Dead Even

Dead Even

Brad Meltzer / Aug 22, 2019

Dead Even Sara Tate is a prosecuting attorney with the Manhattan DA s office Her husband Jared Lynch is a rising star in a Wall Street law firm They have a wonderful marriage until they accidently find themsel

  • Title: Dead Even
  • Author: Brad Meltzer
  • ISBN: 9780340658178
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sara Tate is a prosecuting attorney with the Manhattan DA s office Her husband, Jared Lynch is a rising star in a Wall Street law firm They have a wonderful marriage until they accidently find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom.

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    1. Interesting plot.Husband and wife team, one is ADA, the other is working in big law firm. These educated lawyers acting like emotional teenagers. There dialogue are boring and long. Murder and mayhem, and who to trust or believe from the start to finish.

    2. This is my second disappointing stab at reading a Meltzer novel. I'm simply underwhelmed with his weak writing ability. The actual story behind "Dead Even" is really quite good, but Meltzer's characters are so utterly annoying that reading about them is the literary equivalent of enduring nails raking down a chalk board. Ugh! In "Dead Even" the female protagonist, Sara, is a complete witch (or think of a rhyming synonym) but we, as readers, are supposed to sympathize with her. Her husband, Jared [...]

    3. This is my first Brad Meltzer book. I've actually been looking for it ever since I read an excerpt of it online somewhere and when I saw this at my local bookstore, I didn't think twice and just grabbed it. A mistake actually - I should have at least read the online reviews.The story started off pretty normal, two lawyers in love and married, hubby is a hotshot defense attorney, wifey is the new ADA. The first few chapters were pretty interesting. Then it reached a plateau for the next 8-10 chap [...]

    4. Summary: Sara Tate starts her job as a New York City assistant district attorney the day before massive budget cuts. To keep her job, she grabs a case slated for one of the DA office's hot shots, thinking it will be the kind of showpiece that'll make her a hero. The next day, she learns that the defense attorney on the case is her husband, Jared Lynch. To make matters worse, what appeared to be a simple breaking and entering is beginning to look more like a murder.Someone is pitting Sara and Jar [...]

    5. This was my first Brad Meltzer and I definitively liked it. The plot was great and I couldn't lay the book down. The pace was fast and breathtaking. Maybe the characters could have been a bit better developped, but all in all the story about Jared and Sara was great! 4 stars!

    6. Simply an average whodunit, not really *bad*, but, not something I would rush out to recommend to my book buddies either.

    7. Dead Even is a romance-novel-ish legal thriller and a step or two above qualifying as an airport book. It’s not so much a whodunit as a "who'll do it," with the primary question being who's going to bring down whom.I’m always ready to look askance at female protagonists written by men because in my literary experience such characters are usually stereotypical and shallow. Author Brad Meltzer seems to have tried hard to make heroine Sara extra tough but her internal voice isn’t realistic an [...]

    8. I got this book from the library and it has sat there some time waiting to be read. When I started reading I was sorry I had left it so long. The storyline is well laid out in the book description so I won't go Into it again, but suffice to say the idea of a husband and wife up against each other in the courtroom works well. However, there is so much more to this book than that, it is not only a legal novel, but is a thriller and a murder mystery. It is also about people finding who they are and [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book however; I didn’t think this was as good as The Tenth Justice. Not that I know anything about the inner workings of a New York City ADA’s routine, but I had a hard time accepting that an ADA would be left so unchecked. It took a few chapters for this story to get momentum with me and I almost put the book down. I’m glad I kept reading because the story picked up speed and unraveled an interesting conspiracy.

    10. For his second novel, I feel as though Meltzer was trying a little too hard to pull off a suspenseful story. The downfall of this book is its length. There was a lot that could have ultimately been cut out of the story and would have, perhaps, strengthened the overall product.Be that as it may, the story was still captivating and it gave me enough head scratching moments to keep me going forward to the end.

    11. A legal mystery sort of in the style of John Grisham, but not nearly as good. I sort of liked the main characters - a married couple who are set up by some bad guys so that they are going against each other as prosecutor and defense attorney in a murder trial. Each thinks the other will be killed if they lose. At least their relationship remains intact in the end. Just so-so.

    12. Esta fue mi primera novela de Brad Meltzer y me gustó mucho. La trama fue atrapante y no pude despegarme del libro, se desarrolló de forma rápida e intensa. Me gustaron mucho los protas y realmente desconfié de todos, lamentando el final de Conrad.

    13. I've read a few Brad Meltzer books and this hasn't been one of my favorites. It want a bad book but it didn't really urge me to keep reading until the last 150 pages or so. Premise of the book is husband and wife are both lawyers and on opposite sides. when the wife steals a case from another ADA she ends up getting more than just a simple burglary like she first thinks. she's trying to put away a bad man who happens to know some rich people and ultimately they hire her husband to defend them. l [...]

    14. After reading "The First Counsel" I wrote in my review that I'd be particularly interested if he (Brad Meltzer) can illuminate another thriller beyond 'the district' (Washington, D.C.). Well, once again Brad Meltzer did not disappoint. The setting for "Dead Even" is New York, New York. There are moments that it has the grit of the streets of New York and then there are a few moments that one wishes that he would have used the setting even more effectively. But that said, it's a welcome addition [...]

    15. Ever since the mind-blowing Identity Crisis saga, Meltzer has caught my attention. (You have to be a genius to successfully make a C-list superhero like the Elongated Man a central protagonist.) his Book of Fate and Book of Lies raised him to Dan Brown status. (Which means great, in my book.) now with Dead Even, he has risen into my favorite writers column. (Above Dan Brown because he publishes more.) Great characters, nice plot, great twists. Can't wait to read more Meltzer.

    16. I usually love Brad Meltzer books, but this one was awful. Maybe it's because he wrote it early on, when he was first starting out (1998)? The plot was a little convoluted. The prose was stilted and hackish. There were too many points in the story where one had to suspend one's disbelief so much that it was ludicrous.In other words, I'm so glad he got better as an author, because the books he writes now are wonderful potboilers.

    17. 2 annoyed starsThe story line is intriguing but the characters are so annoying. Jared acting like a douche to Sara, Sara NOT acting like an ADA, Victor who could have been so much more and Conrad dying smhAfter some silliness we get to the end which sees Sara confront Victor about being shady. And then the end. Really? I am just a bit disappointed with the outcome.

    18. Overall I thought this book was really good. It was long and it made me feel like those movies where the beginning is really drawn out and then the ending is all crunched up. I liked the idea of the book and it kept my interest through all 500 some pages.

    19. Lots of twistsOk, just when you think you've got it figured out, boom, things happen. Didn't like one of the likeable characters demise, and even though they were on the wrong side until DeMille really keeps me on the edge.

    20. A pretty solid thriller. Almost no courtroom drama, so a slightly deceptive blurb. Explores love, law and crime in a great manner. Must read for author's fans. Ending was bit bothersome.

    21. Twists and turns were a bit far fetched, and I didn't really enjoy the characters. Should have dropped it me the half way point.

    22. I was introduced to Brad Meltzer years ago by a Barnes and Noble associate and have been grateful for the recommendation.

    23. I liked it. I'd recommend it, despite the negative reviews. This is my second Brad Meltzer book & I am excited to read another.

    24. I really liked the book and look forward to reading more Meltzer novels. The story started off a little slow, but picked up speed very quickly and then I couldn't put it down.

    25. Enjoyed this book really well; showed how the competition between husband (Defence attorney) and wife (ADA) can affect their daily lives.Excellent reading

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