These Happy Golden Years

These Happy Golden Years

Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams / Jul 18, 2019

These Happy Golden Years Fifteen year old Laura lives apart from her family for the first time teaching school in a claim shanty twelve miles from home She is very homesick but keeps at it so that she can help pay for her s

  • Title: These Happy Golden Years
  • Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams
  • ISBN: 9780060264802
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fifteen year old Laura lives apart from her family for the first time, teaching school in a claim shanty twelve miles from home She is very homesick, but keeps at it so that she can help pay for her sister Mary s tuition at the college for the blind During school vacations Laura has fun with her singing lessons, going on sleigh rides, and best of all, helping Almanzo WilFifteen year old Laura lives apart from her family for the first time, teaching school in a claim shanty twelve miles from home She is very homesick, but keeps at it so that she can help pay for her sister Mary s tuition at the college for the blind During school vacations Laura has fun with her singing lessons, going on sleigh rides, and best of all, helping Almanzo Wilder drive his new buggy Friendship soon turns to love for Laura and Almanzo in the romantic conclusion of this Little House book.Correlates to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts

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        Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.


    1. This is the book I read the night before I got married ten years ago. The reason for this? I think that "These Happy Golden Years" is the first book that I ever read in which a courtship and marriage was described in any detail - I was probably 8 or 9 on first reading of it. It seemed eminently suitable to read before my own marriage.The book makes me happy inside, the gentle way that Laura and Almanzo become a couple and go out on rides together. Almanzo's persistence in courting Laura, and the [...]

    2. I am very bitter about the $100 organ Pa insisted Laura needed to buy for Mary to play during her visits home (for a couple of weeks every other year or something). This was the money nobody could afford to waste.

    3. I read this after visiting De Smet, and it was so lovely to be able to fix this unabashedly romantic YA novel firmly in its real-life location. On our last day in South Dakota we drove all around the lakes – Spirit Lake and Lakes Thompson and Henry – and out to the former tree claim where Laura and Almanzo’s first home was, and so in reading this book I was able to take a little nostalgia trip of my own, following the paths of their buggy rides.I love Laura and Almanzo’s courtship (which [...]

    4. I think this is my favorite Laura Ingalls Wilder book. I really like Almanzo and his horses and it's just an amazing book. :)

    5. Imagine life before cars,phones,recorded music,electricity,ect. A simpler time, before all the hustle and bustle of the modern day. All the little house books are the stories of Laura Ingalls life. Its very interesting reading about how life was back in the 1800s. I promise you will feel greatful for all modern day luxuries, after reading this. She gives alot of amazing details of how things were done, so you even learn alot about history with these books. I love this series,and no matter if you [...]

    6. AHHHHH. THIS BOOK MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I must have let out at least 100 happy golden sighs. I've read this book SO many times - I seriously don't know. Definitely more than ten. Definitely. Let's just say that. :-)What I LOVE:1. Almanzo. I love him!!! He's so handsome and funny and he UNDERSTANDS Laura. He's so kind to go and get Laura each Friday evening through the snow. And then he keeps on coming to take Laura out for buggy rides. And he buys her gifts. And takes her to singing school. And let [...]

    7. Ok so how could I not put my favorite LHOTP book on my bookshelf? I can't. There just ain't better readin' than a little LHOTP. Especially with a little fiddle music in the background while wearing a bonnet.

    8. These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years. Arguably the most recognizable quote from the eighth book in the series and rightly so. We transition from girlhood to adulthood by having Laura slowly, but surly, fall love. I distinctly remember that this was the first time that I mourned the loss of a character - I was in fifth grade and the book-Laura was still alive. Yet, I remember sadness and sorrow. The Laura we knew has grown into a woman. It's no longer Ma, Pa and Laura [...]

    9. I always liked this one best out of all the Little House books. :)Content Violence and darknessMrs. Brewster slaps her son; a cat scratches someone; someone threatens someone else with a knife; Laura nearly freezes to death; a very minor character gets sick with the grippe; someone is killed in a stormLanguage“Gee”; “stupid” twice; “durned”; “drat”; “darned”; “pooh” as an interjectionSexual contentYoung people court each other/flirt in an old-fashioned way; an engaged cou [...]

    10. What a lovely courtship; so simple and innocent, just two young people comfortable in each other's company. Laura comes into her own making money as a teacher and surprisingly she enjoys it. I actually had a hard time reading those parts; they reminded me so much of my first years teaching-the struggle to be firm yet fun. Always at this time of the year I yearn for those days when I decorated my classroom to some fanciful theme and watched the children's faces for their reaction. Mary goes off t [...]

    11. Such a lovely happy book. I felt quite emotional finishing it. Especially knowing sorrows that lay ahead.I loved that Laura appreciated her happy moments at this time in her life though, and knew that they really were happy golden years.

    12. I always like to read THIS book after reading 'The Long Winter', even if it does not keep the correct order- this just seems like the proper continuation of where 'Winter' leaves off. I like this one because it tells the story of Laura and Almanzo's courtship, beginning when she is 15 and ending with their marriage when she is 18. As a kid, it always blew my mind that they had never ever even kissed until they were ENGAGED! Hell, I was reading this at 10 or 11, and *I* had kissed boys by then! T [...]

    13. *Some possible spoilers of course, if you looked at the cover of the book, you're probably already aware of where this is going.Eleanor: I know what my favorite part is already: WHEN LAURA GOT MARRIED!!!I want to give it FIVE STARS!!! You know why it's amazing? Because how can a piece of wedding cake taste like sawdust in your mouth?Dad: Why do you think Laura thought it tasted like sawdust?El: Because she's leaving home forever.Dad: But why would that make it taste like sawdust?El: Well, in the [...]

    14. I love the Little House series. Saying this book wasn't my favorite is like ranking the Harry Potter books. Even a four star here is more beloved than most other novels. That said, this book had a bit too much Mrs Brewster (sad and scary!) and too many buggy rides (redundant) for me to really relish it like I did the others. That said I think Laura does a masterful job conveying the joys and pangs of growing up and moving on from the nest. And I love what Almanzo had to say about not wanting a w [...]

    15. This book was the first of the Little House books that I read. The last shall be first. I liked it, and all the Little House books (my favorites are Little Town on the Prairie and The Long Winter). While I have to say that I enjoyed them as a child, that's nothing to what I thought of them when I reread them as an adult.As a child, I loved the innocence of Laura's existence and her rebellious nature. Now, what comes through much more strongly is the constant danger that the Ingalls Family lived [...]

    16. I was so excited when I got to read about Almanzo and Laura being able to date and get engaged. I have never forgotten my first time reading this book as it was the first time I wanted to marry and hold out for the man of my dreams like Laura did. I'm lucky in the fact that I got my wish.

    17. By far my favorite of the series! Laura embarks in her profession of teacher (at the ripe old age of 16). She experiences life away from home (and is fairly miserable but keeps a stiff upper lip) and learns how to deal with unruly students. She relishes in her weekends home and begins to appreciate Almanzo Wilder (who drives her home every weekend, even in terrible weather conditions). Throughout the book (and after Laura has moved back home for closer teaching positions), their romance blooms. [...]

    18. Boy a lot of things happen in this slim volume. If there's anything worth noting about reading this series as a whole as an adult, it's that pacing is a real detail here. We get a whole book about a single long winter and then books like this one where Laura goes from 15 and starting as a teacher to 18 and married with her own home fewer pages. Takeaways from book eight: Laura hates teaching, Laura wants to get married sooner so she can stop teaching, Pa really likes taking Laura's money for thi [...]

    19. No matter how many times I re-read this book I never get tired of it, and I'm constantly finding new things in it! This has got to be the best book in the whole of the 'Little House' series! It's absolutely wonderful. Five stars just doesn't seem to be enough for it!

    20. বইটা শেষ করে খুব মন খারাপ ছিল, কারন এটিই লিটল হাউজ সিরিজের শেষ বই।লরা আর আলমানজো এর বই আর পড়তে পারবনা ভাবতেই খারাপ লাগে। কাজী আনোয়ার হোসেনকে মন থেকে শুভেচ্ছা জানাই। তিনি অনুবাদ না করলে এই ক্ল [...]

    21. SO MUCH happens in this book! And I loved it all. After spending eight books with this family, I feel like I really know them. It's so great to see how Mary gained such confidence and ability from going to college, Carrie is such a dear, and Laura…Laura fascinates me! I love her shyness and her spirit of adventure; I admire her strength (how on earth did she endure the Brewsters!) and honesty. She doesn’t let any one walk over her, but she’s every inch a lady. Almanzo and Laura's courtship [...]

    22. These Happy Golden Years is the last "real" book in the Little House series. There is another, much shorter, book afterward (The First Four Years) that was published from Laura Ingalls Wilder's notes and outlines, but this is the last she wrote. It ranks a very close second in my most favorite books ever.It's interesting that my favorite two books are the first and the last in the series. In the first, Laura is a child. 6 or 7 years old. In the last, she's a "grown up," around 18 years old. Ther [...]

    23. And finally in the course of my rereading the entire series, I come to my very favorite! *bounces about and giggles* Yes, I'm damn near 30 years old and These Happy Golden Years still makes me bounce and giggle and grin and flail like the wee lass I once was, it just makes me happy inside and I can't help smiling. The story where Laura really grows up and eventually leaves the nest, the story of Almanzo and Laura's courtship that forever ruined me when it comes to real life romantic relationship [...]

    24. Welll, I just realized I hadn't reviewed this yet, so here goes!This may have been my favorite book in the series. I went into it with low expectations, but, man, was it great! Almanzo is such a gentleman! He comes to get her even when there's nothing in it for him! And the sleigh rides and buggy rides!! *happy squeal* And that buggy ride with Nellie :D Sometimes their courtship seemed awkward, especially because of the age difference, but overall it was sweet and they were such great friends! I [...]

    25. Secretly, I'm jealous of the simplicity of the times. Buggy rides, just getting married & setting up house without a big charade, the sunsets and the sights of the rolling hillsI didn't think this book was as exciting as a child. Laura was older and growing up. I didn't understand it. But now I'm in the same time of life, it seems, as Laura is in this book and I enjoy her stories. Maybe my life has stories too.

    26. Okay, emotional rant coming - you've been warned. Once again I'm stone-cold certain that my takeaway from this book would positively bewilder the daylights out of Mrs. Wilder, but I guess that's the way it goes - when you write a book, people can only read it through the lens of their personal experiences & viewpoints, & if you're lucky enough to write a book that continues to endure long past when you wrote it, then they're looking through the additional lens of a world that's very, ver [...]

    27. I enjoyed this one way more than LTOTP. The end really got me. “You’ll help her after this, but I’ll help her this time.” Gah! I was happy Laura demanded that her vows not say “obey” even if she at the same time said didn’t want to vote. This was a satisfying ending, I may just skip the last book.

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