The F Word

The F Word

Jesse Sheidlower / Jul 18, 2019

The F Word The Barnes Noble Review Considering the cloud long hanging over it in refined circles the F word delights amateur linguists the world over as they employ it frequently fluidly and with great relis

  • Title: The F Word
  • Author: Jesse Sheidlower
  • ISBN: 9780375706349
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Barnes Noble Review Considering the cloud long hanging over it in refined circles, the F word delights amateur linguists the world over, as they employ it frequently, fluidly, and with great relish Whether noun, verb, adjective, or adverb, colorful uses abound, and new variations continually creep into the lexicon Like a mushroom, the F word has multipThe Barnes Noble Review Considering the cloud long hanging over it in refined circles, the F word delights amateur linguists the world over, as they employ it frequently, fluidly, and with great relish Whether noun, verb, adjective, or adverb, colorful uses abound, and new variations continually creep into the lexicon Like a mushroom, the F word has multiplied in the dark, growing strong, pungent, and resilient In The F Word, author Sheidlower happily traces the humble beginnings and endless permutations of the granddaddy of all English language profanity More than a slang dictionary, The F Word is a proud, uncensored exploration of a short, sharp shock of a word Here s a cultural reference point for you Plug into the soundtrack for the original Woodstock festival, 1969 s shining moment of generational unity Skip over Richie Havens, Joe Cocker, The Who, and even Jimi Hendrix re imagining The Stars Spangled Banner Instead, cue up Country Joe McDonald and the Fish, and check out The Fish Cheer A spelling lesson to end all spelling lessons Gimme an F F Several hundred thousand people, giving voice to society s most verboten word What s it spell Talk about catharsis Talk about freedom And as many imaginative variations you might know, including any longshoremen still out there, The F Word will undoubtedly increase your verbal dexterity From one lone syllable first recorded almost 500 years ago, the F word has grown into an entire army of colloquial expressions Ironically, speaking of the Army, the military can be thanked fortheintroduction of numerous acronyms that incorporate the F word SNAFU being the most famous and the most fabulous, as it allows for open understanding without recrimination In the second edition, Sheidlower adds scores examples to the engaging text, rifling the English canon with grand results For every stuffed shirt who would never dare utter such gutterspeak, some saucy scribe or punny peon has worked doubly hard to use the F word in a novel, terribly picturesque fashion And Sheidlower glories in detailing his finds the Scotsman s Scot, Robert Burns Papa Hemingway e.e cummings Jack Kerouac and many others So powerful is the F word that a mere allusion will often convey the larger story, a device which allows the fine and crafty screenwriters at NYPD Blue to push the envelope, week in, week out Wonder what George Carlin s thoughts would be on Detective Sipowicz, as Andy foams and sputters and spews and says, No effing way The F Word Un effing believable

    FOX Broadcasting Company The F Word Full Episodes, Clips and the latest information about all of your favorite FOX shows. The F Word YouTube THE F WORD is scheduled to premiere in on FOX On THE F WORD, foodie families from across the U.S will battle it out in an intense, high stakes cook off. The F Word YouTube Season of of The F Word with Gordon Ramsay and celebrity cooking brigades Gordon Ramsay takes a trip to Spain to how caviar is farmed and produced. What If Title What If . Want to share s rating on your own site Use the HTML below. The F Word TV Series On the F Word tonight Gordon has an amateur brigade of Essex boys in the kitchen and sesame crusted tuna, pan fried sea bass with sorrel sauce and apple donuts are on the menu The F Word U.S TV series The F Word U.S TV series The F Word is an American competitive cooking reality show hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay The series premiered on May , on Fox It is based on the original British series of the same name. The F word Definition of The F word by Merriam Webster variants or the F word Definition of the f word used as a way to refer to the offensive word fuck without saying it or writing it He got in trouble for using the f word on television. The F Word Home Facebook The Official Facebook of The F Word Wednesdays on FOX Jump to Sections of this page Accessibility Help Press alt to open this menu Facebook Email or Phone Password Forgot account Home Posts Videos Photos About Community Info and Ads See of The F Word on Facebook Log In or Create New Account. The F Word Jesse Sheidlower, Lewis Black Books The F Word is no thin bathroom book, either, but a meticulously researched page hardcover reference tome, robust enough to sit alongside the OED SF Weekly The F Word is a gem in its lexicographical expertise and its scholarly explication. The F Word UK TV series The F Word UK TV series Jump to navigation Jump to search The F Word also called Gordon Ramsay s F Word was a British food magazine and cookery programme featuring chef Gordon Ramsay The programme covers a wide range of topics, from recipes to food preparation and celebrity food fads.

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    1. An excellent dictionary of the F-word. It includes a brief history and then in dictionary form it shows the myriad of expressions that are an off-shoot of it. It also indicates the origin of the expression, an example in a sentence as well as the year it became popular (when known). A dictionary AND potential party pleaser, what more could you want ;)

    2. WARNING:IF YOUR OFFENDED BY THE F-WORD, READ NO FURTHER.This is a very enjoyable book. Thank you C, for corrupting this good Catholic boy.:)If you love words, history, how our outlook changes over time, or just like the word fuck and it's many variants, this is a book for you.I remember having a close friend over for dinner. He is a Monsignor and now works at the Vatican. I said that sometimes the f-bomb is a cathartic release, to which he agreed. There is no other word with the power of release [...]

    3. What intrigued me about The F-word was that it was written by Jesse Sheilder, former Principal North American Editor of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary). Obviously, he is familiar with a lot of interesting words, so if he felt a need to write a book about this one, I am not one to second guess.One downfall of reading via an e-reader is not being able to easily flip through a book before setting out. Thus, I did not know that The F-word is primarily a dictionary of F-terms. The first 40pp or s [...]

    4. Best. Reference book. Ever. Great historical and literary citations. You'll learn some new and useful expressions and settle once and for all that argument over whether fist f*** is one word, two words, or hyphenated.

    5. I didn't truly read it. I read the foreward which went through all the information I wanted to know: etymology, etc. After that, the entire book is a dictionary of uses of the wordwho cares?

    6. Still think this is one of the greatest F***ing dictionaries! Looked up an expression and just kept flipping pages and next thing I knew two hours had disappeared. What more can you ask from a book?

    7. This book caught my eye when I was browsing round a bookshop a few years ago. Well it is quite eye-catching - what with it being bright yellow and having the asterisked legend 'f***' embossed in black on the cover.The editor, Jesse Sheidlower lives in Manhattan with "his wife, his dog, his two razor-clawed cats, and a f#@k of a lot of books." He describes this book as: "the complete history of the word in all its robust and various uses" and claims that: "this book contains every sense of fuck, [...]

    8. In this book, the reader learns a bit about the history of the F-word (yes that f-word); where it came from, when it first appeared in the English language, and some of the more interesting times it has been involved in historical events. The rest of the book is a dictionary of various forms and sayings that include the F-word.I knew the book was mostly a dictionary from the beginning. What I did not know is how boring that dictionary would be. I was expecting a bit more of an explanation beyond [...]

    9. A mini-dictionary about the most scandalous word in American English. I don't know if even allows the use of the word in a review so I will simply refer to it as f*ck. This edition also includes words derived from f*ck used in other English speaking countries, such as Australia, The United Kingdom and Canada. It is not a joke book, it won't cause you to fall over in fits of laughter, but if you honestly need a reference book for all things f*ck this is it. Extremely well researched and easy to [...]

    10. As a former undergraduate linguistics instructor (and someone who once used the expression "absofuckinglotutely" to illustrate the morphology in infixes), I found this very interesting, but truthfully, I wasn't aware when I started reading it that it was a dictionary. I was expecting interesting anecdotes about the various uses of the word throughout history and possibly some information about changing standards over time of what and what does not consititute vulgarity. Instead, after a short in [...]

    11. I love the introduction, it's all about the history of the F word and how it's use has changed and continues to become less and less taboo. Linguists, etymologists and f-bomb-lovers alike can enjoy this book. The bulk of it is a catalog of any and all f-word variations, and each entry includes references. Some of them go back pretty far. It's interesting. My least favorite thing about this book is the foreward by Lewis Black, because he improperly infixes in "unbe-f*cking-lievable", breaking up [...]

    12. It's okay. I like swearing as much as the next degenerate intellectual but I think this is a bit disappointing. The titles of the entries are in Comic Sans. The illustrations don't really illustrate much; they're few and far between and are a bit shit. The illustration for clusterfuck is a bunch of bananas smoking, and the one for mindfuck is a fella with a screw going in one ear and out the other. I also think there are plenty of words missing, e.g. fucktonne, flikker, goose, while some of the [...]

    13. This book is basically a dictionary of all manner of use of that one word, some of which I can truly say I had never heard before! There is a great chapter on the historiography/etymology of the word and where it has been used, and the possible origins (still unknown) in late medieval England. The author is Editor-at-Large for the Oxford English Dictionary--meaning he's no slouch--and this is an updated edition of a previous volume. If you love words (and the cathartic use of this one!), I highl [...]

    14. A dictionary-style compendium of every thinkable use of one of the most versatile and expressive words in the English language. Seriously! Though eventually I ended up skimming some of the entries (the author uses exhaustive numbers of examples of every variation of, for example, motherf***er) the book gave me a great appreciation for this word and its illustrious history and appreciate it as more than a simple vulgarity.

    15. Well, I read this book on a dare from a friend. For someone who never swears, this was a very entertaining bookI can see how it would be a great read for a certain "crowd" who want to get all philosophical about rebellionisms and such. I actually did enjoy the book. I like to know "stuff" and I do everything I can to gather more information into my encyclopedic mind.ter reading thisI have enough for the Letter F.

    16. Better than I expected. Literally every fucking iteration of the word is defined. I'm proud to say the most frequent and creative uses (including one of which could've been me, a 2LT in 1974 saying "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke") come from the military, where dropping F-bombs and breathing are of equal importance. But on a quasi-serious note a trove of serious literature (mostly American) was referenced, giving me plenty of ideas for future reading.

    17. In the late 1990s I began getting into dictionaries. As I investigated them, read them, and studied them, I came across this book. When I answer Lipton's 10 Questions, the F Word is what I respond is my favorite curse word. This book, mine was the first edition edited by Jesse Sheidlower, is a wonderful reference of the word.

    18. I laughed when I first saw this book in the book shop, but upon perusal I was surprised and impressed to see that, while certainly amusing, it is also a serious work of thorough scholarship. Both entertaining and enlightening, this volume will never be without a place on my reference shelf (although perhaps I will have to find an out-of-the-way spot for it once the children become literate)

    19. As an avid user of the "F word", I knew I had to read this book. Though it's a reference book, I found both the foreword and the introductions quite entertaining and informative. The only meaningful thing I got from this book however, besides a interesting but brief history of the word, were a few new insults to call my friends while drinking beer and playing blackjack. For that, Two Stars!

    20. Amazingly interesting, entertaining and in depth in its analysis of the F-word, wheter you want its origin or new expressions to pepper up your repertoire of colourful language. This effing book is the right one for you!

    21. Most of the book is a dictionary, however the intro includes a lot of good information on the origin, growth, and status of the word. Once you get through that (before page 1), the book has pretty much fulfilled its usefulness as anything other than a reference guide.

    22. The absolutely only downfall is that I didn't realize this was primarily a dictionary. But a book all about the f-word? It's just too awesome. :)

    23. Interesting, both as a linguistic study and a repository of stories and anecdotes concerning the use of the forbidden f-word.

    24. This little, rich book has been a "F"ing usueful reference and inspiration in writing my fiction and reportage

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