Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters

Judy Blume / Sep 16, 2019

Summer Sisters Judy Blume s Summer Sisters is ably brought to life through a spirited reading by Annabeth Gish Mystic Pizza Shag Her fresh youthful voice captures the essence of Vix and Caitlin two preadolescent

  • Title: Summer Sisters
  • Author: Judy Blume
  • ISBN: 9780440243786
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Judy Blume s Summer Sisters is ably brought to life through a spirited reading by Annabeth Gish Mystic Pizza, Shag Her fresh, youthful voice captures the essence of Vix and Caitlin, two preadolescent classmates who forge a powerful friendship while summering together on Martha s Vineyard As their summers together continue, they discover boys, establish crushes, then moJudy Blume s Summer Sisters is ably brought to life through a spirited reading by Annabeth Gish Mystic Pizza, Shag Her fresh, youthful voice captures the essence of Vix and Caitlin, two preadolescent classmates who forge a powerful friendship while summering together on Martha s Vineyard As their summers together continue, they discover boys, establish crushes, then move on to the serious business of love and sex With each new season their relationship becomes complicated, sometimes verging on destructive This abridgement leaves Vix and Caitlin s story fully intact, but family backgrounds and some minor players are glossed over Gish presents a fairly straightforward reading, with no attempt to take on male characters, accents, or otherwise assign unique voices to each person Instead, she chooses to change inflection, intonation, and attitude to reflect their words and thoughts Gish s narration is a pleasure to listen to and brings a new dimension to Blume s story of two friends who have so much in common, yet are nothing alike Running time three hours, two cassettes

    Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, Paperback Barnes Noble Summer Sisters chronicles the lifelong friendship between two women, from their girlhood summers together on Martha s Vineyard to their complicated adult relationship Caitlin dazzled Vix from the start, sweeping her into the world of the Somers family, a world of privilege, adventure and sexual daring. Sisters The Last Day Of Summer Hentai Stigma Stream Scenes taken from the H game Sisters The Last Day of Summer. Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids Six Sisters Stuff I rounded Outdoor Summer Activities just for KIDS that would be perfect to chase the bored blues away and keep the kids from turning into couch potatoes over the summer Most can be done for free or very inexpensively and you can help the kids get set up with these activities and then let their Sisters Last Day Of Summer Chinatsu To Harauka Ep XVIDEOS Sisters Last Day Of Summer Chinatsu To Harauka Ep free Bernardine Franciscan Sisters An International Bernardine Franciscan Sisters welcome you to our web site and to our vibrant Franciscan community We hope you will get to know about who we are and Summit Sisters Women s Wilderness THE FOURTH ANNUAL SUMMIT SISTERS IS HAPPENING JUNE , AT MEADOW MOUNTAIN RANCH Information about Summit Sisters will be available soon Enrollment includes workshops, camping or tent cabin, and meals You can register now while you wait for the full schedule of workshops and presenters for the first tickets purchased Three Sisters Park SPIDER HILL HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS Every Friday and Saturday night in October See if you can survive Central Illinois premier haunted attractions The Massacre Mansion The Trail of Terror and The Zombie Invasion Paintball Adventure. The Penderwicks A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two This series of modern classics about the charming Penderwick family from National Book Award winner and New York Times bestseller Jeanne Birdsall is perfect for fans of Noel Streatfeild and Edward Eager Over one million copies sold, now with a bright new look This summer the Penderwick sisters Foreign Sisters Increasing the awareness and Foreign Sisters About Foreign Sisters Foreign Sisters was founded in to increase the awareness and international standing of Cancer Research UK, and to support the outstanding and vital work of its scientists and doctors. Summer Camps Camp Piankatank The Day Camp program at Camp Piankatank is a unique opportunity to provide your child with an outdoor experience like nothing else Day campers will have an opportunity to swim each day, experience some of our exciting activities, participate in an age appropriate Bible Study, and so much .

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        Judy Blume spent her childhood in Elizabeth, New Jersey, making up stories inside her head She has spent her adult years in many places doing the same thing, only now she writes her stories down on paper Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as Are You There God It s Me, Margaret Blubber Just as Long as We re Together and the five book series about the irrepressible Fudge She has also written three novels for adults, Summer Sisters Smart Women and Wifey, all of them New York Times bestsellers More than 80 million copies of her books have been sold, and her work has been translated into thirty one languages She receives thousands of letters a year from readers of all ages who share their feelings and concerns with her.Judy received a B.S in education from New York University in 1961, which named her a Distinguished Alumna in 1996, the same year the American Library Association honored her with the Margaret A Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement Other recognitions include the Library of Congress Living Legends Award and the 2004 National Book Foundation s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.She is the founder and trustee of The Kids Fund, a charitable and educational foundation She serves on the boards of the Author s Guild the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators the Key West Literary Seminar and the National Coalition Against Censorship.Judy is a longtime advocate of intellectual freedom Finding herself at the center of an organized book banning campaign in the 1980 s she began to reach out to other writers, as well as teachers and librarians, who were under fire Since then, she has worked tirelessly with the National Coalition Against Censorship to protect the freedom to read She is the editor of Places I Never Meant To Be, Original Stories by Censored Writers.Judy has completed a series of four chapter books The Pain the Great One illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist James Stevenson She has co written and produced a film adaptation of her book Tiger Eyes, and is currently writing a new novel.Judy and her husband George Cooper live on islands up and down the east coast They have three grown children and one grandchild.


    1. 3.5 starsI LOVED Judy Blume books when I was growing up. One of my favorite memories is reading her books over and over!This is my first adult Judy Blume book. I honestly wasn't sure if I would read any of her newer books. I'm not sure why Maybe I just wanted to keep her associated with books from my youth. But I happened to come across this one when visiting my mother. Someone had dropped off some books for her to look through. I thought I would read a few pages just to see how it was and ended [...]

    2. I found this book at the library, and since I loved Judy Blume as a child, I wanted to test one of the books she wrote for adults. I never could have expected a story so involving and complex. The characters come to life on the pages, and the storyline is brilliant in its everyday commonness. Summer Sisters follows the lives of Caitlyn Somers and Victoria Leonard, two unlikely girls from different social backgrounds. Caitlin invites Victoria to stay the summer with her and her father who lives i [...]

    3. I read this book every summer, mostly because it does such a great job of capturing the essence of the season. (I actually prefer to read it when it's still a little cold outside so I can be transported to warmer weather, but for the past few years it's been so hard to find time to get it in!) Anyway, if you define a favorite book as one you want to read again and again, this is definitely one of my favorites. I guess I'm not really surprised--Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret had the same h [...]

    4. This story has so many elements that should make it an easy success. The senitmentality of childhood summers, first love, finding and defining family, a rags-to-riches tale, your first best friend, lost love, betrayal But it just failed so hard!None of the characters were believable; all were flat caricatures. The Saintly Martyred Poor Girl who worships Spoiled Socialite Girl, then lives with New York Jew and Southern Belle. The fathers are Emasculated Pushover and Hippy Mellow. Younger guys are [...]

    5. I like that Vix and Caitlin were born the same years as me, it was easy to relate to that. I didn't come from a rich family nor a struggling blue-collar family. But I could understand the feeling of trying so hard but not quite fitting in. And looking at the 2 of them and their families, you see that nurture versus nature struggle. Vix, you didn't have the benefit of money becomes a responsible, caring adult. Though he sister gets pregnant at 17. Then we see Caitlin, who has every advantage but [...]

    6. One thing I really enjoy doing is rereading kids books. I checked out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and zoomed through it in about two hours. I have reread many other classics and enjoyed them. I think my next big kids read will be the infamous Harriet the Spy which I loved and totally identified with as a child. One of the greatest regrets of my life (in terms of small scale regrets, anyway) is that I sold off my Sweet Valley High books. Now, granted, SVH isn't all that 'classic', but I so [...]

    7. I loved this book when I read it because it reminded me so much of the weird relationship I had with my best friend growing up. We spent numerous summers together at her parents' cottage having the requisite summer flings with out of town boys who we would never see again (until the next summer), and this book made me very nostalgic for those times.What I liked was how Judy Blume told the story not only from a generic narrator's perspective, but also from the perspective of each character in the [...]

    8. Starting with the things I liked, I appreciated the book for it's nostalgic factor and being a quick, light read. It was seasonally appropriate and took me down memory lane in more ways than oneminiscing about how complicated teenage female relationships can be and how people who know you in your formative years probably see you differently than anyone else in your life.However, overall I thought the book was uneven. The first half of the book reads like an erotic teen novel. I get that they are [...]

    9. Not a book you read. A book you devour. Unsurprisingly, there are few reviews by men here. But I think any male writing writing female characters (in this case female friendships) could benefit from reading Blume. And, yes. This is a great hot summer read, best read on a dock.

    10. Read this on the plane from Denver to Seattle. It was a little odd, in that I haven't ever read any of her stuff for grownups. I was a HUGE fan of Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret -- so much that I recently bought another copy :) Anyway, this book was ok. Not exactly a romance novel, but definitely fits into that category, I think.The "summer sisters" are Vix and Caitlin, who are best friends and "sisters" every summer on The Vineyard, but not during the school year. Caitlin's family has th [...]

    11. Like so many of the other reviewers, I was a huge Judy Blume fan growing up. I really responded to her honest portrayals of teenaged girls and boys, and of the complex relationships they have with each other, their friends, and their parents. So I picked up 'Summer Sisters' with a mixture of trepidation (I didn't want to 'ruin' my love affair with Ms. Blume and all my memories of her past books) and excitement (what if she had managed to pull it off, and had written a book for all her 'grown-up' [...]

    12. HORRIBLE!!! This is the first book that I actually returned to the library without finishing it. I think I made it to chapter 7 or so and just couldn't take it anymore. BORING Enough about pre-adolescent girls feeling each other up. Stick to kids books Judy.

    13. For a 400 page book exploring the relationship between "summer sisters" and the relationships around them, this book was incredibly shallow. Despite the years of information we're given on these girls, watching them grow up since the age of 12, I never really felt that we are able to truly "know" them. We are told so much, but shown so little, especially in regards to Caitlin. The lack of knowing their minds kept me from really caring about them on a deeper level. These characters are such shall [...]

    14. All the presumably well-intentioned messages and general nostalgic goodwill notwithstanding, the fact remains that Judy Blume is the Larry Clark of young adult fiction, and her trashy "adult" novels belie this. Without the hassle of having to walk twelve-year-olds through puberty, Blume is free to make a beeline for the sweaty, grunting raunch. I have little to no problem with this. It's kind of a steaming clod, but you could easily read it on the beach while inadequately supervising your sister [...]

    15. I loved Judy Blume as a kid. I had no idea that she wrote books for adults until my last library visit. When I happened about this book, I was anxious to enjoy some more of the author I had loved as a little girl. However, her books for adults leave a lot to be desired. This book was basically about a lot of really selfish people having a lot of really random sex and ruining a lot of people's lives. I wasn't a fan.

    16. It's hard to say that I liked this book, because a small part of it I did but about 60% I did not, due to filthy scenes and discussions

    17. Meh. The first half the book starts out promising enough. 12 year old Caitlin Somers, a wealthy child of divorce, invites Victoria Leonard, a middle class girl, to spend the summer with her on Martha's Vineyard. Victoria (Vix)'s parents reluctantly agree to the trip, which begins a relationship that spans decades. The story might have been more intriguing if each and every character had not been a stereotype. By the middle of the book, I could almost predict the actions of the characters. Caitli [...]

    18. Another great book from Judy Blume, the Summer Sisters discusses the issue of two girl’s life. Caitlin and Victoria (Vix) who spends almost every summer together developed a strong relationship. Even though they are very close to each other, when I read more of the book I realize the deep secrets they have in their heart. Also they seem to have an opposite life. Vix live in a poorer family than Caitlin needs to earn her money to college and future. Caitlin lived in a rich family with supportiv [...]

    19. My boyfriend's sister gave me this book to read when we visited her in Eugene, OR. I read the whole thing on the plane between Portland and Norfolk. So, it's a fast read! I also had a friend when I was a girl who was like a sister to me, and although we didn't spent as much time exploring our "Power" as the girls in this book, there was a lot I could relate to. It's not life-changing writing, but it's an interesting story with unique, funny characters.

    20. What a brilliant novel. Like some others have said, I loved Judy Blume's books as a kid so was interested to find this novel for adults. I was pleasantly surprised and blown away at the detail of this book.This was the best book I had read - possibly still remains my favourite book of all.I highly recommend it.

    21. Honestly, I didn't read more than the first few chapters, but BE WARNED. This is not the Judy Blume of my youth. Forget "Fudge" and "Freckle Juice". This novel is dirty, inappropriate and an attempt for her to address adult issues in the lives of young girls. I was disappointed and I am not longer a fan of Judy Blume.

    22. I loved this book! It was written so beautifully. I was in awe of this story of two girls and their friendship over the years. The story was bittersweet and sad, it had a profound effect on me. I highly recommend it.

    23. Whenever I pick a book I tend to read the reviews on here first. And then when I finish said book I come back to see if I agree or disagree with the majority afterwards.My gut instinct was 4 stars - and I can truly understand why some people didn't love this book, I actually quite agree with half of the criticism. The cookie cutter characters, the underdevelopment of them, but I'll be damned if I wasn't invested at the end and choked up with how these people’s lives all turned out.It did take [...]

    24. I read this for a book club otherwise I wouldn't have finished it. This book left me feeling dirty (and not "good" dirty). I could not relate to the characters - how can you keep a friend who lies and backstabs and treats you like that? I was disgusted by the relationships portrayed (12-year old girls experimenting with each other, a 15-year old girl and a 35-year old man, a 4-year old both crawling into a bathtub with a 20 year old womand and a brother wanting his sister and her friend in the b [...]

    25. So let me first start off by expressing my adoration for Judy Blume. She was my absolute favorite author as a child. Her books are what made me kick-start my love of reading. That being said, I have been very apprehensive to read a book of hers as an adult. I did not want to get that jaded feeling of having an author I loved turn out to be a disappointment in later years. Well I decided to take the plunge and as it turns out, it wasn't that bad. (Just not as good as I hoped.) At the start of thi [...]

    26. It's been awhile since I've been as much into a chick lit book as I was this one. This book is written over 15 years about the relationship between two girls who are the closest of friends every summer. At the start, I was very reflective on my own relationships with other women. But, once I got into the story there is little relating.The negatives:1.) The sexual experiences in the first half of the book. They were wierd and shocking, taking away from my interest. I think they were developed to [...]

    27. Acabei de ler "Irmãs de Verão", com a sua capa belíssima que desde logo me atraiu, e nem sei bem descrever a sensação. . .Creio que posso descrever o livro como uma história de amor sobretudo. . . de amizade. . . de ternura. Muita ternura.É uma história lindíssima com que toda a gente se pode identificar. Fala de verão. Fala do crescimento e da aprendizagem que daí advém conhecendo-nos a nós próprios. Fala de relações, de várias relações que ao fim ao cabo se cruzam unicamente [...]

    28. I have read this book over and over again, and every time it gets better. Every girl knows what it's like to have a completely honest to god best friend, one that you feel is your sister. Blume captures this relationship in a beautiful novel about two girls who grow up together, experience sex, heartbreak, love, pregnancy, abortion, and death together throughout their lives. The girls are complete opposites. Caitlin knows she is gorgeous and gets whatever she wants, and Vix is a reserved, shy, l [...]

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