Soul Hunger

Soul Hunger

Marisa Chenery / Feb 21, 2020

Soul Hunger Book one in the Ra s Chosen series As one of Ra s Chosen warriors Mehen must protect mortals from the undead who hunt them Gifted by the sun god Ra Mehen has never struggled with the task until he s

  • Title: Soul Hunger
  • Author: Marisa Chenery
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book one in the Ra s Chosen series.As one of Ra s Chosen warriors, Mehen must protect mortals from the undead who hunt them Gifted by the sun god Ra, Mehen has never struggled with the task until he saves a woman from three undead, and finds himself in need of saving Something about the woman stirs him, and he s consumed by his need not only for her body, but also her blBook one in the Ra s Chosen series.As one of Ra s Chosen warriors, Mehen must protect mortals from the undead who hunt them Gifted by the sun god Ra, Mehen has never struggled with the task until he saves a woman from three undead, and finds himself in need of saving Something about the woman stirs him, and he s consumed by his need not only for her body, but also her blood.Blythe may have been saved by the mysterious man, but her reaction to the feel of his arms around her and the way his eyes wander to her neck don t make her feel much safer When she s taken to his headquarters against her will, she finds herself a prisoner But when he unleashes passion unlike any she s ever known, she realizes she ll do anything to stay imprisoned.But Blythe is not who she seems And Mehen finds himself in the fight of his life to save the woman he loves from the evil that yearns to possess her.

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    1. Pretty good book and nice start to the series. Ra is the Sun God. His chosen are a group of hunky vampires (living in our time). Their mission is to seek out his enemies 'the undead' and kill them. Mehen is their leader. While on patrol, he rescues Blythe and they have an instant attraction for each other. He is the 1st of his men to go through mating heatd this sets up the rest of the series for the others to find their future mates. I liked all the guys and their sense of humor. The suspense w [...]

    2. Despite being intrigued by the use of the Egyptian pantheon- and being free dnf.Once again we find someone leaning heavily on the Whedonverse vampire mythos and a plethora of other paranormal romances out there where a cadre of supernatural warriors hunt down the evil other vampires. I couldnt shake the feeling that I was reading plagiarized material- even though I wasn't.The hero had promise with his uber possessiveness- not usually a bad thing for me- but he felt too Kenyon-Ash wannabe with hi [...]

    3. I'll give this 3.5 stars. This is my first for Chenery and I can say that I both loved it and was a little disappointed. Mehen is an Egyptian warrior to the Egyptian god, Ra. I thought this made for an excellent story line because, lets face it, you don't read much about Egyptian anything in the romance category. Or, at least I don't. Mehen is the leader of his band of brothers and together they fight the undead who threaten mortals. All of the men have lived their immortal lives accepting that [...]

    4. All of the books in this series are exactly the same, down to the first sexual act of two fingers in the snatch and licking her off. Well, if I don't remember incorrectly, there was one first-time that wasn't that, but really, an okay read, but nothing great, especially not the sex. Monotonous after a while. The only book that I might like is foreseen hunger, but after reading through the first 5 I'm not interested in picking it up for a while.Edit: I forgot to say, did it bother no one else at [...]

    5. This is book one in the series of Ra's Chosen. The story is very unique and creative. I really enjoyed it. It just seemed to focus more on the physical side of the relationships and missed out on a chance to really get in depth with the characters.

    6. I loved the Egyptian plot line. I hope that there is a second soon. It seems to me that authors continually get better so I believe that I will like the 2nd more.

    7. Llevo mucho sin hacer un Review esto se debe más que todo a que no encuentro nada que1. Me haga sentir esa sensación de felicidad, que me da las buenas lecturas. Más bien con muchas me siento frustrada. 2. He tenido que pasar meses sin leer ni releer algo para volver a sentir esa pasión.Dicho esto comento que con este libro me lleve una grata sorpresa primero que todo sepan que tengo un serio enamoramiento por las mitologías es SERIO!!! y en mi memoria están casi todos los dioses existente [...]

    8. Blythe knew she was running into a trap. There was no exit at the end of the alleyway, but that didn’t stop her from trying to run. Her fight or flight instinct had kicked in and flight ended up being the big winner. Doing her best to run in heels, she took off down the alley and prayed that someone would happen to be there who could help her.She skidded to a halt before she reached the back of the alley. Another man stood there, and from the evil grin on his face, he had to be with the other [...]

    9. First time reading Marisa Chenery's books and I enjoyed Soul Hunger. The book was the first in the series and it provided enough info to set up the characters, story, and future books. I look forward to book 2!

    10. Mehen is probably the most frustrating warrior I have read about thus far. While I understood his hesitation in accepting Blythe as his mate, he completely went about it the wrong way and suffered for it more than necessary. To make matters worse he didn't even talk about it to anyone, not even Ra, who had planned everything out to the last detail when he told his Chosen that they were all destined to have a mate. They make this point about 75% into the book but, COME ON! Mehen, get a grip on yo [...]

    11. Can love really conquer all between woman and man, even when mortality threatens to separate them in end? Or when the gods of good and evil blur the lines even more? One of Ra’s chosen, Mehen, leads his fellow warriors in the fight against the undead and the protection of mortals. He’s lived hundreds of years knowing what his duty entails and has accepted the loneliness that comes with it. That is, until he saves a feisty young woman from three undead and suddenly his emotions, desire, and b [...]

    12. This is a start to what looks to be a very good series. This book had me hooked from the beginning. I like the background to this series and the Egyptian theme is a good one.I haven't read an action book by Marisa but I think she did a good job.I enjoyed the heroine Blythe, she was funny, smart and courageous. She handled herself admirably with the circumstances she was put in. She was a heroine you could easily be friends with. There where no games being played here.She wanted that dumbass Mehe [...]

    13. First off let me just say that I loved the concept of this book. The whole Egyptian thing was awesome. I love watching the history channel when it does Egyptian history. With that said, the dialogue was corny as hell. It could have been a lot better written. I was cringing on some parts and wanting to laugh out loud because the dialogue was just.::shakes head:: bad. The characters weren't all that well developed. Except for a few because they played bigger rolls. Such as Takan, Akori, Set. Akori [...]

    14. This book's similarity to others in the same genre made it a bit boring, but also a fast read. Skipping long details was easy because they were exactly the same in other books - bad vampires vs good vampires, 1000s-year-old "good guys" who lack a love-life, group of guys who each will find their mates within the next few yearsBig question how the heck does one carry a khopesh in a scabbard??What annoys me about this genre is that it's totally ridiculously unrealistic that these guys find their d [...]

    15. I think Soul Hunger is a great book. Im always reading different types of vampire books and even though Ra's Chosen are technically not vampires they have some similarities and I just love the many different versions of "vampires" that authors can come up with. This series is mainly about 6 egyptian warriors that are hand chosen by the sun god Ra to kill what in modern day we call soulless vampires or in their case undead. Soul Hunger basically describes Mehen's story (the leader of Ra's Chosen) [...]

    16. The writing is passable as best, the storytelling generally weak, but it's an enjoyable read. This book is almost more erotica than romance novel, which will be a plus for some and a minus for others; I don't mind either way. The author clearly shares some common pet peeves about romance novels and chooses to defy them (mostly the constant miscommunication that tends to go on) a bit, but doesn't really know how to create conflict otherwise. This is a Mary Sue born and bred, but a decent one, and [...]

    17. This book has an interesting background with all the Egyptian mythology, and that carried me along in reading even when I was annoyed with certain elements. Ra's Chosen are warriors who protect mortals from Set's undead, and Mehen, the leader of the chosen, is discovering a new twist to Ra's plans, one that includes a mate. Blythe is trying to make sense of everything the chosen are sharing with her, and no one can deny the connection she shares with Mehen even when neither of them wants it.The [...]

    18. Good easy read Characters were ok and seemed to care about each other but I got annoyed by the repeat in the story line. They would come together, he would get scared and run over and over again without any real changes in the situation. I also thought the story was forced with solutions that just magically fixed everything while the charaters did little or nothing to help themselves. Overall worth reading once, but I would love to see the story developed more in upcoming books.

    19. This was an excelent book.Loved the characters, and I felt the interections between them.Blythe bonded with the other males, and we could see that she had a connection with all of them.And about Mehe, well I liked him, but when he bite another woman, knowing that Blythe asked him not to, that if he did it, it was like cheating to her, and he still did it, just to prove a point.I mean, what the hell? She asked for you Not, I repeat NOT do it, and he still did it.Ohh well.

    20. Si te gusta el tema egipcio y los vampiros es una serie perfecta,tiene amor,pasión y acción. A pesar de que la base de todos los libros es la misma,el Elegido de Ra encontrando compañera,lo han sabido hacer de manera que no te aburres y de fondo van tejiendo otra historia.Eso si, es subida de tono así que menores abstenerse totalmente.

    21. Mehen and Blythe. This was a really good read, Mehen is one of Ra Chosen who fights the undead and she is his chosen mate. The first of the mates for Ra's Chosen. It had a little of Dark Series kind of feel to it, same kind of story line. He finds his lifemate and only her blood will sustain him. But is was still enjoyable.

    22. For a short book this was good. Not greatbut good. Worth reading. The writing was decente character development a little annoying. Though the author explains Mehen's choicesey are annoying non the less. I look forward to seeing if the series picks up at all.

    23. Enjoyed this book more that I thought I would. This was a new direction from my typical PNR reading and I am glad I found this new series. The characters were likable. I am excited to read the next book to see where the storyline goes. Would recommend it to other PNR readers.

    24. 4 1/2 stars.I really enjoyed this book. It was a little different than her other books but it did not disappoint. I enjoyed the twists that the story made and I found myself reading it all in one sitting. Definitely worth reading of you are into paranormal & sexy 'vampire' warriors.

    25. 4 & Half ☆i have to say the first book in the series was really good, it has humor, lust, romance and also a little dose of mystery, its a good read if your in to adult paranormal romance :)

    26. 5 Stars all around If you haven't read any of Marisa's stories then I can tell you that you are missing out. In this first book of the Ra's Chosen series she takes on (something I never knew about) an Egyptian Myth and makes it feel so real. Get to reading all of Marisa's stories today

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