Growing Up Brady : I Was A Teenage Greg

Growing Up Brady : I Was A Teenage Greg

BarryWilliams / Jul 21, 2019

Growing Up Brady I Was A Teenage Greg Think you know everything about Greg Peter Bobby Marcia Jan Cindy Mike Carol Alice and the people who played them Think again From drunken golf cart races across the Paramount lot to make out

  • Title: Growing Up Brady : I Was A Teenage Greg
  • Author: BarryWilliams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Think you know everything about Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Mike, Carol, Alice and the people who played them Think again From drunken golf cart races across the Paramount lot to make out sessions in Tiger s doghouse and Cindy s near drowning in Hawaii, Barry WiIliams tells the real Brady story, previously hidden behind the carefully groomed facade of TV s faThink you know everything about Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Mike, Carol, Alice and the people who played them Think again From drunken golf cart races across the Paramount lot to make out sessions in Tiger s doghouse and Cindy s near drowning in Hawaii, Barry WiIliams tells the real Brady story, previously hidden behind the carefully groomed facade of TV s favorite family.This collector s edition of Growing Up Brady is packed with first hand memories, newly published photos, and updated information on the cast, crew and creators of The Brady Bunch Its the most detailed documentation or one of television s most popular shows, as told from the inside Forget about the rumors and find out the real stories of inter Brady dating, behind the scenes battles, and the real people behind the Bunch.

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    1. While this book is very entertaining and may be interesting to those who are huge fans of the show, it is also heard to break away from the constant narcissism and "I'm the best" attitude of Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady, one of the most annoying kids in tv show history). I feel like Barry Williams was constantly overshadowing the other members of the cast with himself. Listen, teenagers are usually narcissistic and think they rule and know everything about the world, but it seems that Williams [...]

    2. In the early 90’s, I like so many others of my generation, went on a huge 70’s pop culture nostalgia fest, the centerpiece of which was The Brady Bunch, a ridiculously idealized and out of touch family sitcom even in its heyday, which also happened to be hugely entertaining (well, I thought so). The squeaky-clean adventures of the Bradys bore absolutely no relation to reality whatsoever but that was part of its charm. Of late I have become nostalgic for my early 90’s version of early 70’ [...]

    3. I can't believe I actually read this book. Funny and more light hearted than the Maureen McCormick book "Here's the story" that I recently read. However, "Growing up Brady" is now dated. was written in 1992. Lots of pictures and even a commentary about each and every 116 episodes.

    4. I liked this book when I read it. I have to admit I hadn't read a lot of inside stories at the time so I didn't know a lot of what he was saying. He did spend a lot of time on Reed's unhappiness which was sad and a downer but then again that was reality for the show!

    5. What can I say? I was a huge Brady fan. Watched it the first time around and then in re-runs for the next 30+ years as did my own kids and everyone else. It's always interesting to get the real scoop. And besides Greg was always so cool and mature.

    6. I met Barry Williams when he came through town many years ago promoting this book. The book is a must-read for any child of the seventies who grew up watching "The Brady Bunch"--myelf included!

    7. I bought this book when it was first published over twenty years ago. I recently found it while unpacking a box of books I had in storage. I thought it would be fun to finally read it. It is fun. He begins with how he got into acting, rolls he had prior to becoming Greg Brady, and then tells tales of the Brady Bunch years, with cast members also recalling memories. Barry really likes himselfa lot. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being confident and believing in yourself. But he does get a litt [...]

    8. Answered a lot of questions. This is a very informative and eye opening account of the family I grew up loving and wanted to live with. I dreamt of being another son of Mike and Carol Brady. I never knew the problems that the cast encountered on a near daily basis.

    9. Filled with humor and anecdotes, see the Bradys as you never saw them before with Barry Williams as your tour guide.

    10. I was the target audience when the first episode aired. I was ten. I was ashamed of myself for watching it then. In adult life I was ashamed to be reading Barry Williams's (really pretty good) account of his times on the set of a show about a horribly clean family brought together by the union of two previously divorced adults. No mistaking this: Mrs. Brady was no widow. Mr. Brady dumped that first Mrs. Brady. No back story was needed beyond the theme song. The second Mrs. Brady's daughters and [...]

    11. This is one of those fun reads you stumble across and wonder why you haven't read it sooner. The Brady Bunch is the first television program I remember watching. I was three. (Coming in second is The Mickey Mouse Club, the third Romper Room, and from there it becomes a mash-up of Captian Kangaroo and Saturday morning cartoons, complete with Time for Timer PSAs.) Did I identify with Marcia, the super teen? I was a contemplative, buck-toothed, red-headed, only-child to two full-time professionals [...]

    12. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I actually read this book, but I am a HUGE Brady Bunch fan. Even though I am a 90′s child, I watched re-runs of the show on Nick at Nite and TV Land growing up. I did not read this book to be entertained and put into a story, rather, I wanted to find out some tidbits about one of my favorite shows.The book was ok. It kept me entertained and I laughed at a few parts, but it was nothing mind blowing. I did find Chapter 17 (entitled “One Toke Over The Lin [...]

    13. So, I met Barry Williams at a UVSC rally. My friend Kim and I were invited up on stage to learn a far-out Brady dance and afterwards, he remembered my name when he signed our books and posed for a picture with us. He reeked of cigarette smoke and an overinflated ego sad. Anyway, I read the book and it is kind of fun if you were a Brady Bunch fan. He dishes about all the kids making out with each other and Mr. Brady arguing about the scripts being to corny and ruining the credibility of the show. [...]

    14. Interesting if not very insightful book about what went on behind the scenes on The Brady Bunch. Which Bradys hooked up? Who didn't get along? And whatever happened to that dog Tiger?The book is short anyway, but a full 50% of the book is dedicated to describing every single Brady Bunch episode in detail. And several of the remaining chapters talk about Barry Williams' life before he got the part of Greg Brady. Perhaps there are people out there who are interested in how many made-for-TV movies [...]

    15. Typical "airplane book", picked up at a second-hand shop in the States, this book was readable. Barry Williams is a pleasant guy & is interestingly unembarrassed about his time on the all-American 60's sit-com, though he does wax pretty sarcastic--but then again, who wouldn't? Another surprise is the serious fighting that went on behind the scenes between producer-creator Sherwood Schwartz & Robert Reed aka 'Dad' Brady. Who knew that Reed wanted the show to be "real", while Schwartz was [...]

    16. I wasn't interested in the episode-by-episode recap that took up the last 50% of the book. I skipped this part. It made me sorry I wasted the $$ I spent on this book. The "Behind the Scenes" memoir was surprisingly entertaining though. I'd put it in the same category as gossip magazine entertainment.I was kind of amused by the page at the end hawking merchandise with Barry Williams face plastered all over it. Might have been more worthwhile spending than what I paid for this book. I'm sure a (lo [...]

    17. for this book, i wish there was the option of half a star. i would say it was more than ok, but maybe not three stars. i did like it though and since i love all things brady, it was a pretty fun read. i admit i skimmed more than actually read some parts because he seemed to spend a lot of time talking about robert reed's unhappiness on the show. that brought me down a little. prior to reading this, i had just finished here's the story by maureen mccormick and it was really good. so maybe that's [...]

    18. I admit it I have problems. There was one thing my sister and I agreed on as kids and that was our love of all things Brady. This book gives an interesting glimpse "behind the scenes" of the show, the numerous variety shows/attempted spin-offs (we all remember "The Brady Brides), and the too horrible for words TV movies. The world may never know if Barry Williams was really telling the truth about him and Florence Henderson, but don't worry about the authenticity of the stories and simply enjoy [...]

    19. I'll admit it up front, I skipped a couple of sections. I wasn't as excited about Barry William's introduction to acting as I was about him and Marcia making out! That being said, my all-time favorite part about the book: reading Robert Reed's opinion of the show! I'm glad I read this later in life, I think I would have not liked hearing that the Brady dad didn't like the show when I was younger, but as an adult I totally loved reading that he thought it was going to be a show with deep sociolog [...]

    20. Found this book at a church book sale and threw it in on the "fill a bag" day. The version that I read was the paperback prior to Robert Reed's death. Had seen it over the years and figured it was worth a shotBy in large, I did not enjoy it. Half the book was dedicated to episode summaries that sometimes were incorrect and often filled with double entendres. Even Robert Reed's memos seems more silly than the episodes he is complaining about While Barry Williams is obviously the keeper of the Bra [...]


    22. Absolutely fantastic book and a must for all Brady Bunch Fans. I read this straight after Maureen McCormick's book which did not offer a great deal of Brady Bunch news. However, this is a guide to everything Brady from start to finish as well as an entire Episode Guide. The book's extremely easy to read and humorous. Barry gives so many details on this great TV show and lots of backstage details, and there are lots of lovely photos too. Wish there were more Brady Books to read!!!

    23. Surprisingly entertaining. If you are a Brady Bunch fan, you will enjoy some of the insider scoop on interpersonal dynamics, problems on the set, etc. It is also interesting to learn how Barry Williams got into the business and the famous people he met. This makes me want to go back and see some of the episodes to see if I can catch some of what he is talking about in the book (such as the true terror on his face as he literally did wipe out on a surfboard while filming in Hawaii).

    24. A must read for any Brady Bunch fan - a behind the scenes look. Learn about the relationship between Maureen and Barry aka(Greg and Marcia) - cute/ also Peter and Jan; and the Brady's traveling - i remember a cute story on the airplane/ i believe when they were going to film the Hawaii episode (on the way to hawaii)- which happens to be my favorite episode/ & the book has lots of great photos. From Barry's perspective on what it is like to be a 70's pop tv star.

    25. A fun read, although I found a few mistakes in the Episode Guide. If you are a Brady fan, you will like this quick read, although it does ignore Maureen McCormack's cocaine addiction and Robert Reed's homosexuality completely. I guess you could say this book is Brady-fied as it does not really deal with any of the bad issues except for the feud between Sherwood and Lloyd Schwartz and Robert Reed. Go to town, the trivia is fun!

    26. I originally bought this book when it was first published to give to my sister as a gift, but ended up keeping it myself when I became obsessed with the info in it and basically ended up memorizing it. There's nothing in it that's not basic common Brady fan knowledge now or that can't be found on fan websites, but back in 92, it was a godsend of a trivia treasure trove and it's still a pretty fun re-read.

    27. Hi. I'm Amanda and I like to read memoirs of washed-up TV stars. And even though I've never been a particular fan of the Brady Bunch and Barry Williams comes off as a sexist jackass, I sort of enjoyed this book. Even the descriptions of every single episode of the show, which were at least sufficiently snarky to be mildly amusing. I've lost a considerable amount of respect for myself.

    28. I found this book while looking for a biography of Robert Reed (couldn't find one any out there?). It's a light read, REALLY humorous the episode summary in the back had me LOL'ing many times. Lots of great pics inside, too. I grew up on the Bradys on "Nick at Nite" and still watch them on the Hallmark Channel every evening- Groovy as ever!

    29. I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and have seen every single episode. Probably know most of them line for line and great with Brady Trivia. So I have been wanting to read this book for quite some time now and finally came across a copy. It was really a fantastic read with some great insight from behind the scenes AND perspective of each episode from Barry Williams.

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