حكاية زهرة

حكاية زهرة

Hanan Al-Shaykh حنان الشيخ / Sep 23, 2019

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  • Title: حكاية زهرة
  • Author: Hanan Al-Shaykh حنان الشيخ
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: None
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    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ☆ حكاية زهرة - by Hanan Al-Shaykh حنان الشيخ Â
      293 Hanan Al-Shaykh حنان الشيخ
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      • Hanan Al-Shaykh حنان الشيخ

        Hanan Al Shaykh Arabic is a Lebanese journalist, novelist, short story writer, and playwright.Al Shaykh was born into a conservative Shia Muslim family She received her primary education in Beirut, and later she attended the American College for Girls in Cairo Al Shaykh began her journalism career in Egypt before returning to Lebanon She has also lived in Saudi Arabia and is currently residing in London.Her short stories and novels feature primarily female characters in the face of conservative religious traditions set against the backdrop of political tensions and instability of the Lebanese civil war.


    1. This book deals with so many issues I don't know where to begin. I loved it.In a sense it reminded me of a modern version of "The Yellow Wallpaper", a story of a woman driven to madness due to being forced to stay in a room by her husband after having a baby. You won't understand Zahra if you don't understand suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. In fact, most really don't understand this. Americans now pathologize everything, but mental health issues still aren't really understood or tr [...]

    2. حكاية زهرة – حنان الشيخحنان الشيخ هي روائية وممثلة لبنانية من مواليد 1945 ولها عشرة أعمال روائية وهذه الرواية هي الثانية لها. وترجمت رواياتها إلى أكثر من عشرين لغة.تتحدث هذه الرواية كما يوحي الاسم عن قصة الفتاة "زهرة" وهي فتاة لبنانية من عائلة شيعية من جنوب لبنان وتقيم معظم حيا [...]

    3. رواية متعبةقصة زهرة فتاة دخلت إلى عالم الكبار دون أن تمر بالمنتصفعانت في حياتها رضوخ مميت لمن أراد أن يأخذ بزمام حياتهاأحببت قصتها في القسم الأول، وكان أسلوبها نوعاً ما ممتع، وتناولها لأكثر من وجهة نظر كان جيد ولكن في القسم الثاني كان حديثها عن الحرب في لبنان وحياة زهرة في ت [...]

    4. It is the mid-1970’s, and while Lebanon is erupting into civil war, Zahra’s face is erupting with acne. In The Story of Zahra al-Shaykh’s characters do more than make the political become personal- they embody the political. The story of Zahra chronicles the journey of a young woman during the Lebanese civil war. Her tumultuous childhood and young adulthood involves familial abuse, abortions, travelling to visit an exiled uncle in Africa, a failed marriage, and more. The writing is compell [...]

    5. This novel comes from the pen of one of the Arab world's most acclaimed female writers, Hanan Al-Shaykh (1945- ). It traces the decline and tragic death of a Lebanese woman, Zahra, who is a victim, successively, of her mother's rather open infidelity (loosely based upon the novelist's own experience as recounted in her recent "The Locust and the Bird"), of men, of the horrific Lebanese War (1975-90), and of her own immaturity and distorted sense of sexuality. "The Story of Zahra" makes an import [...]

    6. The writing was beautiful in this book. I could sense it was written in Arabic, I recognized the language she used. It did not always fit in Dutch, so I was glad I knew what she meant in Arabic. The way the thoughts of Zahra were written was beautiful. But I had a few issues with this novel. First of all I could not understand Zahra. I understand she had been through a lot, but at times I couldn't understand her motives for doing things. She would just make random decisions out of nowhere. Her t [...]

    7. رواية مربكة حقالم أفهم شخصية زهرة بصراحةبدت عاجزة تماما ,انتظرت طوال الرواية أن تأتي برد فعل بسيط لما حولها, لكنها بقيت في قوقعتها ولدت مع ذلك الخوف الذي جعلها تتقبل قذارة كل من حولها,لم أحب الجزء الذي تحدثت فيه حنان عن الحرب .في الرواية ذلك الجاذب الذي يجعلك تتابع للنهاية هذه [...]

    8. 2.5 stars. This book started off really well. The writing is really great in some places and really sets the tone for this novel. Zahra is a young Lebanese girl who at a young age witnesses her mother's infidelity. Having witnessed that at a young age her impression of relationships and love is skewed. She goes on to have a relationship with a married man and then tries to reinvent herself by going to visit her uncle in Africa. While in Africa she marries her uncles's friend only to have that re [...]

    9. بعد الانتهاء من الرواية قلت في نفسي: لن أدع كآبتها تأسرنيفحنان الشيخ جمعت في الرواية شخصيات مهترئة ومشوهةذات صور نمطيّةإنها كليشهات مكررةوللأسف تعالج مشكلاتها بالطريقة التي تزيدها بلاءفلا يكاد بصيص أمل يظهر حتى يأتي سواد معتم فيطغى عليهربما كان للبعد الاجتماعي دور كبير في [...]

    10. زهرة قادرة على أن تغفر كل شيء لحنان الشيخ، قلب زهرة الاسفنجي وعقلها الذي صُدم عشرات المرات بالكهرباء وبثورها المميزة التي كبرت معها، جميع هذه التفاصيل أجلست زهرة امامي في كل صفحة قرأتها; رأيتها في إفريقيا تهرب من بيروت وكاراجاتها، رأيتها على أبوب الغرف المغلقة على الشاطئ تغ [...]

    11. she is exaggerating in showing the disadvantages of our arabic worlde implies many sexual scenes which may be not necessary for the moving of events just to show how much she is unlike Arab "open_minded".She is only trying to get the admiration of the west culture by showing how absurd our society is

    12. "sebuah karya yang sangat anggun , yang pasti akan mengubah prasangka dangkal tentang perempuan muslim sekarang ini"itu review dari san fransisco chronicle"sebuah karya yang sangat rendahan , yang pasti akan mengubah prasangka baik tentang perempuan muslim sekarang ini"itu review dari gw

    13. Baca secara sambil lalu saja. Plot yang menarik, kisah seorang gadis Arab terjebak dalam kehidupan hitam rawan sejurus sebelum perang. Penderitaan itu jadi lebih sarat selepas perang bermula. Mengingatkan kepada kisah Salina, dengan segala isunya.

    14. This was painful. I know that it was designed to juxtapose the protagonist's mental state with the state of Lebanon during war, but it was still extremely painful, and I found myself hoping that Zahra would just die to end both of our misery during a good portion of the book.

    15. ليست بمستوى كتابات حنان الشيخ السابقة لم افهم منها الكثير لكن لم استطع الا ان ابدي تعاطفي مع زهرااء في قرارها الاخير

    16. A really interesting and complex account of war-torn Lebanon from a female's perspective. Brings up many issues relating to gender and war--definitely one of my favorites.

    17. Quite depressing book & somewhat confusing too when the author skips back anf forth between time past and present. I liked it enough to finish it, but wow not an uplifting, feel-good book at all.

    18. This was a hard book to read. Being only 214 pages I assumed I would breeze right through it. However, I didn't like any of the characters, I didn't identify with them, I didn't approve of their choices, and for a lot of the book they were so unhappy and doing everything for such wrong reasons (such as impressing their friends) it was hard to continue reading.Then I finished the book and I understood that all of that had lead up to a very haunting finish that I know I shall never forget. Later, [...]

    19. A novel depicting a chain of events that alternates from war-torn Lebanon and Africa. Zahra is a Lebanese young women that goes through so much, and we explores themes of sexuality, women's right, and the patriarchy from her perspective.

    20. Zahra is an outsider: a lonely young woman who just can't fit in. She accompanies her mother to secret meetings with an illicit lover and chafes at the preferential treatment given to her brother Ahmad. Her father is a stern disciplinarian who lashes out at her for picking the pimples on her face and savagely beats her mother when he learns of the affair. A fling with Malek, an older, married man, results in two abortions. Desperate for an escape, Zahra flees to an uncle exiled (for political re [...]

    21. This story has random flashback, also I found some gaps. That makes me puzzled. I enjoyed the story. I figured out the important point in this story is don't be like this stupid Zahra! Lol.

    22. These are personal opinions, not professional reviews, so I just want to ask what all the hype over this book is about. The protagonist, Zahra, is unselfish and completely weird. She never finds her footing, and I don't have sympathy for any of the characters in this novel. They are selfish and cruel. The second part, in war-torn Beirut, is the best part. I kept trying to read the woman as the embodiment of the state (in this case, the country of Lebanon), but I just couldn't get through all the [...]

    23. This novel begins with Zahra as a young girl living with her family in Beirut. Her parents mistreat her, and she runs away to live with her uncle in Africa. When he eventually begins sexually abusing her, she reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage with some other man, a marriage that ultimately fails. After the divorce, she returns to Beirut, which is now entrenched in civil war. The streets are dangerous for many reasons, but especially because of the sniper who sits on a rooftop on Zahra [...]

    24. While it's not difficult to admire and appreciate how radical this work's frank discussion of female infidelity, marital discontent and general sexuality must have been in the context of the Middle East in the mid-1980s, context alone does it make it any easier to connect to such a nonlinear and abstract work populated exclusively by flat, unrelatable characters. Purportedly, the book is influenced by the author's own life. While some great fiction comes from autobiographical elements, here thes [...]

    25. While this book didn't make it into my favorites, I think it had some good qualities about it and addressed certain topics that need to be spoken about. The story of Zahra starts a little slow in my opinion, but once I made it to the second half of the book I found myself trying to read faster and faster so I could know the ending. I liked the twists and turns this novel had to offer, they kept the plot moving in a nice and dynamic way. I think that the characters were very well developed, or at [...]

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