Legions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion

Legions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion

Stephen Dando-Collins / Jul 23, 2019

Legions of Rome The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion A complete history of every Imperial Roman legion and what it achieved as a fighting force

  • Title: Legions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion
  • Author: Stephen Dando-Collins
  • ISBN: 9781849162302
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A complete history of every Imperial Roman legion and what it achieved as a fighting force.

    Legions of Rome The Definitive History of Every Imperial Legions of Rome The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion Stephen Dando Collins on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The complete history of every Imperial Roman legion and what it achieved as a fighting force, by an award winning historian In this landmark publication Legion XXIV Legions of Imperial Rome LEGIONS OF THE IMPERIAL ROMAN EMPIRE Updated August , Contubernium man squad units Centuria men Centuria Maniple Handful Unit men Manipulus or Centuria Cohors men Cohors Legio men LEGIO LEGIONIS meaning conscription or chosen in latin, was the term applied to the largest Roman Army unit, due to the fact List of Roman legions This is a list of Roman legions, including key facts about each legion, primarily focusing on the Principate early Empire, BC AD legions, for which there exists substantial literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence. Spartacus According to the differing sources and their interpretation, Spartacus was a captive taken by the legions Spartacus was trained at the gladiatorial school ludus near Capua belonging to Lentulus Batiatus.He was a heavyweight gladiator called a murmillo.These fighters carried a large oblong shield , and used a sword with a broad, straight blade , about inches long. Catalogue of the Roman Legions davros A catalogue of the Roman legions In the days of the Republic, a legion was recruited by an army commander after he had been given a task by the Senate, whether to conquer a The Battle of Heraclea Ancient_Battles Modified Pyrrhus of Epirus The Initial Clash Republican Rome vs Pyrrhus of Epirus by Jeff Jonas When Pyrrhus s scattered forces arrived in Tarentum early in the spring of BCE he found his allies to be totally unprepared for war and unwilling to raise the troops that they had promised him. Legion XXIV Equipment Page LEGION XXIV MEDIA ATLANTIA EQUIPMENT UPDATED OCTOBER , Please consult our Lorica Armor Page for body armor. At Left, a Ribchester Calvery Sports Parade Helmet Click on Photo for views and details. of Rome s Greatest Battles History Hit Jul , Pyrrhus led an alliance of Greeks alarmed by Rome s expansion into southern Italy In military historical terms the battle is important as the first meeting of the Roman Legion and the Macedonian Phalanx Pyrrhus won, but he lost so many of his best men that he was unable to fight on for long, giving us the term for a fruitless victory. GERMANIA, The Proceedings of the Friesian School SUCCESSORS OF ROME GERMANIA, At first I wanted to erase the Roman name and convert all Roman territory into a Gothic Empire I longed for Romania to become Gothia, and Athaulf to be what Caesar Augustus had been But long experience has taught me that the ungoverned wildness of the Goths will never submit to laws, and that without law, a state is not a state. Legion Definition of Legion by Merriam Webster Legion definition is the principal unit of the Roman army comprising to foot soldiers with cavalry How to use legion in a sentence.

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        Stephen Dando Collins is an award winning author whose 40th book will be published in 2017 His work includes children s novels and biographies, with the bulk of his books dealing with military history ranging from Greek and Roman times to American 19th century history and World I and Word War II, the next being THE BIG BREAK The Greatest American WWII POW Escape Story Never Told Many of his books have been translated into foreign languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Albanian and Korean Considered an authority on the legions of ancient Rome, his most recent work on the subject, 2012 s LEGIONS OF ROME, is the culmination of decades of research into the individual imperial legions As he has with THE BIG BREAK, Dando Collins aims to travel roads that others have not, unearthing new facts and opening new perspectives on often forgotten or overlooked aspects of history Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, author of On Combat and On Killing, describes Dando Collins as a Cornelius Ryan A Bridge Too Far , a Stephen Ambrose Band of Brothers , for a new generation.


    1. It's just a history of each roman legion which ever existed told in a not very good enjoyable to read way.Bunch of dates, years and battles just mentioned. Well, apart from few of the larger legions or the most famous ones which have dozen pages written about them. But its a great historical info, offering look into every single legion, it's coat of arms, equipment, uniform and insignias.Big part of the book also speaks about Roman legionaries as soldiers, different ranks and positions held by t [...]

    2. Everything you could possibly want to know about the legions of imperial Rome is contained in this wonderfully complete and readable book. You can see the insignias on the shields of each legion and read its complete history from the time of Augustus to the fall of Rome. Major battles and campaigns are also described in a way that breathes life into the events of the past.It always puzzled me as to why Rome would want to conquer Dacia, when the Empire's obvious natural border was the Danube. Fro [...]

    3. Legions of Rome leave little for critism. I only have two critiques. One it is very detailed. Two it is only in regard to the legions. The detial is exceelent with regard to the legions, but frequently an event or personality is mentioned and there is not much detail, as these do not have much to do with the legions. However they are still mentioned and are still interesting. I found myself using Google and as frequent companions while I read this book. If you want a book which contians the com [...]

    4. Completo y complejo, aborda la historia COMPLETA de las legiones romanas, desde su creación hasta la caída del imperio romano, escrita con rigor histórico es tal vez el libro donde se aborda con mayor detalle toda la historia de las legiones, el único inconveniente es que no es un libro ameno y su lectura puede volverse tremendamente lenta y pesada. Leer únicamente si es mucho el interés de esta historia que contada de una manera más amena habrían hecho de este libro perfecto.

    5. If you're a history buff, and you have a thing for the Roman way of fighting, this is the book for you. A definitive history of just about every Roman legion known. A nice writing style, a great set of graphics; just the thing to add to your History pile.

    6. There certainly is a lot of information contained within this large text about Roman legions. Prior to my purchase of the book I actually didn't realize at first the very telling word in the title "Imperial" was intended to mean that any republican legions and battles during the debatable golden years of the Republic are thus excluded entirely from the book. I suppose that's more my fault for not realizing it prior to the purchase so at face value the book achieves what it sets out to do.The fir [...]

    7. Well detailed, an easy read compared to many other works and very interesting. A worthy addition on any history/military shelf.

    8. Legions Of Rome is definitely must-read for all Roman history fanatics. What the book does is go into the very depths of not just the Roman legion as a whole, but every Roman legion to exist. The whole book is divided into three parts, the first third being dedicated to the way the legion worked and waged war, the second being dedicated to over viewing every Roman legion to exist and the third being the famous battles throughout the existence of the Roman Republic and Empire. ----In Depth Breakd [...]

    9. If you are interested in Roman history, military history or ancient history you will love this book. It has its faults, but overall this is a very useful and satisfying history of the legions. The title itself is a bit of a misnomer. I don't believe it is every legion - it is most legions that have been identified through literature, history, public record, grave stones and the Notitia Dignitatum. It covers some Republican Legions, but it can get a bit confusing. The book covers the organization [...]

    10. This is the first book I bought on the legions of Rome. It's heavy; the type size is ideal for my old eyes; the writing is eminently readable; the illustrations are useful and sometimes both beautiful and enlightening.I did not find it too very helpful, though. It deals rather well with what Roman soldiers in legions did, but it deals rather poorly with what the legions were, where they came from. It looks like Stephen Dando Collins recorded his research on note cards (not uncommon), but when it [...]

    11. The Legions' 1000 year history in a nutshell. Not bad for a start. For the largest part of the book Dando-Collins concentrates on the 300 years from 30 BC on.The writing is good. I was interested in the River Rhine campaign that took place in 69/70 AD. D-C shows a nice picture of all sides, even manages to clear a little of the mess that was the fighting between Romans, Auxiliaries, Rebels, Germans, Batavians etc. with troops and Commanders constantly switching their loyalty between Vitellius an [...]

    12. Sweeping overview of not only the individual imperial legions, but also detailed accounts of major battles they participated in during the imperial era. It is a well researched work which starts by detailing the organization and equipment of the legions, follows with individual descriptions of each of the known legions, then ends with a chronological section of every major battle starting with the reign of Augustus and ending with the fall of the western Roman Empire. I would definitely recommen [...]

    13. Whilst this is a good read, some of the information is either wrong or misleading. This is a trait of other books by Dando-Collins. As a specific example, in information on Legio III Augusta, the book declares the base was Theveste, ancient Timgad in Algeria. In actual fact, the first base was Ammaedara (modern Haidra in Tunisia) later moving west to modern Theveste (ancient Tebessa in Algeria) and finally ending up at Lambaesis near Batna, Algeria. Timgad (ancient Thamugadi in Algeria) was not [...]

    14. Very well written and illustrated book on the Imperial Roman legions. Some of the writing sadly seemed more about the Generals/Augustus of the time more so than the legions themselves but all in all a very good work. Contrary to what other reviewers have stated in terms of lack of credit to sources, this is not the case, there is barely a page that goes by without the author crediting someone or something.

    15. Totalmente impresionado por el trabajo de documentar 5 siglos de historia de las legendarias legiones romanas. Aqui esta todo, el equipo, las insignias, las batallas y los grandes generales. Disfrute mucho los detalles anecdoticos, que enriquecen la lectura y dan humanidad a una historia que termina siendo triste porque a la larga, todo lo hecho por el hombre es efímero. Incluso Roma.

    16. Another brilliant, magisterial work on the Roman military from Dando-Collins . . . but instead of the "biography" of an individual legion, as in many of Dando-Collins' earlier works, this is a "definitive history" of every imperial legion (note - does not include the Republican legions, sadly).

    17. Currently re-reading this book Still very engaging for me because I can't get enough of roman military history Very good with lots of details about the roman legions I wish it would also include the legions is Julius Ceaser and the battles of his time.Very good book and I think all who like ancient history should at least try reading it

    18. Like a long march through the swamps, this book gets bogged down in minutiae. The life of the average legionnaire is fascinating, the stories of some of the battles fantastic. The middle section which give accounts of every legion in history is one for the true believers. This is a long book but, as a history nut, I enjoyed it. The lost legion of the 9th, lost somewhere in the Scottish mist?

    19. Excelente libro, explica muy bien la organización de las legiones, desde sus incicios hasta la época de la caída y cómo aún hoy en día muchos ejércitos continúan utilizando la organización de las legiones.

    20. Crazy informative, very detailed, and well written. I enjoyed reading every page from start to finish and learned tons in the process I highly recommend taking the time to read it for anyone who is interested in the ancient Roman Empire and anything/everything related to their battle tactics.

    21. Fantastic read on the machine like legions that powered Rome to be a Super Power. I would recommend pretty much any book by this author.

    22. enjoyed this book very informative and good reference guide as well, rally enjoyed the first 2 books that I have read from this author

    23. Beware, This is more of an encyclopedia rather than a book. It has very accurate information but is not a book filled with the Heroic exploits of Romes legions.

    24. Detailed and quite fascinating history of the legions. Better in the earlier periods, up to 235 AD, but that's to be expected as there are more sources available then.

    25. Very detailed and comprehensive. I learned a lot. Took me a while to get through it but it was worth it. History buffs will enjoy it, especially those who want to learn more about Ancient Rome.

    26. This was an enjoyable read. It has plenty of details and I like how it is organized very much. It is a scholarly resource but the average reader would be able to understand it well.

    27. fucking amazing book very good deep history and very good detail also presents the reader with a very good guid for the read

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