Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials

Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials

Erich von Däniken / Sep 20, 2019

Twilight of the Gods The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials High up in the Bolivian Andes meters above sea level lies Puma punku an ancient ruined city that simply could never have been constructed by its Stone Age inhabitants Something here really stin

  • Title: Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials
  • Author: Erich von Däniken
  • ISBN: 9781601631411
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • High up in the Bolivian Andes 4,000 meters above sea level lies Puma punku, an ancient ruined city that simply could never have been constructed by its Stone Age inhabitants Something here really stinks to high heaven, writes Erich von Daniken In Twilight of the Gods, says von Daniken, I document precisely what it was that left the first visitors breathless as they sHigh up in the Bolivian Andes 4,000 meters above sea level lies Puma punku, an ancient ruined city that simply could never have been constructed by its Stone Age inhabitants Something here really stinks to high heaven, writes Erich von Daniken In Twilight of the Gods, says von Daniken, I document precisely what it was that left the first visitors breathless as they stood before the mighty stone blocks some 400 years ago I will show you what archeologists discovered hundreds of years ago and demonstrate how much has been destroyed over the centuries Intentionally I will also prove that Puma punku was not built by any Stone Age people And in December 2012, the gods will return from their long journey and appear again here on Earth At least that is what the Mayan calendar would have us believe The so called gods the extraterrestrials will come again We re headed for a god shock of major proportions But doesn t anyone with half a brain know that interstellar travel is simply impossible because of the sheer distances involved And that extraterrestrials would never look like us Well, dear readers, I destroy these preconceptions Systematically One bit at a time In his own inimitable way, Erich von Daniken picks these preconceptions and prejudices apart with a clarity no other author could manage.

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      190 Erich von Däniken
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      • Erich von Däniken

        Born on April 14th, 1935, in Zofingen, Switzerland, Erich von D niken was educated at the College St Michel in Fribourg, where already as a student he occupied his time with the study of the ancient holy writings While managing director of a Swiss hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries.Von D niken s books have been translated into 28 languages, and have sold 60 million copies worldwide From his books two full length documentary films have been produced Chariots of the Gods and Messages of the Gods Of the than 3,000 lectures which Erich von D niken has given in 25 countries, over 500 were presented at universities Fluent in four languages, Erich von D niken is an avid researcher and a compulsive traveller, averaging 100 000 miles each year to remote spots of the Earth This enables him to closely examine the phenomena about which he writes.Von D niken is a member of the Swiss writers association, the German writers association, and the International PEN Club He is also a convicted felon, having spent time in prison on several counts of fraud and other financial crimes.


    1. I think I would have enjoyed this more if I hadn't watched all of the Ancient Aliens episodes on History ChannelI found the discussion of the dating of the MAyan Calendar very interesting and informative it explains why the identified date of 12-21 (or 23) -2012 may NOT be the correct date the date is based on interpretations and assumptions.I think Von Daniken makes very good points about the much older age of the earth - and it's people - than mainstream science does. It seems very plausible t [...]

    2. "Dievų saulėlydis" nenustebins ir nepapasakos nieko naujo nei vienam žmogui, žiūrėjusiam bent kelias "Ancient aliens" serijas, ypač iš pirmųjų pasirodžiusių. Kita vertus, sakyti, jog čia yra nieko naujo, nieko verto ir nieko gero taip pat nereiktų, nes: * kiekvienas susiras kažkokių naujų faktų ar idėjų - kaip ne kaip, interpretacijas galima vertinti nevienodai ir kaip kas nori bei supranta, tam jos ir yra interpretacijos (Alio, mano lietuvių kalbos mokytoja, ar girdi?), bet [...]

    3. I've been reading von Daniken's books for the last 45yrs & though I don't agree w/all of his theories, I have to say his research is intense & he uses facts to try to prove his theories. Overall, I agree w/most of his beliefs. He's written a ton of books, packed full of facts. Anyone interested in alien theories should read ALL of his non-fiction books.

    4. While reading this I imagined an angry grandma sitting and yelling all that stuff in my ear. That's how I would describe author's writing style: in the face. Theories mentioned here were quite interesting, though, interesting in a fictional way that is. This whole book could be described as a fanfic for known historical and archeological facts. A fun read nevertheless.

    5. В чем все же прелесть книжек фон Дэникена — он в них задает очень простые, почти детские вопросы (хоть часто и риторические) и совершенно этого не стыдится. В отличие, например, от тех же жанровых фантастов, которые принимают позы «голубых воришек», или ученых, которые их не [...]

    6. This book is remarkable. I can't go a day without thinking about it, and all I want to do is find out more information. Erich von Daniken makes all of the science, astronomy, and archeology understandable. Most who see the title will come to the conclusion that this book is about the Mayans predicting the end of the world, but not once in this book did he say the world will end in December 2012. I was surprised at the contents of this book, and I'm sure others who read it will be too. All I can [...]

    7. Her zaman görünenin dışındaki şeylere ilgim olmuştur. Yani bir nevi komplo teorileri ilgimi çekiyor. Tanrıların Arabaları'nı seneler önce belki ilkokuldayken okudum ve etkilendim. Çünkü yazarın bahsettiği konular ilginizi çekmese, kesinlikle inanmasanız bile yazar sizi etkiliyor. Kesinlikle yazış tarzında bir şey var, ben zaten ezelden beri bu tip konulara yatkınım bir de Erich amca size anlatınca "bak şimdi" demeden edemiyorsunuz. Yazarın amacı sizi anlattıkların [...]

    8. Really good book, this is the second book i've read from Erich and its just breath taking. He made me think about things that i would never think before.I believe! I believe!

    9. To read Daniken's book, you have to be aware that Daniken not only believes in aliens but propounds that aliens created humans. I have read many of Daniken's books and have always found him to be fascinating.Yet, this book wasn't one of my favorites. I felt the title mostly capitalized on the upcoming Mayan prophecy without really fully explaining it. I wanted a clear explanation for December 23, 2012 but felt this book didn't do any better of a job than any of the documentaries or articles I've [...]

    10. If I read this book ten years ago, I would have tossed it in the corner with his other famous work, "Chariots of the Gods". But, my opinions have changed in ten years. I used to think Mr. von Daniken skipped over our potentials as human beings and fixed our civilization's greatest achievements on Sirius. But, then, I aged and listened and read more about exactly how, for example, the pyrimids were built. How did Egyptians 4000 years ago carve limestone blocks (yes, I know it's soft material) whi [...]

    11. I always forget how much I enjoy Erich Von Daniken's writing -- he's got plenty of facts to bolster his arguments, but his style is very warm & compelling, almost like listening to your favourite professor or learned grandpa. Very enjoyable. The forward, by Giorgio A. Tsoukslos, starts things off nicely, with a quick introduction to cargo cults (a favourite subject of mine). Von Daniken focuses here on Mayan culture, Tiwanaku, & Puma Punku, as well as exploring the Mayan calendar & e [...]

    12. Another good book written by Chariots of the Gods author Erich von Däniken. As a fan of the Ancient Alien Theory I find them very interesting and enjoyable. I know there are many that don't believe or can even see its a possibility, but I still enjoy it.Erich von Däniken had written over two dozen books on the subject of ancient aliens and there possible return. Even if aliens do return as suggested I don't think these books will go down in literary history as wonderful works of literature, bu [...]

    13. Von Daniken is one of my favorite authors. As crazy as some of the ideas are, they make me think. Logical scientists would have us believe primitive people went from being farmers to master architects and builders in a matter of a few decades. Is it more far-fetched to think someone, from somewhere out there, gave the technology to these ancient people and helped them figure it out? I don't think so.Although the subject of this book is the "return of the gods" in December 2012 (a thought many at [...]

    14. I like most of Von Daniken's books. Despite his reputation among "professionals", I find a good many of the questions he asks very refreshing. Some of those questions about how early civilizations were supposed to have accomplished particular feats are still unanswered by the academic field, but whatever it is academia think, they would all agree it couldn't possibly be what Von Daniken postulates. That's part of what makes him such a cult figure. He asks very good questions and everyone can use [...]

    15. Outstanding evidence. I was first introduced to Erich von Daniken's theories by the first Season of Ancient Aliens on the History channel. This book had some excellent pictures, plenty of evidence to back the theories and exceptional research. Though I admit some of the theories are a little too far fetching for me and I tend to discredit the "evidence" of recent contact on sight. I will say, call Fox Moulder because I am now a believer in the Ancient Astronaut theory.

    16. I don't normally get into non-fiction style books but I couldn't put this one down. It was curiosity mostly, but also Däniken's writing voice and the way his topics flow about like my own thought patterns. This is a must-read for anyone who likes to watch Ancient Aliens or anything similar. I can't wait to dig into Erich von Däniken's other works. :)

    17. I found his ideas interesting yet a bit to far out for my tastes. While he does a good job bringing different ideas together I couldn't help but think these ideas may have some other basis then the return of extraterrestrials.

    18. A very interesting look at archaeological findings tied to apparent extraterrestrial activity. Chock full of information ranging from history to anthropology, from biology to physics. This book was quite the eye-opener and entertaining as well.

    19. Very interesting. I love how he helps you look at the readings in a modern way. This book combined all my favorite subjects: archeology, anthropology, physics, ancient manuscript and theological concepts. I also was impressed that he clearly stated what was fact and what was probable.

    20. Great bookLike his other books, this one was a page turner. I couldn't stop reading it. Anyone interested in ancient aliens should read his works

    21. Great information. Impeccable research albeit a bit hard for me to follow at times. Will definitely read his others tho

    22. Great book on this never-ending subject. I was only a little disappointed because I wanted more on the Mayans. Other than that, I definitely recommend it.

    23. Excellent read! Erich von Daniken makes the reader think about the possibilities of extraterrestrial contact in the past!

    24. Loved this bookIf you have an open mind and believe that extraterrestrial life may exist you need to read this book here

    25. This is the second book by him I have read. Both have left me wanting more information than what he includes. Erich provides fantastic food for thought but gives little to continue the ideas.

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