Puberty Blues

Puberty Blues

Kathy Lette Gabrielle Carey / Sep 17, 2019

Puberty Blues Bestselling author Kathy Lettes debut novel is available in Britain for the first time Written twenty years ago Puberty Blues is the bestselling account of growing up in the s that took Australia

  • Title: Puberty Blues
  • Author: Kathy Lette Gabrielle Carey
  • ISBN: 9780330489454
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bestselling author Kathy Lettes debut novel is available in Britain for the first time.Written twenty years ago, Puberty Blues is the bestselling account of growing up in the 1970s that took Australia by storm and spawned an eponymous cult movie It also marked the starting point of Kathy Lette s writing career, which sees her now as an author at the forefront of her fieldBestselling author Kathy Lettes debut novel is available in Britain for the first time.Written twenty years ago, Puberty Blues is the bestselling account of growing up in the 1970s that took Australia by storm and spawned an eponymous cult movie It also marked the starting point of Kathy Lette s writing career, which sees her now as an author at the forefront of her field.Puberty Blues is about top chicks and surfie spunks and the kids who don t quite make the cut it recreates with fascinating honesty a world where only the gang and the surf count It s a hilarious and horrifying account of the way many teenagers live and some of them die Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey s insightful novel is as painfully true today as it ever was.

    Puberty Blues TV Series Aug , Created by Imogen Banks, John Edwards With Brenna Harding, Ashleigh Cummings, Sean Keenan, Charlotte Best In the late s, Debbie and Sue are inseparable teenage girls. Puberty Blues Puberty Blues Rotten Tomatoes Director Bruce Beresford continued his tradition of putting socially disenfranchised characters front and center with this wryly observant comedy drama about middle class Australian teens that Puberty Blues DVD Season Puberty Blues Season Two NON USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg. Import Australia Puberty Blues Season watch online at CafeMovie Watch Puberty Blues Season online at CafeMovie Puberty Blues Season free streaming In the late s, Debbie and Sue are inseparable teenage girls. A movie of Brenna Harding, Ashleigh Cummings, Sean Keenan, Charlotte Best Directors Imogen Banks, John Edwards puberty blues se season episode YouTube Aug , Blue Water High S E Trouble in Paradise Blue Water High Full Episode Totes Amaze Teen TV Shows Duration Totes Amaze Teen TV Shows Full Episodes , views Puberty Blues Home Facebook Puberty Blues , likes talking about this Puberty Blues is a story about a nation growing up. Puberty Blues by Kathy Lette Puberty Blues is, as Shirley puts it, an Australian cult classic.Written in , our narrator, thirteen year old Debbie, tells us about the Surfie culture in Cronulla and the surrounding suburbs of Southern Sydney. Watch Puberty Blues Online for Free Stream Full Episodes Puberty Blues is based on the book by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey, which was also the inspiration for the film Puberty Blues Set during the late s, the series revolves around the family and friends of Debbie and Sue, two inseparable teenage friends who are progressing through the coming of age process.

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        Kathy Lette divides her time between being a full time writer,demented mother now there s a tautology and trying to find a shopping trolley that doesn t have a clubbed wheel.Kathy first achieved succ s de scandale as a teenager with the novel Puberty Blues, now a major motion picture After several years as a singer with the Salami Sisters and a newspaper columnist in Sydney and New York collected in the book Hit and Ms and as a television sitcom writer for Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles, her novels, Puberty Blues 1979 Girls Night Out 1988 , The Llama Parlour 1991 , Foetal Attraction 1993 , Mad Cows 1996 , Altar Ego 1998 Nip N Tuck 2001 , Dead Sexy 2003 and How To Kill Your Husband and other handy household hints 2006 became international best sellers Kathy Lette s plays include Grommits , Wet Dreams , Perfect Mismatch and I m So Happy For You I Really Am.She lives in London with her husband and two children and has just finished a stint as writer in Residence at London s Savoy Hotel.Kathy says that the best thing about being a writer is that you get to work in your jammies all day, drink heavily on the job and have affairs and call it research Although her husband says he should have the affair as it would give her a better book


    1. I deadset wanted to read this book, yeah totally reckon, before they showed it on the television, rite? Those slackarse molls Top Chicks (who live on the good side of Cronulla , so not dick'ed authors) - Mandee, Belle, Zoe and Jess, said k'niver ave a go wid ya and I thought perf! Bloody oaff we 'ad an unroole time. I wore me new angora jumper (just off layby from Grace Brothers - 'ave a feel wudya?) and we all did our nails so preedy! We looked like real disco divas ey. I was going to write my [...]

    2. Puberty Blues is, as Shirley puts it, an Australian cult classic. Written in 1979, our narrator, thirteen year old Debbie, tells us about the Surfie culture in Cronulla and the surrounding suburbs of Southern Sydney. Debbie and best friend, Sue, love going to the beach and dream of the day they can leave the losers of South Cronulla behind and join the cool kids at Greenhills. What follows is quite a sad coming of age tale, told in a very Australian way.Debbie and Sue start out hanging at South [...]

    3. Beyond the shock of how raw and blunt Puberty Blues is, I don't understand the hype. It just felt like an exaggerated stereotype of what some would call bogan culture sadly.

    4. I read Puberty Blues when I was 15, in the early 80's. it was a breath of fresh air. Everything we read at the time was English or American, teens were either awfully middle class or living in poverty in a coal mine. But puberty blues was like a Monday morning conversation at school - who went to whose party, who got drunk/wasted, who was dropped. Surfie boys were kings, sitting outside the library at lunchtime with cool girls (never going IN the library!). and the scandal when someone NOT cool [...]

    5. 3.5 STARSPretty Blues I have to say I mostly love is for not holding back at all, it's content was not sugar coated which I think is one of it's most strongest points. It doesn't beat around the bush or just hint that something happened, it just is thrown in your face very much like having a bucket of cold water thrown on your face. First you have your sharp intake of breath and eyes widening in shock then after awhile your mind is clear and very aware with nothing that is hazy and uncertain. Af [...]

    6. I don't get it. What was the point of this book?To shock?To antagonise?Yeah, the terminology is different, but that would have been completely normal in the 70's, that was how teenagers were expected to talk. So what was the point?There is no plot, no storyline, no character development other than, "How about we stop listening to these sexist idiots and do something for ourselves?" It's original, but doesn't live up to its potential. Yeah, this was probably a big refresher when it came out, but [...]

    7. I can't believe this book is 35 years old. It remains a very confronting read, especially now I am an adult with young teenage children of my own. I have given it 4 stars which suggests I really liked it truth it pained me in many sections knowing how true to life it wascially the very under-age sexual experiences of the protagonists. When I first heard about this book I was 13. It was highly controversial and there is no way I would have read it or been allowed to read it. I thought the book mu [...]

    8. Finally I have read it (and in one night) so now I too can say "yes, I have read Puberty Blues". I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had a read it when I was a teenager.

    9. Review originally posted on A Keyboard and an Open Mind 07 April 2017:I think I can see how this book ended up a cult classic. First published in 1979, it encapsulates the youth culture of 1970s Sydney. But. While the language is completely authentic, it lost me on the content.Puberty Blues tells the story of of Debbie and Sue, two thirteen-year-olds desperate to make into one of the surfie gangs that hang around Cronulla Beach. As they try to make it to the top of the social heirarchy, they lea [...]

    10. First of all I'd like to point out I am an Australian, and no we don't actually talk like that, even the teenagers of that generations. The books is a gross exaggeration on all accounts, culture and hyper sexuality.I was disappointed at how much I had to pay on Kindle for a book that took me just over an hour to read. Don't be misled by the new tv series, the two are nothing alike. The recent Australian TV series is whimsical and innocent and features older main characters dabbling in the ways o [...]

    11. Some parts riveting, other parts slightly boring. Very Australian, but even I had trouble understanding some of the slang. RTC maybe

    12. I was a big fan of the Puberty Blues TV show that was shown on Channel 10 last year. I absolutely loved this story, set in the 70's of Debbie and Sue and all the trouble they got up to. Ultimately it's a coming of age story, and even though it was written in 1979, it's still every bit as relevant today as it was back then.For Debbie and Sue, they're two 13 year olds who are just trying to get in with the popular kids, who are surfies. They hang out at the beach, the girls watch their boyfriends [...]

    13. I just re-read this book after many many years and to be totally honest it horrified me. I certainly don't remember feeling like that back when I was a teenager but perhaps I was more caught up with being immortal then?This book is a very very quick read. 110 pages I think. It's a cult classic. It's shocking. It's real. Its colloquial. It's written with all the twang and sophistication of a 13 year old Australian girl. I think it's horrifying because they are 13 year old girls who spend all thei [...]

    14. This book follows best friends Debbie and Sue as they try to get into the popular gang with all the top chicks and surfie spunks. It follows their journey with boyfriends, losing their virginity, smoking weed and other hard drugs. Because the book is based on a true story it finishes with a flash forward kind of tell tale into what happened to some of the kids after high school, like who died and who’s in gaol.The only reason I really wanted to read this book is because one of the characters i [...]

    15. Deservedly or otherwise, Puberty Blues is a classic of Australian writing. In some cases it's known because it's notorious - for its portrayal of sex, of gender relationships in a particular place and time, for lifting the lid on gender inequalities and gendered behaviours in the southern beachside suburbs of Sydney in the 1970s.It's the sort of book that many of my peers read in high school, much closer to the age of the protagonists Debbie and Sue than I am. However, I'm really glad that I did [...]

    16. I have read this book twice, firstly when it came out and thirty years later. I should point out when it came out it was regarded as the book that blew a lot of late seventies taboo's out of the water. This book shocked people in the Shire.I also remember thinking of Lette's association with Cronulla when she was in fact from the less desirable Sylvania Heights (local knowledge here.) The book is written from the perspective that she was in THE group in Cronulla, in truth at this time Cronulla w [...]

    17. I first read this book when I was a young teenager and I remember it being a huge book, a big story and the thing I took away from it was the drugs rather than the sex not sure why that was, maybe more freaked out by heroin that boys. I also read Christiana F and another diary-type book about heroin addiction around the same time, add in a dose of AIDS related propaganda advertising and I was NEVER going to be a smackie!! I think rereading this as an adult (without children), it almost a memoir, [...]

    18. I read an excerpt of this book a while back and always told myself to read the full thing. It wasn't until a visit to the library that I finally borrowed the book. It was a short novel, only just over 100 pages, but the content inside this book made me mindblown. I reside in Sydney, which houses Cronulla. And I recently went down to the beach. I was so happy to read a book set in Sydney, but the historical context of this book was what really differentiated my lifestyle to Deb and Sue's. This bo [...]

    19. I swore I reviewed this years ago when I first read it. Puberty Blues is an Australian cult-classic and it's the book that parents give to their children when they become a teenager to dissuade them from experimenting with drugs and sex.I was a little bit older when I read this book and so I feel like I didn't get as much from it if I had read it at 15 or 16 but nevertheless, I consumed this book. It was a super fast, rapid read that pulled you in and didn't let you go until the end. The book ce [...]

    20. I read the book when it was first published and I was a young girl. I enjoyed it then, it was a different world to what I was living in and I did and didn't want to be part of it. The tv series was excellent, looked forward to it every week and am really glad they are making a series 2. I wanted to read the book again to see how different it was to the tv show and how i felt about it reading it as a mum. First off it was so badly written, I read it in a day because I really couldn't have taken i [...]

    21. I am really loving the series on channel ten, Australian tv. I like to know what will happen next so I always read the reviews, however since this is a new show there were none except people discussing the book. I bought the book on itunes and read it basically in one sitting. Wow!! I really understand myself now. Refering to anyone who lived more than across the road from the beach 'a westy' amongst other colourful language ideas. I loved the book to look back on my own childhood - which was 80 [...]

    22. A snapshot of the microcosm of a Sydney beach-side suburb, but also of the time in two girls' lives when they were 13-16 years old. I admired the rawness and honesty. I was shocked and felt bad for many of the characters, especially in light of the listing at the end of the book about who ends up where. The sentences 'That's why nearly every young Australian girl gets deflowered in a car. That's the only place there is.' is one example of how the authors thought that what they were doing was the [...]

    23. I first bought and read this when I was traveling abroad in Australia. At that point in time I found that having this backstory enriched my traveling experience, as I surfed at some of the beaches along Sydney's coast.Finding Pubery Blues again in one of my boxes of books, I recently reread it, and just put it into my classroom library--with some hesitation.When I booktalked this title to my students, I recommended it to students who really liked Go Ask Alice, though it is a little bit tamer in [...]

    24. this book was just okay. the language is kind of hilarious, and even though i grew up 20 years after this story is set, i could still relate to a lot of the stuff going on. it's all very australian! it's also only a very short book so if you're feeling curious about surfie culture in the 70s, give it a go. just don't expect too much. :pthere wasn't really that much of a storyline and (view spoiler)[ the rape parts were really disturbing. the main characters didn't seem to be phased at all by ho [...]

    25. Sex never sounded less appealing. Puberty Blues is unstructured, essentially non-fiction and more like a diary than a novel. It's an awkward, straight re-telling of the authors' upbringing in Sydney's infamous "Shire". Puberty has always interested me; it's when our emotions are at their most tender and intense, and we begin to dabble in the things that will later become our excesses. Boys, girls, drugs, music, heartbreak - toes dipped in lakes. I've explored it on my own albums Macquarie Centre [...]

    26. Read this book because a student said it was hilarious and awful. I definitely thought it was more awful than hilarious, but I can see why a teenager would think it was endlessly funny. It just kind of made me sad about teenage girls and their sexuality (admittedly this is set in 1970's Australia, but still). The book is so Aussie it's almost ridiculous, the slang is above and beyond and I would expect this to be a really difficult read for people in other countries unfamiliar with the bizarre c [...]

    27. Read it in a day! The kind of book where u ignore life as you want to know what happens! Was much more gritty and real then tv show and movie. Very well written. Would recommend to all young women and men. Ya moll!

    28. This novel is exactly wat i thought it would be FANTASTIC I absolutely luved the movie which i've seen upteen times n now i'm addicted 2 the tv series. I read this novel in jst 1 nite as yes it was short but throughly enjoyable n the slang was funny!!! FAROUT n DEADSET

    29. This was said to be ground-breaking, hilarious and an insight into Australian life when it was first published. Let's just say that I didn't think so, on all three counts, and it was badly written too.

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