The Millionaire Mind

The Millionaire Mind

Thomas J. Stanley / Aug 25, 2019

The Millionaire Mind The Barnes Noble Review Who is the average millionaire Does he eat gourmet or fast food Does he drive fancy cars take chic vacations and indulge wherever and whenever he can Or does he resole his sh

  • Title: The Millionaire Mind
  • Author: Thomas J. Stanley
  • ISBN: 9780740718588
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Barnes Noble Review Who is the average millionaire Does he eat gourmet or fast food Does he drive fancy cars, take chic vacations, and indulge wherever and whenever he can Or does he resole his shoes, turn off the air conditioning when he leaves the house, and spend a lot of time at home with close friends and family Through his surveys of over 1,000 millionaThe Barnes Noble Review Who is the average millionaire Does he eat gourmet or fast food Does he drive fancy cars, take chic vacations, and indulge wherever and whenever he can Or does he resole his shoes, turn off the air conditioning when he leaves the house, and spend a lot of time at home with close friends and family Through his surveys of over 1,000 millionaires, Thomas J Stanley, Ph.D answers these questions and provides us with further insight into the thoughts and lives of this wealthy segment of the population in The Millionaire Mind A follow up to Stanley s New York Times bestseller, The Millionaire Next Door, The Millionaire Mind may surprise readers with its findings about the kinds of people that millionaires really are Interestingly, many millionaires were not straight A students in high school, nor did they attend prestigious colleges Instead, they were often told when they were younger that they were not bright and that they would not be successful These challenges taught them how to surmount obstacles and motivated them to try harder and to take risks to get ahead financially The major risks that these millionaires have taken and continue to take are financial ones They must overcome the fear of taking risks, and they must maintain this courage throughout their adult careers Stanley discovered that many millionaires share similarities in techniques to allay their anxieties and stay on track financially Some of these include Believing in myself Counting my blessings every day Countering negativethoughtswith positive ones Sharing concerns with spouse Visualizing success Outworking, outthinking, out toughing the competition Hiring talented advisors Constantly upgrading my knowledge about my occupation Spending considerable time planning my success Exercising regularly Having strong religious faith Stanley also reveals that millionaires are very often successful in marriage as well as in work the typical millionaire has been married to the same spouse for over twenty five years and that they usually lead relatively frugal, economically productive lifestyles Perhaps most interesting to readers will be the section that Stanley devotes to how millionaires chose the career in which they would be most likely to succeed So don t miss out on picking apart and analyzing the thoughts and habits of millionaires with Thomas Stanley and The Millionaire Mind, a book sure to be as brilliantly revealing and fascinating as his previous bestseller on millionaires Thomas J Stanley, Ph.D is a researcher, author, and lecturer He has studied the wealthy for than 25 years The Millionaire Next Door, published in 1996, has sold than one million copies in hardcover and nearly one million in paperback The book has been on The New York Times Best Sellers list for than 150 combined weeks His previous books include Marketing to the Affluent, which Best of Business Quarterly named one of 10 outstanding business books, Selling to the Affluent, and Networking with the Affluent Dr Stanley lives in Atlanta He was a professor of marketing at Georgia State University, where he was named Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Professor He holds his doctorate from the University of Georgia in Athens.

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        Dr Thomas J Stanley began studying the affluent in 1973 Stanley was a marketing professor at Georgia State University, a public speaker and consultant on selling to the rich.


    1. I liked The Millionaire Next Door (my review) so much, I had to read this book for its further exploration of the lives of millionaires. It spends a lot more time on the personal lives of millionaires, revealing insights about their marriages, pastimes, and shopping habits. Overall, I liked it even more than The Millionaire Next Door.I liked the points that creativity and hard work are more important than academic performance, and that the proper career is the key to both wealth and enjoyment. I [...]

    2. I liked it for the same reason as "The Millionaire Next Door":1. If you skip past all of the charts and graphs, it's easy to read.2. A few basic points: Millionaires are a lot more thrifty, stability-oriented, marriage-oriented, and a lot less orgies-and-Jaguars prone than most people would think. They look for deals, they don't waste cash, they marry for long periods, and build their businesses. 3. Biggest and most overdone point: millionaires do NOT rate overly high on standardized tests, they [...]

    3. Great follow-up to The Millionaire Next Door If The Millionaire Next Door was a look at what America's affluent look like, The Millionaire Mind is a look at how they think and live, and why. I liked TMND more, but this is a different kind of book. It more looks at habits and ways of thinking than simply at how people live. It also has a bit of a self-help vibe to it that detracts from the overall message of the book -- this can be overlooked, but does take away in the end.Don't listen to the ant [...]

    4. Having read or at least listened to in the car the earlier volume The Millionaire Next Door and so enthusiastically that I sent copies to the children I went on to this one. It shows that Danko must have had considerable influence over the first book. Stanley alone is meaner, shallower, and puts a bit more emphasis on any correlation between strong religious values and this type of success. There is a consistent negative tone of judgment and rebuke. Where the first book firmly informed, this one [...]

    5. Garbage. The portion of the book that isn't retread from The Millionaire Next Door contains specious reasoning ("correlations") and the author's fairly lame opinions on how to lead your life. So standardized test scores and grades don't predict success in the business world? Well--duh! How many times do you have to repeat that for it to sink in? Sounds like a certain author's counselor told him he was stupid as a kid. And I have to believe in God to make money and be happy? I guess so. Thanks fo [...]

    6. When I started this book I wasn't clear how it would be much different than "The Millionaire Next Door." Soon it did become clear to me. This book set out to share "economic success factors" based on research according to the authors proven style. I found the read both entertaining and insightful. Well done again!

    7. I love this book because it debunks so many of the ideas about what it takes to be wealthy. It tells of stories of people who make $30,000 a year but are millionaires because of the way they have managed their money. One of the major mind shifts I realized is the difference between the perceived life of wealthy, and how one essentially needs to stop caring about what others think about them, and live financially smart. This is proven with statistics like 70% of millionaires shop at thrift stores [...]

    8. もしこの本を読まないと、億万長者はどんな生活を過ごすか意外と全然思い当たらない。やっぱり経済成功の方程式によっては、天才で、一流大学の卒業者からといって、仕事を成功して億万長者になれるわけではないだろう。重要なのは、人一倍の努力、仕事への情熱、リスクを背負う勇気を持ち、失敗するからこそ、克服する方法を勉強できて、成功の人間になれる [...]

    9. I will never complain about my husband being "frugal" ever again. He has the millionaire mind set. Me. not so much.

    10. Fascinating case studies and research summaries regarding how people in America have become millionaires and grown their assets. The author makes a distinction between Balance Sheet Affluence and Income Affluence that really resonated. It's really the difference between being rich and acting rich. I'm more inspired than ever to reach financial independence!

    11. You have more statistical chance of getting leprosy than winning the lottery. If, like many people, you would rather accumulate cash than rotting, decaying flesh, perhaps you ought to read the findings of Thomas Stanley, PhD, who has stalked American millionaires in their clustered enclaves to discover the secret to their financial success. 733 of them agreed to answer his probing questions for hours and hours to give us news both good and bad. The good? They are often of quite humble origin, wi [...]

    12. Good book: I listened to this while moving. Lots of great info, confirms a lot of things I have heard, and follows in line with the advice I’ve read from Dave Ramsey. Looking forward to reading its companion, The Millionaire Next Door!

    13. This book is a follow-up to the more famous The Millionaire Next Door and is a worthy effort. The first book upset stereotypes and understanding of who millionaires are and what they do. This book is a more in-depth statistical analysis. It has 46 tables (some extensive) in 405 pages of text.The major separation of thought in the text is between those the author calls Income Statement Affluent vs. Balance Sheet Affluent - making money is not the same as keeping and growing it. The book also upse [...]

    14. Good book with somewhat surprising secrets of wealthy people. The book is based on an enormous survey of millionaires. It basically boils down to this: Millionaires are not wealthy because they make a great salary, they are wealthy because they save their money. There are plenty of people who make a big salary and buy lots of great things, but all too often they are in debt and have no real "wealth" saved up. The book seems to hammer this point in over and over again. Basically, avoid having a b [...]

    15. - Thomas J. Stanley (1944-2015) Contrary to what is often touted in the media, there are more great affluent opportunities in our economy today than ever in our nation’s history. But in order to take advantage of these, it is important to appreciate the 8 key elements of the economic success equation as given in my book, The Millionaire Mind:1. Understand the key success factors our economy continues and will continue to reward: hard work, integrity, and focus.2. Never allow a lackluster acade [...]

    16. not my usual pick, I don't focus on 'get rich' reads - money in and of itself is not a topic I pursue with a lot of passion. It's the passion that comes first - right? Anyway, this was interesting because it taught me focus and that time is money. The things millionaires had in common surprised me - and would surprise my frugal friends who will drive an hour to the cheaper gym to save a few dollars as opposed to joining the one on their street.Same with mr fix it himself who takes forever, pulls [...]

    17. If this book don't enlighten you into the thought process and outlook of the New Rich in our society, then I don't know what will! Thomas's research is profoundly insightful, digging deep into the lifestyle and, more importanly, into the mental traits of the rich. The most significant discovery of his study is how the rich are so very much like the rest of us, only they have a pattern of mental and behavioral traits that distinguish them and, ultimately, lead them down the road to success. If yo [...]

    18. The Millionaire Mind offers insight as to how people of wealth think about money. Most interesting to me was looking at people who came from very little means and built their fortune from nothing. Many of these people have fairly simple lives and don't do (nor do they enjoy doing) extravagant things. In many respects they employ basic financial concepts but are also able to look at finances in a unique manner. The connection for me and the take away is that while one may not become a millionaire [...]

    19. In "The Millionaire Mind" you will discover answers to questions like:*** What success factor made them wealthy in 1 generation?*** How do they find the courage to take financial risks?*** How did they find their ideal vocations?*** How do they run their households?*** How do they buy and sell their homes?*** What are their favorite leisure activities?In "The Millionaire Mind", Dr. Thomas Stanley tells us how America's wealthy got there and perhaps even more importantly, how you can become one o [...]

    20. This is certainly a better read than his Millionaire Next Door. It's more streamlined, being less bogged down with overwhelming statistics. I'd recommend reading this one first, and then skimming MND.

    21. I feel like this book finds a situation and attempts to reverse engineer it as fact. The things that most of the people highlighted in this book do are done my thousands of others who do not become millionaires.This is what is discussed in The Black Swan by Taleb.

    22. An interesting and inspirational read that debunks the myths we have all heard about the rich. This willt give anyone wishing to pursue success a sure footing. I will definitely read it again.

    23. I really enjoyed this book, although I can't really rate it as one of the best money books ever because it is simply outdated in terms of real estate prices, interest rates, etc. I'm really hoping that someone does another book similar to this and looks at a more current generation of millionaires.That being said, what a great book. It turns out that millionaires, like many other groups of people, share certain characteristics. Do they all share the same ones? Of course not, but some of the asso [...]

    24. The book is a very good study on the factors that shape the successful people.I read it by mistake. A friend suggested me another book, and I mistakenly bought this one and began to read it. This is important because I tend not to like books that follow the lines of "How to be [something]". Most times I find the arguments to be fallacious and their writing style an affront to the reader. The title of this book would lead me to consider one of those.In the end, I consider it a very good approach [...]

    25. The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley is a thought provoking book on wealth building and financial management. The information shared in this book is based on a survey conducted in selected neighborhoods which bear the highest concentrations of households in the millionaire category. Some preconceived lifestyles and characterizations of wealthy individuals were disintegrated in the book.I've rated The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley 3 stars over 5, although I love the thought provok [...]

    26. Fascinating. I reread several sections in this book. Millionaires don't think the way you would guess. Stanley's research is very telling and how he presents his data in user friendly application. There are common traits among millionaire/deca-millionaires that is very telling. Acquiring and maintaining a net worth of 1,000,000 or greater takes grit and smart spending. It's not always grades and IQ. Aptitude tests are NOT a great predictor of wealth. They are great predictors of academic success [...]

    27. Compared to the Millionaire Next Door, the Millionaire Mind was a step above. Thomas Stanley's description, habits, and lifestyles of millionaires was more detailed and used specific examples of how millionaires operate their homes, buy cars (and what types), etc. I was hoping for a more in depth analysis of how the millionaires started their businesses (i.e. how they obtained the capital to fund their endeavors) but I was again slightly disappointed. However, I did enjoy the chapter in which Dr [...]

    28. Que livro!De longe um dos melhores livros de finanças pessoais que já li. O mais fascinante neste livro, é que ele fala da vida dos milionários, com base em pesquisas reais. Tem dados estatísticos para defender as suas ideias minto, as ideias nem são dele, os dados estatísticos é que falam por si. Dr. Thomas, é o maior expert de milionários, e melhor de tudo, é de uma simplicidade que transmite na obra. Linguagem muito simples, e directa. Recomendo também o outro livro dele, The Mill [...]

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