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Butterface When love isn t luckyor pretty The scars on Beth s face aren t nearly as deep as the ones she nurses on the inside She was born with hemifacial microsomia and was supposed to feel lucky that she wasn

  • Title: Butterface
  • Author: Gwen Hayes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When love isn t luckyor pretty.The scars on Beth s face aren t nearly as deep as the ones she nurses on the inside She was born with hemifacial microsomia and was supposed to feel lucky that she wasn t as disfigured as some people.One boy, Lucky O Leary, starts to find the cracks in her hard shell and finds himself falling for her Only Lucky has a secret he needs tWhen love isn t luckyor pretty.The scars on Beth s face aren t nearly as deep as the ones she nurses on the inside She was born with hemifacial microsomia and was supposed to feel lucky that she wasn t as disfigured as some people.One boy, Lucky O Leary, starts to find the cracks in her hard shell and finds himself falling for her Only Lucky has a secret he needs to bring Beth to a dog dinner or lose his spot on the team She can t find out that the guy who brings the ugliest date wins a prize.Young Adult Short Story 8000 words

    Urban Dictionary butter face A girl who has an absolutely gorgeous body, but leaves much to be desired in the facial region.It sounds like a compliment, but it really isn tad also everything about her was great, BUT HER FACE. The Origins of Sexist Slang Butterface Although butterface and buttaface are often used interchangeably when describing a woman with a sexy body and an unappealing face, the latter may be gender neutral. Urban Dictionary A Butterface Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see To learn about what data we collect and your privacy options, see our Butterface The Hartigans, by Avery Flynn Jul , Butterface is book one in the brand new series, The Hartigans, by Avery Flynn I ve been so excited about this book and it completely did not let me down. Butter Face TV Tropes This back to school commercial from Foot Locker parodies the butterface idea in a scene with two high school boys checking out female classmates A hot girl crosses their view and the boy in front exclaims she is so fine , but his classmate behind laments she s a buttershoes everything is hot but her shoes.Directing their attention to her ugly shoes, both of them recoil in disgust. What Does butterface Mean Slang by Dictionary Butterface is a mashup of the pronunciation of the phrase but her face The term is based on a sexist joke about women s appearances For example, a man might remark after a blind date that everything about her was attractive but her face. Definition of butterface The Online Slang Dictionary This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of butterface is The slang word phrase acronym butterface means Online Slang Dictionary A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. Butterface by Gwen Hayes Butterface is a novella which doesn t really make any sense to me Blame it on the pointlessness of the story or the main characters who are poles apart. I have a BUTTER FACE REALLY YouTube Feb , Just trying to figure out exactly what a butterface is If someone could please explain to me it would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you Let s get the conversation started She s Hot Butterface PHOTOS COED Jul , Some are t t guys, some are ss men Some think the face is most important physical attribute on a woman, then there are those who are fixated on a girl s body Our theory is if a girl has a very pretty face, she s probably less likely to work her buns off achieving a killer bod Chicks with busted faces hit the gym hard to get that perfect physique, thus taking attention away from their f

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    1. Butterface is a novella which doesn't really make any sense to me. Blame it on the pointlessness of the story or the main characters who are poles apart. To be honest, I think the story was just shy of shallow. First off, I don't think having a couple of scars on one's face and a somewhat rigid jawline makes anyone a butterface. Sure, she couldn't have been as pretty as girls in books usually are, but that shouldn't be the reason to make her feel that much inferior. What I mean is that she had h [...]

    2. Two words to describe Butterface: short and shallowI suppose it's almost impossible to write believable romance in so little space, still it doesn't excuse the author. She could have written it longer, couldn't she? I don't know what she wanted to reach, but it certainly doesn't work with me.The meaning of the two words: fast and without deep emotionsIt resembles me to harlequin novels. A woman and a man meet, fall in love, there occurs something dividing them, but in the end they resolve it and [...]

    3. I loved this story!Lucky O'Leary is a diligent college student who goes to a diner each night to study. Lucky goes there to get away from the frat-boy parties and antics that go on each night at his house. Beth is a high-school senior working as a waitress at the diner Lucky goes to each night. Lucky and Beth form a friendship from spending so much time together, and even though Beth is not Lucky's usual type of girl, he begins to care for her. This story is about falling, unexpectedly for someo [...]

    4. Short stories always surprise and impress me. They really can show off the beauty and power of words and storytelling! A well written short story can pull readers in, create a connection, and cause empathy, joy and tears for the characters all with so little time and few words. Just amazing! Butterface does all that and more.I liked Beth and Lucky right from the get go. Their warm, fun, sarcastic banter had a wonderful pace which added a fun, flirty feel to this meaningful story. It was a wonder [...]

    5. BUTTERFACE is lyrical, true to life, with characters that sympathized with and connected with even when they weren't doing the right thing.Because of her deformity, Beth is used to hiding. She keeps her hair pulled in front of her face and tries to disguise her insecurity with a sharp wit. Lucky is the all around dreamboat and star athlete. He comes into the diner where Beth works at every night to escape from his roommates, study, and try to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Used to [...]

    6. How would I describe this novella? Let's see now one word: short. And I think because it was so short it lacked progress and anything that could possibly emit empathy from the reader. There was nothing wrong with the plot-- it was sweet but incredibly shallow and it left a hell of a lot of plot holes that didn't really complete the story for me. It was just a whirl of the whole cliche-- popular boy falls in love with not-so-attractive girl. Why doesn't he judge Beth when he first meets her? What [...]

    7. Full review at Amaterasu readsI have to ask, what can you do with a 19-paged short story? (17 really, minus the cover and About the Author pages). I absolutely love the way the prose was written. Those 17 pages were worth it. Yes it was short, but it doesn't feel like it. It wasn't rushed, and it didn't feel like everything was crammed into those 17 pages.I was hooked after reading the first paragraph.I got this for free when Gwen tweeted that this was available for free read, but I would gladly [...]

    8. For Lucas "Lucky" O'Leary things have just been falling into place without much of an effort all his life. He has yet to learn how to stand up for what is right.Beth waits tables at the diner Lucas spends most of his time studying and a fragile friendship blossoms. Born with hemifacial microsomia, the scars in her faced the ones on the insideke it hard for her to trust people. How can Lucas possibly tell her that his friends put im up to bringing her to a party in hopes of winning the price for [...]

    9. Lucas 'Lucky' O'Leary has left his small town and moved to a college with a soccer scholarship. He works hard to maintain his grades, and subsequently spends a great deal of time at a local diner where Beth 'Liz' works.Beth is a shy, quiet girl with some serious personal issues. Beth was born with hemifacial microsomia (which for those who don't know what it looks like see below)Beth covers her scars and ultimately deems herself unworthy of 'soccer-god' Lucus. The story follows Lucus being peer- [...]

    10. El libro tiene unas treinta hojas, así que toda la trama se desarrolla muy rápido, y la verdad es que no puedes disfrutar de ninguna situación entre los protagonistas. Es como quien se come un pastel de un mordisco, y no se permite disfrutar de la sensación de tenerlo en la boca, poder disfrutar de su dulzura, de su consistencia… ustedes me entienden ^^Creo que la autora quería escribir una historia que enseñara que el amor lo puede todo y bla bla bla, pero tal vez debió habérselo toma [...]

    11. "Butterface" has the kind of story that I expect from quality, well-written short stories. It makes me care about the characters with respect to their voices and personalities (double check since this switches between perspectives), it has a well-plotted dilemma, and the story sucks you in until the very end. It's 19 pages of a beautifully woven tale about a girl bearing the scars of a childhood deformity, with a boy who finds himself falling for her, and yet sucked into a deal that could hurt t [...]

    12. Butterface is more than I expected it to be. In so few pages, it's able to tell a beautiful story.I loved the characters, especially Beth. Because of her facial deformity, she's insecure and self-conscious. After Lucky befriends her, she begins to see herself past her appearance. I liked the development of Beth and Lucky's relationship, as well as their character.I would have liked this story to be longer. Some parts felt rushed and could be developed more. Things happened between Beth and Lucky [...]

    13. 3.5/5 starsA short story by Gwen Hayes about a girl with scars inside & out and the boy who's willing to look beyond the surface. While impressed by the character development Hayes was able to accomplish in such a short word count, I felt the story itself was a little rushed and wished for more development, particularly in the individual growth and realizations of Beth. Also, I understand the story was more about the two main characters coming to grips with who they are as people and the kin [...]

    14. Butterface is a great, quick read. My only complaint really is that it was way too short. In a nutshell, Butterface is about Lucky and Beth. Beth was born with a hemifacial microsamia which she is very self conscious about. Beth works at the diner that Lucky frequents and they become friends. Lucky's teammates urge him to invite Beth to a "dog dinner". Lucky doesn't want to invite her, but is pressured into it by his idiot friends. I thought the story did a good job of exploring each of their em [...]

    15. Why couldn't it have gone on longer?! This was so short and so sweet. But it ended before it barely began. I don't know what this was about, but I never would've guessed that the pretty as a picture girl on the cover would've made it to a "dog dinner." Besides, it has been said too many times, "Scars are just tattoos with better stories."

    16. I really enjoyed this short story. I didnt realise it was a short story until i was reading on the kindle and it said like 52% through and i'd only been reading for about 15 minutes. I just really wish that it was a long story because the story line and the writing had such great potential, that i would snap it up if it was longer! :D

    17. This story may be shorter than most, but to me it's the perfect size. Butterface affected me just as much as any 300 page story. It was beautifully written, and I was touched in so many ways. . . the most breathtaking 8000 words I've read. I just love it when I read great books like this.

    18. Butterface is exactly what you want from a short read- sweet and leaves you smiling. Beth is precious, Lucky makes me want to be 18 again so that I can date him- and the dialouge is real and believable. Great read!

    19. This is one of the best books, I've read in a while. Honestly I didn't mind that it was short it was nice and refreshing and I enjoyed it thoroughly!!!

    20. Es una historia linda, corta pero linda. No voy a rescatar nada más que el romance porque la relación me enterneció un poco y pues definitivamente me llevó a terminar la historia, por eso las tres estrellas.

    21. “Butterface” è un romanzo breve scritto da Gwen Hayes (la scrittrice di “Falling under”) che mi sono ritrovata per caso nelle cose da leggere. Mi aveva colpito tantissimo la copertina con l’immagine di una ragazza dai capelli voluminosissimi e mi aveva intrigato. Detto fatto l’ho letto ed è davvero molto molto carino e interessante.Lucas, detto Lucky, O’Leary è il classico ragazzo fortunato, handsome, ben voluto da tutti campione di calcio, bravissimo a scuola, e frequenta il co [...]

    22. ". does a guy slay dragons for a girl when they’re all in her head?"This is a really short story of about 16 pages. It tells us about Beth, a senior in high school with hemifacial microsamia. Well, she was lucky with it, because now she only has a couple of scars of her face and it could've been much worse. But still it makes her feel really insecure.And we have Lucas O'Leary called Lucky, because that's what he usually is - lucky. He's a student on scholarship and a jock. But he takes college [...]

    23. Butterface by Gwen Hayes is a book about a girl I can understand.Elizabeth Anderson was born with Hemifacial Microsamia, a facial deformity. She had managed to not be inundated with the kidney and hear problems that plagued some patients with this birth defect. Often, “they” would say she was lucky. In Beth’s mind, lucky people aren’t born with facial deformities. She keeps her hair messy as a curtain to help hid the scars from the deformity. She had learned how to hide the asymmetry of [...]

    24. Always sticking to the shadows and hiding her face, Beth has always felt that even though she was lucky, having scars didn't really feel lucky it made her feel like she wasn't normal. Even when a guy shows an interest and gets to know her, its hard for Beth to let anyone really in. Lucas 'Lucky' O'Leary was as beth would put it a soccer god, he had everything going for him. Good looks, talent on the field and was able to gain a scholarship so being on the team was something he needed.As time pas [...]

    25. Reviewed by AutumnI stumbled upon Butterface by Gwen Hayes on Pixel of Ink on Facebook. The description grabbed me and for 99 cents, I couldn't go wrong.Butterface is the story of Lucas "Lucky" O'Leary and a high school waitress, Beth, who works at a diner Lucky frequents. Beth was born with Hemifacial microsamia, but is supposed to be lucky that hers isn't worse than it is. She can usually cover up her disfigurement with her hair, masking most of the damage. Lucky and Beth slowly become friends [...]

    26. "Butterface" is a short story by Gwen Hayes that tells the story of Lucas "Lucky" O'Leary, the handsome soccer stud, and Beth, a teenage girl born with hemifacial microsomia. The short story shows the progression of the character's relationship to one another and difficult obstacles they have to overcome to get to where they want to be in life. While at first the story kind of irritated me with its dialogue and overemphasis on looks, I eventually realized that Beth was so focused on looks becaus [...]

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