May I Please Have a Cookie?

May I Please Have a Cookie?

Jennifer E. Morris / Aug 17, 2019

May I Please Have a Cookie In this Level Reader Alfie learns that the best way to get a delicious cookie is to say please Alfie loves his mommy s cookies and he wants one than anything But grabbing for one fishing for one

  • Title: May I Please Have a Cookie?
  • Author: Jennifer E. Morris
  • ISBN: 9780439738194
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this Level 1 Reader, Alfie learns that the best way to get a delicious cookie is to say please Alfie loves his mommy s cookies, and he wants one than anything But grabbing for one, fishing for one, and dressing up as a cookie inspector don t seem to work His mommy says there is a better way What is it Beginning readers will learn proper manners with AIn this Level 1 Reader, Alfie learns that the best way to get a delicious cookie is to say please Alfie loves his mommy s cookies, and he wants one than anything But grabbing for one, fishing for one, and dressing up as a cookie inspector don t seem to work His mommy says there is a better way What is it Beginning readers will learn proper manners with Alfie as his mommy teaches him to say the magic words.

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      • Jennifer E. Morris

        Jennifer is an award winning illustrator and children s book author She has illustrated picture books, children s magazines, greeting cards, party ware and educational materials She authored and illustrated four books for The best selling of which, May I Please Have a Cookie has sold over one million copies.


    1. 1) Book summary: Alligator Mommy is baking cookies and Alfie loves cookies, but when he tries to grab one, his mom tells him to “think of a better way to get a cookie.” He comes up with three funny tricks to get his treat, but it isn't until he asks politely that mom gives him what he wants. 2) Grade level, interest level, lexile: The grade level for this is book preschool-3rd. The interest level for this book would be for 4-8 ages because this is the stage where the children are going to sc [...]

    2. This is a favorite book for my two girls! My oldest is 3.5 and is beginning to point out the repetitive words and my youngest just loves the story. Fast read, good story, and an excellent lesson for kids on manners! Perfection!

    3. More reviews on my blog: Books for KidsSuper adorable illustrations accompany this imaginative story about a little alligator that wants a cookie. Little Alfie tries everything to get a cookie, but his mom keeps saying no. Finally, with a little help from mom, he figures out that he needs to say please.The best part about this story were the illustrations. They were absolutely fantastic, and perfect for the age level. The word choices were simple and the text was nice and large to make identifyi [...]

    4. Review originally posted on my blog, Nine Pages.This leveled reader leapt into my hand one rough night when I passed by the free library. The title perfectly captured my mood. What I found inside was less a story about cookies and more of a story about manners. Alfie tries several ways to get a cookie, but his mother insists that he think of a better way to get one. Ultimately after crying and Mommy gently reminding him by asking politely for one of the paper cookies that he has made, Alfie figu [...]

    5. This is a translation of Morris' 2005 board book. (FINALLY!) I appreciate the fact that took the time to translate the word Cookies into Galletas on the cookie jar in the illustrations. You'd be surprised how often words in the text are overlooked by translators!I like this book because it is about cookies. Talk about kid appeal! There are lots of opportunities for listeners to participate in the telling of this story. The illustrations are funny and accessible to even our youngest readers. Tho [...]

    6. Alfie really wants one of the cookies his mom has made. When he demands one, she tells him to think of a better way to get a cookie. After some trial and error, Alfie eventually figures out the best way to get a cookie. Say please.A blatant ploy to get kids to ask nicely, but wrapped up in a fun package. Alfie comes up with some very creative alternative ideas before he hits on the right one, and kids should quite enjoy his adventures. A good pick for a beginning reader. Also a good one for maki [...]

    7. For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-CycleAn adorable introduction to using your manners. This is a good book for young readers. With simple words and short sentences, it is a very good beginning book for children. I loved the humorous way of teaching manners. Also, the pictures are well-done with a variety of emotions expressed (happy, sad, mad). Many books only feature happy characters so I was glad to see other emotions in this book. Great for teaching about emotions as well.

    8. This book is about manners and how you need to ask before just taking something even if you want it. It would be a good story to read to talk to students about how important it is to say please and thank you.

    9. My kids love this picture book! Alfie wants a cookie from mommy but he needs to find a better way to get it. He has many idea to do so but they were not good enough. Finally he figured out the best way to get a cookie was saying 'Mommy, May I please have a cookie?' Great book to read aloud!

    10. Both of my girls loved this book! They had me re-read it so many times and never tired of it. Eventually they had it memorized and began 'reading' it to me!

    11. "May I Please Have a Cookie?" by Jennifer E. Morris introduces two characters, Alfie and his Mommy, who together teach children that manners are very important. In the story Alfie struggles to find ways to convince his mom to give him cookies. He comes up with some creative ways to convince her but his mom simply does not give in. Throughout the illustrations, the reader could see horizontal and vertical lines on almost every page. The lines separated the illustrations from the text, so that the [...]

    12. This charming board book will find many fans among youngsters who love cookies but don't always know how to go about getting them in a polite way as well as caregivers who can use the book as an example of courteous behavior. Little Alfie, an adorable alligator with expressive eyes, simply loves cookies, and he can't wait to snag one as his mother puts them on the plate. She suggests that he think of some alternatives to grabbing a cookie. Naturally, Alfie wants those cookies, and he comes up wi [...]

    13. This book starts us off by introducing us to Alfie. Alfie loves his moms cookies and will do whatever it takes to get them. He is a young alligator who, like most kids, has a sweet tooth. He is learning the concepts of manners. After a few attempts Alfie will finally get what he desires and learns a valuable lesson from his mom. This was a very easy book to read and is one that parents should read to their children to help them with manners. What makes this book great is that it is so simple and [...]

    14. This is my 2 year old's favorite book. She calls it her "Cookie Book". Her favorite parts are when his mustache falls off and when mommy gets distracted and makes a mess with the frosting. My 6 year old has heard it enough to "read it". Now that she's reading in school, I make her slow down and actually read it instead of paraphrasing each page.Basically - Alfie wants a cookie. Tries to grab one. Mommy says no and to think of a better way to get a cookie. Alfie comes up with some creative ideas. [...]

    15. I don't usually care for leveled readers, but I read this book to my 6-year-old nephew who giggled throughout the entire thing and I had to admit that I liked this one. He thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations and the funny ideas that the main alligator had in the story. The alligator's mom is trying to teach him manners and tells the alligator to find a better way to ask for a cookie after each of the alligator's attempts. Finally, through his mother's example, the alligator learns a polite way [...]

    16. There's something about cartoon alligators that I find endearing. This book has everything you need for beginning readers: vibrant artwork, relevant vocabulary words, cookies, and, as mentioned previouslyme rocking alligators. But what appeals to me most of all, is the underlying theme of manners and the purpose they serve. As a parent and a teacher, this tale models how to get what you want through politeness and respect, not bossiness or rudeness. That theme in and of itself makes this a worth [...]

    17. I like this book. It showed the crazy ideas kids will come up with in order to get a cookie, some of them were funny. I like books that will make my students laugh. I like how the mom felt sorry for her son and eventually modeled how to ask for a cookie. I would read this during a manners unit. Interest Level scholastic/teachers/boGrades PreK - 1Reading LevelGrade level Equivalent: 1.4Lexile® Measure: 250LDRA: 14Guided Reading: H

    18. My 2yr and 7mo son really liked this book. The illustration is really nice and clear. Easy sentences let him understand the story without too much effort. The message inside on what they should say when they want something is also very appropriate (especially during the 2's phase). One of those books for which he asks "again, please" :)

    19. This is an easy reader book. The young alligator wants a cookie that his mother has baked. He attempts a few different schemes to procure. He is rebuffed each time. It is not until he uses his manners that his mother provides him a cookie. I would, however, have given him one with the detective outfit as it was cute. :)

    20. Loved it! What's really interesting is that I think the premise of ask for what you want, politely, and then getting a positive answer in return can be taught over and over again My secondary classes (ages 12-15) could use this book to remind them to ask permission to use their cell phones. Lol!

    21. Oh, this booklatively simple, very cute, and could appeal to any storytime age group. I love how simply it incorporates teaching your kid manners into a story about baking cookiesd I especially love that the mom models the behavior she wants her son to use. Life lessons, guys.

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