Fabian: The Story of a Moralist

Fabian: The Story of a Moralist

Erich Kästner Cyrus Brooks Rodney Livingstone / Jul 17, 2019

Fabian The Story of a Moralist Originally published in German in and in an expurgated English translation in this novel is the tale of Jacob Fabian a Berlin advertising copywriter doomed in the context of economic ethi

  • Title: Fabian: The Story of a Moralist
  • Author: Erich Kästner Cyrus Brooks Rodney Livingstone
  • ISBN: 9780810111370
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Originally published in German in 1931 and in an expurgated English translation in 1932, this novel is the tale of Jacob Fabian, a Berlin advertising copywriter doomed in the context of economic, ethical, and political collapse by his characteristic mixture of detachment and decency Fabian is a middle of the road liberal, an Enlightenment rationalist, a believer that theOriginally published in German in 1931 and in an expurgated English translation in 1932, this novel is the tale of Jacob Fabian, a Berlin advertising copywriter doomed in the context of economic, ethical, and political collapse by his characteristic mixture of detachment and decency Fabian is a middle of the road liberal, an Enlightenment rationalist, a believer that the public condition reflects prevailing private moralities, and a skeptic toward all ideological nostrums Richly detailed and vividly plotted, Fabian remains an unparalleled personalization of the collapse of the Weimar Republic This new edition restores the deleted sections considered too explicit for the original publication It also includes Kastner s epilogue, which had been rejected by the original publisher, the preface added by the author to the 1952 German reissue, and an informative foreword by the scholar Rodney Livingstone.

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        Erich K stner 1899 1974 was a German author, poet, screenwriter and satirist, known for his humorous, socially astute poetry and children s literature.A stout pacifist and democrat, he was expelled from the national writers guild during the Nazi era, with many of his books being burned in public Today, he is widely regarded as one of Germany s most prolific and beloved children s book authors.


    1. My booty on a recent trip to Berlin was more yarn than print, but this was one of the books that made it into my bag for the trip home.I bought it from St George's English bookshop and if you would like more detail about the wonderful bookshops in Berlin, I wrote something about them here. It has a quote on the back from The Times Literary SupplementDamned for its improper subject matter, Going to the Dogs showed the crumbling Berlin of Christopher Isherwood's stories with something of Isherwood [...]

    2. Very reminiscent of Isherwood's Berlin Stories, except this one is much bleaker and from a German. The great thing about this book is it is not really a witness to the rise of Nazism, though it of course is, because it is so absurd, and the narrator is so cynical, while reading it is hard to trust what he (Fabian) is telling us. In fact one almost suspects Fabian himself doesn't believe what he sees and recounts. And who can blame him, Weimar Berlin must have been a pretty surreal place to live. [...]

    3. Tot stand gekomen tussen 1929 en 1931, verbrand in 1933 onder de uitroep: 'Tegen decadentie en moreel verval! Voor tucht en fatsoen in gezin en staat! Aan de vlammen schenk ik het werk van Heinrich Mann, Ernst Glaeser en Erich Kästner.' Kästner beschrijft later hoe hij erbij stond, daar op de Bebelplatz, in het geheim onder de menigte, ingeklemd tussen studenten in SA-uniform, luisterend naar de “sentimentele tirades van de kleine doortrapte leugenaar” Joseph GoebbelsBij de nieuwe druk in [...]

    4. I've had to read several books for the university so far, but I enjoyed this the most. It's cleverly done and I feel that it could be applied to today's society as well, so it has a sense of timelessness to it. Also Erich Kästner's writing style is exceptionally engaging and wonderful and I definitely have to read more books by him.(view spoiler)[The only thing I ended up disliking was the final page. A child falls into the water, and Fabian goes to save the child, very heroic. And then: "Fabia [...]

    5. I do not find this book funny, although many people around here mention just that about it. I found it sad, and terrible, and great, and I loved Fabian, I can totally understand his view. I found it may things but not really funny. Maybe something is wrong with me, or maybe I find that te world is in crisis, my country is in crisis, life has a different value now, and this book describes a crisis which happens in a very different moment in the world, but maybe not so far from things that happen [...]

    6. A quick wild trip through Germany on the cusp of revolution (for better or worse).Naughty, haughty and some laugh out loud moments. Fabian is a character I won’t soon forget.Definitely a book that you’ll want to keep a highlighter handy!

    7. In many ways, “Fabian,” by Erich Kästner, opens like many other 20th century German novels, with a young man not sure about his life. In the 1910s, 20s, and 30s, the ‘bildungsroman’ style was extremely popular across all genres. In this case, the protagonist, Fabian, is a recent college graduate without much direction who finds himself mixed up with the teeming underbelly of Berlin society. From prostitutes to beggars to corrupt politicians, Fabian observes those around him with a degre [...]

    8. An unsettling book to read right now. I started it while traveling in Germany--in Dusseldorf, which in 2016 is very different than Berlin of the 20s. But the book feels very familiar, with its chaotic background and Fabian, the narrator, struggling to support himself and find meaning. His rent (for a room in a boarding house) is 40% of his pay, which sounds familiar.Towards the end, he's back home and runs into an old classmate who's joined up with the Stahlhelm (I think it's a nationalistic pre [...]

    9. I always intend to read more books that are written by German authors, and Fabian. Die Geschichte eines Moralisten was one that reinforced that resolution of mine, because it was a highly worthwhile and intellectually rewarding read.I'm of the opinion that you can tell a lot about an author's outlook on life and intellect by reading their books, and following that line of thought I deduce Erich Kästner to be a person who is not afraid to call a spade a spade, to provoke, or to offend. His portr [...]

    10. Ich glaube, ich habe das erste Mal seit "Das doppelte Lottchen" wieder zu Erich Kästner gegriffen und muss sagen, dass ich wirklich begeistert bin. Kästner katapultiert einen mit seiner wunderbaren Sprache mitten ins Berlin der beginnenden 30er Jahre. Wir begleiten Jakob Fabian, den arbeitslosen Germanisten, durch die Stadt, er muss sich im Arbeitsamt melden, geht abends ins Bordell und streicht durch den Park. Es ist keine sehr glückliche Zeit, die jungen Menschen sind von Hoffnungslosigkeit [...]

    11. Ich zitiere "Annchen": Ein Buch, das erfolgreich einen Spagat zwischen Humor und Tragik vollführt. Danke, Herr Kästner!Es kann gut sein, dass ich noch auf 5 Sterne aufwerte!

    12. „Mitten im irrsinnigen Berlin anfangs der dreißiger Jahre lässt hier, nach den Worten Hermann Hesses, der Dichter Erich Kästner einen Menschen herumlaufen, einen weder sehr starken noch sehr geschickten, aber eben einen Menschen, einen, der noch nicht irrsinnig ist, einen der Herz wie Verstand hat: „Das Zeitgemäße konnte nicht zeitloser gesagt werden als hier ist durch das Filter der Kunst gegangen und voll Anmut geworden.““Der Klappentext meiner Ausgabe beschreibt Erich Kästners F [...]

    13. A great portrait of the city Berlin during the Weimar Republic!The book is set right before the downfall fo the Weimar Republic, with all the political tensions and the morals slowly collapsing, women who gave up on love and just use sex, men without work, just coffee houses and brothels. And right in the middle, there is Jakob Fabian, an unemployed germanist and moralist.For me, this book delivers a great and impressive portray of the desperate time after the global economic crisis from 1929. A [...]

    14. "και σ' όλα τα σημεία του ορίζοντα κατοικεί η παρακμή"."Και τι ακολουθεί την παρακμή;"Ο Φαμπιαν έκοψε ένα κλαδάκι που πρόβαλλε πάνω απο κάτι κάγκελα κι απάντησε : "Φοβάμαι, η ηλιθιότητα"."Η πόλη απ' όπου κατάγομαι έχει ήδη πληγεί από την ηλιθιότητα" είπε το κορίτσι. "Αλλά τι να κά [...]

    15. As someone who was born and raised in today's Berlin, I can say that the novel offers a very interesting portray of the city and its past. I read this book for a philosophy class. Knowing Kästner as the author who wrote many books I loved as a child and let my parents read to me, I was very surprised due to the rather dry humour. Although it is not a lighthearted book, "Fabian" is very smart and gives you an insight into this generation and the problems they faced.

    16. 'Ik vond vreedzame machines uit en had niet in de gaten dat het kanonnen waren. . Mijn machines waren kanonnen, ze stelden hele legers arbeiders buiten gevecht.''Ik had leraar moeten worden, alleen kinderen zijn rijp voor idealen.''Dat men leeft is toeval. Dat men sterft is zeker.'

    17. I love Kästners language and his characters, but I couldn't cope with the constant homophobia, which is why I didn't even finish the book. I know, books have to be read in their historical context, but this is too much (and it probably was too much even back then).

    18. Satirical description of the life in Berlin (and more general) around 1930. (I am not sure of the date now, but published before 1933.) Kästner could easily write the book again now, though.

    19. InhaltFabian, ein am Leben pessimistischer Moralist hält sich mit verschiedenen Jobs über Wasser, lernt das Leben und die Menschen mit all ihren Facetten kennen und sieht das eigene Land langsam untergehen. An ein eigenes Glück oder Liebe gar glaubt er nicht, bis er eines Tages Cornelia kennenlernt und mit ihr die glücklichste Zeit seines Lebens erlebt. Hatte er bislang doch alles zu schwarz gesehen?BeurteilungFabian. Die Geschichte eines Moralisten ist eine brillante Satire auf die deutsche [...]

    20. Meine Meinung ist so zweigeteilt. Zum einen kann ich Fabian mit meiner heutigen Sicht nicht als den vorbildhaften Moralisten verstehen; nicht mit seiner Sicht auf Frauen. Die Ansätze von Prostitution und Polyamorie, die da mitgeteilt werden, sind für mich nicht halb so verwerflich wie Fabians Echauffieren darüber. Zum anderen ist es gruselig, das Buch im Jahr 2018 zu lesen und einen Haufen gesellschaftlicher Probleme wiederzuerkennen, die heute genau wieder so sind. Arbeitslosigkeit und die M [...]

    21. Ein Zeitzeuge einer besonderen Zeit zwischen dem ersten und zweiten Weltkrieg im untergehenden Deutschland, wo die Stimmung schwelt und der Weg für den Nationalsozialismus geebnet wird. Inmitten dieses Geschehens der Moralist Herr Fabian, der unambitioniert und gesichtslos vor sich hin lebt. Ein kleines Drama jagt ein nächstes, so dass zuletzt die ganze Persönlichkeit Fabians von Dramatik gekennzeichnet ist, ohne dass sich an seiner Motivation viel ändert. Das Ende passt zur Desolatheit der [...]

    22. Zeker in het begin een erg leuk boek, vol humor ook, al speelt het in een tijd waarin Europa naar de bliksem dreigt te gaan (1930). Het boek werd door de nazi's verboden, ook al was het aangepast. Dit is de oorspronkelijke versie, enkele jaren geleden gevonden. De vertelde nogal vrije moraal stuitte de nieuwe machthebbers tegen de borst en Kastner koos na 1941 eieren voor zijn geld.

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