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Ridiculous When a tortoise named Shelley decides she wants to stay awake and see what winter is like instead of hibernating with her parents Mr and Mrs Tortoise say Ridiculous Shelley is determined though and

  • Title: Ridiculous!
  • Author: Michael Coleman Gwyneth Williamson
  • ISBN: 9781888444049
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a tortoise named Shelley decides she wants to stay awake and see what winter is like instead of hibernating with her parents, Mr and Mrs Tortoise say Ridiculous Shelley is determined, though, and she sets out to explore the snow Soon she finds that her parents may be right a tortoise out in winter is ridiculous But how will she get back to her cozy bed

    Ridiculous Definition of Ridiculous by Merriam Webster His band mates take the stage in ridiculous elf costumes black tights, pointy felt hats Jason Cohen, Rolling Stone, Feb I also poked fun at those ridiculous fins on the Cadillac. Ridiculous Define Ridiculous at Dictionary Slang absurdly or unbelievably good, bad, crazy, etc The concert was ridiculous, their best performance ever Ridiculous Synonyms, Ridiculous Antonyms Thesaurus s, ridyculouse, from Latin ridiculosus laughable, from ridiculus that which excites laughter, from ridere to laugh Shakespeare and other c writers sometimes spelled it rediculous. 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        Coleman was born in Forest Gate, a suburb in east London Not long after he was born, his family moved a few miles east to Barking At the time of his arrival, the area was just starting to recover from the damage it had received during World War II He lived in a house on Bevan Avenue, named after Aneurin Bevan the architect of the National Health Service He lived in that estate for 20 years The area helped develop Coleman s love of sport due to the oblong shaped lanes of grass leading up the estate, which could be used as mini stadiums He pretended to play at various sporting events of the time, e.g the Melbourne Olympics of 1956, the soccer Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, and the games at Lords Cricket ground He still has medals he won for being school champion in the 100m sprint and the long jump As said by Coleman himself My information series Foul Football tries to convey some of the magic I felt about the game of soccer by relating the weird and wonderful history of the game and the personalities it has seen over the years On the fiction side, my series about a junior soccer team called Angels FC tries to bring out the humour and sheer fun that you ll find at the heart of the game when it s played by youngsters who don t even know how to spell the word cynicism Coleman had his first children s book published when he was 46 years of age He has also said I didn t want to become a writer at first I used to teach computer science at a university and my first book was a boring one about computers I livened it up by putting a few jokes in At the end I thought I d try writing a few things, but this time forgetting about the computers and concentrating on the jokes After lots of failures I realised that youngsters enjoy jokes than adults and started writing for them Eighty books later, I m still doing itI write both fact and fiction The Foul Football series are favourite fact books, simply because they re about football On the fiction side, I m just finishing a trilogy called The Bearkingdom They re dark and scary, quite different to anything I ve written before.


    1. This story was about a tortoise called Shelley who couldn't understand why tortoises hibernate during the winter. Shelley's parents tell her it is ridiculous and that she should go sleep, but she waits until her parents are asleep to explore what outside is like. She meets several characters and soon realises that tortoises are not meant to be outside and that her parents were right, for instance a duck has a beak to break through the ice to get food and a dog can run around fast to keep warm. S [...]

    2. One day during the winter hibernation, Shelley the tortoise decided to go out and see what was winter was like, even though Mum and Dad told her not to. Shelley waited for them to fall asleep and then left her warm and cosy shed. Shelley then goes on a journey and meets some animals along the way who all laugh at her and tell her how ridiculous it is that a tortoise is out in winter. Near the end of her journey, once all the other animals have laughed at Shelley and told her repeatedly how ridic [...]

    3. Tortoise hibernate in the winter so it is strange to see one out in about. Shelley the tortoise begins her journey in the snow with other animals.1. Weather2. Animals3. Hibernation

    4. This book would be great for foundation stage and early key stage 1 when they are learning about different seasons. Ridiculous! is set in the winter and talks about how different animals adapt during this season and about hibernation. The story follows a tortoise named Shelley.Shelley, is a young tortoise who doesn’t wish to hibernate like her parents. Instead she wants to go out on an adventure outside of the small shed they are staying in and have a look at what winter is like. “Ridiculous [...]

    5. Preschool age children love to learn new 'big' words and A Silly Snowy Day offers them one, 'ridiculous'. The book also promotes per-reading skills with the repetition in the text. It is a good book to read often until the preschool child learns the story and can pretend to read it to themselves, another pre-reading skill. Pre-reading skills are good predictor points for the child to have success in learning to read in kindergarten. The other plus is my preschool class loves the story and it too [...]

    6. This was an adventurous and sweet story about a tortoise named Shelley who was determined to go outside when it was winter. Everyone told Shelly that it was rediculous that a tortoise was outside when it was winter, and the animals made fun of Shelley and told her that she could not do the same as them. Towards the end of the book Shelley realize that she actually can do something that the other animals cannot do, and that was to go inside her shell when she was about to break the ice. I would u [...]

    7. MicroMort enjoyed this one-there's getting to say "RIDICULOUS" in various animal voices, winter (which he likes) and animals. Trying to read a message into it could be a bit hard (Shelly is told by everyone from her parents to every animal she meets that tortoises shouldn't be out in winter, she goes out anyway, decides they are right and it's too cold, then she shows them all by being faster than they are, flying through the air, and breaking ice not with her beak but her shell-but then she goe [...]

    8. A. This story is about a little turtle who wants to explore winter. While he explores all sorts of different animals keep telling him to go home that winter is not for turtles. Agains all odds the turtle finds something only he can do in the winter and proves everyone wrong.B. I relate to this story because the turtle never gave up. I believe this is something important to teach children.C. I thought this book was really cute with a cute message. But the illustrations are where this book excells [...]

    9. A Silly Snowy Day is about a turtle who is curious about what it is like to not hibernate. His parents tell him that it is cold and there is no food but the turtle refuses to listen and is determined to find out about winter. He soon realizes that winter is not for him and loves to hibernate. You can definitely introduce this story while you have teach a hibernation unit. An activity you can do is have students compare different animals' habitats in the winter. Then, you can have students pick a [...]

    10. This little turtle decides maybe he wont hibernate like his parents told hi to and ends up in all kinds of predicaments. Finally, he decides going to sleep would be best. This is a great book to show how parents really do know what they are talking about when they tell their children to do or not do something. This is also a good book to explain to young children why animals hibernate because it does so in a way that is not too verbose and makes sense.

    11. This book was pretty boring as I was reading it. You could use this book for upper grades to work on sequencing because the words are not hard but there are a lot of events that the tortoise goes through during the story so you could have your students walk through it to remember where he went. You could have this copy for your whole class so they could refer back to their text to remember all of the events.

    12. A tortoise named Shelley decides she wants to explore winter - find out for herself how it looks and feels instead of hibernating like her parents. Even though her parents say it is ridiculous, she still decides to set out after they are snoring. What she learns out there as a tortoise in winter - in a place out of her comfort zone - makes up the rest of the story. My daughter and I read in a 'I read to you, You read to me' style and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    13. Shelley the Turtle wants to go out and experience winter rather than hibernating. She goes out on an adventure only to find herself wanting to be back home.This book is appropriate for Kindergarten to 2nd graders. By reading this you can expand to teaching about winter, hibernation, habitats of animals, etc. This book is also a good book for vocabulary building because it repeats words.

    14. Before I rated the book, I thought of rating it 2 stars. But after I realized what the book is used for, I decided to rate it 3 stars. This story is about a tortoise named Shelley who wants to go out and see what Winter is like. All the animals she meets says, "A tortoise out in winter?Ridiculous!Finally, Shelly goes back to the shed where her mother and father were sleeping. To end the summary, she goes to sleep.

    15. This book was a comical story that students would love. When teaching a lesson on hibernation this would be a complimenting story. There is a silliness to the book that students would enjoy and laugh at. This is a simple book for reading that could be placed in the classroom library after read aloud to the class. Children could start reading this book independently with practice.

    16. This book was read to a first grade class and they loved it! I think it would also be a great book to read in Kindergarten and second also. The lesson that tied in with this book was about synonyms so students got to substitute a synonym for ridiculous every time the word comes up (which is quite frequently). Its catchy and it is very enjoyable.

    17. This is great to use to learn about what kind of animals stay inside for the winter. The tortoise wants to go outside to see how the snow is like. All the other animals are surprised that she is outside. It is very repetitive on some parts. But it surely is entertaining.

    18. I liked this story. I read it to children in a first grade classroom and they also enjoyed it and found it to be humorous. I would read it again to children. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favorite story, but it was cute.

    19. The title of this book blows. This book definately needs a title that reflects the fact that it teaches about reptiles who hibernate. Nothing about the story is silly, and at no point does it actually snow. Who though of this rediculous title??

    20. This book is about exploring and trying out new things, even if other people think you can't. Kids will like the silly pictures and they will learn that everyone has something they are good at! I also think this book is good for working with the letter "s".

    21. Shelley the tortoise is very curious! Her parents are ready to hibernate for the winter but she doesn't want to. When Shelley goes out and explores the winter season, she realizes that she is better off hibernating! This book deals with having confidence and not doubting yourself.

    22. a silly snowy day michael coleman is a book about winter is not for turtles this story is a crazy sequence of events that a turtle exhibits out in the nature during winter and his return home. found in a second grade classroom

    23. This was a cute little story about a tortoise who decides she will not hibernate that year. My kids and I enjoyed the different situations she had to face being awake during winter. Good book for children.

    24. Great for winter. Cute tortoise book! Ridiculous! is one of the repeating words in the book great for building vocab!

    25. Shelley! This little book was really cute. However, the author states that all tortoises hibernate in winter and that just isn't true.

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