Spirit-Controlled Temperament

Spirit-Controlled Temperament

Tim LaHaye / Jul 16, 2019

Spirit Controlled Temperament A superb treatment of the basic human temperaments and how God can use them now revised with new chapters and questions for group study

  • Title: Spirit-Controlled Temperament
  • Author: Tim LaHaye
  • ISBN: 9780842362207
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • A superb treatment of the basic human temperaments and how God can use them, now revised with new chapters and questions for group study.

    Spirit Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye Spirit Controlled Temperament has ratings and reviews Tracy said I read this book over a decade ago and I still have the book I found it fascin Spirit Controlled Temperament Tim LaHaye In Spirit Controlled Temperament, find out who you are predominantly Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, or Phlegmatic But important, find out who you can become Revised and expanded edition Includes a session study guide. Spirit Controlled Temperament Kindred Grace Tim LaHaye s book Spirit Controlled Temperament examines the four basic temperaments while discussing how Christians can live Spirit filled lives In a friendly but honest fashion, Dr LaHaye introduces the reader to the strengths and weaknesses of the Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic temperaments. Spirit Controlled Temperament, Revised Tim LaHaye In Spirit Controlled Temperament, Dr Tim LaHaye shows us how God can transform your natural weaknesses and make you a dynamic and effective Christian Whether you are a Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, or Phlegmatic, you can learn how to live above anger, fear, depression, and selfishness. Spirit Controlled Temperament book by Tim LaHaye Buy a cheap copy of Spirit Controlled Temperament book by Tim LaHaye A superb treatment of the basic human temperaments and how God can use them, now revised with new chapters and questions for group study Free shipping over . Spirit Controlled Temperament ebay SPIRIT CONTROLLED TEMPERAMENT This is a great book about personalitites and peoplea must read I already have copies of the book and wanted to share this information with many other people It has such insight on people s behavior and attitudes that is important in dealing with other people. Spirit Controlled Temperament Tim LaHaye Temperament You re born with distinct strengths, but also weaknesses that can hold you back God wants to transform your natural weaknesses to make you a dynamic, effective Christian who lives above anger, fear, depression, and selfishness. spirit controlled temperament Essay Words Cram Spirit Controlled Temperament Outline Crystal D Coats Jacksonville Theological Seminary August , For Course Spirit Controlled Temperament Lesson One Part I A Siblings are always of the same temperament B Temperament theory is the final answer to the human behavior C. Spirit Controlled Temperament Scribd Dec , Spirit Controlled Temperament was the first book on the subject of temperament written in English and for Christians Since then I have written Transformed Temperaments, a biblical study of Peter the Sanguine, Paul the Choleric, Moses the Melancholy, and Abraham the Phlegmatic. Spirit controlled temperament LaHaye, Tim F Free Spirit controlled temperament Item Preview remove circle or phlegmatic, with a combination of traits from two or groups Given a person s natural temperament, the Holy Spirit can manifest supernatural characteristics in his life God s Spirit can release an individual from a life of anger, fear, depression, indecisiveness,

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    1. I read this book over a decade ago and I still have the book. I found it fascinating how God works with us to change us but still allow us to keep our personalities intact. He smoothes out some of our rough edges and strengthens our best traits. It also helped me to see that different people having different strengths and weaknesses.

    2. My basic temperament? Maestro Melancholy. Read this book to discover your temperament's stengths and weakness and how to become a better you through the power of the Holy Spirit.I also recommend "Daughters of the King" by Gail M Hayes to any woman who enjoyed this book as much as I did.

    3. This book is an eye-opener to knowing oneself better and celebrating God's creativity in each person. Though knowing these things may lead to justifying ill behavior and the like, Dr. Tim Lahaye has provided a good balance and action prompt in taking this realizations into God's standards.

    4. I like this book bc it showed me that some "annoying" characteristics can't be helped's just the way you were made. I also learned I have the most annoying characteristics!

    5. I read this book years ago. It was amazing for someone of my particular temperament. I found the book immensely helpful. It allowed me to give myself a little grace, to understand the bundle of strengths and weaknesses that seemed to be intrinsic to me, and to accept that each weakness is probably the "bad" side of a good trait. Of course, the book also helped me give grace to others, particularly those who are so unlike me that I might previously have envied their gifts while simultaneously con [...]

    6. LaHaye gives a clear analysis of personalities both with and without the influence of the indwelling gift of the Holy Spirit. To do so he utilizes the ancient four temperaments: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic. Though some would find this system archaic, LaHaye makes a clear and reasonable defense for this choice. While this book is certainly of clinical interest for the counseling professional or student, the writing is engaging and clear enough for a layperson. I would recommend [...]

    7. This was recommended to me by the pastor who married my husband and I. It was deceptively simple at first, I wasn't sure how much I'd get out of it, but it had some interesting thoughts to glean off of and the temperament method he ascribes to seems well balanced, I could easily see myself and others I'm close to in them. I occasionally found myself annoyed with his language about self-pity, but that may be more to do with my proneness to do that exactly.

    8. I can truly say that this book help me to change my life. Learning about the four temperaments and learning how I could learn to "temper" my negative tendencies has made a profound impact on how I live.

    9. This was a great book! The author had an interesting point of view, made me want to read more of his non-fiction books.

    10. The idea of four temperaments seems to me a bit simplistic—though, as mentioned in the book, there's value as well in such simplicity to help people distill what is immediately actionable. Overall, I wasn't particularly drawn to the concept of the four temperaments, though certainly the book does an adequate job of differentiating each in very accessible language. While I feel like some of the opinions laced through the book are outdated, I do think that there's particular value for Christians [...]

    11. Christian NonFiction Life ChangingI would place this book, along with The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman, into the must read category for any marriage. Or for any parent for that matter.The chapter on anger is invaluable, making the book worth the price, even if that's all you read. And ladies, if you think your husband is the only one with an anger issue, think again. LaHaye makes a convicting case for emotional hurt being a form of anger. There is also a chapte [...]

    12. Actual rating: 3.5 stars.I read this with the women's group at church, and am admittedly not sure if I would have picked it up otherwise. I do enjoy thinking about and analyzing temperaments and personalities, but tend to favor Myer-Briggs (and, more recently, DISC).That being said--I think the four temperaments LaHaye uses are difficult to pin down, which he does acknowledge. The four temperaments are broad enough that I can't really think of anyone, myself included, that fits all (or even most [...]

    13. I was excited that I was able to order a copy of this for our library. Therefore, I know I have read a similar copy by this author on temperaments of which may be this copy I am reading now. If so, this was over 10 years ago and need a refresher. I know there is usually not one temperament that you will fall into and usually a blend of traits but originally came about 400 years before Christ from Greek philosopher: Hippocrates, which even some have taken the Hippocratic Oath in the medical field [...]

    14. The parts of this book that have to do with the four temperaments (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic) are really good. But LaHaye (yes that LaHaye) drifts a little in the middle of the book as he talks about different worldly traits (anger, fear, depression, etc.). It originally sounded like he was going to address each of these potential pitfalls directly as they affected each temperament. But he just kinda talked about them in general.The best parts of the book were the beginning and [...]

    15. The greatest thing about God and his love is that the truth of it overwhelms me; the truth that no matter our weaknesses, God accepts us as we are but provides us with the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome those same weaknesses, and become all that he created us to be. This book really taught me a lot about the Holy Spirit and about myself, as well as why you can suffer from anger, fear, and depression. Great book and such a quick read!

    16. A useful book for self understanding however, it does leave you wondering exactly where you fit into the temperament types. On the upside it says change is possible and it points out how this is possible. Also it doesn't just talk about the weaknesses or strengths of each trait, it is a well balanced book. Yet, it was a little repetative and as such i would say it is a book to dip in and out of rather than read cover to cover

    17. I think I read another book of his on this subject-an older one I like better. But this subject is a subject I really get into so was fun to read. It can help you with the genetically way you were mad through god to be on the positive part of your personality instead of the sinful. really helps you understand and not misunderstand-as i did to people for years-why everyone is not like "your own little world."

    18. is it possible that my temperament has COMPLETELY changed from the time i first read this in 2001? because i was flipping through this today and realized that of all the things that stood out to me the first time, few of them are still applicable. i don't remember this being a super profound book, but interesting and a touch insightful. and kind of fun, as i'm addicted to those "personality type" tests. i may re-read to see what "temperament" i am now, 7 years later.

    19. I first read this book about 30 years ago and remembered that I liked it. My interest was re-piqued after reading about how the Medievals viewed the temperaments in The Discarded Image by C.S. Lewis. This is a very interesting book. I liked how the author stressed the importance of having the Holy Spirit in control in order to use our temperaments for God's glory.

    20. This was an awesome, eye-opening book. I read and discussed this with a ladies group and it really helped us to better relate to each other.You learned about the 4 temperaments, their blends, strengths and weaknesses.If you want to learn about how you operate and how to relate better with others, this is a great book to explore!

    21. A very good book to understand self and all those around. Most importantly, it makes me understand why I have those weaknesses, and through the Holy Spirit, I can overcome them and live an abundant life. Strongly recommended for all Christians.

    22. Just finished reading Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHayeExcellent book & teaching!! This book will help you understand people much better when you learn & study the 4 Temperament & personality types.A must read !

    23. This was a great book on being filled with the Holy Spirit and using the fruits of the spirit to strengthen the weaknesses associated with our natural born temperaments. It is the best study I have read on personality and becoming who God made me to be.

    24. Read this book for the first time twenty years ago. I have found it very useful in helping me to understand not only my strengths and weaknesses but also others who cross my path. Its helped me to extend grace more readily.

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