A Matter for Men

A Matter for Men

David Gerrold / Aug 22, 2019

A Matter for Men With the human population ravaged by a series of devastating plagues the alien Chtorr arrive to begin the final phase of their invasion Even as many on Earth deny their existence the giant wormlike

  • Title: A Matter for Men
  • Author: David Gerrold
  • ISBN: 9780553277821
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • With the human population ravaged by a series of devastating plagues, the alien Chtorr arrive to begin the final phase of their invasion Even as many on Earth deny their existence, the giant wormlike carnivores prepare the world for the ultimate violation the enslavement of humanity for food

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    1. CONCEPT: Earth has been invaded by the Chtorr culture; a mix of especially nasty and powerful beings that make up this alien ecological chain. First, 75% or more of the humans were wiped out by the plagues and now gigantic worm like creatures are further slaying people while they infest the American lands. SCORING: Superb (A), Excellent (A-), Very good (B+), Good (B) Fairly Good (B-) Above Average (C+), Mediocre (C ), Barely Passable (C-) Pretty Bad (D+), Dismal (D), Waste of Time (D-), Into the [...]

    2. David Gerrold is a goddamn genius. Let me repeat that. I want to have a civil union with David Gerrold and have his children. Perhaps then I can convince him to finish the remaining three books for this series that he has had on tap since 1992 or so.A Matter for Men is the first book in the War Against The Chtorr series, a not-so-class story of alien invasion. This time, the story begins at the end of the world (no, it's not The Stand). After a series of plagues wipes out most of the world's pop [...]

    3. Others have more than adequately described this book, so rather than repeat them, I want to toss in one comment that most people will probably find pedantic in the extreme. Sorry.The premise of the book is that Earth's ecosphere is being remade, presumably by extraterrestrial agents although neither the agents, the transport and delivery systems, or any other alien technology are ever found - just lots and lots of alien biology. A nice mystery to wrap a book around.But then the characters start [...]

    4. I first read this book when I was fifteen, and I was instantly in love. Unlike many other things in the last fourteen years, that hasn't changed. I can actually pinpoint the moment when my political leanings turned away from the Democratic party and towards libertarianism: it was reading this book. It seems silly to get influenced on politics by a sci-fi book, but the concepts of responsibility and rights as described here completely changed how I viewed government. Enough of that.I absolutely l [...]

    5. I could not even finish reading this book. The author has a lot of opinions about life and he seems determined to shove them down your throat at every possibility. I love a lot of books with moral lessons or observances about life as long as they are blended into the story, but when there are entire chapters with instructors preaching about freedom and responsibility it completely ruins the story. I even happen to agree with the author about almost everything he says. It just makes for terrible [...]

    6. Earth is being invaded -- not by Martians wielding laser guns but by an alien ecology. The Chtorrian plants and animals are rapidly replacing Earth's native habitats, and the huge Chtorrian worms are happily munching down humans. Jim McCarthy may only have two years of biology but at least he knows which way to point a flame thrower, so he gets the job of investigating these worms at close range.This is a great start to a series that has yet to live up to its potential. Still, this book is worth [...]

    7. I have a long history with this book. Back in the day, I was part of the Science Fiction Book Club and I got a collected volume of the first two books in this series. I was amazed by that set. Gerrold became one of my favorite authors. Later, I learned that he wrote "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode for the original Star Trek series. I wanted to read everything he had written. But the Chtorr books disappeared. I didn't know why, but I kept trying to find the next novel or anything like them.Se [...]

    8. 20 page long lecture about freedom & responsibility from character even author calls "an asshole makes me look make look up other peoples think about this book at ohhhh joy it's a "there's more lecture than book" book.

    9. I finally got my hands on a Matter for Men, the out of print, but much loved start to David Gerrold's unfinished War Against the Chtorr epic. I am quite mixed on this book. On the one hand, the sci-fi ideas in the book are great. It is an alien invasion book, but the tack Gerrold takes is novel. Rather than land in ships with tanks ablazing like World War 2 from space, this war is approached more in a guerilla fashion. The aliens impose their ecosystem on earth, slowly taking over niches so that [...]

    10. The cover of this novel attracted me to purchase it. As a result,after finish reading it,I'm glad and not disappointed of doing so.The setting or background story of the novel took place in an alternated history of our world. United States of America (USA) is no longer a superpower. Due to Moscow Treaties,US is obliged to pay compensation to all countries affected by a devastating war which started first in the Middle East. US received a hard blow by signing the treaties,especially her military [...]

    11. This is volume One in a series 20+ years in the making! The future of an Earth recovering from the ravages of war is further imperiled by an alien invasion! Giant worm like creatures named the Ctorr (ktor) have invaded earth. This invasion not only includes attacks on the human population, but also a bizarre form of terrraforming.Every day Officers in the Special forces fight to protect the human race on a planet that is becoming more alien every day. Biology Student James Edward Mccarthy is com [...]

    12. Yeah I only made it about a quarter of the way into this book. It is far too derivative of Starship Troopers. It may get better as it goes, but life is too short to spend reading shitty novels. I do like when space aliens eat people, though.

    13. WORMS!! Enormous freakin worms from space invade Earth!!! Sounds stupid? Yeah, but boy, was I hooked on this beginning to the War Against the Chtorr! This has it all, suspense, humour, terror.I can't recommend it highly enough. Read it!

    14. This is pure reading pleasure. I'm currently on the book 2, and I can only say this series deserves cult status. The writing is masterful, so many cool and fun concepts served through unobtrusive comedy-like situations and dialogues, which sound so natural and non comedy-like it's unbelievable. There's no single moment, word or line that would be a filler. For me it was fun from the first to the last word. It's like this fuckin guy, David Gerrold, knows what you'll like and delivers it on silver [...]

    15. I can understand why a lot of people like this book (series), but I was hoping for a bit more sci-fi and less philosophy. Don't get me wrong, Gerrold is an awesome writer and thinker, it's just, hmma bit bloated, which wasn't all bada bit dated, but then lots of sci-fi books arewell I'm not sure. I just know that it started to drag and, well, I didn't find the last half to be very good. Nice review, huh?

    16. 3.5 starsLoved it at an hour in, felt a lot like Armor, one of my favorites. At 5 hours in it took a hard left into queerville. I almost quit there, probably should have. This is a good book with good writing that gets distracted by unnecessary glorification of mental disorders.Later there was a whiff of anti-Americanism, I couldn't tell if it was the author or the character.I loved this accurate quote "There are damn few free men on welfare"Excellent narration.I began this book thinking it was [...]

    17. This is a reread for me. I must admit I don't remember the libertarian views I saw in this read. Still fun, quick paced read and a good story. Looking forward to rereading the rest of the series.

    18. Interesting alien invasion storyline from the author of Star Trek's Trouble With Tribbles. Aliens terraforming our world from a unknown location.

    19. Ottimo primo capitolo per una serie che si preannuncia di grandi potenzialità. Affascinanti le descrizioni dell'ecologia Chtorran.

    20. David Gerrold's epic is based on one of the more original concepts that I've seen in recent years. But it's really two parallel stories that happen together.One story is about an alien invasion of Earth. But the invaders aren't in huge spaceships. It's more like an ecological infestation. First there are devastating plagues -- dozens of them, all at once -- that wipe out three-quarters of the human race. Then strange plants appear. Then come the animals. The worst are like car-size worms, voraci [...]

    21. I wasted my Audible credit on this piece of trash. I had just finished my third leviathanesque book in several months and decided that I would cool off the heavy shit with some trashy sci-fi. It didn't have to be great, just an enjoyable fictional piece that I could lose myself in for a bit before reverting my attention to more important literary works. As an audiobook this is 15h25m long. I gave up after almost 5 hours of listening; and I do mean 'gave up' not 'stopped listening'. I wanted to l [...]

    22. I won't give this book a star rating since I didn't finish it. It's too bad this book wasn't very interesting. It really is. I expected better from the writer of "The Trouble with Tribbles." I read about 50 pages of it and it just wasn't interesting me. The classroom scenes seemed to be ripped off of Starship Troopers, except the classroom scenes in Starship Troopers actually had some charm. Robert A. Heinlein and his wife are thanked in the acknowledgments and A Matter for Men is actually dedic [...]

    23. As a person reads more and more and becomes what I guess you'd call a better reader, there's danger in going back to something you previously loved and noticing all the flaws. So it happened when I reread Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's books after that awful movie came out and was horrified to find out that the books themselves aren't very good anymore, and so it's happening now as I'm rereading David Gerrold's War Against the Chtorr series. I loved the first two books when I was a kid and was imp [...]

    24. Definitely falls in one of my all time favorite science fiction series. A shame that this series is currently out of print, but according to David Gerrold's blog, will be reissued as soon as his next book gets published.David Gerrold may not be a household name like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, but he is well known in the science fiction community. He wrote the classic Star Trek episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles" when he was still in his twenties, and his recent book, "The Martian Child" was [...]

    25. This book just blew me away. Great stuff! The basic idea is a sci-fi staple: Earth is being invaded by aliens. But the way they go about it is very well thought-out. First, they hit us with 7 different plagues to soften us up; it works, our population is WAY down by the time we begin to recover from them. While we're fighting the plagues, they introduce their alien ecology; from algae to bugs to man-eating worms, several alien life-forms are spreading fast because Earth's life can't compete with [...]

    26. The book I read had a different cover - a very cheestastic Boris Valejo one actually. I think I may like the cover, or at least the thumbnail, better for this edition.This is my second time reading this one - I remember reading this series sometime in middle / early high school, and I seem to remember I could never finish it (I think that the library didn't carry the last book). In this more enlightened era of interlibrary loans, being able to drive (to libraries and book stores), and bit torren [...]

    27. Just finished David Gerrold's A Matter For Men: the War Against the Chtorr. Book 1 Now, this is an alien invasion novel! It is also a response to Heinlein (as is so much in SF) but very specifically to Starship Troopers. There are even narrative parallels. But it's done as if Gerrold took a look at that seminal work and said "No, that's not the way it would play out" and decided to take it apart and so it "right." I can see how this would fenerate a multi-volume work because the scenario depicte [...]

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