The Edge on the Sword

The Edge on the Sword

Rebecca Tingle / Jan 23, 2020

The Edge on the Sword An adventure worthy of legend for fans of Game of Thrones and Rangers ApprenticeWhen fifteen year old thelfl d is suddenly and reluctantly betrothed to an ally of her father the king her world will

  • Title: The Edge on the Sword
  • Author: Rebecca Tingle
  • ISBN: 9780142500583
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • An adventure worthy of legend, for fans of Game of Thrones and Rangers ApprenticeWhen fifteen year old thelfl d is suddenly and reluctantly betrothed to an ally of her father, the king, her world will never be the same For as a noblewoman in the late 800s, she will be expected to be meek and unlearned and Fl d is anything but meek and unlearned Her marriage will bring pAn adventure worthy of legend, for fans of Game of Thrones and Rangers ApprenticeWhen fifteen year old thelfl d is suddenly and reluctantly betrothed to an ally of her father, the king, her world will never be the same For as a noblewoman in the late 800s, she will be expected to be meek and unlearned and Fl d is anything but meek and unlearned Her marriage will bring peace to her land, but while her royal blood makes her a valuable asset, she is also a vulnerable target And when enemies attack, Fl d must draw upon her skills and fight to lead her people to safety and prove her worth as a princess and as a warrior.

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    About "Rebecca Tingle"

      • Rebecca Tingle

        Rebecca Tingle was born in Utah as the oldest child in a large family three boys and five girls She grew up reading armfuls of novels from the Orem Public Library, riding horses, acquiring as many pets as her parents would allow three dogs, three cats, two budgies, a hermit crab, and various reptiles and amphibians , hiking the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains with her brothers, and training in classical ballet Upon graduating from high school, she began a short professional ballet career with Ballet West and also pursued a B.A in English at the University of Utah After earning an M.A in English with a medieval specialization at Brigham Young University, she went to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar to study Old English literature.Tingle returned home to Utah having written the first few chapters of a novel about Aetheflaed of Mercia She worked for a year as a member of the Brigham Young University Admissions Committee before marrying Bryce Tingle, a Canadian lawyer, and moving to Calgary, Alberta There she finished her novel, The Edge on the Sword, and began a second book Rebecca and Bryce are the parents of two daughters, Miranda and Afton.


    1. The Edge on the Sword is a imaginative, speculative tale of the early life of Aethelflaed, eldest daughter of King Alfred the Great of England, who grew up to govern Mercia (and be known as the Lady of the Mercians) after the death of her husband Ethelred of Mercia. Aethelflaed is an independent and intelligent fifteen-year-old, accustomed to freedom, so when her father tells her of her betrothal and assigns her a guardian, she does her best to escape from her newfound loss of liberty. When her [...]

    2. Ignore the irritatingly standard YA cover. This was GOOD. I found this on Open Library when I searched for the keyword Mercia - it was a stab in the dark, really, but I was hoping to find something on the Lady of Mercia, Alfred the Great's oldest child. And did I ever! This wasn't perfect. For example, I felt it started off on the wrong foot a little bit, the prose while clean and serviceable did not ache to be read aloud, and while the references to Christianity were all positive they lacked th [...]

    3. Flaed is the daughter of King Alfred the Great. Educated and strong, she is a pearl in her father's kingdom. Though she never wants to leave her home, her father betroths her to Ethelred, the Thane of Mercia. This marriage will strengthen the relation between their two kingdoms and secure peace. Headstrong Flaed must do her duty and leave her home and marry an older man. With her guardian Red, she embarks on the journey to Mercia. The journey is fraught with danger and she must learn to believe [...]

    4. The reimagining of the "greatest woman in Old English military history" starts off slowly but ends with a bang. When fifteen-year-old Aethelflaed is pledged to her father's ally she sees herself as little more than a pawn and starts planning how she can run away. Her attempted 'escape' and actual attack by some unknown enemies leads to lessons in battle tactics and ways to protect herself that will come in handy in ways that she cannot possibly foresee.

    5. My whole family loves this book so i just decided to read it. Wow! I was in for quite a ride. It was very very good!!! Boys and girls will both love this. It does bring a few tears though. :( But overall, anyone who loves a book with LOTS of adventure would love this book.

    6. I have a feeling that the author spent a lot of time researching writing and literature for the time period. She described the use of wax and parchment while Flaed and her brother were learning to write. This isn’t bad but I could just kind of tell. Part of the reason I couldn’t really like it a lot was because it was kind of slow. The last quarter of the book isn’t slow but the first three quarters are. Not the entire three quarters though because there is of course the capture and then a [...]

    7. Good book. Geared towards Young Adults, it is a coming of age story about Aethelflad, oldest daughter of King Alfred. Set during her 15th year, it explores the time leading up to her marriage to Aethelred of Mercia. It creates a story to explain how she became "The Lady of Merica" and a warrior in her own right. The story works on a couple of levels. One, as a young woman coming of age; as good story to give the flavor of life circa 890; and as an adventure story. I recommend for anyone interest [...]

    8. There's nothing surprising in the plot or character arcs here, but Tingle brings the Dark Ages to life with well-chosen domestic details and does her best to convey the mindset of a very different era. (I particularly appreciated how the characters think of distance--moving sixty miles from home is devastating, because it means possibly never seeing home again.) I would call this middle-grade more than YA, although I can see how it straddles the boundary.

    9. I read this book back in my early college days, and I didn't know if it would turn out as great as I remembered, but it really was! In fact, I enjoyed it even more the second reading. It's a timeless story of the forging of a great woman who lead her people with wisdom and courage. I absolutely loved it!

    10. Æthelflæd is educated and obedient. She is cunning and yet able to be honest about her weaknesses. Historically, Æthelflæd is actually an important person. She impacted the area in which she reigned enough to be mentioned in recordings, which is addressed in the epilogue. I would certainly put this in a list with novels that are underrated and underloved. Give this book to your children!

    11. Though technically a children’s book, The Edge on the Sword is a satisfying read for adults as well. The story is a speculative account a year in the teenage life of Æthelflæd, firstborn daughter of Alfred the Great, who would become known as ‘The Lady of the Mercians’. Sixteen year-old ‘Flead struggles to come to terms with her betrothal to Lord Athelred of Mercia, and the challenges of growing up, when all she really wants to do is have adventures in the marshes around her family’s [...]

    12. SAXON MAIDEN WITH A BOLD HEART!Set in post-Roman Britain of the late 9th Century this book chronicles a year in the life of the eldest daughter of King Alfred. Because of border skirmishes and raids from Danes (plus the possibility of treachery from Irish kings) Alfred of Wessex relishes an alliance through marriage with King Ethelred of Lunden. Kindly and paternal Alfred also prizes literature and the ability to read, especially the Chronicles of Saxon history and ancient sagas of battles again [...]

    13. Rebecca Tingle’s THE EDGE OF THE SWORD and its sequel Far Traveler are simply and beautifully written historical fiction novels. Set In the 10th century Anglo Saxony a Lady queen and her daughter forge their own destinies and those of their people.The novels are both excellent reads for those interested in early British history and an entertaining read.

    14. In the late 800s, the role of a king's daughter was to marry to benefit her father's kingdom. That is the role that fifteen-year-old Aethelflaed has know all her life would someday be hers. But she never expected it to happen so soon, and is shocked when her father announces that she will marry Ethelred of Mercia to strengthen an alliance against the Danes. She couldn't be less prepared for this news, and is shocked by the fact that in a few short months, she will have to leave her family to mar [...]

    15. Rebecca Tingle and I should be friends. This novel, which tells the fictionalized story of a real Mercian queen (from the ninth century, no less), is full of adventure, trepidation, and hope. In the story, Flaed (this keyboard has no aesc symbol) prepares for her arranged marriage to the aldorman of Mercia and the consequent alliance between their two countries. Outside forces are trying to prevent the alliance, so Flaed is preparing to defend herself. In addition, however, she is being instruct [...]

    16. Our protagonist, Flaed, fills her traditional gender role after careful consideration of what she is doing. While she is not a feminist, she is a strong female lead by being a smart woman and a well-respected leader of her people.Very slow-moving until the story reaches its climax; then I couldn't put it down. I thought that Flaed got out of her predicaments a little too easily and I didn't 100% buy it. Well-researched and historically accurate without being overbearing. I am a language arts stu [...]

    17. This book was written by a friend of one of my sisters. When she told us about it and we got a copy to read, I wasn't expecting too much, but I was surprised. I think it would make a good movie and the book is much better writing than some other Young Adult books that have been made into movies. I won't mention them by name but I have another sister who knows the author of these oh so popular books and I guess I should be happy for a local girl who made it big. Believe it or not, I have a third [...]

    18. Great book written by our neighbor's daughter, who has been here with her children for a few months, if you like young medieval heroines with a little history as well you will love this book. I'm glad that I don't live then though. Rebecca is a Rhodes scholar who studied English Litand this book is fictional but ties in with real people that she studied. There is also a sequel which I want to read.

    19. I didn't even remember reading this book until I was looking through my old journal from 2005 where I chronicled all the books I read. Now I have a vague memory of a YA/MG book taking place during the time of the Ae Breton kings about the main girl's arranged marriage.It's a very vague memory. How many more books are there like this that I read once on a whim and have no memory of?

    20. Whoever wrote the blurb didn't read the book. I remember reading this book years ago with my daughters, and how one daughter was really intrigued with the idea that this book was based on a historical character. At the time we had a hard time finding more information about Aethelflaed, but when I Google her now there's a lot more information about the historical figure.

    21. This was a solidly written historical YA with a strong heroine and a nice teacher-student relationship. Tingle manages to make the heroine believable and brave without making her spunky or spirited. I should reread this some time

    22. A good read, enough to keep you entertained. Also, the story is real, and that's something that surprised me. Usually, I don't like non fiction so much, but this was great. It was like fantasy in a way.

    23. it was really good I didn't even relize that it was historical fiction until the very end at the historical note!!!

    24. I remember loving this book as a kid. Just absolutely adoring this book, toting it around school and reading it whenever I had a chance. I was hesitant to read it again now, eleven years later, because - hey, my taste was pretty crap back then; the same year I was reading this little gem I thought Paolini was one of the greatest authors ever, and boy howdy did that turn out to be a mistake. But this book is still just as good as when I first encountered it.The writing feels simple, but not dumbe [...]

    25. A simple, sweet tale of a young queen in ninth century Britain. A fun, light read and was quite full of historical details. I could definitely tell this was well researched and well thought out.

    26. Historical fiction, fun and informative. A lot of research went into this docu-novel. Worthwhile reading.

    27. I bought The Edge on the Sword many long years ago at a Half-Price Books store. I put it on my bookshelf and promptly forgot about it. Then this year, I made a resolution to at least try and finish all the books on my bookshelf. The Edge on the Sword is right after Fire on the top shelf (which contains my Tough Femmes books), so it was the next one to be read. A handful of other reviews stated that the Edge on the Sword had a slow beginning that accumulated into a satisfying end. I agree. The ve [...]

    28. Princess Æthelflæd (please don’t ask me to pronounce this name) is 15 and has known for some time that she is going to have to marry one of her father’s ally Ethelred of Mercia in order to strengthen southern England. She has never met him and she knows that soon she will be married and there isn’t anything that can be done to stop the marriage. Æthelflæd is a target for those who want to see the kingdom fall, but she is the type of girl who likes her freedom so when she is assigned a [...]

    29. A interesting tale about one of Old England's most renowned woman's childhood. When Princess Aethelflaed discovers that she is meant to marry Ethelred of Mercia, she is very unsettled. She is now to be guarded constantly by a man named Red, something which bothers her even more. Flaed takes every opportunity to run away from her even attentive guard, but when one of her escapes ends dangerously, her father decides that she is to learn to defend of herself. Over a span of months, Flaed learns muc [...]

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