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  • Title: Raptor
  • Author: Gary Jennings
  • ISBN: 9780553562828
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • AN ADVENTURER UNLIKE ANY OTHER THE RAPTORHE BOLDLY EMBRACED THE PASSION AND VIOLENCE OF AN EMPIRE AS CORRUPT AS IT WAS MAGNIFICENTAn abandoned waif, the blond, gray eyed Goth was called simply Thorn From his unorthodox sexual awakening in a monastery and a convent to his exciting journey across Europe in search of his people, he would learn a warrior s skills and theAN ADVENTURER UNLIKE ANY OTHER THE RAPTORHE BOLDLY EMBRACED THE PASSION AND VIOLENCE OF AN EMPIRE AS CORRUPT AS IT WAS MAGNIFICENTAn abandoned waif, the blond, gray eyed Goth was called simply Thorn From his unorthodox sexual awakening in a monastery and a convent to his exciting journey across Europe in search of his people, he would learn a warrior s skills and the cunning of a survivor And amidst it all a stunning secret would mark him forever as an outsider who knew too deeply and too well all the hidden desires of men s and women s hearts In the great cities of a dying empire, on the battlefields of Roman legions, and in the opulent palaces of potentates and kings, Thorn would witness human beings at their most brutal and their most noble His incomparable adventures bring to electrifying life a vanished age never again matched for its doers of great deedsd of chilling revenge Set in the fifth century A.D and framed by Theodoric the Great s conquest of Rome.

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        Gary Jennings led a paradoxically picaresque life On one hand, he was a man of acknowledged intellect and erudition His novels were international best sellers, praised around the world for their stylish prose, lively wit and adventurously bawdy spirit They were also massive often topping 500,000 words and widely acclaimed for the years of research he put into each one, both in libraries and in the field.Jennings served in the Korean War, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal a decoration rarely given to soldier reporters and a personal citation by South Korean President Syngman Rhee for his efforts on behalf of war orphans.Where the erudition came from, however, was something of a mysterycmillan author garyje


    1. This was one of those books I couldn't put down and suffered at work the next day for it. The story and characters have stuck with me these 9 years since I have read it. One of my friends made off with my paperback copy, so I just recently decided to replace it with a first edition hardcover. This isn't really a spoiler, but there are many graphic scenes of sex, violence, incest et al. The main character is an intersexed person (hermaphrodite, for the non-PC among us)and s/he uses what s/he's go [...]

    2. Read this with a map to chart the course of the Danube and also learned of the cities and passes in the Alps, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Tirol and so on. From the high mountains and open spaces in Alsace, the crumbling ruins of once mighty Rome, the deep forests around Lake Geneva, the rush of the water at the Iron Gate, or the cheers in a colosseum in Sofia, this author takes you there. c. 480-510 AD

    3. I loved the fact that the book is very narrative. Throughout the passages you learn about different cultures and customs adopted by different civilizations such as goths, ostrogoth, ect. It talks about the adventures of the character Thorn, who is brought up and raised as a boy in a monistry to later learn he was a girl and sent to a convent to really find out she/he didn't really fully fit in one world but in both.

    4. Trash-tacular yet compelling. Still, Gary Jennings novels are always despite my better judgment. How can a guy be so punctilious about his historical research and yet not learn that a hermaphrodite is not "fully functional"?

    5. Not quite as good as his other books. Probably as good as Aztec so the story is outstanding in any case! Go get it and read it!--Wag--

    6. Raptor will always be a fond favorite of mine. It was the first “taboo” book I’d ever read, and incidentally, one of the first characters—aside from Lyra Belacqua in Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy—whom I identified with. I credit Gary Jennings for opening my eyes to a world beyond one-dimensional heroes and heroines. In that same vein, Jennings had this incredible ability to take a simple thread and weave it into a complex, colorful tapestry—applying both to his well-rounded [...]

    7. Greatly enjoy Jenning's writing and Thorn's character. Throughout the book I felt Thorn maintained his base personality in being adventurous, inventive, curious and mischievous. And occasionally clumsy. For the most part I greatly enjoyed this book. Towards the end there were times I was a little bored. I had to give it five stars because I felt there was so much in this book. It is a long book, but it's not just adventures and mischievousness, there's insight about the times and about Thorn's c [...]

    8. Read these Runes !!!On the whole I enjoyed this novel: the [fictitious] memoirs of the hermaphrodite Thorn. I hated in the first Part: "In the Ring of Balsam" the drawn-out, graphic first sexual experiences of the intersex hero/heroine, Thorn, in both a monastery and a convent, In fact, anything of a graphic nature from then on I skipped over. I almost quit reading completely because of Part I, but am really glad I persevered after the first 70-80 pages. Thorn had been left at the monastery as a [...]

    9. What a story. It takes place in like the first century or something which automatically makes it more interesting to me, being historical and all. The descriptions of the various lands, how people dress, and how much variety there is in the different tribes and groups of people that the main character interacts with is so vivid and described so perfectly. Jennings has great style without having the style itself stand out or keep you from picturing yourself right there with the character. Thorn's [...]

    10. this is one of those novels i forgot that i read until just recently. it's breathtakingly unique and astoundingly different -- it tells the story of an intersexed Visigoth -- and while you may be going, "Did I just read that correctly?" I assure you that you did and that it is a wonderful and complex story. Like most of Jennings' novels, not recommended for the faint of heart.

    11. 3.5* The broad scope of the book was handled well, with different sections that mostly focused on a smaller part of the story with a map to match. Some sections were more interesting than others and some just went on and on. The cultures and anecdotes were intriguing but often left me unsatisfied. Theodoric was interesting at first, but became too perfect and too lovingly depicted. As always, the book could have benefited from an author's note.I liked Thorn's identity and how he dealt with it, f [...]

    12. A fascinating premise utterly ruined by its execution. The story is about a hermaphrodite, a person with characteristics of both sexes who becomes the right-hand "man" of King Theodoric of the Goths, conqueror of the Roman empire. The main character Thorn mostly acts like a man, but if he puts on a dress, he becomes a woman and the story is about his/her peregrinations through the empire of the Goths as witness to history of the era. It is a really interesting idea that had a lot of potential to [...]

    13. This epic follows the life of an unusual individual from his childhood through his entire life. It explores the dichotomy of spirit which exists in each of us. It has sexually explicit passages, so this tome is not for young readers or for those who might be offended by a frank exploration of sexuality.Actually the life of the main character is set within the larger story of the dark ages. It examines society as it shifts from a pagan system of belief to the strictures of the Christian Faith. Th [...]

    14. Gary Jennings tiene una cierta obsesión con el sexo, pero todos lo sabemos y así es como lo queremos; aun así, cuando el protagonista es un hermafrodita (totalmente funcional, que en realidad no existen en la naturaleza, pero digamos que hubo ciertas libertades artísticas), en las primeras diez páginas el autor explora ya con gusto todo el potencial sexual de su personaje.El protagonista, Thorn, con todo esto, ha de ser uno de los personajes más interesantes escritos por Jennings. Pero Hal [...]

    15. Romanzone storico in linea con gli altri di Jennings che mi è capitato di leggere: cambia l’ambientazione storica, ma c’è sempre un protagonista avventuroso e scaltro che attraverso le proprie vicissitudini riesce a raccontarci un po’ del suo mondo. In questo senso ho trovato il Predatore molto simile all’Azteco, ma dato che sia il tempo che il luogo sono totalmente diversi alla fine qualche ripetizione narrativa si perdona facilmente, splecialmente se ci si sofferma un attimo a consid [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book, although not as much as Aztec. The format is much the same though. There's no unifying plot, just a man (in this case a hermaphrodite) telling his life story. While his character is fictional he does interact with real historical people and events and the author goes into much detail describing these. Sometimes the pacing gets a little bogged down with seemingly endless infodumps consisting of descriptions of kings, cultures, and places that don't really have much to do with [...]

    17. Having read Aztec by the same author, I came with very high expectations to this book, which it didn't quite meet. I thought that early medieval history, particularly of the Goths and Theoderic the Great offered just enough known sources to supply ample information to illustrate 6th century life, while leaving sufficient blank spots to be filled with various lore and legends, to make an exciting reading. Unfortunately Jennings failed in both of these points. Both the informational content, and t [...]

    18. 900 plus pages - it's a very long story. I must admit the shear size intimidated me. The book is divided into sections that can be read in order. The story could have been published as a series of independent books.The language is olde-world and the setting is at the end of the Roman Empire. The story is very interesting, but extremely gory at times and pretty explicit. The book is not for the faint of heart.I'm afraid to admit, I did skip some pages!

    19. Ich hatte mir etwas historisches in der Art von Bernard Cornwell erhofft, aber der Autor kommt nicht entfernt an Cornwell heran: die Figuren zu holzschnittartig, die Handlung eher im Stile eines Groschenheftes. Nach 150 Seiten wußte ich noch nicht annähernd wohin die Reise überhaupt gehen wird und der Wälzer hat über 800 Seiten - näh danke. Vielleicht irgendwann nochmal, wenn ich sehr verzweifelt bin und sonst nichts zu lesen habe.

    20. I'm probably being a little harsh here given the amount of effort it must have taken to write this 914-page, size-4-font tome, but I found myself reading faster toward the end, like picking up your pace when you can see the finish line just to get the race over with. The highs weren't very high and the lows weren't low. Everything was just sort of flat. Aztec? Yes! Raptor? No.

    21. this is an amazing book. i've never seen so many twists and turns. i won't give away the "secret", but think crying game + historical fiction. don't be scared by the lengthis is a fast read. i wish i was the main character, because like so many characters in jennings' novels, our protagonist is quite irresistable to those of the opposite (and sometimes same) sex.

    22. This is a good book, but too long. I enjoyed the history of the beginning of the Dark Ages. The story was improbable in many places and lewd in many other places. It is about the coming to power and the reign of Theodoric the Great, King of the Goths; although he is not the main character. Many historical novels get bogged down in descriptions of battles, but this one did not.

    23. As a Jennings' fan, I had to find this one, even if it's out of print. So I found a used copy in the States. Aztec remains Jennings' masterpiece, followed by the Journeyer. Raptor was as well documented as the others, but I had a sense of dejà-vu. A must read for the fans, but for the others I would rather recommend Aztec.

    24. I think Jennings writes more for men I've read this and Aztec by him and found them both good reading, but lost interest several times in the battles and such If a book is this long it will usually capture my unconscious somehow so that I dream about the book this did NOT happen with Raptor But, it is a good book and I would recommend it as such.just not one of my favorites.

    25. historical novel set in the late Roman world. That made it pretty compelling. But the protagonist is hermaphrodite advisor to Theodoric the Ostrogoth? The book is somewhere between good historical fiction and episodic soft pornography.

    26. Excelente novela histórica de Gary Jennings, en la que el godo Thorn, vive grandes hazañas y aventuras a lo largo de toda Europa, junto a su amigo Wyrd. Muchas referencias históricas y una historia muy entretenida.

    27. Another Jennings epic. Undoubtedly one of the top 5 historical fiction novels I have ever read. Brilliant concept, great setting, interesting charactersuldn't put it down when I first read it, and I now have read it 3 times. Perhaps a 4th one is due

    28. This book is about a transsexual person, a Vandal, who lives during the sacking of Rome, who wanders though the Balkan lands to Byzantium, experiencing huge adventures both as man and woman. I really enjoyed this book. It is a page turner.

    29. A masterpiece of historical writing by any standard, Raptor is another great work from Jennings. However, when compared to Aztec or Journeyer, it isn't quite as enthralling. Still, well worth your time.

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