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Redwall A quest to recover a legendary lost weapon by bumbling young apprentice monk mouse Matthias Redwall Abbey tranquil home to a community of peace loving mice is threatened by Cluny the Scourge savage

  • Title: Redwall
  • Author: Brian Jacques
  • ISBN: 9781862301382
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • A quest to recover a legendary lost weapon by bumbling young apprentice monk, mouse Matthias Redwall Abbey, tranquil home to a community of peace loving mice, is threatened by Cluny the Scourge savage bilge rat warlord and his battle hardened horde But the Redwall mice and their loyal woodland friends combine their courage and strength.

    Redwall Official Site Merry Christmas Our office will be closed til nd January Our last posting dates for Christmas are Surface Mail for rest of the world is th September, and it s the th October for Canada and the USA. Last posting via Air Mail is the th October. For Europe, Surface Mail deadline is rd Novermber and Air Mail is th December Redwall books make for ideal Christmas presents, so Redwall Redwall novel Redwall Brian Jacques, Gary Free business day shipping within the U.S when you order of eligible items sold or fulfilled by . Redwall Series by Brian Jacques Redwall Friend and Foe The Guide to Redwall s Heroes and Villains Redwall YouTube Subscribe Redwall Based on the Tales of Redwall by Brian Jacques It is the summer of the Late Rose in Mossflower Woods Redwall Abbey, the Redwall TV Series Sep , Trivia Martin s sword in Martin the Warrior looks significantly different compared to its version in both Redwall and Mattimeo In the book series, it is explained that Martin s sword blade was shattered when he arrived in Mossflower Woods, leaving only the hilt.

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        Brian Jacques pronounced jakes was born in Liverpool, England on June 15th, 1939 Along with forty percent of the population of Liverpool, his ancestral roots are in Ireland, County Cork to be exact.Brian grew up in the area around the Liverpool docks, where he attended St John s School, an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof At the age of ten, his very first day at St John s foreshadowed his future career as an author given an assignment to write a story about animals, he wrote a short story about a bird who cleaned a crocodile s teeth Brian s teacher could not, and would not believe that a ten year old could write so well When young Brian refused to falsely say that he had copied the story, he was caned as a liar He had always loved to write, but it was only then that he realized he had a talent for it.He wrote Redwall for the children at the Royal Wavertree School for the Blind in Liverpool, where as a truck driver, he delivered milk Because of the nature of his first audience, he made his style of writing as descriptive as possible, painting pictures with words so that the schoolchildren could see them in their imaginations He remained a patron of the school until his death.Brian lived in Liverpool, where his two grown sons, Marc, a carpenter and bricklayer, and David, a professor of Art and a muralist, still reside David Jacques work can be seen in Children s hospitals, soccer stadiums, and trade union offices as far away as Germany, Mexico, and Chile not to mention Brian s photo featured in most of his books.Brian also ran a weekly radio show on BBC Radio Merseyside, until October 2006, where he shared his comedy and wit, and played his favourites from the world of opera he was a veritable expert on The Three Tenors.When he was wasn t writing, Brian enjoyed walking his dog Teddy , a white West Highland Terrier, and completing crossword puzzles When he found time he read the works of Mario Puzo, Damon Runyon, Richard Condon, Larry McMurty, and P.G Wodehouse He was also known to cook an impressive version of his favourite dish, spaghetti and meatballs.Sadly, Brian passed away on the 5th February 2011.


    1. you know what was the best part of these books? and i say books as in plural because there were so fucking many of them i can't sit still long enough to check them all off. and i DID read every single one. what else was there to do in middle school?anyway, the best part of these books was brian's description of food. it was magnificent. it didn't just make you hungry, it made you crave weird ass things that nobody would ever dream about eating in middle school. nutted cheeses and flan bread and [...]

    2. 2.0 stars. Now I admit upfront that YA fantasy is somewhat starting to lose its appeal to me, making me a harsher critic of what I think are weak efforts. At the same time, I still really enjoy the compelling, higher end stuff. Unfortunately, THIS A'INT IT!! YA is one thing, but I found this to be the “Y” est of YA fantasy books that I have read in quite a while. It was just too young. Despite the fact that the book is fairly well written and decently paced, I found the plot itself to just b [...]

    3. See this review and more like it on bookbastionThis book was actually one of the first chapter books I read as a child, but because that was so long ago and at the start of my life as a reader, my brain had pretty much deleted all of the details of it - save for the fact that I enjoyed it when I was young. I'm happy to report that I found the book just as enjoyable as an adult reader; perhaps even more so, for the aspects of it I'm sure I appreciate more as an adult reader that would have flown [...]

    4. Yea, verily, a young mouse yclept Matthias doth live peacefully in the walled city of Redwall, wherein reside all manner of goodhearted animals like mice, badgers, squirrels, etc. (not to be confused with the mean villain predators like rats and foxes). It comes to pass that their bucolic lifestyle is disturbed, nay, gravely threatened, by an incursion of an evil cohort of rats. Mayhap Matthias will rise to the occasion and become the heroic warrior that will save his people animals in their tim [...]

    5. This was pretty much the book that got me hooked on reading because I used to hate it. I know, I know, Hate reading? how is that possible? The truth is, When you're eight or nine reading doesn't normally sound as good as watching a cartoon. But one glorious day I somehow stumbled across a cartoon of Redwall, and I LOVED it! I liked it so much that when the cartoon was over I had to know more about this amazing world, but I didn't have a way of watching the other movies so I was forced to do some [...]

    6. I did not read this book (or its many following books) when I was younger, so thought it was time to give this book a go. Simple, straightforward story, with simply-drawn characters. The good guys (mice, squirrels, etc.) are really good people, while the bad guy is a whisker-twirling nasty fellow. The two main protagonists are as far apart in their actions and views as they could possibly be: Martin, the young, somewhat clumsy but respectful, hardworking and kind mouse. Cluny, the evil, lying, m [...]

    7. Can't remember when I've been so disappointed by a book that came so highly recommended and clearly has such a strong following. Seriously: I love a good yarn about talking animals as much as the next person, but I do expect some basic level of believability, maybe a good character or two a plot One of the things that especially niggled at me was that I couldn't figure out the *scale* of the Redwall world. Are they mice and rats living clandestine in a human-built world? If so, where are the hum [...]

    8. FULL REVIEWI managed to finish this just in time for count it "as read" in 2007! With (how appropriate) 7 minutes to spare lol:> I really enjoyed this book!!:D I was amazed at how vibrant the characters were and how attached to them I felt. Had I known the plot going into the book, I think I would have been very hesitant as the story centers around an attack from Cluny the Scourge (an evil rat) and his horde on the peaceful and caring Abby of Redwall mice and other woodland creatures - for 35 [...]

    9. Now, for those of you who read this book and liked it, I have absolutely no problem with that. I actually thought it was an okay book myself. A heroic mouse by the name of Matthias lives peacefully in Redwall, an enclosed city within a fortress. The residents include mice, squirrels, badgers, otters, and all sorts of other small animals. However, an army of rats attack in envy of stealing the fortress. Matthias must become a warrior and obtain a sword to fight back at the army. Now, at this poin [...]

    10. When I was in Elementary School I LOVED REDWALL! Redwall was the book that got me into reading when I was a kid. Brain Jacques (pronounced Jakes) was my favorite author. Not only did I love animals (I had a zoo on our front porch consisting of catfish, snakes, crickets, salamanders, two Chinese hamsters, tadpoles, a rabbit, frogs, a snapping turtle, you name it I had it) but I also loved the Medieval Ages, SO put these two loves together and BAM! Redwall! I loved Matthias. He was an awesome char [...]

    11. I read Chris's copy. He brought it to the library and said, "Read the real thing and not that other garbage." I guess that's a step up from "read this or die." I really have readers looking out for me, eh?It took me a good while to get through this, but I'm glad I did. I've now read a classic and I can agree with Chris that one should read the "real thing" as well as the graphic novel adaptation. What the graphic novel missed in distilling down 300-plus pages was the descriptions: Jacques writes [...]

    12. As an adult, I found this book ok; it was the standard fantasy cliches that abound without anything especially new that caught my interest. However, since this was a bedtime story for my kids, I want to add that they enjoyed it more and would probably have said it was at least 3 stars if not 4.

    13. This was a pretty good read. When Redwall abbey is under attack by cluny the scourge and his horde of vicious rats, it is up to a young mouse named Mathias and the other woodland creatures to stop them. Will they succeed? Be sure to read this book and find out. I reccomend this book to fans of fantasy and ya books. Definitely check it out.

    14. Ok, its regular sized animals living in a human sized world. Where are the humans? Why is there a human sized horse and wagon that the evil rats ride on? These are just some of the questions I pondered as I read through this snooze fest.This book is quite literally a regular mouse picking up a tiny little sword, and fighting various things(snakes, rats, my will to live!). Now if the image of a little mouse holding a tiny sword doesn't want to make you retch at the absurd "oh how cute" nature of [...]

    15. It’s the rare book that my sons have recommended to mee rare book whose author I have actually met and heard speak and adorede rare book that is on hundreds of Must-Read listse rare book that has all these things going for it and yet remains on my TBR heap.I was finally motivated to pull it out of the pile and give it a thorough read when my 1001 Children’s Books list chose it for a group read in February.Why, why, why, I thought as I finished the last page, why didn’t I read this one with [...]

    16. I had forgotten I actually had read this last year!This was a wonderfully charming book, and the style of writing reminded me much like Tolkien in The Hobbit. It follows a daring little mouse against a big bad evil, and how he pulled together this ragtag team of warriors against these vicious and coordinated rats. I highly recommend it for you to read to your children, or read by yourself. It's an older book, but it's a gem, and there's many more Redwall books after this one. I haven't read many [...]

    17. I really enjoyed reading this, I imagine if I read this earlier in my life I would have loved it but it was still a solid 3.5 for me.

    18. I loved the Redwall series when I was young. When we'd go to visit my grandmother's house, I'd head to the library and grab a bit pile of books, and the Redwall books always featured among them. I read quite a few of them--up to Lord Brocktree, I think--before my interest waned, partially because the plots were all kind of blurring together, but also because I just moved on to other things. When my book group picked Redwall as the next book, I was eager to read it again, curious if it would hold [...]

    19. Redwall was a book I read many years ago just before I entered into private schooling after going through six fun years of home schooling. Six years of being at home and getting an education does have the benefit of allowing an avid reader such as myself time to build up the reading speed and vocabulary (I did little else but read books in those formative years in fact but I digress). Now I must admit that I loved Redwall when I first read it as a ten year old. I thought it was the coolest thing [...]

    20. Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at nikihawkesIf I could say one thing about Jacques, it’s that he was a master storyteller! His books take you on grand adventures that rival the best fantasy novels out there. I’ve read them so many times the covers are falling off! An what’s more, the series sustains itself, with drawn out stories about downright fascinating characters. Bravery and Goodness can come from anywhere, and there are always evil-doers to stand up to. They are such well-rounded s [...]

    21. This was my first Brian Jacques book, and certainly not the last one. As the first book in the series, Redwall does an amazing job pulling the reader in. The characters are vivid, well crafted, and believable. There were a few moments where I felt the book lost steam, but never for long enough to make me want to give up reading. Other than that, it was rather well-written. Jacques' language is elaborate and colorful, his sentences sharp, and the storyline keeps unfolding in a way that makes the [...]

    22. Reading the books in this series when I was a child was a complete joy, and I'm happy that they're still just as special now!I just cant resist talking animals

    23. Audiobook performed by a full cast, featuring Brian Jacques as the narrator.From the author’s introductory note: When winter fades and spring blossoms into summer, I feel an overwhelming urge to travel back once more. Mouse Warriors and badger Lords come striding through the realms of my imagination, accompanied by their companions: comical hares, rustic moles, faithful otters, and all manner of diverse creatures. Questing, feasting, singing, and battling to defend good against evil.My reactio [...]

    24. After I finished this book my overall impression wasn't very good. But in retrospect I think that was mostly due to the fact that it's written for a ten-year-old audience. There's nothing wrong with the book when viewed as a kid's book. The writing is competent, and the story is exciting and interesting enough to keep a ten-year-old engaged. I imagine there are a lot of adults who are fans of this book, just like there are plenty of adult Harry Potter fans (though I didn't enjoy this one as much [...]

    25. A distinctly children's book, with a simplified children's plot, simplified children's characters, and a simplified children's theme. If you focus on the plot and don't think the word "nuance", it can be quite enjoyable.But alas, I am an adult, and I couldn't help trying to figure out the scale of the book in a literal sense. Are the mice supposed to be mice sized in a largely human world, a la Disney animated movies? Or are they supposed to be human sized in a world without humans a la furries [...]

    26. I think I got to Book Three in this series when I was in elementary school, and I remember mostly liking these books when I wasn't giggling at the image of mice and chipmunks weilding tiny swords. But in all honesty, I'm only adding this review so I can post this xkcd comic I just stumbled across: xkcd/370/

    27. So here's the deal, I have heard so many great things about this one and was so eager to read it. In fact I bought the first 3 on Kindle expecting to like themd I did. They were so cute, but I dnf for some content issues. There was some minor cussing and evil characters threw Satan's name around-I would have preferred to not have that in the book but it didn't bother me much. Here's when things went downhillMartin, who died hundreds of years ago, is talking to our MC in his dreams.Martin, who is [...]

    28. Redwall by Brian Jacques is the first book in the Redwall series. I had been wanting to read this book for years, especially after it was recommended to me by a friend, so I was excited when I found a copy in the library and could finally get around to reading it. The first thing I want to say is the characters were precious. Although Matthias was too perfect in my opinion (and that shift in character from the first chapter to the third was very weird), he was cute. And the rest of the character [...]

    29. Age: 10+Plot: 4.5 starsCharacters: 3 starsWriting: 4.5 starsOverall: 5 starsMy Review: Who out there loves a good fantasy? I sure do. This is one of my favorites. The entire book, I was cheering for the residents of Redwall abbey, booing the villainous rats, and guessing how things might play out. Younger kids may enjoy the storyline itself, but, since there is a battle raging in the story, it was a little gory. Besides that, I couldn't recommend it more.Similar Book: The Tale of DespereauxSerie [...]

    30. This book Redwall is about a mouse named Matthias who is living in an abbey named Redwall. Then Cluny the Scourage comes along and ruins the peace as he declares war on the people (animals) of Redwall. Matthias finds himself looking for a sword of the great warrior Martin beliving that he can defeat Cluny and his horde. Matthias goes off with new hopes, finding allies and to save Redwall.I can connect to text where in the book Comeback of the Home Run Kid by Matt Christopher a book I read a long [...]

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