Exit Here.

Exit Here.

Jason Myers / Jan 22, 2020

Exit Here Enter apathy Travis is back from college for the summer and he s just starting to settle in to the usual pattern at home drinking drugging watching porn and hooking up But Travis isn t settling in

  • Title: Exit Here.
  • Author: Jason Myers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Enter apathy Travis is back from college for the summer, and he s just starting to settle in to the usual pattern at home drinking, drugging, watching porn, and hooking up But Travis isn t settling in like he used to something isn t right Maybe it s that deadly debauch in Hawaii, the memories of which Travis can t quite shake Maybe it s Laura, Travis s ex, who reapEnter apathy Travis is back from college for the summer, and he s just starting to settle in to the usual pattern at home drinking, drugging, watching porn, and hooking up But Travis isn t settling in like he used to something isn t right Maybe it s that deadly debauch in Hawaii, the memories of which Travis can t quite shake Maybe it s Laura, Travis s ex, who reappears on the scene after a messy breakup and seems to want to get together or not Or maybe it s his suddenly sensing how empty and messed up his life is, and wanting out But once you re at the party, it s tough to leave

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        There is than one author with this nameJason Myers was born in 1980 and raised on a farm ten miles outside of the small town of Dysart, Iowa Afterhe graduated high school, he moved to San Francisco where he studiedfilm at the Academy of Art University It was there, after taking aScreenwriting 3 class that he met and studied under the inspiring instructorand author James Dalessandro James helped Myers grasp the value ofhaving great stories within the story and also the value of pacing He alsotaught him how to structure his stories in a way that made the reader feelinvested Myers then sat down in early 2003 and began working on whatwould become the first draft of Exit Here He signed with literary agentGary Heidt and in 2005, at the age of 24, he signed a major publishingdeal with Simon Schuster Exit Here would go on to be released in Mayof 2007 and thus far the book has sold over 90, 000 copies worldwide.In 2010, Myers second book, The Mission, also on Simon Schuster,was released worldwide The book went into its third printing six monthsafter its release and has already sold nearly 30,000 copies to date Myersrecently signed a new two book deal with Simon Schuster His next book,Dead End, a Midwestern Gothic back roads chase thriller will be released on6.14.2011 and his fourth book is set to be released in the Summer of2012.Myers continues to reside in San Francisco and writes full time.


    1. Oh mah odd, I cannot begin to explain how terrible and disappointing this book was. I thought it would be one of those angsty unforgettable books that you throw at all your friends because it changed your life. WRONG.This book was unbelievably redundant: trashy, horny white kids who do coke ALL THE TIME and listen to crappy music. That's all this book was about. Every other page was "snorting rails" or having sex. There is a slut and every single character must be good-looking and the protagonis [...]

    2. Everyone has a small collection of books on their shelves at home that speak to you in a way no one will ever understand. It's those few books that have made you cry, have changed your life, have made you think in a completely different way. 'Exit Here' by Jason Myers is one of those books.Though the content is raw, inappropriate, and absolutely crude, it's realistic. It's scary. It's chilling. It gives you goosebumps and it shows the good and the bad of the human nature. It isn't formatted and [...]

    3. Could this book be more misogynistic? Nothing really bad happens to any of the male characters (Cliff being the exception, I guess), yet we see almost the entire female cast suffer sexual or physical abuse, end up HIV positive or dead, thought of only as sex objects or as the subject of fashion jokes. How am I supposed to feel any sympathy at all for the main character Travis, who is the world's biggest jerk, hypocrite, and pathetic whiny loser? Who was this book really written for? Someone plea [...]

    4. Supposedly this is a YA novel, but it reads like a 30-something trying to write like a teenager. I was completely confused by what the time period was supposed to be--references to Wonder Years, Mr. Belvedere, and Saved by the Bell combined with vast amounts of cocaine made me think it was the 80's but cell phones and text messaging made me think otherwise. Not a modern-forward thinking book on any level. Jim Beam, American Apparel, and 400 Blows must have paid Myers for product placement. Chara [...]

    5. I can't believe that this dude essentially rewrote LESS THAN ZERO then managed to get Simon Pulse to package this as a YA book. I was kind of fascinated that this was the dumbing-down of a great book and then incredibly irritated that I read this entire thing. The author's bio is priceless: "Jason Myers has lived the EXIT HERE LIFE lived close enough to guys like Travis to know how to tell this story right." If that doesn't stand out as a plea to take his 'creds' seriously, then I don't know wha [...]

    6. I have just joined this site, and I figured this book should be the first book I put a review in for. Jason Myers is such a powerful writer! His material he gives is so raw and there's no skirting around the powerful and intense words that he puts on the page. "Exit Here" is one of my ultimate favorite books and everything written in it is so in your face and it hits you like a brick wall. the character is simply mysterious in his own way, and he doesn't always do the right things but he has the [...]

    7. This Book is about this poor little rich white boy who wants to make a "Change" in his life and start over. So how does he show the reader this, you ask? He continues to party and drink and do drugs and have sex. Yep all the good stuff. And this goes on forever. Mind you, he's in college a time in your life where these things should be understandable and okay to do. Anyway this book is fulled with card board cut outs of what Jason Myers calls characters and scenes in the book that are there to " [...]

    8. When I was reading this book, I was in an angsty kind of mood. I wanted to read something from YA fiction to fuel that feeling. I don't normally read things from the young adult section, but this book surprised me by being something veryenjoyable.I think that there are a lot of YA books out there that have been fluffed up by people who want to be careful what they say to teenagers, they have been embellished until the story no longer resembles anything close to reality, or they are written by pe [...]

    9. "I lean closer to her, planting my hands above her shoulders, and we rub the tips of our tongues together. 'Spit in my mouth,' she says. I draw a glob of saliva to the front of my mouth and drop it into hers. 'Awesome,' she swallows." Ah, young loveGod, am I glad to have finished this book. This is probably one of the top five worst books I've ever readI don't think I've ever rated a book one star before! When I read the author's note I learned that Exit Here is his first book - and you know, I [...]

    10. This review box only asks me what I think, not of a fully-written critique. So I'm just going to say what I think. This book blew my mind.Every time I read it I pick up something new. Myers's writing style is brilliant. When I read it, I don't picture the book being by written by some older guy thinking back on his life as a young man and writing it from the older man's perspective. Rarely when I read a book do I forget the author exists. This book made me forget that Travis Wayne doesn't actual [...]

    11. Exit Here by Jason Myers is a very good book. His imagination for this book is wonderful. The drugs, smoking, and alcohol are a daily routine for main character Travis Wayne. After high school in California, Travis went to college in Arizona but dropped out without telling his parents and took off for Hawaii. He did some bad things while he was there for about a week. When he came home, he thought things were going to be how they were before he left for college. Unfortunately things cannot be pi [...]

    12. I'm not done yet, but nothing this book does from this point on can redeem it. It's so horrible and stupid I just can't.UPDATE: (finished)So we know that old saying don’t judge a book by its cover, right?God, isn’t that just a great cover?Which is why I am SO ANGRY that this book sucks as much as it does. I’ve been wanting to read Exit Here because of its cover for the longest time and last week I found it at a low price, so I went for it. And that was a bad decision…in fact, I’m defin [...]

    13. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll—a few of the cornerstones of realistic young adult literature. Now throw in a good portion of porn, rape, murder and a cast of callus, delinquent (even criminal) characters that have no respect for themselves or others—yes, we are still talking about young adult fiction. All of these, and more, can be found in "Exit Here" (2007), by Jason Myers. So what could possibly be the value of having a book like Exit Here on the young adult classroom or library shelf? Mye [...]

    14. Travis goes to college and has a chance in life but after a trip to Hawaii he's life changes.He drops out of college and returns home.He does drugs and parties but after a while , he discovers that his ex is dating somebody else and that life is not like what it used to be.His friends have changed for the worst.Cliff is into some dirty business and his life is at risk.Chris's girlfriend is unfaithful to him but yet Travis can't say nothing.Travis's sister is doing drugs and partying with people [...]

    15. The author tries so hard to make it edgy, it got annoying. He also tries to garner sympathy for the main character. Yeah right. Why should I feel bad for some spoiled rich little coke head with no sense of responsibility? It was awful. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for books with sex scenes and drug use, but it got annoying when every other moment they were getting high. *SPOILER* And it was especially annoying how the exact same thing happened to Kyle, Chris, and Travis.

    16. Samantha Wise Specific events & Plot : There is a nineteen year old boy named Travis Wayne who flunks out of college and goes back home. When Travis was thirteen him and his buddies started selling and smoking weed. Now one of his best friends Kyle is a coke dealer and all of them do coke and get drunk almost every night. When Travis gets home from college he starts partying , going out and getting messed up. He starts hanging out with his old friends Kyle, Michael, Claire and Emily. One nig [...]

    17. This is a big fat no. The book is written poorly and the characters are annoying. I can't subject myself to this drivel anymore, I cannot finish this book.

    18. Travis is your average cool kid who has it all going for him – tons of drugs, rad friends, an amazing girlfriend and rich parents. Not to mention his “Johnny Depp” good looks. However, after returning from a year in school and a particularly nasty trip in Hawaii, things aren’t the same for Trav. His friends notice, his family notices and Travis can tell as well. As he tries to put his former life back together he realizes that maybe it wasn’t ever together in the first place. I liked t [...]

    19. This book is told in 1st person by Travis (the main character). Exit Here about a 19 year old boy named Travis Wayne. Travis is caught up in a lot of drugs, alcohol, he doesn’t work, and he just dropped out of college. He has nothing going for him in his life at all when he comes home from Hawaii. Before he left after Senior Year of HighSchool, he was the popular kid that had the highest reputation (which wasn't always good.) Everyone and anyone knew who Travis Wayne was. His father had Travi [...]

    20. Authors Writing: When Jason Myers wrote this book, it was his first book. You could only imagine how nervous he was to release it but also excited at the same time. He has a way with words. By that I mean, everything he says is powerful. He makes the characters bounce in and out of emotions which makes it interesting therefore you gotta read more. He has written five novels in total and lives in San Francisco, California. The time period of this book is present. Throughout the whole book it does [...]

    21. Imagine you are returning to your hometown and nothing is the same. Your future seems bleek, your boyfriend or girlfriend of 5 years now has a new relationship. All of your best friends have gone off the deep end, including yourself. Drugs are the only thing there is to turn to. Your parents don't trust nor like you and they keep pushing for things that just aren't possible. Maybe this doesn't seem too bad just yet, but it gets a whole lot worse. In the novel Exit Here by Jason Meyers, Travis, a [...]

    22. Personal Response: This is one of the most enticing books I have ever read. The dialogue grabs you by the throat, and the anticipation of what is coming keeps you reading. I related with Travis very much and I took many life lessons out of this book. The reality of the book really hit me hard, and it made me think how easily something so bad can happen to such good people.Plot:"Exit Here." is a story about Travis Wayne and the wrong path he took in his earlier life. He is since trying to get out [...]

    23. The reason that I kept reading the book was because, to me it was very interseting and something that caught my attention because some of the things it talks about in the book also can relate to my own life and the things that I have seen go on around my friends and at parties. My favorite character had to be the main character, Travis. The reason that he was my favorite character probably was because out of everybody in the book he seemed to have things more in control in his life then most of [...]

    24. I picked this up from the library's new release shelf (something like five years ago, mind you) and was already home when I realized it was YA fiction. It wasn't because I saw the genre printed on the back. No, this book reads like it was written by a relatively vapid individual who knows little to nothing about building a solid story. I don't think it's necessary for books intended for tweens to be poorly written, devoid of substance, or lacking emotional maturity. It's basically doing a disser [...]

    25. This book was what I expected it to be, which is a good thing. I was hoping to read something grittier, akin to Brett Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk. Jason Myers delivered. While I didn't totally sympathize with Travis (though I think that was intentional), I didn't feel he deserved the crappy social life and family life he had in California. Though there is an extreme amount of descriptive drug abuse, sex, and musician name dropping, I found Exit Here very entertaining in its great character [...]

    26. This book annoyed me. The entire time I read it.I feel as if Myers relied too much on physical descriptions of characters, as if describing what a person wears gives an accurate portrayal of their personality. It’s littered with hipster references that have nothing to do with the plot or story at hand. They’re simply there. Annoying in a way only a hipster could love.Once you're able to ignore the constant plugging for the hipster lifestyle the severe drug abuse and general lack of interest [...]

    27. This book was really good, even if it took me a long time to finish it.It's about a nineteen year old boy named Travis Wayne, who hangs out with the wrong crowd. He starts doing coke while in Hawaii, and leaves in fear of something that happens there. Would be a spoiler to say what happens, but the book was really great.In essence, it's about self doubt and learning what it means to have a purpose in life. The main character is empty inside and confused. I really did enjoy going on the journey w [...]

    28. This is a rehash of Ellis' "Less Than Zero" for the Death Cab for Cutie generation. That's okay, but at least acknowledge that it is. Though I dearly love trangressive fiction, I have to be honest and say that I'm not sure I like the idea marketed to a YA audience in this way (but I admit that is a problem on my end, not the fault of the novel). At some point, I expected that, given the title, Myers would reveal his Bret Easton Ellis influencee title all but screams it, and the style of the pros [...]

    29. Lets get this straight, this book was really screwed up. I don't ever want to read a book with that much swearing in it again. In the end, it was fairly pointless and the subplot was way too buried in everything else to make any difference or impact. However, the writing style was fairly enjoyable. (Minus the profanity) It was original and seemingly rough around the edges. Which fit the book very well. The ending of the book was fitting, doing all the characters justice. Which isnt much to say, [...]

    30. Wow that is what i have to say about this book is WOW! You can read anymore things as Raw as this book. i have to say if it wasnt so foward i would not like it. SO basic info it is about travis and he just came home from a trip from Hawii and something happend in that trip something that changed him as a person becuase he isnt the same travis that his old buddies come to relize when he is home longer. all of these kids are just basicly snoty rich kids that are coke heads and all they do isparty [...]

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