Three Weeks

Three Weeks

Elinor Glyn Sally Beauman / Sep 16, 2019

Three Weeks This hugely enjoyable novel a scandalous success in is even today startling for its enthusiastic depiction of female sensuality One of Virago s trio of turn of the century erotic best sellers

  • Title: Three Weeks
  • Author: Elinor Glyn Sally Beauman
  • ISBN: 9781860490835
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • This hugely enjoyable novel, a scandalous success in 1907, is even today, startling for its enthusiastic depiction of female sensuality One of Virago s trio of turn of the century erotic best sellers, with E M Hull s The Sheik and M Dell s The Way of an Eagle, it shows Paul Verdayne, the perfect young English animal , fascinated by a mysterious beauty at his Swiss hotel.This hugely enjoyable novel, a scandalous success in 1907, is even today, startling for its enthusiastic depiction of female sensuality One of Virago s trio of turn of the century erotic best sellers, with E M Hull s The Sheik and M Dell s The Way of an Eagle, it shows Paul Verdayne, the perfect young English animal , fascinated by a mysterious beauty at his Swiss hotel Surrounded by tuberoses and tigerskins, the Lady teaches him the arts of love, and gives him three weeks of tempestuous passion Then, weeping, she renounces him and disappears, and amid high drama Paul finally discovers her august and tragic secret

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        Elinor Sutherland was born in St Helier, Jersey, the younger daughter of Douglas Sutherland 1838 1865 , a civil engineer of Scottish descent, and his wife Elinor Saunders 1841 1937 Her father died when Elinor was two months old and her mother returned to the parental home in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with her two daughters, Lucy Christiana and Elinor Back in Canada, Elinor was schooled by her grandmother, Lucy Anne Saunders, in the ways of upper class society This early training not only gave her an entr e into aristocratic circles on her return to Europe, but it led to her being considered an authority on style and breeding when she worked in Hollywood in the 1920s.Her mother remarried a Mr Kennedy in 1871 and when Elinor was eight years old the family returned to Jersey When there her schooling continued at home with a succession of governesses.Elinor married Clayton Louis Glyn 1857 1915 , a wealthy but spendthrift landowner, on 27 April 1892 The couple had two daughters, Margot and Juliet, but the marriage apparently foundered on mutual incompatibility although the couple remained together As a consequence Elinor had affairs with a succession of British aristocrats and some of her books are supposedly based on her various affairs, such as Three Weeks 1907 , allegedly inspired by her affair with Lord Alistair Innes Ker That affair caused quite a furore and scandalized Edwardian society and one of the scenes in the book had one unnamed poet writing,Would you like to sinWith Elinor GlynOn a tiger skin Or would you preferTo err with herOn some other fur She had began her writing in 1900, starting with a book based on letters to her mother, The Visits of Elizabeth And thereafter she or less wrote one book each year to keep the wolf from the door, as her husband was debt ridden from 1908, and also to keep up her standard of living After several years of illness her husband died in 1915.Early in her writing career she was recognised as one of the pioneers of what could be called erotic fiction, although not by modern day standards, and she coined the use of the world It to mean at the time sex appeal and she helped to make Clara Bow a star by the use of the sobriquet for her of The It Girl On the strength of her reputation and success she moved to Hollywood in 1920 and in 1921 was featured as one of the famous personalities in a Ralph Barton cartoon drawn especially for Vanity Fair magazine A number of her books were made into films, most notably Beyond the Rocks 1906 , which starred Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson, and she was a scriptwriter for the silent movie industry, working for both MGM and Paramount Pictures in the mid 1920s In addition she also had a brief career as one of the earliest female directors.In 1927, by which time she had published 32 novels, she once again appeared in some verse of the day Songsmith Lorenz Hart immortalised her in his song My Heart Stood Still when he wrote,I read my PlatoLove, I thought a sinBut since your kissI m reading missus Glyn She was so universally popular and well known in the 1920s that she even made a cameo appearance as herself in the 1928 film Show People.As well as her novels, she wrote wrote magazine articles for the Hearst Press giving advice on how to keep your man and also giving health and beauty tips In 1922 she published The Elinor Glyn System of Writing , which gives an insight into writing for Hollywood studios and magazine editors.In later life she moved to the United Kingdom, settling in London She wrote over 40 books, the last of which was The Third Eye 1940 and she died in Chelsea on 23 September 1943, being survived by her two daughters.Gerry WolstenholmeNovember 2010


    1. I always strain to remember which friend has recommended a given book, but there is no doubt as to which friend gave me this one and I wish her to know that I am eternally grateful, albeit a choice I almost didn’t make. After all, it just didn’t seem my kind of book, but perhaps in choosing our reading material, going outside our comfort zone is sometimes fortuitous. In this particular case it was serendipitous.This is a book about a seduction, one accomplished by an older mysterious foreign [...]

    2. I read Three Weeks by Elinor Glyn for the Out of the Past Classic Film Blog - 2016 Summer Reading Classic Film Book Challenge and I’m glad I did, as I’d been putting it off for awhile. It only took me a couple of days to finish and it thoroughly captivated me, even moving me to tears at the end. Glyn was a very successful early 20th century English writer of popular romance fiction, although some would claim her work to be more erotic fiction! Her stories primarily focus on softly evolving s [...]

    3. Just read “Three Weeks” by Elinor Glyn, the author who invented the term IT that ineffable charisma that beguiles and seduces both men and women. Forget 50 shades of Grey! Written in 1907 when she was 43 Three Weeks is a romance about an aristocratic older woman who enslaves a young man - not with whips and blindfolds - but with the sensual wisdom and authority of the older woman. Glamorous and gloriously exotically romantic, the sexual tension is heightened through restraint and fantasy. An [...]

    4. Initially, this novel is of literary historical interest. The transformation of both primary characters is evenly and believably presented if we make allowances for the century-old presentation. While perhaps half of the sensuous imagery seems out-dated and camp by today's standards, the other half gives us pause. It is in that arena that the author sets out to tutor her callow self-satisfied youngster in genuine aesthetic appreciation for life's deepest pleasures. Her message is deceptively sim [...]

    5. For the most part, this story was a rather fun fantastical romp in the sensuous and sensual Land of Make-Believe, but the plot took an unexpected tragic twist and no one was having fun any more. Three stars to Elinor Glyn for reminding the reader of the value of patience and anticipation and of making the effort to leave emotional pain behind and enjoy the blessings that might previously have been overlooked.

    6. Three Weeks is one of the captivating romantic stories i ever read. Apart from Maria Corelli, no one equals Elinor in descrptive romance. The way the story unfolded made it too captivating and too breath-taking. Since i was a young boy that i read the story it still remains my best.

    7. Though it was published in 1907 (amid great scandal), this brings to mind Margaret Atwood's sensuality. Enjoyable, if not the greatest written romance ever.

    8. I would like to thank several of you superbly eloquent reviewers for helping me appreciate this novel considerably more than I would have without your kind words; a the very least I can appreciate it as a small historical relic. I normally don't review terrible books, but this one was so abominably egregious that I simply had to. Please excuse the cliche, however, I would like those five hours back. So first the enjoyable parts. It was short. The scenery was described prettily; an older woman te [...]

    9. Un romanzo che, al tempo, ha scandalizzato il pubblico americano per il suo spirito anticonvenzionale (amorale, secondo l'opinione comune): la donna che seduce il giovane protagonista e condivide con lui tre settimane di ardente passione, infatti, è sposata (se pure con un misterioso e brutale principe russo), e l'autrice non dedica nemmeno mezza riga a condannarne l'adulterio.La storia risente dell'estetismo decadente dei primi decenni del novecento; ho trovato eccessivi gli sviluppi tragici: [...]

    10. Interesting. I knew, of course, about the tiger skin. I didn't know that the tale ends up being Ruritanian. Since it does, I end up comparing it to The Prisoner of Zenda and Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Lost Prince, both of which I enjoyed more. But still, it was quite the experience!

    11. "They had coasted round Italy and Sicily, and not among the Ionian Isles, as had been Captain Grigsby's intention.'I fancy the lady came from some of those Balkan countries,' Sir Charles had said. 'Don't let us get in touch with even the outside of one of them.'And Mark Grigsby had grunted an assent.'The boy is a fine fellow,' he said one morning as they looked at Paul hauling ropes. 'He'll probably never get quite over this, but he is fighting like a man, Charles--tell me as much as you feel in [...]

    12. I came across a mention of this on and since it was free on Kindle Well, it was definitely cheesy, but it ended up sucking me in. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish it (with all the mentions of 'the Soul' and people who are 'alive' or 'awake' vs everybody else who is asleep (in my experience people who talk like that just want an excuse to be jerks, so they can tell themselves anybody who doesn't like it just isn't 'alive' enough to understand them)) but I kept reading out [...]

    13. "Good-bye, old chap," she said, "We have been real pals, and I'll not forget you!""Good-bye, darling," he whispered with a suspicion of tremble in his charming voice. "I shall never love any woman but you - never, never in my life."Cuckoo! screamed the bird in the tree.Considered quite scandalous back when it was originally published, it's now scandalously humorous. It's the story of young Englishman Paul Verdayne. Worried that their son is starting to have feelings for the wrong kind of girl (i [...]

    14. Last spring I took a course on 20th century British women's novels, and Elinor Glyn was first on the list. We read Beyond the Rocks, and during the discussion this title came up. At some point I downloaded it to my Kindle, and on a whim I read it.The best description I can give of this novel is that it is theof Edwardian romances. Really, it wasn't the best thing I'd read, and I thought that Beyond the Rocks was "smarter," but I had fun with it. It was nice to read a romance in which the male is [...]

    15. Had it shelved for ages and suddenly picked it up on a whim--surprisingly self-aware, biting reflection of late 19C, esrly 20 C uppercrust Anglo mores from a female POV. As always, the lasting impression is that, second class citizens aside, aristocratic, wealthy and well-educated women did continously found ways out of society's traps--albeit nearly always through sexuality. Still, it's fascinating to note that despite all social messages to the contrary women such as Elinor Glyn were privilege [...]

    16. This was first published in 1907 and was considered risqué at the time. It is the story of a three week love affair between a good-looking but quite stupid young Englishman and an exotic Russian Grand Duchess, married to the King of an unnamed Balkan country.I can see why it would have been scandalous at the time, the lady is the seductress not the seduced, it condones and almost recommends adultery, and it suggests that a European monarch is a little bastard. The actual sex all happens behind [...]

    17. Heh heh heh. Four stars for camp value. I think this book would have been best if I were 13. Alas ! The style infects your speech and oh, how romantic, romantic, romantic. Snerk. I wanted to read some turn of the century trash, and here it is! You have not LIVED until you've read of Paul and his Queen and their Love and some very misogynistic commentary as well. ! ! !

    18. I've always wanted to read something from this author. If you enjoy silent movies than you are familiar with the authors name. The book written in 1906 is hardly shocking for this era but i found it very interesting and an enjoyable read. It wasn't a "I cant put down' type of book tho

    19. Elinor Glyn; The woman who inspired Barbara Cartland. I have never read BC but I can see why any writer or reader of relationship writing, in particular the passion of love, would be inspired. Superb.

    20. 1907 scandal. Hum Would you sinWith Elinor Glyn?On a tiger skin?Or would you prefer To err with her On some other fur?

    21. A slow start with the sticky sweetness of the romance developing, but a real page-turner in the second half. More heartbreaking than I anticipated.

    22. Entirely absurd. It's hard to imagine how it could have been so notorious. I'm giving it an extra star for amusement.

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