Passion, Betrayal And Killer Highlights

Passion, Betrayal And Killer Highlights

Kyra Davis / Sep 21, 2019

Passion Betrayal And Killer Highlights Sophie Katz is back in this sequel to Sex Murder and a Double Life and this time it s her sister who s in trouble after finding her husband s lifeless body in the living room just a few hours aft

  • Title: Passion, Betrayal And Killer Highlights
  • Author: Kyra Davis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sophie Katz is back in this sequel to Sex, Murder, and a Double Life , and this time, it s her sister who s in trouble after finding her husband s lifeless body in the living room just a few hours after he d announced he was leaving her for another woman.

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        New York Times bestselling author of JUST ONE NIGHT, DECEPTIVE INNOCENCE, the Sophie Katz mysteries, SO MUCH FOR MY HAPPY ENDING and the upcoming DANGEROUS ALLIANCE, JUST ONCE MORE and JUST ONE LIE July 28th, 2015.


    1. Another fantastic, light vacation read. Perfect reading for the plane and for sitting in airports for long layovers.I'm glad I've finally gotten around to discovering Sophie Katz and her delightful side-kicks. In this book, Sophie, Anatoly and Leah are investigating Leah's husband's murder. Leah (Sophie's sister) is suspect #1 as Bob was shot on the same day he told her he'd been having an affair and was leaving her for another woman.This is another series I'd compare favorably to Stephanie Plum [...]

    2. With a title like this, it didn't have to be good! I started this late one night/early one morning after finishing Laura Lippman's What the Dead Know--which was simply too unsettling to send your subconscious off into 5-6 hours of obsessing over--and it was just the trick. Main character Sophie Katz is a mystery writer cum-slightly incompetent but well-intentioned detective (a la Stephanie Plum as bounty hunter in Janet Evanovich's series) whose sister has just learned that her husband is having [...]

    3. This second book in the series brings Sofie and her Russian love interest, Anatoly, closer together as they try to prove her sister Leah is innocent of murdering her womanizing husband. The two sisters seem as different as night and day. Frankly, even for a light-hearted chick-lit, Leah gets on my nerves a bit and her poor parenting skills seem off-kilter for a woman who coveted being a wife and mother and providing her executive husband with all the material appearances of a perfect life. I thi [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! If was a bright, funny mystery novel featuring half black-half Jewish mystery writer Sophie Katz. Her wanna be Martha Stewart sister, Leah is accused of the murder of her husband Bob.But Sophie is convinced of Leah's innocence. She hires the handsome Russian PI Anatoly to help investigate Bob's murder. The two of them uncover facts about Bob's double life and the two of them get closer together as well.Like I said, this book was fun. I loved the characterizations [...]

    5. Great follow up to the adventures of Sophie Katz. Once again she gets involved with people she shouldn't have but manages to make it work in the end with help from her handsome Russian crush and her band of friends: hairdresser, make up consultant, and sex toy shop keeper. The book series is fast paced and entertainingly funny.

    6. This book just didn't have enough substance to keep me interested. I was hoping to find something comparable to Janet Evanivitch but it fell flat. I found the humor was mostly in the form of sarcastic one liners. I can't say that the plot really worked for me either.

    7. This was one of two Davis books that I read within a twenty four hour period this weekend, with the only reason I didn't finish the third one being that at some point I did have to sleep. These books were that addicting. This book picks up where the last left off, with Sophie trying to help her sister Leah while also attempting to win back the affections of Anatoly, the guy she mistook for a homicidal murderer in book one. (Hey, a girl can make a mistake, right?) I'm going to be somewhat spoiler [...]

    8. The relationships between each and all of the characters is what makes this series so special, entertaining, humorous, and fun. It is not unimaginable that someone like Sophie would refuse to listen to warnings and investigate her brother in laws death. It is also not unimaginable that someone would go to any length to stop her.

    9. I began this book on audio immediately after finishing the first (which literally got me hooked to this series). I loved the first one SO much that I may have had really really high expectations. Having said that, this book was good, but didn't pick up in my opinion till the last third. Also for some reason, Sophie's compulsive lying and inability to almost never have a serious moment really began to ware on me. Though they are her main traits (which I found funny in the first book)I think it wa [...]

    10. This book wasn't as surprising as the first one. I figured out a decent part of the mystery quicker this time around. (Glad my brain is still working!) Also, there was a bit more talk about sex in this book than the last one well, more of the actual act described instead of fantasizing about it. (That prompted my boyfriend to ask if that's how women felt about sex) :D There was a decent emphasis on family instead of friends, which always makes me miss my younger sister. I really do love Sophie's [...]

    11. Entertaining - in the style of Janet Evanovitch's Stephanie Plum stories. The main characters are jewish/black american, so an interesting twist. The narrator did a good job.Narrated by Gabra Zackman9 hrs and 42 minsPublisher's SummarySophie Katz has just offered a man $12,000 for his services. Is she desperate or just meshugeneh?Considering the kind of disasters that usually befall the half-black, half-Jewish mystery writer, probably both. Because the last time Sophie saw sexy P.I. Anatoly Dari [...]

    12. Sex, Passion and Killer Highlights, by Kyra Davis. B.Produced by audible in partnership with the publisher, Harlequin.This is the second book in a series published by harlequin in partnership with Audible. Sophie and Leah Katz are Jewish on their mother’s side of the family and African-American on their father’s side of the family. Sophie, the protagonist, is a crime fiction writer. Leah calls Sophie in tears because her husband has just informed her that he wants a divorce to marry a younge [...]

    13. Kyra Davis - Passion, Betrayal and Killer HighlightsRed Dress Inc, 2006.Following Davis' fiery debut novel to the Sophie Katz series, Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights comes as a bit of a let down. The suspense is surely lacking for the first portion of the story. Sophie encounters a new type of terror, one that threatens her slightly annoying, but still blood, sister. Despite the potential this story has, the plot fails to ever thicken enough to stand up to its predecessor. The supposed " [...]

    14. This was a fun listen. There were some good, laugh-out-loud moments, a couple of slow bits, and there really are mystery & suspense involved. I can usually figure out who committed the crime relatively early in a book, but not so much these. Kyra Davis has recurring and peripheral characters, and maybe if she fleshed out the peripheral ones a little more, it could serve to heighten the mystery, though conversely, it may make it too easy to figure out. There are generally 3 things I want from [...]

    15. Kyra Davis knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat, or at least surprised at the tangled web she weaves. When Leah, Sophie's sister, finds out her husband is cheating, she cries on Sophie's shoulder. When that same husband turns up dead, Leah is Suspect #1 and again turns to Sophie. Sophie turns to Anatoly, hiring him to do the private investigation that will unearth the real killer.Nobody will say anything bad about Bob (except Leah), so who would have wanted him dead? His devoted secret [...]

    16. This is the second book in the series, and it is the second one that I have read. In this book, mystery writer Sophie is up to her usual clumsy and fun sleuthing skills when she has to help her sister. Sophie's sister, Leah is a murder suspect this time, and Sophie enlists her favorite PI to help them find the real killer.This was another quick, fun read from Kyra Davis. I was glad to see the return of Anatoly and more development of his relationship with Sophie. I was not sure if he would retur [...]

    17. I absolutely loved the first book in this series, and unfortunately was let down a little bit by this book. I knew within the first few chapters the few paths this book could take. I didn't feel there was the element of surprise or suspense I felt when I read Sex, Murder and a Double Latte.That being said, this was still a great read and I read it in roughly a 24 hour period. I'm 100% on Team Anatoly - so I was very happy with his presence in the book. This is a great book that combines chick li [...]

    18. Ok. So I was rolling my eyes at times, but it was just as fun of a read as the first. Yeah, its predictable. Yeah, it has it's fair share of clichés. Oh, but it was fun. So if you're looking for a light and fun escape, then its definitely worth it. But if you're looking for something smart and intellectually challenging, don't even think about picking this one up. Though it was just as fun as the first book in the series- I didn't run out and buy the next book in the series. After two books, I [...]

    19. I really like this author's writing, it's funny and interesting and the story keeps me hooked. Once again the characters were great. It was nice seeing characters from the first book have a bigger role in this one, giving them more background. I figured out who done it late in the book but even then I wasn't completely correct so I like that's actually a mystery.I wanted to read the third book but I'm not sure the library have that one but has the rest in the series so I'm skipping it and going [...]

    20. i thought this book was awesome first i was so happy when anatoly and sophie finally get together and i was happy with the story i loved all the characters and i loved sophie. plus i loved the sex scenes it was cool and HHOOTT and it was cool i mean the way anatoly was tempting sophie with her coffe addiction doing all those things with the coffee beans that was H.O.T plus it was funny too i just love romantic comedies with a little murder on the side if like books like that and love the smart a [...]

    21. A fun family adventure ans a murder mystery. This is the second of the Sophie Katz novels, I like Sophie so much that I will have to find the first of this series and read on. In short, Sophie an author and mischief maker finds herself suddenly trying to clear her homemaker, straight-laced sister of the murder of her filandering ordinary husband. With the assistance of Sopie's seemingly nemesis Anatoly who happens to be a private investigator their detective hyjinx begin. Enjoyable to the last p [...]

    22. What ruined this book for me was when the writer quipped about how someone was acting like they had Asperger's, because of their lack of social skills. My son has Asperger's Syndrome (a high-functioning Autism) and I didn't see this as funny or cute. She also used God's name in vain REPEATEDLY. However, if the above does not bother you, you may like it. It has a fast-paced story with plenty of twists and turns. I gave the 1 star, because the criteria on GoodReads says that 1 star means I "didn't [...]

    23. This book was an excellent sequel for me. While I did feel like the story played out very closely to the end of the last book and was therefore a tad unrealistic, I loved how this author does not feel the need to introduce several new characters of varying levels of neuroses to keep the prose exciting. This mystery was a slightly harder to crack in my opinion because of the layers of crime and indiscretions going on with the victims in the book, but at the same time it was a good read because it [...]

    24. I somehow managed to transpose books 2 and 3 in this series, but I was easy to figure out the gaps. A great story that will really keep you guessing who did it and why. Like the others, it's filled with comedy, suspense and a little romance.I am not a fan of Sophie's sister, who's accused of murder in this one, but she does lighten up a bit in this one and we get to see more from Sophie's very Jewish mother, who's a real hoot. And not to forget Anatoly, their relationship picks up in this book. [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book! I especially liked that it picked up right where the first book ended so there wasn't a lot of lost time where I was left to guess what was going on. I got caught up in this book much quicker than I did in the first one and I seriously could not put it down. It was very fast paced and overall an excellent read.I do wish we got to see a little bit more of Marcus, Dena, and Mary Ann. Especially since they were such major players in the first book. Their contributions in [...]

    26. Okay, so I liked this way better than the first of the series, which gives me hope, that if the author could make such a jump, especially as it's the second book that usually is the weakest in a series, then I may come to really enjoy the next one.Albeit Sophie still acts just plain stupid a lot of times, she did show more sense overall. As for Anatoly - sigh. I'm sorry, he just doesn't do it for me all that much. He changes his colors way too often. Frankly said, I see more sparks in her intera [...]

    27. I was looking on iTunes for a good audio book to keep me busy while at the lake with my four teens & their friends. I found "Sex,Murder and a Double Latte" by: Kyra Davis and couldn't stop listening!Now I've listened to or read all the books in The Sophie Katz series and can't wait for more!!No matter how hard Sophie tries she just can't seem to stop getting involved in solving murder mysteries.Sophie and her friends keep you drawn into every story right up until the last word.Sophie's relat [...]

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