The Love Thing

The Love Thing

Chris Delyani / Jan 23, 2020

The Love Thing A st century reworking of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice set in San Francisco with a gay twist Twenty two year old Greg DeAngelis moves west to escape his overbearing father who s pressuring hi

  • Title: The Love Thing
  • Author: Chris Delyani
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A 21st century reworking of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, set in San Francisco with a gay twist Twenty two year old Greg DeAngelis moves west to escape his overbearing father, who s pressuring him to enter law school, and his poetry loving ex boyfriend, who dumps him for an older, richer man Many guys vie for Greg s attention in his new home, but only one can giveA 21st century reworking of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, set in San Francisco with a gay twist Twenty two year old Greg DeAngelis moves west to escape his overbearing father, who s pressuring him to enter law school, and his poetry loving ex boyfriend, who dumps him for an older, richer man Many guys vie for Greg s attention in his new home, but only one can give him the love thing Can he figure out which one, before it s too late This comic novel is about the importance of love and friendship, and of knowing who your real friends are.

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      • Chris Delyani

        In 1993 I moved to San Francisco to devote myself to fiction and have been at it ever since I m now the author of two novels The Love Thing 2009 and You Are Here 2012 I m very excited to announce that my third novel, entitled Best Man, should be complete by May or June of 2016 I hope to have it out sometime this year or next Stay tuned for details.You can find me on Twitter, chrisdelyani.


    1. I rarely don't finish a book, but this is one I just can't take anymore. I had high hopes for this one, because Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favorite novels. But It is, in fact, a parody on Pride and Prejudice, but a very poor one. It is more like wading through 15 episodes of Seinfeld, where characters just seem to float through their existence with nothing really happening. After awhile, I couldn't tell whether this was supposed to be a San Francisco fashion show or a cooking show [...]

    2. The Love Thing is a perfect office affair romance, the old style one with incomprehension, mistakes in judging characters and happily ever after. Greg is a young and cute gay guy from New York. When his college boyfriend dumps him for an older and wealthier man, Greg is on a downfall mood and his friends Tommy offers him a way out: subrenting a room in a wonderful restored Victorian house in the Castro while the owner is spending the winter in Mexico. Greg has no work in New York and a father wh [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsThis is more of a slice of life, gay fiction story than a romance novel. We meet Greg who has just moved to San Francisco after breaking up with his boyfriend & having arguments with his father over the fact he doesn't want to go to law school even though he aced the LSAT. In San Francisco he moves in with an old friend & takes a dead end temp job at a law firm. He meets a couple of lawyers there that he finds interesting for different reasons. He also is pursued by his landlord [...]

    4. 3.5 bumped to 4. Overall a very enjoyable read. The book had relatable characters, people you recognized from any office you may have worked at in the past. It has some laugh out loud moments and moved along fairly quickly with a few side trips I didn’t see coming. While it was a very enjoyable book it just didn’t seem to have a very fresh take on the subject matter that would have pushed it over into greatness. The setting is back in the late 90’s through early 2000 or so. Set in San Fran [...]

    5. Kaboom! A five star rating for a book I really really really liked. It says the book was 390 pages but it certainly didn't seem that long. The last 3% of the story was like pressing fast forward to x300 on the dvr. A huge amount of time was covered in five or six pages. I would have preferred actual interaction between Andrew and Greg in the final few pages rather than just being told everything that transpired. And I felt a little shortchanged that I never got to see the "I love yous" exchanged [...]

    6. Oh my freaking god! This author decided to put in everything and the kitchen sink in here. Even before I gave it up I was skimming huge sections of complete mundanity. It's like watching reality television and being subjected to seeing the characters brush their teeth and clip their toe nails and ask their roommate to pass them the sugar. Every single detail is not essential.And that's only the first problem. The second is that this book is a recycling of the Pride and Prejudice plot that has be [...]

    7. Like a pot left to simmer a bit too long, the triangle of relationships at the heart of the story emerged quite late, leaving the narrative a bit dry and crusty. It almost felt like Delyani avoided deeper examinations of where love it into the MC's life, giving us less-than-reflective persona. That same lack of attachment and passion is what keeps a reader feeling like being on the outside looking in, never fully connecting. Structure, syntax and style worked for a debut novel, but I hope Delyan [...]

    8. What I enjoyed about this book was that I didn't realize it was a take on Pride and Prejudice until about 3/4 of the way through. To me, that's a good sign because it means that the homage was both subtle and original, and although it was inspired by Austen, the characters and story are strong enough to stand on their own. Of course, once I did realize the similarities, it was hard not to compare the book to Austen as well as other books inspired by Austen. This book is far better than a book li [...]

    9. Rating: 5 starsSome might say this is a gay take on Pride and Prejudice and to some part it's true. BUT the similarities do not appear for more than half of the book.Greg had a nasty break up with his boyfriend and doesn't want to bows to his father's expectations without knowing what he really wants to do with his life.He moves to San Francisco with a friend, in a house of a landloard he haven't seen so far. His new job in a lawfirm is nothing special except that after the first birthday party [...]

    10. This is a Pride & Prejudice homage piece, set in San Francisco in 1999 during the tech boom; and it is also gay fiction, the first P&P spinoff of that type I've ever read.The author does an absolutely brilliant job of recreating the characters and settings of the original work as new people and places in a modern setting. (Though it did take me a long time to figure out who a couple of the characters were supposed to represent in the original story). He also does a great job of recreatin [...]

    11. The blurb says this is a debut novel. Wow! I am so impressed. I loved this story, the tension and angst were perfect. The sex, or lack of it was PERFECT. I get so tired of stories that seem to rest on one sex scene to the next. This story carried itself into perfection with as little sex as possible and to me that's a GOOD thing.Greg was an amazing character. At first I didn't know who to root for when it came to the people in Greg's life. I was so happy that he ended up with my first choice. Yo [...]

    12. This is one of the most fantastic novels I have read which featured a gay character list. Unlike most "gay" books this one had much more depth and less unrealistic smut. Though there are a few steamy scenes throughout the book, they each hold a grain of truth and heart. There are numerous instances where I laughed outloud by the comical situations the main character Greg found himself in, but overall I would have to say The Love Thing is heartwarming and encouraging to us all looking for more in [...]

    13. This was such a great story to read. I love Greg, just reading his day to day life and how he handles the difficult situations was pure entertainment. I enjoyed seeing him mature and embrace the world around him. The secondary characters provided a good amount of humor and enjoyment as well. I also had one of those stomach flutter feelings when "the moment" for the love interest changes (yes, it gave me the same feeling as the 80's high school movies when the "moment" happensI even heard the sou [...]

    14. Delyani's novel is set up with an irresistible premise: the story of 'Pride and Prejudice' as a modern American office romance, with nearly all the characters played by gay men. Really, do I need to say more? All right, I will: the cakes! The young hero gets roped into the job of baking birthday cakes for everyone in the office, and, though lacking culinary training, dives into the task boldly and turns out a drool-worthy series of baked masterpieces that would make Julia Child approve. Made me [...]

    15. I loved, loved, loved The Love Thing! I bought this impulsively on my Kindle a while ago during a rainy day when I had nothing better to do and I’m happy to say that I didn’t regret it! I loved the main character Greg and found myself constantly rooting for him. Everything about this book from the characters, to the setting, and the dialogues were amazing. This has now become one of my favorite comfort reads and is the first book I pick up on a dreary day.

    16. 4.5 starsAt first, it looked like it's going to be the gay version of Bridget Jones's Diary, then came the Pride and Prejudice twist. XDBut I loved both of those books, and I also really enjoyed The Love Thing. Recommended.

    17. Loved it! The love thing - what we all hope we meet in our lives. The characters were well drawn and you will be rooting for love to win out. (warning - leaves you hungry for cake!)

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