Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers

Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers

Jim Benton / Jun 27, 2019

Okay So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers Bestselling author Jamie Kelly has been keeping diaries for years and each one just gets funnier But she has no idea that anyone is reading them So please please please don t tell her Something stra

  • Title: Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers
  • Author: Jim Benton
  • ISBN: 9780545116152
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bestselling author Jamie Kelly has been keeping diaries for years and each one just gets funnier But she has no idea that anyone is reading them So please, please, please don t tell her.Something strange is happening at Mackerel Middle School Even stranger than Jamie and Isabella becoming friends with Angeline Which is still really, really strange Jamie can suBestselling author Jamie Kelly has been keeping diaries for years and each one just gets funnier But she has no idea that anyone is reading them So please, please, please don t tell her.Something strange is happening at Mackerel Middle School Even stranger than Jamie and Isabella becoming friends with Angeline Which is still really, really strange Jamie can suddenly and inexplicably understand the weirdest and most mysterious creatures around Boys.And there s only one logical explanation superpowers.

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    1. Haha how I love this series! :D It completely reminds me of my childhood reading and laughing like a maniac! Those were the days

    2. I love these books. In fact, I love these books so much that I openly read this book on the airplane without explaining to the surrounding passengers that A) I bought this book for my daughter or B) that as an author I'm required to read these sorts of books to keep current with the market.I just read it and laughed. If I ever meet Jim Benton at some author event, I'm totally going to be a stalker fan girl and make him say witty things to me. I know he will appreciate that sort of thing.

    3. This dear dumb diary book is amazing just like all he others. I love how the author puts himself into a (practically) teenage girl character. This book is entertaining for probably 4th-6th graders. I recommend this book for anyone. You guys will enjoy this book so much that you will want to read the entire series. In his dairy Jamie believes that she has powers because Isabella told her but at the end she realizes that what she thought was her power was pretty much a coincidence. Anyways you sho [...]

    4. I loved this book! This series is a great series. My most favorite part is where Isabella thinks that Jamie has boy powers because she got bitten by a 2 year old.

    5. In this book, Jamie and Isabella believes that Jamie has superpowers. It all started out when Isabella and Jamie went to Angeline's house. Angeline was babysitting Fat Ricky. When the little boy saw the two visitors, he leaped and bit Jamie on the arm. Later on, Isabella was teasing Jamie about how she could never kick her in the face. Then Jamie did it. She kicked Isabella in the face. Isabella was surprised and believed that Jamie had boy superpowers and that was how she managed to kick her in [...]

    6. Even though Jamie's logic is endlessly flawed, it is also endlessly funny. In which Jamie is bitten by a child and believes she now has boy powers. And I now know that the secret to surviving in a monster movie is to look not appetizing *on purpose*.

    7. Jamie Kelly is the abti heroine for our timesd we do mean ANT-i-heroine. Let me explain: Jamie thinks she has powers beyond imagination. All because baby Ricky had her arm for a snack and subsequently she had just kicked bff Isabella in the schnoz. (Isabella did ask. Duh!) And now she has insights into human boy nature. Like superhero Lion-O of the ThunderCats, she has been given SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT! Yeah, right, and guess that makes Izzy Pantro and Angeline a cheat, urrp, sorry, CheeTarah! Sure. [...]

    8. Isabella and I (Jamie Kelly) were watching one of those super-hero movies and I commented on how you don't have to KICK a person's face - if somebody just STEPPED on your face a couple times, you'd go into total meltdown. Isabella said it wasn't such a big deal, and that I could kick her in the face to prove it, so I did. Then days later, I went over to Angeline, and the baby she was babysitting bit me! Now I'm starting to think like how boys would think and maybe, just maybe, I have superpowers [...]

    9. The reason i gave this book four stars is not because its not good but because i am not really into the things they have in here. like super hero's and how she thinks she is one cause she got bit by her baby brother. so i already know that that couldn't really happen and that was the main plot of the story and i like books to be mysterious when i read them so this is more for a kid that ether likes those kids of books or a littler kid that thinks getting bit by a boy can turn you into a superher [...]

    10. This book is one of the BEST Jim Benton books so far. At least that's what I think. In this one Jamie convinces herself that she has super powers. Super powers of sensing what boys think and Jamie thinks that she is actually turning into a boy. Kicking someone in the face is rather boyish, don't you think. And, the winter festival is coming to Jamie's middle school and boys and girls are asking each other to "hang out". So now, Jamie can put her boyish senses to good use. Or she could completely [...]

    11. This book was very funny and very accurate to what would happen in real life. This book explains how Jamie, the main character, got bit by a baby that her friend was baby sitting. She then gets a challenge from her friend that if she loses at playing bottle throw, she has to kiss a guy. She then brings up hoe she has a superpower but her friend does not cancel the challenge and she herself tries to get bitten by a guy too. At the end, the two girls figure out the the superpowers were fake. Her d [...]

    12. The books get better as they progress but I think this is the last one I plan to read in the series. Year Two sounds like a new and interesting perspective but I don't think I will get there. A few years ago, I tried reading this series for the first time and I really liked it but I only reached to #5 and stopped. Then last month, I tried again and got all the way up to #11 but I'm starting to remember why I stopped the first time. I recommend it to younger girls who don't have much standard for [...]

    13. These books are so funny, especially because they're not too far from reality. I think my favorite part is how Jamie really thinks she understands everything that's going on, yet the reader can see right through that and know that she's in error. It takes a pretty good writer to pull that off. (And, if you're looking for a learning moment for your child, you can hope reading this will help a reader realize that everyone can misunderstand situations though the target audience is actually unlikely [...]

    14. This was a really funny book. I like Jamie quite a lot, and it was really surprising that Hudson actually liked her. It was even weirder that Isabella had a theory that if she got bitten by a boy she would become a boy. I like that Jim Benton brought in Pinsetti. All the silly things that happened in this book made me laugh. It's really, really good.

    15. This book was absolutely hilarious! Dear Dumb Diary has always been a favorite series of mine and I am pleased to know that these books never fail to make me laugh. The main character, Jamie Kelly, seems to never change even when she grows older. I love that every page has a funny pun included and ridiculous sayings. I would absolutely enjoy reading this again when I am bored.

    16. funny stuff. i was surprised by this book. even my husband flipped through it and laughed! of course there are some things that i would have to disagree with, but that's ok - it is the perspective of a middle schooler. this reminds me of what junie b. jones would be like when she is in middle school. great read!

    17. This is my second favorite in the series, after book 4 (Never Do Anything, Ever). I love the idea of the poor clowns being afraid of Jamie after last year's Fun Fair. And I also really like Emmily - what a nice person to have around!

    18. The person who own's the diary called her teacher the toe because her third toe is longer than her other four toes.I also liked when she said to the scientistcould you build a choclate computer please?

    19. Overall, this book was pretty good. Like the other books from this series, it was laugh-out-loud hilarious and I have to say that I didn't see the ending coming. Although, I might have been too busy laughing to speculate.

    20. AwesomeI like this book is because it has emotions and feelings and when you get to one part of the book it keeps switching from emotions to feelings constantly and it's amazing in every single way. And that's why I like this book.

    21. not the best, or funniest but i liked the end and the ant stuff, and some bits were pretty funny too.

    22. I wish I had been this clever and had this much fun in Jr. High. Can't wait for my granddaughter to catch up so we can laugh together about Jamie and her new antics.

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