The Nickel-Plated Beauty

The Nickel-Plated Beauty

Patricia Beatty / Jul 19, 2019

The Nickel Plated Beauty There it sits shiny and brand spanking new in the storeroom of Mr Willard s general store It s a Nickel Plated Beauty the most expensive cookstove money can buy And the Kimball kids have ordered on

  • Title: The Nickel-Plated Beauty
  • Author: Patricia Beatty
  • ISBN: 9780688122799
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • There it sits, shiny and brand spanking new, in the storeroom of Mr Willard s general store It s a Nickel Plated Beauty, the most expensive cookstove money can buy And the Kimball kids have ordered one for their mother for Christmas Earning the money to pay for it will take all the energy, ingenuity, and sacrificing the Kimballs can muster.

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        From Contemporary Authors Online Patricia Beatty s historical children s fiction invites readers to share in her fascination with the past Reflecting her interest in meticulous research, which she likened to detective work, her stories recreate past times for modern readers Critics cite her strong sense of humor, as well as a sharp sense of place, as strong points of her fiction A committed feminist, Beatty featured both heroines and heroes who engage in dramatic, absorbing, and credible conflicts that involve questions of morality and courage Her works continue to attract readers of all ages Patricia Beatty was born in Portland, Oregon, and was a longtime resident of southern California After graduating from college, she taught high school English and history, and later held various positions as a science and technical librarian, and also as a children s librarian She taught Writing Fiction for Children at several branches of the University of California She often co writes with John Luis Beatty


    1. Now this - this is a book about living out west, and it's funny and warm. Patricia Beatty is good at kids interrelating within their families and with their friends, and the result is quite the set of circumstances as they scramble to scrounge the $25 needed to pay for a stove for their mother. Mr. Willard, as the storekeeper who won't extend the family the credit for a new store, is just shy of mustache-twirling evil, and he makes a great antagonist. And then there's Aunt Rose, who's a terror, [...]

    2. Exceptional is the book that evokes genuine laughter from the entire family. If you're on the hunt for an authentic, humorous, and touching family read-aloud, look no further than The Nickel-Plated Beauty not once, not twice, but at least four times my mom read this book to us. Set in Washington State in 1886, it tells the story of the Kimbal kids, who order their mother a new, shiny, nickel-plated cookstove for Christmas, keep it a secret, and spend their summer and fall working hard to try to [...]

    3. This is a sweet tale with interesting twists and a varied cast of characters. A large family (7 kids!), small town life, working to earn pennies, taking care of each other, entertainment without electronics, and a finale that ends on Christmas.Apparently I read this when I was in sixth grade, but I didn't remember anything about it. Now that I've read it again, I suspect that it was too similar to many of the other stories I was reading at that time.This earns 3.5 stars from me. I think it would [...]

    4. This is a fun Pacific Northwest book with lots of big-family shenanigans. My mom got it out of the library when I was about ten and told me I would love it; I resisted reading it on principle but ended up really liking it.My favorite bit is when the new stove is delivered COD and the kids realize they'll have to pay for it, and Whit admits that he'd been thinking of it as sort of a free gift from Montgomery Ward.

    5. I loved this book in elementary school, read it many times. I remembered it the other day and found a copy on Alibris for $1 - shipping was 3x that. It was well worth it to re-read. Especially interested in how many phrases have stayed with me verbatim. I must have been in a very impressionable place when I read this initially!

    6. 1886 in Washington Territory. The Kimball family--seven kids plus parents--live on the Long Beach peninsula in the southwestern part of the state. Life isn't easy for a big family without a steady income, and when rust gets into their stove, they know it's the beginning of the end for it. A new stove costs $25, though, a vast sum in those days, and there's no way they can afford it. The oldest boy, Whit, works at the general store, run by the mean-spirited Mr. Willard. When Whit, not understandi [...]

    7. The "Nickel-Plated Beauty" is one of three companion books by Patricia Beatty set on the Pacific coast of southwest Washington State at the turn of the 20th century. The other titles are "O the Red-Rose Tree," and "Sarah and Me and the Lady from the Sea." When recommending them to students in our elementary school library (in Washington State), I compare them "The Little House on the Prairie" series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In my opinion they are written as well.After reading these books years [...]

    8. In this historical fiction set along the northwest coast, the Kimball family is poor but happy. When the oldest Kimball child orders a brand-new (and very expensive) cookstove C.O.D he has no idea that he will be expected to pay for it when it arrives. Through a series of events, the children arrange for the storekeeper to hold the stove until Christmas, giving them all summer and fall to try and earn the money. The rest of the story follows their ingenuity and persistence as they work hard to e [...]

    9. This is a real romp of a book. Take a large family of kids, confusion over what a Wish Book can do, and a problem solvable by working together and sucking up some discomfort, mix together with some mistakes and stumbles and you get a lot of fun between two covers.Historical details are well-researched, characters are multi-dimensional, and the storyline is engaging.

    10. Not the best book in the world, but just opened it and in my childish scrawl, I had written my name and that it was given to me by my deceased younger sister. So, I have to give it high marks just for sheer sentimentality.

    11. My mother read this to me when I was a child and it was thrilling to me. I found it again a few years ago and it is still a great story.

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