Driving Force

Driving Force

Dick Francis / Aug 24, 2019

Driving Force The New York Times bestseller Transporting racehorses is big business for ex jockey Freddie Croft But when one of his drivers breaks a cardinal rule never pick up a hitchhiker the results are fatal No

  • Title: Driving Force
  • Author: Dick Francis
  • ISBN: 9780449221396
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New York Times bestseller Transporting racehorses is big business for ex jockey Freddie Croft But when one of his drivers breaks a cardinal rule never pick up a hitchhiker the results are fatal Now strange nighttime stalkers and unseen conspirators are weaving a web of deceit and danger that Freddie might never escape.

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        Dick Francis CBE born Richard Stanley Francis was a popular British horse racing crime writer and retired jockey.Dick Francis worked on his books with his wife, Mary, before her death Dick considered his wife to be his co writer as he is quoted in the book, The Dick Francis Companion , released in 2003 Mary and I worked as a team I have often said that I would have been happy to have both our names on the cover Mary s family always called me Richard due to having another Dick in the family I am Richard, Mary was Mary, and Dick Francis was the two of us together Series Sid Halley Mystery Kit Fielding Mystery


    1. This is a well written mystery. I did not suspect the killer until near the end. The central character is Freddie Croft, a retired race jockey who now runs a horse transport business. One of his drivers picks up a hitchhiker(strictly forbidden by Freddie) who dies of a heart attack. This starts a chain of events that include murder, attempted murder, computer viruses and more.

    2. Seriously, nothing exciting happens in this book. He talks forever about the boring bits and just sort of skims over the interesting parts. Gosh, I wanted the main character to just stop thinking about everything.

    3. Another beautifully written mystery from Dick Francis. Most of his books are not part of a series. It is nice to be able to just pick one off the bookshelf without wondering if I am reading them in the wrong order.

    4. An excellent murder mystery with a bunch of players and angles. I find I always enjoy a Francis mystery more when his protagonist has more skin in the game. In the previous book, Comeback, Peter was just kind of swept up in events. He helped those under siege more out of a sense of obligation than personal investment. Here, Freddie is the one under siege. He is deeply personally invested, since it's his employee murdered and his business on the line.This was the book that introduced me to Cockne [...]

    5. As Dick Francis books go, I think Driving Force is pretty middle of the road. The mystery isn't completely predictable from the get go, it's not terribly violent but there are a few violent episodes, and in the end everything is figured out and dealt with. Of course, in the case of Freddie Croft, much like most of Francis's other protagonists, he is unflinching in the face of danger, unrelenting in his pursuit of the truth, and much smarter than any other character gives him credit for. The form [...]

    6. Freddie makes a great character because he manages to run a horse transport fleet in a friendly but detached way (doesn't have to like all of his customers to take their money), unearth a mystery (he really wants to know why his best mechanic got murdered), and call in backup for problems too big for him (mysterious glass vials with milky fluid). He knows what he can do well, and what others can do better. Similarly, the crime and the criminals are quite balanced. There's the likable yet unprinc [...]

    7. Enjoyed very much. Good range of characters in and interesting and believable plot. Much interest in the descriptions of life behind the scenes in the horse racing world.

    8. Two variables that have previously made me enjoy Francis' books also this time were factors playing a role - eccentric characters, and comments about computers (written during the mesolithic, or close enough). Two illustrative quotes:"In some distant past, the place had been a chauffeur’s lodging, although the house it had served had long gone. Keeping me up to date on developments, for months and months Jogger had conducted a running battle with good souls on the local council who wanted to d [...]

    9. I categorized this novel as both suspense and mystery, because all of the elements for each genre are there, but honestly, Dick Francis almost deserves his own category. It could be said that his writing is 'formulaic' (same plot, same type of hero-character, same type of conflict, same resolution the good guy *does* win in the end but often has to go through some pain/danger beforehand!) Certainly for now, I am finding this author addictive.Freddy Croft (like the author himself) used to be a jo [...]

    10. This book was free; I found it in the post office at my college with a post-it note that said "free!" on it. I probably never would have picked it up otherwise, and that's just as well. Mysteries and thrillers are something I've been trying to get into, but even though I didn't see the end of this one coming, I didn't enjoy it all that much. I guess I really don't care about horses. I mean, I knew that. I knew that I didn't care about horses. But now I know for like, sure that I really don't car [...]

    11. Dick Francis has written several books but this is the only one I have read. This is a mystery set in England. Main character is Freddie Croft who runs a business transporting horses for their owners. He is an ex-Jockey and comfortable in the horsing industry. The mystery surrounds one of his drivers breaking the cardinal rule of picking up a hitch-hiker (this is on the book jacket). This book was slow to start and the main character Freddie is an understated man. There are many characters to ke [...]

    12. I mostly listen to audio books when driving, and I didn't have many long trips this time of year, which is why it took so long to finish listening to this book. Francis is my go to author in the sense that if nothing I have currently available is appealing at the time, I usually return to one of his books since no matter how many times I read or listen to them, they are still enjoyable. This one is still in the racing world, but involves a former jockey's new career in a horse transport business [...]

    13. This was the first DF I ever read. I enjoyed this one thoroughly and reread it several times. Of course, at the time I didn't know that the hero was just like all other DF heroes - kind, friendly, dealing with everyday issues and villains with clear headed thinking and a resolve of steel. I enjoyed the trademark wry humor and the way DF can make you empathize with the characters. I had no idea about horses or racing and I can safely say that this book gave me the impetus to learn about horses (i [...]

    14. Great read.It is always a pleasure to read a Duck Francis novel! I know nothing about horse racing but am fascinated by all of the interesting and educational information found in his books about the many facets surrounding the horse racing industry. I would definitely recommend all of the books written by this author

    15. My first Dick Francis book. It was pretty good, considering it was about horse transport and horses. I know more now than I did. Likable characters, good storyline that kept you guessing who was the bad guy(s).

    16. Nail bitingAnother good one from the Francis stable. As usual he keeps his reader guessing to the end. Highly recommended by me. Can't wait for the next la

    17. good to the last drop. Dick Francis' final novel is not his best, but it moves at a brisk pace with memorable characters and artful thrills

    18. The first of Dick Francis' books I have read. It kept my interest and was thoroughly enjoyable. Cleaver twists and turns and mysteries solved. All in all a good read.

    19. While the book itself is not poorly written, it's definitely not written as a thriller, which is what I assumed when I picked it up. The book has quick pacing, but due to the way it's written I found myself bored through the vast majority of it.It doesn't age well, having almost an entire chapter devoted to explaining computer viruses. I will concede that at the time this book was written they were less common and less known about, but when you're reading it in 2018 it's much less worth the time [...]

    20. What is there to say about Dick Francis? As I think about all of his books (yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I've read them all) I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society - either directly or indirectly. The heroes aren't always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But more tha [...]

    21. Audible At 35, Freddie Craft has retired as a steeplechase jockey and now runs a fleet of motor horseboxes transporting runners from their stables to the races, or brood mares to the stud farms. When a hitch hiker is picked up and someone dies, Freddie is drawn into a complicated conspiracy. He had forbade his drivers not to pick up hitchhikers.Jogger his mechanic discovers attached boxed underneath 3 then 4 of his horse box trucks. Jogger gets killed and his speech was his version of Cockney as [...]

    22. Not the best of Dick Francis' novels, imo. The plot was all right, and most of the characters were well written; but the middle third of the novel dragged a bit. Francis thought/talked a little too much about computer viruses, and having a huge chunk of the storyline be about equine viruses as well was a weird combo. The sudden, burning hatred of the craziest-psycho of the "bad guys" literally seemed to come out of nowhere? (I mean, who does these things?)Also, the protagonist had a daughter he [...]

    23. I read this back when it came out, but not since. The rating holds up though on re-reading so I'm very glad I found my way back into this book after so long.First of all, I have a whole new respect for Freddie Croft and the work he does, reading this book at this point in my life. I read this initially back before I had horses. Since then I've purchased horses in Louisiana and shipped them to Colorado, and then later shipped horses from Colorado to California. We've also done a bit of transporti [...]

    24. Francis was prolific, writing about 40 mystery novels set in the world of horse-racing, usually, as in this case, in first person, and only six of the novels featured recurring characters. Part of why Francis' novels wear well is that instead of having some amateur stumble into murder after murder a la Marple or Fletcher, instead the novels feature different characters involved in desperate aspects of racing--not just jockeys but breeders, transporters, grooms, reporters, bloodstock agents, trai [...]

    25. I’ve yet to read a Dick Francis book I didn’t enjoy. His leading men all tend to be kind of the same guy, but it’s a character that works. Freddie Croft is tough, but not too tough… smart, but not too smart and somewhat of a reluctant ladie’s man. I always find myself picturing Francis’s leading men as the Daniel Craig version of James Bond.But enough about Freddie! The story here is pretty solid and interesting, even to someone who doesn’t know patooie about horse-racing. Everythi [...]

    26. Racing related thrillers - Ex-jockey Freddie Croft owns and runs a fleet of 14 horse-vans - with all those drivers taking horses to and from races, trainers, and breeders "zigzagging round England" - a tricky setup full of scheduling headaches. So the last thing Freddie needs is a couple of suspicious deaths around the place. First, there's the shady, middle-aged gent who hitches a ride on one of Freddie's vans and inconveniently drops dead (of natural causes, it seems). Then there's Jogger, Fre [...]

    27. I was an American homeless in England. I don't quite fit in anywhere and I REALLY didn't fit in with the homeless crowd in the area of Bath. Occasionally boxes of used books were donated to Julian House, the homeless service place on Manvers Street. I didn't do drugs but I did do books (and still do.) Driving Force was a great consolation to me in this period.Yes, I gave it five stars just for how it comforted me, but it also has many other things going for it:* an explanation of Cockney rhyming [...]

    28. I'm not generally into mystery novels, so I don't have a lot to judge against (Tim owns a couple of Tony Hillerman books I was forced to read once, and I did read Murder On The Orient Express in highschool), so I don't know if it's good or bad that I did figure out most of the answers by the end. I think a good mystery book should be clever enough that you can be surprised now and again, but not so tricky that there is no way you could have known the answer. I'd say this fits in there pretty wel [...]

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