Rojak: Bite-Sized Stories

Rojak: Bite-Sized Stories

AmirMuhammad Chin Yew / Jul 16, 2019

Rojak Bite Sized Stories Warning This is not a recipe book This is a collection of very short fictional stories The taste can be sweet juicy spicy tart or crunchy The flavours of Malaysia in fact So if this book could ta

  • Title: Rojak: Bite-Sized Stories
  • Author: AmirMuhammad Chin Yew
  • ISBN: 9789675266102
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Warning This is not a recipe book This is a collection of very short fictional stories.The taste can be sweet, juicy, spicy, tart, or crunchy The flavours of Malaysia, in fact So if this book could talk, it would say Bite me.

    Rojak Rojak Malay spelling or Rujak Indonesian spelling is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore Other than referring to this fruit salad dish, the term rojak also means mixture or eclectic mix in colloquial Malay Rujak is available everywhere across Indonesia, and there are rich variations within the country However, the most Singapore GOURMETbus Menus Route Despite a deceptively ordinary name, Rojak, Popiah Cockle serves up extraordinary popiah Owned and operated by the Lim family for than years, Mrs Lim whips up her delicious popiah with the fluditiy of a master, a dish that is selected by Michelin s team of inspectors. okul Vegetarian ST Crispy Cereal Prawn ST Chicken ST Chinese Rojak ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST Harabara Kebab Delicious patties filled with the goodness of potato, peas spinach Lontong Lontong is traditionally made by boiling the rice until it is partially cooked and packing it tightly into a rolled up banana leaf.The leaf is secured with lidi semat, wooden needle made from the central rib of coconut leaf, and cooked in boiling water for about minutes.Once the compacted rice has cooled, it can be cut up into bite sized pieces Outer parts of lontong usually have greenish Crab at bay Return of Crab Bee Hoon ieatishootipost Nov , Crab Bee Hoon kg Ming Kee Seafood s Crab Bee Hoon was all the rage when I first started blogging back in It was the first to have established itself along the stretch of shop houses at the beginning of Macpherson road just opposite Malasian Dairy Industries. Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Mee Choose From Four Aug , Sussing out cheap and good local food is sadly not my niche I know friends of mine who can easily name the best rojak, the most comforting bak kut teh and the most irresistible carrot cake the Chinese dish, not the actual cake. Singapore Man of Leisure Once upon a time, Chinese stocks can do no wrong Hence everyone loved China IPOs From Nasdaq, to HKEX, to our local SGX Then the investment world discovered fundamental analysis and fair value quite meaningless when you can t even trust whether the cash on the books really existed Taiping One Day Food Hunt Motormouth From Ipoh Asian May , Ipoh s Simee Market Every Bite Brings Back Happy Memories Famous OUG Pork Noodles Sun Sea Restaurant, Taman OUG Responses to Ready for A Culinary Safari in Taiping Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Singapore That Cost Less Dim sum is a type of Chinese cuisine Cantonese which is prepared in small, bite sized portions and usually served on small plates or steamer baskets. Day One of My Three Days, Two Nights Penang Trip Aug , Kinetic Rain the motorised art installation at Terminal of Changi International Airport that never fails to stop me in my tracks so that i can catch its

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    1. Tahun-tahun lepas, semasa aku tengok dekat MPH, buku ini harganya lebih kurang RM 40 gitu. Tak mampu nak beli. Sabar, sabarTahun ni, beberapa hari lepas, sekali lagi aku tengok, harganya dah turun pulak. RM22. Lama aku tahan sabar. Sekarang dah mampu beli. YAAAAAHHHHHH! *taekwondo meja cashier MPH*Kulit keras ke, kulit lembut ke, berbaloi duit awak dilaburkan ke atas buku ini. Nice sekali.Cuma, yalah. Aku ini duitnya tak ramai sangat. Dah duit tak banyak ni, dapat banyakkan bersabar je la.Ok, in [...]

    2. This book is awesome! Love the satire!This book is the peacock of certot while 40 is just a raven. HohoPlease write again amir!

    3. (Below is an excerpt of my review at: themalaysianreader/2010/07An ode to minimalism, the short stories in Rojak are really short; most run no longer than two pages. But in those two pages that contain each story, we get a slice of Malaysiana that an orang asing might not be able to appreciate. Anyone outside Malaysia know anything about Mona Fandey? If so, they can appreciate My Life As An Artis. There are tales about sex, including one that revolves around tempoyak which delivers a punchier co [...]

    4. Lame. Lacking creativity, the author resorts to the usual formula to appeal to the masses: Sex, sex and more sex. Towards the end, a few selected anecdotes are again retold in a slightly longer form. For what?I don't see the point of the accompanying illustrations either, rather than increasing page count. That being said, what's with the thick glossy paper? Don't waste your time with this.

    5. Buku kertas tebal yang menghimpunkan cerita-cerita satira kontot. Aku baca yang versi melayu punya. Huhu

    6. Rojak is a collection of short stories. And by short, I mean really short, where each story consists of at most two pages. Often, the stories end so abruptly that I don't know whether I should feel surprised or out of sorts. Some of the stories left me clueless about what the author wants to express, or are there no special meanings at all? However, I love the sarcasm that is displayed in a few of the short stories.Stories like Speed, Ex-Prefect and DVD show us how the ones who held authority an [...]

    7. Buku pertama dari Amir Muhammad yang Lara pernah baca selain Malaysians Politicians Says The Darndest Thing. Tak mengecewakan. Cuma Lara tak suka ia dalam format nya sekarang ini. Helaian glossy paper yang tak perlu, untuk meningkatkan nilai eksklusif (mungkin?) buku ini, dari segi tema nya yang lain dari yang lain. Tapi rasanya bila bercakap tentang buku kompilasi cerita-cerita pendek sebegini penerbit Malaysia cenderung menerbitkannya dalam bentuk glossy paper dan hard cover. Lara pun tak bera [...]

    8. Saya membeli buku ini di PBAKL 2011 yang lepas. Buku ini menghimpunkan beberapa cerita pendek yang kontot. Saya merupakan salah seorang peminat cerita-cerita pendek dan saya merasakan cerita-cerita di dalam buku ini berjaya menghiburkan saya. Cerita-cerita di dalam buku ini membuka mata dan minda kita bahawa perkara sekeliling atau sehari-hari yang kita lakukan boleh diterjemahkan menjadi satu cerita yang menarik. Kisah tentang selipar masjid pun boleh dijadikan satu cerita yang menghiburkan. Ja [...]

    9. The book was a birthday present from a close friend of mine. I guess I'm a late reader as the book was published in 2010. (Obviously) I read it in a bus from Sungai Petani to Kuala Lumpur, all it took was a few hours to finish the book.I found it a little funny in the back of the book where it says "This is not a recipe book", because the title itself is a name of one of many Malaysian delicacies. The book is filled with sense of humour and sarcasm as I read the manglish words. Lol.When I read t [...]

    10. Ciri buku ini sangatlah Malaysian dan hanya hanya rakyat Malaysia yang akan faham dengan cerita dan satira yang dihidangkan. Kisah gelagat rakyat seharian berjaya diterjemahkan secara santai dan menghiburkan. A very fun book! As described, it tastes everything - sweet, juicy, spicy, tart, or crunchy! Walaupun tampak sarat dengan sarcasm namun masih ringan (or is it just me?) untuk dihadam. Tak banyak benda yang saya boleh ulas tentangnya. Bagi saya ianya tidak lebih dari sekadar himpunan cerita- [...]

    11. Buku oleh @amirmu ini sangat AWESOME. As described, it tastes everything - sweet, juicy, spicy, tart, or crunchy! DAN PAHIT JUGA! The flavours of Malaysia, yes. This is the kind of book I've been looking for, can't stop reading until I reach the final page.There are few stories that I need to read few times to get their exact meaning. But mostly are damn hilarious and entertaining - yet true. Tapi sedih sebab buku saya ada kerosakan pada 7 buah cerita. Salah cetak. p.s. saya suka LIPSTIK BABI th [...]

    12. Rojak hidangan Amir Muhammad ini pernah dihidangkan di dalam bahasa Inggeris tahun lepas. Saya ada 'ngomel sedikit mengenainya di sini. Semua cerpen telah dialih bahasa ke Bahasa Melayu kecuali 'The Breakup' yang tidak akan mempunyai makna jika diterjemah ke BM. Cerpen-cerpen yang lucu dan sinis dalam versi Inggeris tetap lucu dan sinis bila diMelayu-kan. Satu cerpen yg lame dalam versi Inggeris ('The Dorm Horror Story') tetap 'lemah' setelah diMelayu-kan (Cerita Hantu Asrama).

    13. Penuh dengan kombinasi antara manis, masam, pahit dan pedas. Selalunya pedas dan sinis. Memang sesuai dengan tajuk buku. Saya selalu tersenyum bila membacanya (walupun kadang-kadang ada beberapa cerita yang agak lama masa yang diambil untuk faham maksud yang tersirat). Saya cadangkan kepada yang masih belum membacanya, silalah baca.

    14. Well actually ak pinjam buku ni from Nabil cuz ntah nape tetibe ak nk baca buku nih. In 2 days je ak abeskan. Not bad gak r cerita2 dlm buku ni. Ad yg best n ad yg bosan but part yg ak suka dlm buku ni is part yg last skali whereby the author panjangkan cerpen2 yg pendek time mula2 dlm buku ni n also gabung certain stories dlm cite ni make it one story. Dat one is very nice and creative.

    15. Aku baca percuma dekat kedai buku tahun lepas, tapi tak ingat kedai buku mana. Buku ni buat aku rasa tak malu langsung nak duduk baca tepi rak walaupun dah beberapa kali dijeling staf kedai buku.Memang kena lah tajuk dia rojak, sebab cerita dia pendek pendek, macam potongan buah buahan yang kecik kecik, boleh gigit satu satu. Terhibur.

    16. Usai membacanya, aku terasa sangap rojak. Sangap teruk. Buku yang santai, berangin, cukup berkesan dan penuh mapan dalam atmosfera tanah tumpahnya darahku Malaysia. Hmm, andai ada rojak depan aku sekarang akan di lantak lantak sehingga inzal dan puas. Rojak yang sedap tahap horny,aduh :)

    17. Bagi aku masa baca buku ini macam engkau makan semangkuk rojak kat tepi jalan.Ada macam-macam isi dalam rojak itu,sesetengah orang kalau tidak suka akan asingkan isi rojak yang kurang digemarinya. Tapi tidak bagi aku, aku makan dan hadam kesemuanya.

    18. Senyum sikit. Geleng kepala. Senyum lagi. Geleng lagi. Ulang baca banyak kali. Ok, got it! Banyak yg tak faham dari yg faham. Tapi apa kisah. Ini tulisan bos besar. Memang patut lebih barai, lebih messy, lebih berkias, lebih sinis, lebih ironi. Lebih lit. Lebih rare! Hoho.

    19. cara penulisan yang menarikAM bijak mengunakan kiasan untuk mengkritik seseorang dan kita dapat mengenal pasti siapa orangnya dengan mudahya cuma kurang bersetuju dengan cara pemikiran AM

    20. Santai. Pelbagai himpunan certot(cerita kontot) yang bisa membuatkan anda tidak tidur malam. Sangat kreatif dan kritis.

    21. At this moment so hard to understand what Mr Amir trying to tell in his recent book called Rojak. By the way my wife propose me to read for second time for better view and understood.

    22. The most hilarious, confusing, disgusting, shocking and unpredictable stories I've ever read.Read it and you'll know how good is it to laugh out loud! LOL!

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