Star Island

Star Island

Carl Hiaasen / Sep 23, 2019

Star Island Meet twenty two year old Cherry Pye n e Cheryl Bunterman a pop star since she was fourteen and about to attempt a comeback from her latest drug and alcohol disaster Now meet Cherry again in the pers

  • Title: Star Island
  • Author: Carl Hiaasen
  • ISBN: 9780307272584
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet twenty two year old Cherry Pye n e Cheryl Bunterman , a pop star since she was fourteen and about to attempt a comeback from her latest drug and alcohol disaster Now meet Cherry again in the person of her undercover stunt double, Ann DeLusia Ann portrays Cherry whenever the singer is too indisposed meaning wasted to go out in public And it is Ann mistaken forMeet twenty two year old Cherry Pye n e Cheryl Bunterman , a pop star since she was fourteen and about to attempt a comeback from her latest drug and alcohol disaster Now meet Cherry again in the person of her undercover stunt double, Ann DeLusia Ann portrays Cherry whenever the singer is too indisposed meaning wasted to go out in public And it is Ann mistaken for Cherry who is kidnapped from a South Beach hotel by obsessed paparazzo Bang Abbott Now the challenge for Cherry s handlers ber stage mother horndog record producer nipped, tucked, and Botoxed twin publicists weed whacker wielding bodyguard is to rescue Ann while keeping her existence a secret from Cherry s public and from Cherry herself.The situation is complicated than they know Ann has had a bewitching encounter with Skink the unhinged former governor of Florida living wild in a mangrove swamp and now he s heading for Miami to find her .Will Bang Abbott achieve his fantasy of a lucrative private photo session with Cherry Pye Will Cherry sober up in time to lip synch her way through her concert tour Will Skink track down Ann DeLusia before Cherry s motley posse does All will be revealed in this hilarious spin on life in the celebrity fast lane.

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        Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida After graduating from the University of Florida, he began writing for the Miami Herald As a journalist and author, Carl has spend most of his life advocating the protection of the Florida Everglades He and his family still live in southern Florida.


    1. Actual rating: 2.5 stars.I dunno. Carl Hiaasen used to be one of my favorites, but his recent novels seem awfully light. Carl's schtick is to infuse specificity and detail into an almost endless series of wacky incidents, some plot-related, some thrown in just for fun, like this: "Jack Bogsworth was decapitated in mid-sentence while arguing with a former spouse on an iPhone in the driver's seat of his 2009 convertible Corvette while driving on Interstate 95 by a flying miniature dachshund which [...]

    2. I've never met a Carl Hiassen book that I didn't like. Star Island was no exception. His books are funny, quirky, and chock full of pop culture references. Some criticisms of his books cite the "sameness" found from one story to the next but I see them as lively variations on a theme. Each Hiaasen book has the same elements: the strong and witty heroine, the overweight slimeball, the fraudulent property developer, a colorful mix of supporting characters, and (of course) "the governor" himself. I [...]

    3. This is another very engaging book from Carl Hiaasen. On the surface, it's hilariously funny, but as is usually the case with Hiaasen's books, lurking just below the surface is a serious dose of moral outrage. As usual, Hiaasen's targets include the real estate schemers, financiers and others who are laying waste to Florida in the name of "progress," but in Star Island, the author also skewers the superficial celbrity culture of the day.Jailbait Records recording star Cherry Pye (who was born Ch [...]

    4. Just getting a little burned out on the Hiassen forumla. Woman in Trouble: she's intelligent, good looking, smarter than people give her credit for, and someone has wronged her, she's fighting the system somehow that wants to keep her down. The Bad Guy(s): bumbling fools that you loathe, creeps, and that are probably somehow polluting the Florida environment (but not always). They are out to take advantage of the Woman in Trouble somehow - steal her money, blackmail her, force her to do a job fo [...]

    5. Teen pop sensation Cherry Pye is about to release a comeback CD – her second. Her entire future is riding on its success, however her partying is getting in the way of preparing for the tour. In fact, her family has hired Ann DeLusia, a look alike, to fool the paparazzi. Unfortunately, for Ann, she’s about to be kidnapped. With everything spinning out of control, what will happen?I’d been curious to try one of Carl Hiaasen’s books for a long time, and when I needed an audio book, I decid [...]

    6. A ludicrous and outlandish story about a starlet with no talent and with a suicidal drug habit. In this book, the reader meets some real scum bags. It would be otherwise pathetic but author turns it into a hilarious send up laced with biting sarcasm. If found myself laughing to tears on many occasions listening to this book. The narrator does a fantastic job nailing the character voices and impeccable timing with the humor.The main plot of the story is a young woman who managed to make it to sta [...]

    7. This is the first Carl Hiaasen book I've read, and I didn't really enjoy it. I could tell that it was meant to be a biting satire of the celebrity world and our society's obsession with it, but I just found all the characters and situations so ridiculously over the top that it did not appeal to me at all. Even the names were over the top: Cherry Pye, Ann DeLucia, Chemo, that country singer Presley Aaron, who I guess was a nod to Elvis. I enjoy a story that has interesting characters that I can i [...]

    8. Lauded for the past two decades as the quintessential Florida writer, Carl Hiaasen didn't have any competition for a long, long time. There were a few other locals toiling on the edges of obscurity. Some guy in Tampa named Tim Dorsey trying to gain traction with a sociopathic serial killer named Serge Storms as a main character. A little farther south, near Sanibel, a gent by the name of Randy Wayne White was beginning to flex his literary muscles with a character, Doc Ford, who must have been t [...]

    9. If you've never read Hiaasen before, then you need to understand: this is exactly what he does. he does not hold back, he ramps up the zany to just short of implausible, he takes no prisoners, and he runs the filth all the way up to 11.And it's almost always a heck of a lot of fun.This time out he's got his vicious pen focused right at celebrity culture, paparazzi, the excess of the manufactured and useless people and he loads up on all of them with unrelenting glee. You get all of the horrible [...]

    10. Carl Hiaasen is one of my favorite writers and while Star Islands fits Hiaasen's normal formula, wacky characters in ridiculous circumstances somewhere in the wilds of South Florida, this story lacked heart. Characters from previous books are brought back and save the story. Chemo, last seen in Skinny Dip and if you haven't read it, read it before Star Island or Chemo's place in this story and his unusual appendage don't make sense and Skinny Dip, it's Hiaasen at his absolute best. Skink, the fo [...]

    11. I can always count on Hiassen to make me laugh out loud with his zippy lines and totally inane characters. The author hardly disguises his snarky view on modern day pop music and Hollywood culture. And rightfully so.It perhaps goes on about 50 pages too long, but that's about my only complaint.After a week reading about adulterous, homicidal husbands, child serial killers, vengeful KGB agents, sociopathic scientists and a mind invading, amorphous alien at the bottom of the ocean, this one provid [...]

    12. Okay, the reason many people, myself and my wife included, read Hiaasen's mysteries is because he creates interesting, often unique, characters, his writing is seriously funny, and he often addresses human stupidity, crassness, scams, and ecological issues. His writing is also light and fast to read. The stories vary in their complexity, but that is not usually the overriding point in selecting to read a Hiaasen mystery.That said, Star Island, has all of the good points noted above. Fun characte [...]

    13. Carl Hiaasen creates memorable characters, weaves a farcicial plot, and continues to share his love for Florida's vanishing wetlands and wild places. Cherry Pye is a teenage talentless celebrity who's gone off the rails with drugs and alcohol. Her parents have hired Anna DeLuisa, a body double and actress, to take Cherry's place at publicity events when Cherry is too trashed to make an appearance. Claude Abbott is a paparazzo trying to get the money-maker shot. Enter Chemo, Cherry's new body gua [...]

    14. The lunatic fringe is the best way I can think of to describe the characters that inhabit the pages of a Carl Hiassen novel and Star Island is no exception. In fact some of the most beloved characters in my memory of reading his tales of the fringes of society are in this story. With the celebrity spin of our age being in an even more hyper situation than one thought possible readers are thrown into the life of a skeevy member of the paparazzi, a young pop star whose career is on the skids, her [...]

    15. What can I say? When it comes to Carl Hiaasen, things go better with Skink. Star Island is no exception. The somewhat deranged ex-governor is one of the few characters with which, as a reader, I can feel an affinity or any empathy. Although I can’t imagine submerging myself in an alligator-infested swamp to avoid State Troopers or living in a campsite structured around the rusting hulk of a NASCAR automobile, I am attracted to the idea that this marvelous character abdicated his role in societ [...]

    16. Hiaasen, Carl. STAR ISLAND. (2010). ***. I am usually a big Hiaasen fan, and have followed his writings from his first book on. This novel, along with a few of his last ones, contributes little more to his appeal. He has become formulaic, which is OK, but disappointing to his fans. The story here is about “stars” and the paparazzi who follow them about, hoping for candid shots that they can sell to the star magazines and newspapers. Our star in this novel is Cherry Pye, nee Cheryl Bunterman, [...]

    17. Carl Hiaasen returns to form by switching up. Star Island gives the author's despoliation-of-Florida theme a rest by providing him with another target for his considerable store of outrage: pop celebrity.The chief offender is Cheryl "Cherry Pye" Bunterman, a teenage Britney manque with a singing voice "like a sack of starving kittens" and a dysfunctional entourage that enables (and covers up) her many assaults on common sense. Her perfect foil is overweight, self-deluded paparazzo Bing Abbott. T [...]

    18. I hate to say it, but I am finally getting tired of Carl Hiaason. I was wildly in love with his writing when he first began, but sadly, his writing has fallen into the trap of so many "continued" sagas. Even though this particular book featured two of my all-time favorite characters, Skink, the former governor of Florida (for about 15 minutes) who lives in his camp, and uses roadkill for food. And my favorite villain, the 6'9" tall pizza faced Chemo.But it's Hiaason's use of Chemo that showed me [...]

    19. It's been a very long time since I first read Tourist Season, but Hiaasen's viciousness towards the venal and corrupt stupid infesting his beloved Florida has not abated one bit. Now his ire is focused on wild celebrities and the people who prey on them. No, it's not really Hiaasen at his best, but it's a polished, scabrous romp through a particularly repulsive underbelly.We have a corpulent, sweaty paparazzi; a spoiled, out-of-control, barely talented pop star; her put-upon stand-in whose exist [...]

    20. This was a name-drop filled stunningly funny take on today's celebrity machine. Deeply and truely a Hiaasen work, it combined ridiculous characters, crazy criminals and repulsive creeps to create a pretty entertaining story line. However, when at the end it told me that all the events took place over 10 days, I could hardly believe it. It felt like there was so much packed in that it had at least been a month.As a Skink book, it felt the Governor's presence was a bit lacking and not as memorable [...]

    21. Although this latest outing from Carl Hiaasen is not as biting as his earlier books, he still packs more humor than many other comedy writers. His experience as a reporter in Miami has provided a wealth of material and lowdown characters to adapt into his storylines, and where this one unfortunately falls short is that there is no real villain of the caliber we've come to expect between his pages. He's admitted that he couldn't make up some of his bad guys, that he lifts some ideas right out of [...]

    22. Do you enjoy those oddball news stories about crazy people in Florida? Well, whatever you've heard is no match for the zany mysteries/comedies by Carl Hiaasen. Star Island is a wild romp about a talentless, promiscuous, hard-partying pop star who her parents named Cherry Pye. Other players include a bodyguard with a hand replaced by a weed wacker (see Malcolm McDowell in Tank Girl), a set of twin PR agents (surgically enhanced to appear identical), and a actor hired to stand-in for Cherry Pye wh [...]

    23. OK Carl does not disappoint with this romp through the shallow world of South Beach show biz types and the paparazzi. It's fast and funny and drops so many real names of film and music people that Carl must be on very good terms with most of them or else he has very good lawyers! It's a quick read that had me laughing out loud which all too rare these days. Highly recommended, but I'd suggest reading earlier works so that you enjoy some of the reprised characters more.

    24. Hiaasen is at his best when whichever satirical axes he has to grind dovetail with the needs of his characters. This was not one of those situations. Nothing quite came together, and the distance between each of the subplots deflated any potential for screwball hijinks. And to end with an Animal House-esque epilogue where he spends a paragraph explaining how every character turns out just smacks of laziness. Weak sauce.

    25. bookcrossing/journal/1I read, & enjoyed, quite a few of Hiaasen's books almost 20 years ago. Either "Star Island" isn't nearly as good or my tastes have changed in that time, because I just didn't enjoy this one at all - the 'humour' left me cold & I couldn't find a character to like. I hope it's the former as I have a few on my shelves I've yet to read. I suspect it's a combination of the two, however, as I know my reading tastes have changed some over the years.

    26. Star Island by Carl Hiaasen - Very GoodWhen I first discovered Carl Hiaasen's books, I went a bit crazy, read 10 or so in quick succession and promptly burned out. I'm so glad I decided to return as this was the perfect holiday page turner and also brought two of my favourite characters together for the first time (I'd often wondered what would happen if they met).Ok, so Cherry Pye is the standard, talentless, airhead pop singer. Constantly strung out on alcohol and various drugs, her parents ha [...]

    27. This book is really more like 3-to-3 & 1/2 stars, but I wanted to boost it's overall rating and be a counter-balance to the naysayers. While certainly not Hiaasen at his best or the best of the Skink series, it is still great fun. A quick breezy read that sped along to a satisfying conclusion, it made me laugh out loud repeatedly, something I can always expect from a Hiassen novel. He expands the targets of his sarcasm and retributive violence here beyond the usual real estate developers and [...]

    28. На Стар Айланд папараците снимат тъпаците: knigolandiafo/book-review/sВ тази гротеска на звездния живот Хайасън проследява падението на една поп сензация, която не може да пее, но пък добре е капитализирала красотота и кълчотенето си. Само че славата в крехка възраст бързо я е опиянила [...]

    29. Fun, light read. Great for summer. I'm a huge Carl Hiaasen fan but, for me, this wasn't one of my favorites. The underlying environmental theme wasn't as strong in this one. More a satirical look at culture than the environment. Still had funny bits in it though.

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