The Darkest Passion

The Darkest Passion

Gena Showalter / Jan 24, 2020

The Darkest Passion For weeks the immortal warrior Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence An angel demon assassin has been sent to kill him Or has she Olivia claims she fell from the heavens giving up immortalit

  • Title: The Darkest Passion
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • ISBN: 9781426856099
  • Page: 404
  • Format: ebook
  • For weeks, the immortal warrior Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence An angel demon assassin has been sent to kill him Or has she Olivia claims she fell from the heavens, giving up immortality because she couldn t bear to harm him But trusting and falling for Olivia will endanger them all So how has this mortal with the huge blue eyes already unleashedFor weeks, the immortal warrior Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence An angel demon assassin has been sent to kill him Or has she Olivia claims she fell from the heavens, giving up immortality because she couldn t bear to harm him But trusting and falling for Olivia will endanger them all So how has this mortal with the huge blue eyes already unleashed Aeron s darkest passion Now, with an enemy hot on his trail and his faithful demon companion determined to remove Olivia from his life, Aeron is trapped between duty and consuming desire Worse still, a new executioner has been sent to do the job Olivia wouldn t.

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    1. It's so hard for me to rate this book beacuse I liked it a lotand it was so much better than a few of its predecessors -therefore I think I'm harder on it. I liked Olivia and Aeron and while in some aspects they work as a couple, I just can't shake the uneasy feeling I have. Olivia is so plain and it's such a shame because I think she could've been written so much better. Like I've said before: there's so little development when it comes to these women. It's sad and kinda insulting. That's the o [...]

    2. "you aren’t what you believe you are. You aren’t what everyone else believes. You might have delivered countless deaths but you love more fiercely than anyone I’ve ever known. You give of yourself with no thoughts to your own happiness."Awesome book. Made me cry too. If only there was no Legion in it :(Aeron and Paris see a woman screaming and running toward their fortress.She is screaming for Aeron.Thinking her a Bait, Paris goes to check the situation, but even though he knows it might b [...]

    3. Yet another favorite for me in this series. I found Olivia and Aeron to be a great couple. I loved how Aeron just couldn't resist her, and how Olivia was so drawn to Aeron, that she was willing to 'fall' for him, instead of killing him as she had been ordered to do.As this series progresses, I am seeing more investment in developing the heroines. I liked Olivia's steadfast ability to love. Her determination to enjoy her time with Aeron, and for him to be happy. Even though Legion was a real pain [...]

    4. Aeron:Demon of WrathButterfly: in the middle of his back. (Although he kind of likes tattoos. He has several others.)His curse: He craves violence. His Demon senses the sins of anyone nearby and forces Aeron to attack and to punish – no matter how small or big the sins are, no matter if there is a good reason for them or not. Olivia:warrior angel Supernatural ability: She used to be an angel, so she had a number of abilities including creating weapons from air, shielding herself from the world [...]

    5. 3 Very, Very, Very Low Stars (and that is only because the story is well written)I'll make this review quick and to the point. If I don't, I will do nothing but rant!! I've never been a fan of Aeron and after reading his book, I'm still not, though he did redeem himself at the end. But Legion, Aeron's little demon pet fiendOMG! I hated her character with such a passion that I almost gave this book 1 star! She completely and utterly ruined this story for me. Even the awesome heroine couldn't save [...]

    6. "Better a fool who plays the game than one who remains on the sidelines."The Darkest Passion is the fifth book of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Aeron, keeper of Wrath and Olivia, a fallen angel.It’s an amazing, thrilling, heartbreaking, exciting, sensual installment. I have only one serious problem with it: Olivia’s character. I’ve read this book twice, and even for the second read I see Olivia as selfish. Olivia, a former joy-bringer, now a newbie warrior angel, is assi [...]

    7. 4 My Fallen Angel Stars!This was the fifth book in the Lords of the Underworld Series. Aeron and Olivia's story. Aeron the keeper of wrath. He's full of tattoos and has wings. Flying through the night punishing those that need to be punished. Olivia a fallen angel that has finally become visible to Aeron after months of following him around. I loved Olivia. She wanted Aeron. She wanted to experience so much in life. She wanted to experience her own joy instead of just making others experience it [...]

    8. ** 6+++++ STARS ** Starting this series, and rereading this particular book approximately 13765 times

    9. ^^THIS WAS PASSION ALL OVER MY FACE!^^I like tattoos oh yes I do, I like tattoos how about you. I like them on hot faces, and some that are hiding in his pants. I like them in places, places I can grab. Oh Aeron I do love you, oh Aeron my winged baby you have enough for me and you.So here it is right in your face, I loved Aeron, this crazy ass man lights my fire, and as this series goes on I just love it more and more. I freaking cried for this book, I felt sad at times, not for the book, but fo [...]

    10. “I watched you,” she continued, “as well as those around you, and I…ached. I wanted you, and I wanted what they had—freedom and love and fun. I wanted to play. I wanted to kiss and to touch. I wanted joy of my own.” Her gaze met his, bleak, broken. “In the end, I had a choice. Fall…or kill you. I decided to fall. So here I am. Yours.”

    11. Opening Line:"They Don't seem to care that they're dying."THE DARKEST PASSION is book #5 in the fantastic and addictive Lords Of The Underworld series and this time its all about the winged and tattooed immortal Aeron. A warrior cursed (along with several others) after opening Pandora’s box and bound ever since to a demon, his being Wrath (sort of like a devilish alter ego you can’t ignore) Recently Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence around him and here we learn that she is in fac [...]

    12. Meet Olivia. Olivia is an angel. She used to sit on her white cloud in Heaven and watch us mortals having such a great time, but one day she realized that she wasn’t having any fun. Then her superiors sent her on a mission to kill the man who seemed to be so much fun.Meet Aeron. He is the keeper of the demon Wrath. He has fancy black wings. He is covered in tats that tell the story of his gruesome killings from head to toe. He is obviously the epitome of fun.Olivia refuses to kill Aeron and as [...]

    13. shamelessromancereviewsspBEST YET! LOVED IT FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC!!FIVE STARS!!!! First things first, the cover -HOT Gotta love a guy with a back like that,I cant tell you how many times my husband must walk in on me with a little bit of drool hanging from my mouth in an almost catatonic state while I have been thinking about these men! Plus Aeron has tattoos and I myself am a lover of Tats.So how does a man possessed by a demon, literally covered in tats, oh AND has wings *drool* - wind up being i [...]

    14. I skimmed the rest after reading 60% of the book. The Darkest Passion is the kind of book that you will enjoy if you have read the previous books of the series. Olivia (the heroine) confuses me and the Aeron didn't really wow me. The story is more like:Angel gave up her wings and all that goodness because she's attracted to the guy and wants to have sex with him. Guy wants the angel but is trying to be "distant" but the angel is oh-so-yummy that he cant help himself blah blah blah.The only thing [...]

    15. 2.27 stars.I am so frustrated with this author. I am starting to think the only good book in this series (The Darkest Kiss) was an accident. The characters are always in instant lust that after 2 days they call love. There is so much internal monologue about wanting to shag each other. I get it already.All the heroines in the series are starting to blend together for me. Apart from Anya, they are all bland, passive, and boring. Olivia annoyed me more than any other heroine. Her attempts to exper [...]

    16. I didn't like this book as much as the others. I didn't really like Olivia, and Aeron was just a bit "meh" for me. I also didn't feel the chemistry between them I thought it felt a little flat, for me it seemed that Wrath loved her more then Aeron. What I also didn't like was how abruptly it seemed to end, on minute they were fighting the next minute everything was okay and everything resolved.I did like this book though, just not as much as the others, and I look forward to the next book as I c [...]

    17. Well, I really loved this. I'd taken quite an extended break from Lords of the Underworld but it didn't take long for it all to come back.Aeron Keeper of Wrath, and Olivia make a fabulous couple - Olivia is a Warrior Angel despatched by the one true deity to execute Aeron for rescuing his little demon, Legion, from hell. She can't bring herself to do it as she's falling in love with him and, as punishment, she is cast out from heaven into hell and is a fallen angel. Her wings are ripped off by d [...]

    18. Amazing!!!!!! My favorite lords book yet. A-frickin'-mazing This Lords of the Underworld book picks up where "Darkest Angel" left off. Remember Lysander, the angel? His protoge Olivia was to watch Aeron, keeper of Wrath, and then to kill him. But Olivia fell in love with Aeron's fierce loyalty and the fact that he put his friends above his own wants and needs. So rather than killing Aeron, Olivia fell. Scraping and clawing her way up from the Underworld, Olivia emerges in front of the fortress s [...]

    19. So, it's official: Aeron is my favorite Buda Lord. Not only is he totally sexy, intelligent, honest, loyal, but that sacrifice he makes at the end for Olivia and Legion? It made me cry and love him all the more. He is such a sweetheart. The only thing I didn't like about the sacrifice was that Aeron lost Wrath, his wings and tattoos. I loved how sweet Aeron was with Olivia, and I have to say, the two of the them had some of the sexiest sex of the series. Helllllooo, dresser sex. I loved how he g [...]

    20. Kaşınan, kendi kuyusunu kazıp da aşka düşen erkeklere daha bir bayılıyorum ben.Hele bu kişi kana susamılığıyla 3 kitap boyunca karşımıza çıkmış Gazap'ın muhafızı, baştan aşağıya dövmelerle kaplı Aeron olunca tadından yenmiyor.Sen misin göklere doğru haykıran, aşka meydan okuyan?Aptal adam. Salak iblis. Güzel dişi.Aeron'ın hikayesi kendisini öldürmekle görevlendirilmesine rağmen onun için cennetten vazgeçen Olivia'nın kaçarak ona ulaşmasıyla başlıy [...]

    21. Wow. That was a soul wrenching- emotional- roller coaster ride."The Darkest Passion" is the story of Aeron and Olivia and it an experience.Olivia is an angel we met in previous books- she has been fascinated with Aeron for a long time- so much that she gives up her immortality and becomes a fallen angel for him.Offering herself to him on a silver infatuation filled platter- she is not ready for reluctance and rejection, but she gets it from her demon, Wrath aka Aeron.After years of being without [...]

    22. This is the book that started it all for me with this series. I got the ARC from Netgalley and just had to get the other books before I could read this one and I am so happy I did. I am in love with this series right now.The Darkest Passion tells the HEA of Aeron, the keeper of the Wrath Demon. There’ve been some chapters in the previous installments where we got to see his POV and he is such a brooding character. His relationship and beliefs in terms of mortality are so extreme that i was rea [...]

    23. "Onu asla unutmasın diye, izini bırakmak istiyordu. Onu asla hatırlamasın diye kendini hafızasından silmek istiyordu.Ayrıldıkları zaman acı çekmek istemiyordu. Bir başkasını bulsun istiyordu. En az o bir başkasını kendi elleriyle öldürmek istediği kadar. Ama daha çok mutlu olsun istiyordu. Gülümsesin.Eğlensin"Aeron kitabını yorumlamaya başlamadan önce Gideon <3 diyebilir miyim?? Hele o son sahnesi Scarlet ile Deliii gibi merak ediyorum yazar onların hikayelerine n [...]

    24. SPOILERS AHEADMy problem with this book was its length, there was way too much going on, so much so that I wanted the book to end already, I had enough of the drama. This is less of a review more of a recap, to serve a purpose for me, help me remember the developments because PNR series tend to get so complicated.We know that Aeron the keeper of Wrath was chained by Reyes when he gave into bloodlust and was given a task by Cronus, kill Danika and her family. It was then that he met the female de [...]

    25. Angelic being, Olivia, has been watching the Lords of the Underworld for some time now- one particular Lord to be specific- Aeron the keeper of the demon of Wrath. When Aeron gets into trouble with the Angelic council for aiding anther lessor demon and releasing her into the world, Olivia has no chance to save him- unless she falls. Making the ultimate sacrifice, she leaves her heavenly home and joins Aeron on earth as a mere mortal- well, a significantly diminished angel anyway. Aeron is instan [...]

    26. Allahım Gena! Ne muhteşem bir kadınsın sen!Serinin 2. kitabı benim için kusursuzdu. Bu kitap da işte aynen 2. kitap kadar harikaydı. <3 BA-YIL-DIM! :DGazap iblisinin muhafızı Aeron ile düşmüş melek Olivia'nın hikâyesi Fedakarlık tüm serideki hikayelerin ana noktası. Ama bir 2. kitapta Lucien ve Anya'nın feda ettikleri beni sarsmıştı. Bir de bu kitapta Olivia'nın Aeron için kendinden, kanatlarından, ölümsüzlüğünden vazgeçmesi Aeron'un ise Olivia için ölmesi M [...]

    27. Long ago twelve immortals warriors made by Zeus, became jealous of Pandora she was chosen to guard a box. Inside that box housed some of the most dangerous demons ever known. The Immortals made a horrible mistake of killing Pandora and opening the box. As punishment for the evil they have unleashed each warrior was sentenced to carry one of those demons for all eternity. They are - Violence, Pain, Death, Disease, Disaster, Misery, Doubt, Promiscuity, Defeat, Lies, Secrets, and Wrath. Angry with [...]

    28. WoW. Just wow.Aeron was never ever my favorite hero, so when I found out that the fifth Lords of The Underworld book will be for him I was like :Me: Why won't it be for Paris or William, why won't it be Toriin ???*wipes eyes, blows nose into hanky*Gena Showalter: Their turn will come soon. Every one of my men will find himself a lovely lady.Me: Will the next book be about one of those three?Gena Showalter: No it will be about Gideon.Me: Nooooo!*wipes eyes, blows nose into hanky again* I totally [...]

    29. Enchanting! The Darkest Passion is book #5 in the Lords of the Underworld (LOTU) series and did not disappoint. Aeron and his demon Wrath have been in all the previous books, I think. He's the tattooed and winged Lord that kills on a whim. For the past few books, he's felt "someone" watching him, but couldn't pinpoint who or what. His adopted demon "daughter" (Legion) was terrified of who/whatever was stalking him and he was determined to kill for upsetting his "baby." Olivia was an Angel tasked [...]

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