Across a Moonlit Sea

Across a Moonlit Sea

Marsha Canham / Jul 23, 2019

Across a Moonlit Sea Rescuing a man whose ship had been floundering at sea Isabel Spense takes aboard ruthless privateer Simon Dante who promptly seizes command of Isabel s ship and sets out to win the lovely maiden s h

  • Title: Across a Moonlit Sea
  • Author: Marsha Canham
  • ISBN: 9780440217855
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rescuing a man whose ship had been floundering at sea, Isabel Spense takes aboard ruthless privateer Simon Dante, who promptly seizes command of Isabel s ship and sets out to win the lovely maiden s heart and mind.

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    1. The motha of all pirate romances @ her best, MC writes swashbuckling adventures & knee-buckling bangin’ like nobody's business. A shipload of adrenaline-pumping actions, epic boom-boom battles, political intrigue, backstabbing villain, 2ndary characters w/ memorable personalities, shexy, blue-eyed divorcee hero vs feisty, auburn-haired, ass-kicking heroine who’ll chop off vital parts if anyone dares to mess w/ her, crackalicious chemistry & great build-up to toe-curling luv scenes, b [...]

    2. There are alot of really good pirate romances out there to read,and they usually start off with the hero-Captain/Pirate who is ruthless & cunning,saving,capturing,kidnapping the Heroine be she "dumure" or "spitfire hellion". My favorite to read is when said "he" arrogant pirate meets his match with said "she" pirate. The story opens with Captain Dante & his crew who have nearly lost thier lives as well as the ship due to being betrayed by his partner. When all seems lost Captain Spence,h [...]

    3. Sometimes even free is too expensive - DNF at 18%.At this point the 'hero' has already threatened to rape and/or kill the heroine about three times. On top of this - as if I needed any more reason to hate him - they've also had a conversation in which he systematically refused to take her anger seriously and treat her as if she had any agency, which I've dealt with in real life enough to find it infuriating even in fiction. And he's threatened to cripple her already-injured father. Quite frankly [...]

    4. Honestly, I don’t quite know how to begin this review, or what to rate it. First off, this was my first book by this author. It was suggested for a buddy read, and I love lots of action and adventure in my historical romances, and this had lots of promise. There were parts of this novel I adored! And then there were parts that held no interest to me whatsoever. Granted, I did not find it boring in the least. In my opinion, it seemed like two different books in a mash-up. Both good in their own [...]

    5. Both this book and the sequel - The Iron Rose - are on my top ten most highly recommended historical romances list. I was never much of a fan of pirate romances - especially lady pirate romances. Remember Fern Michaels "Captive" series? Ack!Unfortunately, that series all too easily comes to mind when I think of any sort of pirate book. The mere mention of "lady pirate books" would have me diving for cover behind the potted palms. After a long hiatus from Historical romance of any sub-genre, I st [...]

    6. Re-Read 1/20/14After re-reading The Wind and The Sea, I needed more. This was the only other, high-seas, mental big screen I ever came across that would fit the bill. FREE on . Such a little known treasure. I saw a reviewer refer to it as a "bodice-ripper" and I have to say, I find that a little offensive. This is a wonderfully written tale, told with such imagery and emotion pouring from every page, reminiscent of an era when movies were epic and actors were movie stars. To throw it in with suc [...]

    7. I'm a huge fan of pirate stories with a healthy dose of romance. Pirates are the ultimate alpha males and Simone Dante does not disappoint. What I loved about this story was the equally strong and stubborn heroine, Beau Spence. Isabeau wasn't the swooning maiden, but rather a well-respected merchant sea-woman, skillful both at the helm of a ship and in drawing charts. All of this and a sharp tongue (and filthy mouth) to go with it. Both Simon and Beau have sworn off serious relationships with th [...]

    8. So this really should have been 4 starsReally. It should have been four fricking stars. Why? Naval battles, adventure, a story well told. I loved that all. I mean it took me awhile to get in to it, but once the adventure started, it was awesome. It's more of a historical fiction than a romance. In fact, the romance seemed secondary to the adventure which is all fine a good. My issues? Well, hide your eyes if you're squeamish. Runny vaginas. Pouty vaginas. Are you fricking kidding me. Hey, I know [...]

    9. This is the kind of novel where you're pretty sure you're learning lots of historical stuff, in this case lots and lots of nautical stuff, but all you care about is when the hero and heroine are going to get on with it. Which is a complete indictment of my current state of shallowness, and no criticism of the author. Marsha Canham delivers classic historical romance: wan accurate rendering of a different time frothed up by a completely over-the-top robust romance.

    10. Great book. The Pirate Wolf aka Simon Dante's partner leaves him to battle alone with in his battered ship. He survives and after drifting for some time is rescued by Beau Spence and her father & their merchant ship. She's sailed for 8 years with her father and can do anything on the ship, including fight. But Wolf needs the ship and forces a alliance that she is not happy about. Lots of adventure and sexual tension and some pretty good bedroom scenes too.

    11. I had never read a pirate themed book before, but I enjoyed this one a lot :)will read the rest of the series eventually.

    12. England's Sea Hawks and Romance on the High Seas--Wonderful!!Marsha Canham has done it again! A wonderful first in her Pirate Wolf trilogy--adventure and love on the high seas!Set in the time of Queen Elizabeth's "sea hawk" captains who ruled the seas with her tacit approval and disturbed the growing Spanish armada, this well-told tale features a wonderful heroine, Beau (Isabeau Spence), a long-legged, red-haired, golden-eyed beauty of 20, who stole away to sea as a young girl to be a part of he [...]

    13. Historic Romance/Adventure I made it almost 30% through the book before giving up, even though this book would have earned me a whopping twenty points in the lovely scavenger hunt known as the Seasonal Reading Challenge Group.But, alas, this book fails my number one test, likeable characters. I prefer my romance with an undercurrent of laughter, but this book takes itself seriously from the start, with two characters who exhibit nothing but anger.I could not reconcile the inconsistencies in the [...]

    14. Yet another winner from underneath the very talented Ms. Canham's pen. She changed the setting yet again, transferring the reader onto high-seas in this swashbuckling romp.The main reason I loved this book is also the thing that distinguish it from other stories in the pirate/privateer genre. We have a lady pirate, and let me tell you, this chick kicks some serious butt.I loved both Beau and Simon, they were truly explosive together, the action scenes were gripping and descriptive, the passion w [...]

    15. Full of action and adventure, as well as a few grammatical errors, but since it was entertaining, I chose to overlook them. I enjoyed the fact that the female was a strong woman for once, not some simpering doll in a lace doily. The lead is an alpha male, but he's not too overbearing, and the romance is fairly hot. If you like pirate tales, give this one a shot. It's a free download on right now.

    16. It has been a long while since I read these books, but I remember loving the series. It's one of those that I didn't put down until I read them all.

    17. I got this free from . Maybe 3.5I ended up liking this book. The prologue was entertaining but confusing. The first sentence was written wrong and I had to go back and read the prologue twice, just to understand what was happening. This happened again in some parts where the grammar was confusing and incorrect. The first few chapters were hard to get through. Canham is a very detailed writer. Once you begin this book, you can tell that she is very knowledgeable about this pirate area including t [...]

    18. I loved, loved, loved this book! It was almost like reading 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with a romantic twist to it. A really good romantic twist. The best part of this book was the banter between characters, in particular, Beau (Isabeau) Spence and Simon Dante. Hooboy. In a way, I didn't want it to end. Canham writes as if she's a sailor during her off hours and knows the rigging, etc. of a full-masted (or whatever those big sailboats are calledI am not a sailor) - it's all believable. She write [...]

    19. I wish I could give this 2.5 stars, as I can't say I really liked it. I hate to fault this book/the author for this but all the pirate talk, boat, and sea talk was a tad difficult for me to read. Although I have read multiple sea faring/captain/pirate books, this one had, by far, the most nautical references of them. It's not that I didn't understand the terms, I do, it just made the reading a little slower and muddier. However, this could be a good thing or a not so good thing; but for me it di [...]

    20. This book was awesome! Lots of action, romance, and hot sex. Isabeau "Beau" is no simpering little lady. She holds her own very well throughout the whole book. Lots of pirates, treasure, and multiple sea battles. There was never a dull moment and my attention was avidly kept the whole time.After being betrayed Captain Simon Dante and his surviving crew are pulled off their sinking ship by Captain Jonas Spence who captains a merchant ship. Soon the merchant ship is off pirating Spanish ships for [...]

    21. Why cant the fantasy ever be the reality. The way she describes Simon DanteLerd Jesus help me!! *swoons*Dearest Simon,If you exist in this world please hike your sails and make your way to florida. Dump Beau on your way to the nearest island for I shall be waiting by the docks with my breast heaving and all that cliche jazz just for you I shall become the most cliche of characters with tightening loins and all. Yours truly, Bookjunky

    22. I feel like bowing at the feet of Marsha Canham for her ability to write such brilliant sea- faring pirate adventures. Her ability to describe life on board a ship, sea battles and the sheer drama of high seas piracy is nothing short of genius. I loved this story - Dante is a French Lord and English privateer - and Isabeau Spence is the daughter of an English merchantman and has spent her life on board a ship. He is the quintessential buccaneer and she is his brave, strong, fierce counterpart. I [...]

    23. While I liked the book, I felt the characters where lacking some "substance". I found myself wanting to know more about THEM and less about the battles and so on. This was my first read my Marsha Canham and I have the next book The Iron Rose to read. She has great wit and much talent with words. You feel ss though you are there in the book with the characters. I just wanted more from them, more dialog, more emotion, more angst. something! A solid 3 stars.

    24. First of let me start by saying, when I grow up I want to be Isabeau Spence. She is one of the best female characters I've read in a long time. I notice a few people from some of my reading groups had read and liked this book a lot so I knew it must be good. Good is an understatement this book was fantastic, amazing, educational (weird I know but I learned more about boats and "privateering" than ever) I love this book and feel this will be one that has set the bar in pirate romances for me. 5 h [...]

    25. Loved this book - it was an excellent historical romance! The only negative was that it took me a little too long to get into it (and it could have just been me at the time!), so I ended up putting it down and forgot about it for a few months!! Now that I rediscovered it and gave it another chance - it was great!!It is not often that you absolutely love BOTH main characters - both the hero and the heroine were a pleasure to read about! I am too used to hating one or the other

    26. This has some of the best opening scenes ever for an historical romance, both prologue and chapter one. It's set in the world of Elizabethan privateering and it's clear the author has done a fabulous job, not only of the research, but of bringing to life the shipboard world and characters. The excellence of this part of the story unfortunately highlighted that the romance, while still good, didn't have a great deal of depth. An enjoyable read which would probably make a great movie.

    27. Marsha Canham is always good and I probably would have enjoyed this more if I was in the mood for historical romance. But for some reason its been hard for me to get myself in the mood of it. I read this for a buddy challenge read thingy. It has everything one would want and expect in a sea-faring, adventurous, romance novel.

    28. Free book, so why not, right? I couldn't put the book down and finished it so quickly. I'm ended up buying ALL the other e-books from this author. Very witty dialogue, twists and turns, and characters have depth. Simon Dante is a pirate's pirate and Beau is the atypical female lead in this genre, which is a good thing.

    29. Another good read from one of my favorite authors. A pirate who workf for the royal family and a girl who has lived her whole life on a ship with her captain father meet when they rescue Dante's boat when the flounders. Lots of mystery, thrills and a good romance.

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