Stumptown, Vol. 1

Stumptown, Vol. 1

Greg Rucka Matthew Southworth / Jun 18, 2019

Stumptown Vol Dex is the proprietor of Stumptown Investigations and a fairly talented P I Unfortunately she s less adept at throwing dice than solving cases Her recent streak has left her beyond broke she s into

  • Title: Stumptown, Vol. 1
  • Author: Greg Rucka Matthew Southworth
  • ISBN: 9781934964378
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dex is the proprietor of Stumptown Investigations, and a fairly talented P.I Unfortunately, she s less adept at throwing dice than solving cases Her recent streak has left her beyond broke she s into the Confederated Tribes of the Wind Coast for 18 large But maybe Dex s luck is about to change Sue Lynne, head of the Wind Coast s casino operation, will clear Dex debtDex is the proprietor of Stumptown Investigations, and a fairly talented P.I Unfortunately, she s less adept at throwing dice than solving cases Her recent streak has left her beyond broke she s into the Confederated Tribes of the Wind Coast for 18 large But maybe Dex s luck is about to change Sue Lynne, head of the Wind Coast s casino operation, will clear Dex debt if she can locate Sue Lynne s missing granddaughter But is this job Dex s way out of the hole or a shove down one much much deeper

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        Greg Rucka, is an American comic book writer and novelist, known for his work on such comics as Action Comics, Batwoman Detective Comics, and the miniseries Superman World of New Krypton for DC Comics, and for novels such as his Queen Country series.


    1. I would probably have enjoyed Stumptown more if I would have not met Jessica Jones first. It seems I only have room for a one troubled female P.I. who has enough problems to borrow around the city.Dex as a character is a bit rough, which comes from having a hard knock life behind her, and having responsibilities such as taking care of her brother with Down Syndrome. This makes an interesting starting point to a character traits, and I usually tend to think that this kind of character-setting equ [...]

    2. Bullet Review:Greg Rucka is DA MAN! WOWEE. He knows how to write the best female characters, without resorting them to simpering wimps that need to hold onto a boy's hands to walk them across a street.Bonus points for this set in Portland, though it was also a bad thing because I kept trying to tell where everything was. LOL.

    3. Rucka knows how to write crime fiction and strong women, so a story featuring a tough P.I. named Dex is a no brainer. Dex is a down on her luck P.I. with a gambling problem and a special needs brother at home. She gets involved with a missing persons case and is almost murdered before she can even look into it. The story is engaging, Dex is witty and tough as nails. The only criticism I have is with the art. It reminds me some of Michael Gaydos. It's sparse and gritty which fits the tone of the [...]

    4. I read this because I liked Gotham Central by Rucka. I liked Renee Montoya, the strong central woman in it, and I like this dialogue. The ending was surprising. Tough writing. I like this too with again a strong woman character, a P.I. named Dex(edrine) who is not making much money in her trade, is a gambler with thousands of dollars of debt and supports a brother with Down Syndrome. No love life, so far, so that is different in comics, especially women-focused ones written by men…. but this i [...]

    5. The Case of the Girl Who Took her Shampoo (But Left her Mini)Greg Rucka's noir graphic novel series starts with a bang as his female PI, Dex Parios, is dragged in to a missing person case that, as you'd expect, is more than it seems on the surface.Dex is a compelling and complex character, with a back story that is skilfully hinted at but never really discussed and a penchant for putting her face in harm's way, she's a woman seemingly hell bent on punishing herself for an unnamed sin in her past [...]

    6. Juicy. Dense, tense writing. Tight dialogue. Who is this stingy with words and can still keep us completely engaged?I admire the hell out of Rucka. I imagine he has to shift some pretty heavy gears, moving from prose novels to comics. Or maybe his comic scripts are just as heavily wordy, but just leaves all that environmental illustration for the artist to absorb and interpret, and leaves only the best 5% of words out in the open for the readers to spy on. This is a great book. Want more. (There [...]

    7. Greg Rucka's love for the down at heel P.I. story is the spark that got this labour of love comic book series up and running. Dex Parios is the P.I. in question, working out of Portland, Oregon. She's a breezy operator with a bad line in bad luck and too many bad habits, which is three bads too many in anyone's book, never mind somebody in her line of work. She doesn't have time for boyfriends, though she'll flirt the hell out of the medics at the local ER. She must know those guys well as she g [...]

    8. This is a solid PI/Noir-light book. I've enjoyed Rucka's stuff mostly over the years, and while it isn't Ed Brubaker, it's still very good. Elevated tremendously by Matthew Southworth's artwork and muted palette of colours. It's a similar book to Brubaker and Phillips stuff, and I mean that as a compliment, not as an accusation of being derivative. I really enjoy Dex, a woman who embodies "if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all".Matt Fraction writes the foreword/intro and comp [...]

    9. Chapter 1(view spoiler)[A bulletproof vest?? A bulletproof vest? It's lucky they shot her right where the vest sits instead of, you know, in the head. But I like this comic so much I don't even really mind that much. I just wanted to go on the record saying (INSERT EMOJI HERE) (hide spoiler)]Chapter 2Emily: I am Oscar. A PI would come to interrogate me and I'd just be pumping iron while she asked me questions. Matt: That's a Bowflex. You clearly haven't watched enough late-night sports infomerci [...]

    10. With comics such as Queen & Country and Whiteout, Rucka established a much deserved reputation for producing superior crime stories featuring female protagonists. In Stumptown Volume 1: The Case of the Girl Who Took her Shampoo (But Left her Mini), Rucka returns to this familiar territory. In order to pay back a massive gambling debt, Stumptown Investigations proprietor Dex Parios searches for the missing granddaughter of Sue-Lynne, head of the Confederate Tribes of the Wind Coast's casino o [...]

    11. Take a "Rockford Files"-style penny-ante detective with a stubborn streak and a heart of gold (along with sore knuckles and sore skull). Mix in a typical Greg Rucka strong heroine. Mix well and set in down-and-out Portland. There you have Stumptown, and it is just damned glorious. Matthew Southworth's art is a perfect compliment to Rucka's writing -- realistic, gritty, a bit ugly, but engaging.I would recommend this book to anyone who entertains the idea that comic books don't have to be about s [...]

    12. An interesting, fun, well-written P.I. comic by the always great Greg Rucka. Stumptown's first arc does a great job setting up a world I want to get back to. Dex is a P.I. who cares for her brother and has a gambling addiction. She takes on the case in the first arc to be forgiven for a five-figure debt she owes to a casino, but just because she doesn't know how to quit while she's ahead doesn't make Dex hopeless. Sure, she's a crap gambler, but she is smart and resourceful on the job, has frien [...]

    13. Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth paint a beautiful noir story. A story that is to gripping to be put down. Stumptown is an amazing story. Take a down on your luck PI, through in some Mexican gangsters and you have a recipe for a killer story.This story follow Dex, a PI just trying to make ends meat. When a Native American girl goes missing her Grandma gets worried. Luckily the Grandma is the owner of a casino that Dex owes a large debt too. Grandma decides to forgive her outstanding debt if she [...]

    14. At first this whole package seemed a bit overdetermined. A foreword comparing the book to the Rockford Files and praising the authentic Portland (Oregon) atmosphere. A sexually ambiguous P.I. named "Dexedrine Panios." A developmentally disabled brother who is inquired about by every single person Dexedrine knows. But as I kept turning the pages under my LED camp light during the Great Minneapolis Power Outage, I grew more attracted to the crabbed atmosphere of the thing, even as the plot gaped w [...]

    15. This book is pretty short for the most part, but last night I finished one book and figured I would get a start on this. Instead I read this all the way through instead of going to sleep. Fun and simple book about a missing person and the PI sent after them. Nothing fancy, but simple but good writing.

    16. The positive thing i can say about this comic, is that it is well written.The story is interesting, and very engaging to read through.Unfortunately the art is awful, i could barely stand to look at it.However thanks to Greg Rucka's writing and dialogue, i was able to finish the book.If it wasn't for his writing, i might have not been able to finish it.

    17. Dexedrine Parios is a wiseass private investigator with a gambling problem. A casino manager offers to forgive her substantial debt in exchange for finding a missing girl. In the meantime she has to manage weird relationships with her younger brother and assorted cops.In the foreword, Stumptown is repeatedly compared to an old 70s PI television show called The Rockford Files. This comparison is spot on; just like in a bad 70s TV show, information starts flinging itself at Dex almost the minute s [...]

    18. If asked to review this in one sentence: Greg Rucka returns to his roots.Rucka does return to his roots in more than one way. The Portalnd resident set the majority of this hard-boiled tale in and around Portland where he lives (well still lives to my knowledge). The P.I Dex Parios, is in the hard-boiled tradition much like Rucka's federal marshal Carrie Steko and Atticus Kodiak (before the Atticus books apparently moved more towards the thriller spectrum of he genre).This collection is admitted [...]

    19. Stumptown est une série de comics écrits par Greg Rucka et dessinés par Matthew Southworth, publié aux éditions Oni Press en 2011. Greg Rucka est un spécialiste des thrillers noirs comme Whiteout ou Queen and County. 4 petits comics haletants d'un thriller noir qui ressemble pas mal à Alias, la série classique de Bendis. Le personnage principale est un inspecteur privé féminin, Dex, qui est une sorte de loser complet (endettée au casino, peu ou pas de travail, célibataire, .). Elle d [...]

    20. Rucka's latest is good - damn good. Stumptown is a powerful crime story set in Portland, with a heavy emphasis on the Native American community. The heroine - Dex (short for Dexidrine) - exemplifies what Rucka does so well. She's tough as nails, but has a great sense of humor and actually reads like a woman (something most comic writers get dead wrong). The tale weaved in this first volume has some great twists and turns. It's a good ride. The art is also great - flat out beautiful in places. Ca [...]

    21. Dex is a great character and I look forward to reading more in this series. The storyline is compelling and fast-paced with minimal back-story on Dex. We see her in action but don't know anything about how she came to be a PI or what her life has been like. So, volume 1 is just the case and Dex in action. The artwork I'm split on. Loved a lot of it, but some of it seems a bit sketchy. Did like how there were extended scenic panels without dialog. That moved the story forward economically. Southw [...]

    22. Wow, good stuff. Fantastic characters-especially the main character. She has a lot of personality. She was fun and never over played her hand and she was very smart and very loving toward her little brother. We saw more of the full range of her life and her relationships instead of just her PI work. All of the characters were great though-her cop friend, her little brother, everyone who was working against her. Wonderful writing, well edited. They allowed the pictures to do a lot of the talking, [...]

    23. This is a realistic, well-written graphic novel (I still call them comic books) series. Greg Rucka, who has a reputation for writing strong crime material, continues to impress here. There are no super heroics, no costumes or capes, just people doing the best they can to get by. STUMPTOWN follows a missing persons case through its various twists and turns, with interesting characters and a strong narrative drive. The art is realistic and gritty when it needs to be, and expressive and clear when [...]

    24. An all too easy resolution toward the end, but this is some enjoyable and gritty Portland noir and Dex is an enormously likable f#ck up. Rucka does a great job complicating her life from get go, and it's so much fun to see a recognizable Portland--as a city and not just a place for murders along nondescript hiking trails. Have been pondering the giant 36 dollar graphic novel for years and deciding against the weight in my luggage. Am really glad a digital version is now available.

    25. already an admirer of Rucka from his Whiteout series (though perhaps even more so his illustrator - the things that man could accomplish with white space!) i was excited to see this series in my hometown which Rucka faithfully puts on display (though perhaps emphasizing the more seedy side) my only criticism might be that the diversity of the stories' characters is a little wishful thinking for Portland.

    26. I tend to enjoy what Greg Rucka is doing, and this is definitely more of a modern noirish take on graphic novels. The noir thing I don't always do well with, but Stumptown succeeds because the writing is so strong, the artwork so good, and the modern flairs so solid.A great start, and I can't wait to keep going with this series in particular.

    27. This series continues the excellence I've come to expect from Rucka's novels, his QUEEN AND COUNTRY, and his work in GOTHAM CENTRAL. Strong story and protagonist, and I love how the artwork is able to supplement the dialogue and lend depth to the story and characterizations.

    28. This was great. Aside from wanting to support local talent and being excited about a title set in PDX, this captured my attention as an intriguing suspense mystery with a compelling female lead. The fidelity of detail was like the icing on a particulary fresh Voodoo Donut. Highly reccommended.

    29. This was very well written!! Count me as a Greg Rucka fan henceforth. I loved Dex' character and how everything was so in your face and gritty. I really enjoyed it. Might go on to read the next volume.

    30. This was truly fantastic. The art was wonderful and the plot kept me invested. It was refreshing to have a rough and tumble female detective lead in a genre that is so overwhelmingly masculine. Being set in the PNW doesn't hurt, either!

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