Eagle in the Snow: A Novel of General Maximus and Rome's Last Stand

Eagle in the Snow: A Novel of General Maximus and Rome's Last Stand

Wallace Breem Steven Pressfield / Sep 18, 2019

Eagle in the Snow A Novel of General Maximus and Rome s Last Stand Banished to the Empire s farthest outpost veteran warrior Paulinus Maximus defends The Wall of Britannia from the constant onslaught of belligerent barbarian tribes Bravery loyalty experience and

  • Title: Eagle in the Snow: A Novel of General Maximus and Rome's Last Stand
  • Author: Wallace Breem Steven Pressfield
  • ISBN: 9781590710111
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Banished to the Empire s farthest outpost, veteran warrior Paulinus Maximus defends The Wall of Britannia from the constant onslaught of belligerent barbarian tribes Bravery, loyalty, experience, and success lead to Maximus appointment as General of the West by the Roman emperor, the ambition of a lifetime But with the title comes a caveat Maximus needs to muster and cBanished to the Empire s farthest outpost, veteran warrior Paulinus Maximus defends The Wall of Britannia from the constant onslaught of belligerent barbarian tribes Bravery, loyalty, experience, and success lead to Maximus appointment as General of the West by the Roman emperor, the ambition of a lifetime But with the title comes a caveat Maximus needs to muster and command a single legion to defend the perilous Rhine frontier.On the opposite side of the Rhine River, tribal nations are uniting hundreds of thousands mass in preparation for the conquest of Gaul, and from there, a sweep down into Rome itself Only a wide river and a wily general keep them in check.With discipline, deception, persuasion, and surprise, Maximus holds the line against an increasingly desperate and innumerable foe Friends, allies, and even enemies urge Maximus to proclaim himself emperor He refuses, bound by an oath of duty, honor, and sacrifice to Rome, a city he has never seen But then circumstance intervenes Now, Maximus will accept the purple robe of emperor, if his scrappy legion can deliver this last crucial victory against insurmountable odds The very fate of Rome hangs in the balance.Combining the brilliantly realized battle action of Gates of Fire and the masterful characterization of Mary Renault s The Last of the Wine, Eagle in the Snow is nothing less than the novel of the fall of the Roman empire.

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        Wallace Wilfred Swinburne Breem was a British librarian and author, the Librarian and Keeper of Manuscripts of the Inner Temple Law Library at his death, but perhaps widely known for his historical novels, including the classic Eagle in the Snow 1970.At the age of 18, Breem entered the Indian Army s Officers Training School, and in 1945 was commissioned as an officer of the Corps of Guides, an elite Cavalry detachment of the North West Frontier Force.After the Partition of India in 1947, Breem returned to England and held a variety of jobs which included labourer in a tannery, assistant to a veterinary surgeon, and rent collector in the East End of London He eventually joined the library staff of the Inner Temple in London, in 1950.Breem was a founder member of BIALL British and Irish Association of Law Librarians , and at various times held the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, Vice President, and President in that organization.


    1. A splendid novel: an absolute masterpiece!!! I loved the author's style and descriptions of the bleak landscape, forts, and towns; I could feel every sword thrust, the ice and snow, every emotion of the protagonist! The mood of foreboding permeated the whole novel. Set in the 4th and 5th centuries, the time of Honorius, Stilicho, and Galla Placidia, the story is told in the first person in flashback by the dour Roman General Maximus, to a group of tribesmen in Segontium (modern-day Caernarfon, W [...]

    2. "Eagle In The Snow" by Wallace Breem centers on the years 405 AD to early 407, capturing a key moment in the Roman Empire's death throes as hundreds of thousands of mostly Germanic peoples mass on the east bank of the Rhine waiting for the river to freeze and to walk into Gaul. The tale is an epitaph for the Roman Empire with General Paulinus Gaius Maximus serving as the lone pall bearer, carrying the weight of an empire marching inexorably toward its grave.Compared to the action adventures of S [...]

    3. While I was reading this, by happenstance my uncle (a naval man) began a blog post with a quote: "Amateurs talk tactics; professionals talk logistics." And that sums up the consummately professional Eagle in the Snow in a nutshell: it is a book about logistics. If you are looking for Hollywood-style speechifying, swordfights and fanfare, look elsewhere. If you want to experience alongside the main character what it's like to be a Roman general just before the fall of the Empire, trying to raise [...]

    4. I loved it all, the writing, the story and the characters. I thought the battle scenes were very well done and the setting at the end of the empire was new for me so I found it very interesting.

    5. I am by no means a regular reader of historical fiction, but whatever genre you want to file EAGLE IN THE SNOW under, it's an absolute masterpiece: a gripping and terrifying story told in prose that is literary and beautiful but never flowery. As the Roman Empire is crumbling in the early Fifth Century, a Legion is sent to try to hold the Rhine during a bitter winter, and keep the massing barbarian tribes from crossing. The tribes are waiting for the Rhine to freeze over. As Stephen Pressfield's [...]

    6. Story: 3 (Melodramatic to the extreme)Characters: 2 (Basic archetypes with poor dialogue)Accuracy: 1 (Outdated and polemic)I can't understand this book's popularity. I enjoy reading about the later empire so I was thrilled to see a novel set in that time. But boy does it not get the feel of it. First off, the entire writing style is ponderous and overdramatic, like a soap opera combined with a Victorian novel. It constantly reminds you that THIS IS AN IMPORTANT BOOK in such loud cries that it se [...]

    7. Among writers of historical fiction, Eagle in the Snow has achieved semi-legendary status. It was first published in 1970 and, largely through recommendation, has remained in print ever since (no small feat in itself when the author, Wallace Breem, died in 1990).It's the subtlety and mood of the book that gives it its power and creates its status. It's the story of the dying of things: empires, men, armies, a civilisation. It's the story of a man born out of time, fighting against the dying of t [...]

    8. This one started off slow for me and didn't really grab my full attention until really towards the end. Throughout the book, I felt disconnected with the characters and felt they were not developed well. They felt flat and unemotional. I found myself struggling to remember names, places and events. At times, I felt like this might end up being a 2.5 star read and at others a solid 3 stars. The end really picked up during the last battle scene and it was here, finally, that I felt I could really [...]

    9. This moving book giving us a front-row seat to events from 407-409 during the struggles of trying to hold walls and land whilst Germans mount their brutal offense is brilliant on all "fronts."I purchased the kindle edition and will definitely read again. General Maximus, never having seen Rome in his lifetime, was Rome personified in his years of determined service. He is continually called upon to work miracles with new recruits. "By the end of three months the legion had doubled its original s [...]

    10. This is the story of the Roman leader Paulinus Maximus, who first serves on the frontier in Britain along Hadrian's wall, where he suppresses a bloody revolt by the Picts led by a former childhood friend. While contending with the Picts he hears word of the loss of two legions along the Danube, with the chilling realization that the Empire and even civilization itself may not last forever.He is then posted on the Rhine to defend against the Germanic tribes with only a single legion. He deftly pa [...]

    11. This is a very sad book, but in the end an uplifting one if You know what I mean for this. The story of a detachment of people, their leader and how they had to follow orders until the very end. Now We know exactly what book Steven Pressfield was reading when He wrote Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae.A great empire about to fall is the perfect background to tell the story of honor, bravery and the sense of duty that It is lacking today in our lives.Loving this book and I [...]

    12. Absolutely tremendous novel that deals with the waning of the Roman empire and is a terrific, exciting read. Imagine the first half hour of "Gladiator" but better. The general here is also a Maximus, but not the same; this Maximus has to stand against the enormous hordes that are about to sweep over the Northern borders of the Roman empire, and who will basically end the empire in the West.A magnificent book.

    13. I just finished reading Eagle in the Snow. It held me spellbound from cover to cover. The portrayal of the actions and the characters was so strong to me that I still feel, painfully, a sense of loss. This is not one book you can jump from carelessly to another waiting on you shelf. It needs to be savored.

    14. He has a great plot to work with but what isn't history is contrived. Thinly written, even the battles can be flatly written - or sentimental. I can see why this might have been a milestone, why people who came early might be attached to it. Perhaps it's aged poorly; it seemed a tissue of cliches to me.

    15. This is a very gripping story, a bit slow to start but soon becomes one of those books you can't put down. It is very moving in parts and is perfect for those grey winter days.

    16. It was truly OK. I admire the research that Breem put into this novel. His personal experiences obviously influenced it in a good way. I wanted this novel to be as good as the intro and blurbs said it was.This novel only needed a few tweaks to make it the brilliant and moving novel that the introduction and jacket quotes say it is. Unfortunately, the tweaks were not done.The relationships and nuances were too subtle so as to be lost in the confusing passages of time and additions of new characte [...]

    17. This book gets excellent reviews from other readers. I can see why. The writing is basically sound and - more importantly - the gritty detail of army life and intense appreciation of logistics are certainly impressive. But I confess that I have not finished and doubt by now that I will return to it. The story begins with the Romans in Britain but the main action - where I left things - is with the Roman defense of the Rhine against an inevitable barbarian invasion. The inevitability is the probl [...]

    18. First of all-Steven Presfield's prologue should be read carefully and be taken as an oath for anyone who tries to crate a historical-fiction book. In one single page he describes the process in an elaborate way. About the book- Maximus is a man of honour and duty. A strong character lawfull to his orders, a man who decides to stay and fight till the end,knowning that this will be his last battle. Like the Spartan Leonidas he fights till the bitter end, but not to delay his enemies and awaken tho [...]

    19. This book is one of the true hidden gems of the historical fiction genre, the story is so well told you can feel the cold, you can feel every sword thrust, every spear cast, the fear, the panic, the blood.This book was the inspiration for the greatest of roman films gladiator and whilst the story is very different, the style, and the characters show why. This book lives up there with Gates of Fire as in my all time top ten of historical fiction titles. and i read hundreds of books each year. I c [...]

    20. I finished this fairly recently after having had it recommended to me by several different people and heard it called the 'seminal work of Roman fiction'.The thing that stopped it from being a 5* book for me was the pace and POV. I'm not a lover of first person perspective in books and, while I can cope with that on a pacy, exciting read, I found the novel hard going at times.That is more than made up for really by the main character and the general feel of the book. It is almost possible to fee [...]

    21. One of the very best Roman novels I've ever found. There on the edge of the decayed Empire, in the early 5th century, an exhausted and aging Roman general is left to defend the river frontier between Roman Gaul and the massing German tribes beyond. Breem's hero understands all too well that as the river freezes and cold and hunger drive the tribesmen toward Roman territory, his prospects are darker by the day. Unwilling to abandon the local population, committed to a fading ideal of service and [...]

    22. This book gives great portrayals of what made Rome in one of the last stands against the barbarians. Maximus remains true as we see him hold to Roman gravitas and discipline in the face of insurmountable odds. The corruption, the weakness of civic leaders, the citizens unwilling to serve, all leading to the fall of Rome. The soldiers fight and die because they know how to do nothing else, but was it worth the cost?This is not a book that will inspire hope. You will be left feeling the bitter col [...]

    23. Muy interesante por el periodo en el que se ambienta y por lo bien que se cuenta la historia. Aunque sabes como terminará, te mantiene en tensión esperando algún giro imprevisto.Por A o por B he tardado mucho en terminarla, pero no porque se me haya atrancado, me ha dejado satisfecho.

    24. A stark, tragic story of the twilight of the Western Roman Empire. The fragility of the frontier, the stagnation of a once-great empire, the last march of the Twentieth Legion and their final battle are all so poignantly portrayed.

    25. One of my favorite historic military reads. Set during the waning days of the Empire when the Romans are under ever increasing pressure to hold back the "Barbarians" in Northern and central Europe. Snapped this book out of a bargain bin 10 years ago and will likely never part with it.

    26. Super good. Such atmospheric writing. The description of the cold of winter left me feeling chilled. Not at all surprised this is a classic.

    27. They don't get any better than this. I understand it was out of print for a long time. Well worth bringing back!

    28. Before I divulge into my review I must say that my rating reflects less how much I enjoyed the book and more my ambivalence. There's no need to explain what this book is about since others have done that far better than I could so I'll just state what the high and low points were. First of all I really enjoyed how this book starts and I thought the set up towards the large battle was done very nicely; Breem has a smooth writing style and the socio-economic and political aspects are present but d [...]

    29. I’ve never read Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, even though I thought I would like to one day. The two main reasons why I want to read it is because (1) I think the book series could tell us a lot about what we are experiencing here in the United States right now; and (2) I like hearing the history of the Romans.Eagle in the Snow gives me both of these benefits, and I don’t have to wade through thousands of pages. To be honest, this is the third time I’ve read this boo [...]

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