year’s Hugo, if the rumblings are right. Sorry, Temeraire, you’ll have another shot, I’m sure. So. The actual review. Summarizing this book is quite difficult without being far too parsimonious or far too v [...]

    28. Moments that deserved four stars scattered among moments that deserved book throwing. Two stars it is.Two jokes: 1) if free will doesn't exist, does it mean it's not my fault I read this and not Watts's that he wrote it? 2) For a novel that supposedly argues that sentience and self-awareness is not worth the cost, the book does a lot of navel-gazing and self-referentiality. (It even has the narrator berate himself for infodumping in the middle of an infodump.)I like science fiction and I can eve [...]

    29. Blindsight is a challenging novel to review in part because the categories to which it belongs don't really convey the spirit of the book. Although I'm not a heavy science fiction reader, I think it's safe to call this "Hard SF" in that the science is credible and meticulously thought-out (as evidenced by the heavily cited appendix at the back of the book.) On the other handmpires.Well, even here Watts provides a believable explanation for an offshoot predator species whose one weakness has to d [...]

    30. I spent a majority of this book being lost. Not so lost in the ludicrous amounts of science jargon as I was confused by the "who/what is this?" Though the author sacrifices story and pacing at every convenience to flex his brain and show off all the cutting edge science theory he reviewed to prepare for writing this, my main bitch is simply not being able to follow even basic conversations held between characters. Every character/space ship/astral body in this book has a name, and possibly an ad [...]

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