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Panik Daddy da ist jemand im Haus Bis zu dem Moment mitten in der Nacht als der Psychologe Adam Bloom von seiner Tochter Marissa geweckt wird ist die Welt bei den Blooms noch in Ordnung Na ja was in Ord

  • Title: Panik
  • Author: Jason Starr Ursula Kösters
  • ISBN: 9783257240405
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daddy, da ist jemand im Haus Bis zu dem Moment mitten in der Nacht, als der Psychologe Adam Bloom von seiner Tochter Marissa geweckt wird, ist die Welt bei den Blooms noch in Ordnung Na ja, was in Ordnung eben so hei t bei wohlhabenden und egozentrischen New Yorkern Aber als Adam zu seiner Pistole greift und den unbewaffneten Einbrecher t tet, bricht die H lle ber Daddy, da ist jemand im Haus Bis zu dem Moment mitten in der Nacht, als der Psychologe Adam Bloom von seiner Tochter Marissa geweckt wird, ist die Welt bei den Blooms noch in Ordnung Na ja, was in Ordnung eben so hei t bei wohlhabenden und egozentrischen New Yorkern Aber als Adam zu seiner Pistole greift und den unbewaffneten Einbrecher t tet, bricht die H lle ber die Familie herein Nicht nur, weil die Geschichte des schie w tigen Seelenklempners ein gefundenes Fressen f r die Medien ist Nicht nur, weil die Konflikte zwischen Adam, seiner Frau Dana und der 22 j hrigen Marissa unter dem Druck eskalieren Sondern vor allem, weil in jener Nacht ein zweiter Eindringling im Haus war Johnny Long, gerissen, skrupellos und h chst verf hrerisch, will Rache nehmen an den arroganten Bonzen, die seinen Kumpel auf dem Gewissen haben Und er wei auch schon wie Er macht sich an ihre Tochter ran.

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    1. Why would David Fincher bother optioning this book to make into a movie? It saddens me that writers like this can get publishing contracts. It reads like something I remember from a creative writing workshop in college. Every character is a type instead of a fleshed out creation. You have the menopausal wife, the ignorant husband, the vapid teenage daughter, and the smooth criminal. It reads like a treatment for a movie by someone who has no real depth to their writing. This novel makes popular [...]

    2. Every character was stereotypical and shallow, like almost belligerently so. There's the father, the psychologist, whose chapters consist of uninteresting introspection on his thoughts over, and over, and over, about nothing particular. Usually his wife, whose chapters consist of god knows what- I don't remember, I'm just glad she got stabbed to death because it was the best part of the book, and that's all the characters really seemed to be doing in this novel, is waiting to get stabbed to deat [...]

    3. Yeah, Jason Starr is now officially one of my favorite authors.I already thought he was pretty cool after I read The Chill, a graphic novel he wrote for Vertigo, but I was slightly biased because I pretty much love everything Vertigo gets on ink. While I liked the story, The Chill wasn't horribly memorable to mebut it did have boobies. Lots and lots of boobies.This book reads extremely fast! I kept telling myself "only one more paragraph" up until the point where I'm like "ok I can finish the ch [...]

    4. Oh my gosh - I don't know what to say! I mean the story, the idea itself is actually not to bad but seriously? This is supposed to be a good book? Don't think so!But let us start at the beginning :) this was my first Jason Starr novel! I bought it because I thought it sounds great when seeing it in the bookstore. This was already a few years ago (I always buy too many books to read them xD). Well anyway in the beginning I really thought this could be a good book, even when I finished the first c [...]

    5. Dr. Adam Bloom takes pride in his job as a psychiatrist, he loves to help patients that are dealing with the pressures of life. On the other hand, his life is as hectic as his patients not only does he have to deal with his daughter's erratic behavior but his wife is a thorn in his side. Married to a stranger, he attempts to reconcile his marriage by trying to reignite the flame but to no avail. Marissa his twenty two year daughter makes things complicated when she warns him of a intruder that i [...]

    6. This book sucks. Man, it was hyped as being freaking awesome! But it sucked. Straight up sucked.The book jackets actually told you who dunnit. By page 10 I hated every character and I knew who did all the murders and why. There was absolutely no suspense whatsoever. Mostly because I was just really annoyed by all the characters; but the person I'm most annoyed at - the Author. Jason Starr, you are not the bomb. Your female characters are one dimensional. Your male lead was an asshole. Your crimi [...]

    7. Ich lehne mich mal weit aus dem Fenster und behaupte, dass kaum jemand so wahnhafte Charaktere wie Jason Starr entwirft. Es ist wirklich jedes Mal ein Hochgenuss wie sagenhaft verrückt sich die ProtagonistInnen ihre eigene kleine Welt zu einem gigantischen Universum des Wahns ausdehnen. Das klappt bei Starr leger wie mit einem Kaugummi. Nur manchmal ist in dem Kaugummi Süßstoff drinnen, der dann eben dann doch nicht so wie Zucker schmeckt. Und das ist auch genau das Problem bei »Panik«. Wei [...]

    8. Panic Attack by Jason Starr is the type of book you read when you're staying in the house all day and do not feel like watching television. The book itself can serve as its own single entertainment, even better than television. Panic Attack will have you on your toes, anticipation dancing on your fingertips until they flip the book to the last page, and have to settle with the very last sentence. Although this book was very well conducted, the lack of stating emotions for individual character's [...]

    9. Accused of being trigger happy after blowing away a home intruder, Dr. Adam Bloom's hopes of being a national hero turn south in a hurry. Left to pick of the pieces of a shattered marriage, a dysfunctional relationship with his daughter and tormented by the press, Adam's once perfect world comes crashing down in a blaze of glory and gore. This is Starr's most mainstream novel to date - more 'The Follower' pacing and pop fiction than 'Cold Caller' white collar noir but equally as enjoyable. Panic [...]

    10. Read this as follow up to the excellent Hard Feelings. This one not so much. Good premise. Man shoots burgler unnecessarily during a home break in and must slowly pay retribution (to the burgler's partner). Good: wife/husband dynamic- the inner life that Starr writes about very well in that we see how self deluded the characters are (heros in their own story) I love that part. Also the wife has some appealing faults. The adult live at home daughter is not much of anything, yet she is the surviv [...]

    11. It was a slow moving plot, but not really a slow reading book, if that makes sense. It was pretty sick. And when I got to the end, the photo of the author was kindof what I envisioned the psycho in the book to look like, so that was creepy.The book was good, but not great.Adam Bloom, a psychiatrist, wakes in the night to find 2 intruders. He shoots and kills one, then spends a great deal of the book basking in the media attention and thinking he's a hero.The second intruder vows to get revenge a [...]

    12. I'm usually a huge fan of Mr. Starr. I consider him to be the Jim Thompson of Generation X. His plots are always noir-ishly dark and you often can't tell much of a difference between his heroes and his villains.His latest book starts with a house robbery gone bad. And the rest of the book deals with the consequence of that robbery. Unfortunately, I just couldn't seem to get into the main protagonist or his family. They were just too unlikeable and I didn't want to root for any of them to succeed [...]

    13. This book had it's high points and low points for me. The characters flaws seems to be a bit overwritten and magnified beyond what was necessary. I normally like a book with a clear protagonist and a clear antagonist. The lines blurred in this one, which was probably intentional.Overall I enjoyed it, but would have really liked to learn more about Johnny's background and hear less about Dad.It was the first book I read by this author and something tells me I will be checking out his others.

    14. Clean lean prose and a noirish plot are what I expect from Starr. That's what we get here. Ordinary family has a break in that results in a fatal shooting. And it gets worse from there. Seems to move along quick but the multiple perspectives means a lot of backtracking. It's kinda interesting seeing the different takes on the same events - kinda, not a lot! By ordinary I mean dysfunctional, and their ordinary dysfunctions are hammered in a bit too much. No one's particularly likable although the [...]

    15. This is my second Jason Starr book. The first one was Hard Feelings. Both are dark storys with violent, non-happy endings. Things go from bad to worse in his books, and, in this one, the bad guy is really bad. You see him conning everryone in a cringe-worthy manner. The story is a train-wreck that can't be stopped. I like his page-turning writing style. It's not for evertone, but I'd read more by him.

    16. Wow what an amazing book. It was a little slow in the beginning but once it picked up steam, man did it pick up steam. I loved the characters and how the author wrote and made it very modern to what does happen in some families. I loved how each chapter was from a different character in the book ranging from mom, dad, daughter, and boyfriend. Would defiantly recommend this to a friend or relative.

    17. This book has exceptional detail about each character. It is horrifyingly devious. This book is a page turner and is a MUST read. This book should definitely be turned into a screenplay. It would keep viewers in angst about what is coming next. So chilling in the portrayal of Johnny Long. Can't wait for the sequel to this book already on the edge of my seat.

    18. Dr. Bloom is awakened one night by his 22 year old daughter Marissa claiming that there is an intruder in the house. After Dr. Bloom shoots and kills the intruder, he discovers that there were two in his house and he scares the other one away. Upset with Carlos Sanchez's death, the second intruder sets up a very effective psychologically based revenge scheme.

    19. This book was bad. The story was told from 4 perspectives, which was somewhat interesting but for each step forward, you took three back to cover everyone else's view.The ending was terrible, I wish they had all met the same outcome.If you have two books to read right now and this is one of themad the other one.

    20. This book is a thriller peopled by a group of people no one would ever want to meet. I felt that it was something of a parody of 21st century America, but am not sure that's what the author intended. In fact, I kept reading to try to figure out what the author intended. The ending was a perfect fit for the book.

    21. After Dr, Alan Bloom shoots and kills and intruder in his home, his life as well as those of his wife and daughter fall apart. Could it be that someone is seeking revenge for the incident?Full of suspense and MUCH BETTER than his book The Pack.

    22. Not a bad book, though I was sorely disappointed by the ending. There was a fair amount of build up and no real pay-off. Also, the synopsis gives the main character, Adam, way too much credit. In all reality he's pretty stupid.

    23. Nice! In this book, Starr does what he does best - creeps the beejesus out of you with some truly sick characters in situations you could never have imagined yourself. His best effort in a few years, I think! Read it!

    24. Bleh. Neither thrilling or suspenseful. Story lines are told two and three times according to different characters, but it's the same story. Skimmed through just to get to the end thinking there might be a bombshell. Nope. Next

    25. Not my favorite Jason Starr book. I didn't get pulled in by the story or characters as much as I usually do by this author. Also, there was some sloppy editing (at least in the Kindle edition) that was distracting.

    26. Wow! Maybe the worst book I've read in years. This was a Lifetime movie in book form. Not even sure why I finished it, but in some ways the awfulness actually became humorous. The ending didn't disappoint, as it was as awful as the rest of the book. Just horrible

    27. I really enjoyed this book, found it hard to put down. Didn't like any of the characters but then that was the point! Great job Jason!! I definitely will be reading more by him.

    28. picked up off New Books shelf. Good thriller storyline-- you know who did it but aren't sure when everyone's going to figure it out and how much else the bad guy might do by then.

    29. Creepy, scary and suspenseful. Enjoyed the short, simple sentence structure, a la Alice Munro. I'd like to read more by this author.

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